12 Factors Trader Should Review About Olymp Trade Platform

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Olymp Trade Platform Review: A Great Solution for Small Traders

The following article is an initiative of Forex and is intended to create awareness among readers

A wise person once said that if your money isn’t working for you, then you are only working for money. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways available to invest your money with varying degrees of risk to get that money working for you.

As a small investor, you might be struggling like many of us to find a high quality and reliable platform to invest your hard earned money profitably. With all the trading platforms out there, making a decision on which one to use can be difficult. However, Olymp Trade has been able to assemble a fantastic platform that solves many of the problems small investors face when entering the market.

Here is a breakdown of what to consider when choosing a broker and platform for trading when you’re investing. Of course, you can get started on Olymp Trade with as little as $10 USD to open your account.

Variety of Tradable Assets

Many different brokers and exchanges are limited in the types of assets they offer. As such, investors are also either limited in what they can trade or they need to set up multiple brokerage accounts. For small investors, the latter option isn’t reasonable.

Olymp Trade solves this problem by offering a wide array of assets from a plethora of markets. The list is too long to name them all, but here are some of the more popular assets available on Olymp Trade:

  • Commodities
  • Currency Pair like the Euro versus the U.S. Dollar
  • Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more)
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) like U.S. Real Estate and the Brazilian MSCI

Whatever your interest or expertise, Olymp Trade gives you the opportunity to start trading it.

Entry and Exit of Funds

One of the most important aspects for all investors is the ease with which you can deposit and withdraw funds via a broker. This is even more important for people with limited amounts of money in hand.

Olymp Trade has incorporated a variety of ways in which to deposit and withdraw funds to your brokerage account including Visa, Mastercard, Fasapay, and Skrill. You can even deposit Bitcoin. There is virtually a no wait time for deposits or withdrawals to be processed giving you quick access to your funds and there are absolutely no commissions on deposits or withdrawals.

Risk/Profit Ratio

All investments are subject to risk and Forex, Commodities, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are no exception. New traders with limited experience are especially vulnerable to changes in market conditions but Olymp Trade helps to significantly reduce those risks with built-in systems on its platform.

One of the best aspects of Olymp Trade is the leverage and multiplier features. Typically, an investor can use leverage to increase the value of a trade, but they are on the hook for the leveraged amount if they make a loss.

With Olymp Trade’s system, investors are only accountable for their personal stake and Olymp Trade takes the risk with the leveraged amount. This is one of the best parts of the platform as it allows investors to multiply there profits on good trades and minimize their losses when they make a bad trade.

For FOREX trading, Olymp Trade multiplies your trade by 10 allowing a small investor in an asset like Bitcoin to purchase $1000 worth with only $100. This allows for a greater profit on small fluctuations in the market. In this case a 5% increase in the price of Bitcoin would net the investor $50 minus the commissions instead of the $5 they would otherwise have made.

These multipliers vary by currency pair, but some give the investor a 500 times multiplier allowing small investors to make significant profits on their positions with only a small risk of capital. This reduced risk leverage is exactly what small investors need when looking to build up their capital.

For example: Investor A enters a position with $100 on the EUR/USD currency pair without a multiplier and Investor B enters the same position with $100 but with the x500 multiplier. If the position improves by 5%, Investor A makes $5 which isn’t a bad return on a short term investment. However, Investor B will make $2500 on the same trade using the same amount of their own capital.

Even better is that the Olymp Trade platform tracks the trade so you know exactly what you stand to make in real time. This feature is incredibly useful for investors since it eliminates the need to do calculations on your own and factor in commissions. Olymp Trade does it for you.

You can even set up your trade to automatically sell your asset at a certain profit level using the Take Profit option. In the previously mentioned Bitcoin trade the Olymp Trade Take Profit option will take the commissions into account when it sells the asset for you so that your profit is $50 or close to it.

On the flip side, you can set a Stop Loss amount so that if the asset starts to go down, Olymp Trade will automatically sell the asset at a certain level, which can limit your loss significantly.

Tools, Tools, and more Tools

Perhaps the absolute best part of Olymp Trade is its commitment to providing professional trading tools to its members. All the best tracking and analytical programs available to expert traders are easily accessible and for free.

What’s more is that Olymp Trade even shows you how to use these tools through a series of online Master Classes, tutorial videos, and great blog posts. Investors can get a thorough education from trading experts on developing strategies for successful trading and even get 1 on 1 feedback from experienced traders.

One of the incredibly useful tools is the Simple Moving Indicator (SMA), which can help select great entry points for trades when used in conjunction with other tools or breaking news that affects a particular market. Olymp Trade’s video on the SMA tool is quick and well explained, which is great for people with limited time.

Free Demo Money: Learn Without Risk

The icing on the cake for Olymp Trade is there Demo Account they provide to all users with $10,000 of play money to utilize while learning the ropes of trading. This feature is indispensable when investors are trying to get a feel for a new asset they are trading or practicing new trading strategies.

With the Demo Account, traders can improve and hone their skills risk free beforehand. If you run out of Demo Account money, you can replenish it back to the $10,000 level at any time. Once you feel like your ready to go live with your own investment, you can easily change from your demo account to your live account with a simple click from the drop down menu.

Get Started Today

Olymp Trade has so much upside and has reduced the risk of investing in the market that anyone looking for a solid platform need look any further. Setting up an account takes only several minutes, deposits and withdrawals are fast, and the tools for successful trading is at your fingertips.

There is no better time than the present to start trading.

Olymp Trade India

Olymp Trade is a multi-asset trading platform that is owned by Inlustris Ltd. Registration No.: 25161 IBC 2020. Registered Address: James Street, Kingstown, First Floor, First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It was launched in 2020 and is regulated by FMRRC, which makes it a viable option for most traders. Olymp Trade offers CFDs, Forex, cryptocurrencies and options. It is quite different from other platforms as they offer an extensive range of assets. Also, another reason why Olymptrade is uniquely different from other financial services, is its low entry level & free demo account available for every trader.


Trading at Olymp is quite interesting as you get to enjoy trading with a deposit as low as $10. Additionally, the minimum trade you can make is $1. Clearly, with this kind of figures, it seems unlikely that they place their interests in the big time traders. That said, in this review, we will take an in-depth view of Olymp Trade and some of the key factors that make it unique. This review will uncover why this platform is different from competitors, how its simplified system makes it unique, and the different types of accounts and bonuses available. However, before we take a peek at these highlights, let’s take a look at its functionality and how you can open an account and start trading.

Try Now and get $10.000 virtual funds to test the platform!

Is Olymp Trade Regulated?

Olymp Trade has A category membership of the Financial Commission, which proves beyond doubts the high quality of its services. Financial Commission members guarantee deposit insurance, instant resolution of various issues, and excellent support for all traders.

Only honest and reliable online brokers that have repeatedly proved themselves capable of delivering high-quality services are eligible to become members of the Financial Commission. You can view Olymp Trade’s Financial Commission membership certificate any time you please.

Facts and Figures 2020

How Olymp Trade Works

Olymptrade offers one of the most efficient trading methods that has proven to work on the majority of the trading platforms. This method enables the trader to make predictions on the different types of markets or assets available on the platform. If you choose to trade on currencies, you are simply required to click on the rise or fall direction to make your predictions. You will find a trading chart on the left side of your screen and several added features such as technical indicators and analysis.

Additionally, at the bottom of the screen, you will find a trading history that will enable you to have a quick overview of the market position with it first glimpse. Nonetheless, before you successfully conduct any trade, you need to be open an account. Whether it’s a demo account or a real account, you will have to log in and register as a member. So, how do you go about this?

How To Open A Demo Account And Start Trading

Before you decide to open an account at Olymp Trade, you should know that there are two types of account available. You can either choose to open a demo account or a standard account. Let’s take a peek and find out the main difference.

Even the most professional player started as a beginner, right? Of course, a beginner at any new trading platform starts with a demo account. It is necessary to first register with a demo account and proceed to the real money account when you are fully equipped with the necessary trading skills. So, how do you open a demo account? Below is a step-by-step guide to help you through the registration process. Follow these steps to successfully attain a demo account at Olymp Trade.

  1. Step #1 – Visit Olymp Trade’s official website.
  2. Step #2 – Click “open a new account”.
  3. Step #3 – Sign in as a member and confirm with your email address.
  4. Step #4 – Confirm the terms and condition and choose the demo account option to start trading.

You can utilize the given virtual money in your demo account for practice.

  • Standard account

This is simply an advanced demo account. However, to participate in this platform, there are several conditions that should be met. Firstly, you are required to make a minimum deposit of $10. This deposit will grant you access to a whopping $10,000 as virtual money in your demo account.

Trade Types And Payouts

Typically, many companies offer 6 or 7 types of trading options. They include high/low or call/put options, one touch and long-term, and ladders and pairs. However, with Olymp Trade, there is only one type of trade, which is basic or high/low trade. To help you get a good understanding of these options, let’s take a detailed look at its high/low option.

  • High/low options

When you have a minimum of $10 as your deposit and an option to only trade high or low, it acts as the perfect chance for you, especially if you are a beginner. Nonetheless, if you are a pro, there is an even greater benefit as you will get to choose your gold or silver, currency pairs, or your desired assets and start trading with a minimum amount of as low as $1. Although the expiry times are limited for only 24 hours, you get to enjoy their numerous options

Design And Layout

If you are a fan of glamor and design, you will definitely love the design and layout incorporated in Olymp Trade. Its buttons and navigation keys are strategically placed to enhance beauty and simplicity. With their desktop version, the first notable feature is the massive trade chart seems to cover more half of the page. It has clean lines and a timely response to ensure your trading experience is top-notch. On its right side, you will find an up and down navigation keys colored green and red respectively. Below it is a timing and amount section strategically placed alongside the massive trading chart.

To keep track of your trading history, the website has a separate section below the chart. You get real-time information on your open or closed trades. Further, you can initiate a chat with the support team at the very bottom of the page. If you are a VIP member, you can chat with your personal VIP Manager at the bottom right-hand side of the page. Its sleek design and layout will make you love everything about Olymp Trade even before you start trading.

Olymp Trade Unique Features

Clearly, you won’t miss one or two things that make Olymp Trade quite an exceptional trading platform. The most notable thing, from the moment you set your eyes on the platform, is its uniqueness. There is no doubt Olymptrade is definitely different from the majority of the trading platforms. Topping the list is its trading tools. It has quite a number of trading tools and resources that work on enhancing their client’s trading abilities.

Additionally, the education section has numerous materials to guide new traders on how to successfully make a trade. Further, there is a free ebook, webinars, and interactive tutorials where traders can access all the information they need about trading. This information is absolutely and will only take 1 or 2 seconds to download them.

Olymptrade also offers another important trading tool called “Analytics”. Click on the Analytics link in the main menu on top of the website and you will be taken to the following set of tools:

  • Economic Calendar – This is a real-time economic calendar from a third party called Investing.com.
  • Trading Signals – Get trading signals from a variety of assets such as forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. Trading signals are pieces of information obtained through the use of technical analysis tools. Traders can use signals to make accurate predictions and win their trades. However, they must note that using trading signals is not a surefire way of winning although it can considerably improve your chances of making successful trades. Olymp Trade offers complete information on how to use trading signals.

    Olymp Trade Mobile Platform

    You haven’t traded with an awesome mobile platform until you try Olymp Trade. Of course, with the current trading trend, you will need a mobile app that will be fast, reliable, responsive, and up-to-date. Olymptrade understands the importance of technology, in the current digital world, and, therefore, provides a reliable mobile app with an up-to-date functionality that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This application is more-of-the-same as its desktop version but has several additional options that improve on its accessibilities and responsiveness.

    Olymptrade Academy

    If you want to learn and trade with the pros, Olymp Trade Academy is the place to be. The platform offers a learning institution where beginners and professional traders can sharpen their skills at a reasonable fee. The Academy is run by professional traders who ensure you are updated with the latest skills required in the trading world.

    Deposit And Withdrawal

    Making a deposit or withdrawal at Olymp Trade is quite easy and precise. If you want to enjoy quick transactions in this platform, it is advisable to use e-wallets. Also, to enjoy these services without difficulties, ensure your trading account if fully verified. Below is a highlight of their payment options and their corresponding minimum and maximum limits.

    Olymp Trade Review: Is Olymptrade.com Scam?

    Olymp Trade Review: Is Olymptrade.com Scam?


    Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020 @ 8:31 am

    Our focus today is on a binary options broker called Olymptrade. Olymp Trade has been around since 2020, and are operating out of Cyprus, although registered with FMRRC in Russia. In addition to this, the broker holds a certificate with the Financial Commission.

    This broker claims to offer a reliable and cutting-edge trading platform for both newbies and experienced traders. They also run a proprietary trading system which they claim was created by their top programmers. It is known as Olymp Trade.

    As at the time of writing this review, Olymp Trade claimed that it had over 6,000 active customers and that they had paid out over 3 million US dollars so far.

    The company does not state upfront what the minimum investment is for one to start using their platform. However, if you dig deeper, you will find out that Olymp Trade is offering a live trading account for as low as $10.

    The amount of bet that you can place on a contract is $0.5.

    As a newbie, Olymp Trade will recommend that you open a demo account with them first. These accounts can be used to trade both currency pairs and commodities too.

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    In addition to this, Olymp Trade has a vast array of interactive learning materials.as well as analytical tools which they claim were developed by their top traders.

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    Of course all the features highlighted on the sales page of this broker are quite attractive. After all, if you can practice with a demo account, you can perfect your strategy before switching to a live trading environment. Nothing to lose!

    Well, this review will tackle this broker from all angles, starting from the features which they offer going down to customer feedback.

    But first, if you’re looking for binary options robots that work, check out this list.

    Olymp Trade Review

    In the first place, Olymp Trade is infamous for having produced a robot that disappointed traders. That robot is no longer used by investors in the binary options niche, although some ignorant traders still use Olymp Trade broker to conduct their trading activities.

    This broker announces that they offer the services of professional consultants to their traders. These professionals are supposed to develop a trading plan for their customers and even provide them with trading signals.

    We believe that these are the same people who created the so-called Olymp Trade software which disappointed traders.

    In our opinion, things haven’t changed. So you will still get a raw deal from these guys anyway.

    Re-quotes and order execution

    Most brokers do not admit when they have re-quotes and delayed order executions. This is because most of them conduct bucket-shop operations on the internet. They always make it harder for you to win trades. And even if you outsmart them, they will never process your withdrawal request.

    That seems to be the order of the day at Olymp Trade brokerage firm. Some customers have reported this awful experience with the broker.

    We presume that those are the only customers who beat this broker in his own game, hence their withdrawal requests were not honored. The rest lost, so they never even attempted to place a withdrawal request.

    While the customer support is always quick to respond to complaints and queries raised by customers, they don’t seem to address the problems of every trader on this platform.

    In this particular case where customers complained of re-quotes and delayed order execution, this broker responded by saying that it was due to market liquidity issues.

    But as far as our experience is concerned, most brokers manipulate orders intentionally at various times of the day. Even registered ones do this kind of thing.

    So while some traders say that this broker is honest and transparent in their operations, we do not think that this is the case.

    Broker bonus

    While a bonus is always a godsend when you don’t have sufficient funds for trading, this can also be trouble in disguise.

    Again, we received a complaint from one trader who claimed to be a customer of this broker.

    In this case, one of the Olymp Trade managers called him and explained that if he deposited $50, the brokerage firm would top up the amount with an extra $300. This would mean trading with $350.

    On top of that, this manager promised low spreads and great educational materials for those who want to learn and get on the fast track to making profits. This sounded great to him, so he made a deposit of $50 and he received the promised bonus. So far, so good!

    However, Olymp Trade blocked all his trades, claiming that he had to top up an additional $100 in order to have access to these trades. That was a surprise and a bombshell because the manager did not explain it upfront.

    This customer did not take these tell tale warnings seriously, so he replenished his account with an additional $100 as requested. Trades were opened. But instead, this customer spent some time on their ”great educational program” before trading the EURUSD for a good profit.

    His account now had a profit of $150. Unfortunately, when he requested for a withdrawal of $100, his account was blocked. Olymp trade wanted him to add another $500 before any withdrawal could be made. That’s when it occurred to him that Olymp Trade is a scam broker.

    Now, there are several other complaints that we have received and also seen on the internet as well. While positive reviews do exist here and there, verifying the authenticity of these positive reviews is quite difficult.

    However, this particular customer’s experience shows an element of dishonesty from the part of Olymp Trader. It is actually surprising that this broker is operating with impunity and regulators are doing nothing about it.

    A word of caution

    Olymp Trade isn’t the only broker offering bonuses. Most (if not all) brokers offer some form of incentive in the name of a bonus.

    The problem is that bonuses often come with restrictions. So the moment you accept their terms and conditions, you are denied the freedom to withdraw your money until those conditions are met.

    In the case of OlympTrade, naive customers are suffering due to lack of awareness. They do not read these terms and conditions. Besides, they do not know that they are dealing with a dishonest broker who is also a bucket shop.

    By saying bucket shop, we mean that this broker is always manipulating price feeds to ensure that you will never win. They do not like it when you make money because they lose as a result. So that’s the essence of a bucket shop operation.

    Our best advice for you

    There are a lot of convincing signs that Olymp Trade is not an honest binary options broker. There is a lot of mixed reactions on the internet concerning people who claim to have used the service of this broker before. Some are recommending them while others are rebuking their style of doing business.

    Whatever the case, we feel that this broker has a lot of things which they are hiding from their clients. It is only a matter of time before authorities will catch up with them. But this has to take the effort of several customers complaining to the registrar to have its license revoked.

    Therefore, the bottom line here is that you should not trade with Olymp Trade broker. If their trading system failed terribly to the extent of being called a scam, you don’t expect things to change that much. This system is still run by the same dudes.

    Olymp Trade

    Min. Deposit10$ Demo AccountYes, Free
    • Rating
    • Member of the International Financial Commission.
    • Trading app for both iOS and Android OS.
    • Free demo account with 10.000 virtual funds.

    Visit site

    If you are looking for a review of Olymp Trade look no further, as this article will take a deep dive into what the platform offers. From there, you can determine if it is the right fit for you. Please keep in mind, that the transactions offered by this trading platform can be executed only by fully competent adults. Transactions with financial instruments involve substantial risk and trading may be very risky.

    What is Olymp Trade?

    Olymp Trade is a trading platform that has been in operation since 2020. Through their platform, traders can utilize different instruments to access the markets of their choice. Beyond the trading platform, the company (Saledo Global LLC,. Registered Address: First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, P. O Box 1574, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) provides its customers with free online education to help them better prepare for the markets and relating trading strategies.

    Is Olymp Trade Reliable?

    If you’ve searched the web for a trading platform you’ve likely come across a few that trigger skepticism. However, according to Olymp Trade they are currently a member of the International Financial Commission, which they joined in 2020. Being a part of the Financial Commission gives traders a level of reliability as traders deposits may be refunded up to $20,000 in the event of fraud by the company. Achieving this designation and being a member of the International Financial Commission demonstrates a high level of quality and service.

    However, if you still find there is an issue, Olymp Trade provides customer services that appear to act quickly. Customer services is something that can make or break company because when you deposit money you are building trust with the company, and one way to break trust is to have lousy customer service.

    Olymp Trade offers 24/7 customer support in eight languages. On an average, the company takes 15 seconds to respond to issues and queries from its customers. You will find a comprehensive help center with frequently asked questions (FAQ) at Olymp Trade. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ, you can use the following methods to connect with a customer support agent:

    • Hotline: The hotlines are +27 (21) 1003880 for Cape Town, South Africa and +54 (11) 59175747 for Buenos Aires, Argentina, 234 (1) 2279021 Lagos, Nigeria and 912271279506 India, New Delhi. These hotlines are available 24/7.
    • Email: You can send an email to [email protected] and expect a response in one working day.
    • Live Chat: Click on the Open Chat link on the support page to launch the live chat window.
    • Online Contact Form:Use the online contact form on the support page to connect with a customer support agent.
    • Social Media: The financial service encourages traders to interact on its social networking accounts on Facebook and YouTube.

    Each trade made at Olymp Trade is insured for $20,000 and all the deposits are maintained in a separate account at a European Bank. At the time of writing, Olymp Trade has 370,000 active traders. The trading environment is transparent as you can view quote history for any asset available on the Olymp Trade platform.

    Olymp Trade Facts & Figures for 2020

    The following are the latest facts & figures on the Olymp Trade India:

    • The platform had a turnover of $171,236,104 last month.
    • 37,990,740 trades last month.
    • Its average trade size was $4.7 last month.
    • Olymp Trade is home to more than 25,000 active traders (daily).
    • Every month, payout rate increases by an average of 7 percent.

    Last month, traders received profits worth $13,681,062 from the trading platform.

    What Kinds of Assets Can You Trade?

    Having the ability to trade a variety of assets isn’t critical, but certainly is a large benefit given how the markets change. With Olymp Trade, you have the ability to access may different markets including stocks of major companies, the various major indices, currency pair, as well as commodities.

    Regarding the currency pairs, the normal suspects are available such as USD/JPY and EUR/USD. However, if you want to see the entire list for yourself, take a look at the Olymp Trade website. Along with the usual currency pairs, the stocks include Apple and McDonalds. Lastly, if you are looking to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency markets, you can trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ehtereum. Utilizing Olymp Trade to trade crypto can benefit you because not only are there different products, all of your trading oportunities are in one place so you have no need to switch between platforms.

    Free Demo Account – Best Way To Start Trading?

    If you are new to trading or new to Olymp Trade, start by opening a demo account as this the best way to get started. The first reason is it lets you test-drive the platform without risking your hard earned capital. Once you’ve test driven the platform for some time, you can make your decision then.

    Should you be new to trading all together, opening a demo account allows you to find your rhythm, stride, and discover what trading is all about. Demo accounts allow you to test strategies and methodologies to begin discovering what trading style fits your needs best.

    The demo account with Olymp Trade offers you 10,000 in virtual money to test the platform, giving you the ability to test everything.

    Account Types

    Once you have taken the time to utilize your demo account and become familiar, you can try opening a live account. Many platforms offer a variety of levels and Olymp Trade is no different.

    1. Starter: is a simple and vanilla live trading account. If you are looking to simply fund an account and begin trading then this is likely for you. One of the benefits to using Olymp Trade is the minimum deposit is $10 and you can trade for a little as $1. Should you want to withdraw your money, keep in mind the minimum withdraw amount is $10. If you want to step up your account status you should look into Advanced or Expert account.
    2. Advanced: A step above the regular account, opening an Advanced account takes $500 to open, and offers you faster cash outs and better trading conditions (for FTT up to 84% maximum profitability vs 82% for Starter accounts).
    3. Expert: A step above the Advanced account, opening an Expert account takes $2,000 initial investment, but offers increased profit on FTT trades (up to 92%), and a few other perks.

    Consider each account carefully because you want to ensure your money is working efficiently for you.

    Olymp Trade Mobile Platform & App

    Having a mobile trading app is a must and Olymp Trade delivers. With an app for both iOS and Android, you will find what you are looking for. The benefits to having a mobile trading platform is you can trade when you are on the go. Planning trades in your office and monitoring them while you are away brings you a peace of mind. Not only that, but you can catch market moves as soon as they happen no matter your location.

    Unique Features of Olymp Trade – Education & Analytics

    Olymp Trade not only gives traders an opportunity to earn, but also shows them how to earn. It is home to a team of highly qualified analysts who are adept at developing original trading strategies. They also teach traders how to use these trading strategies for their benefit through one-on-one sessions as well as webinars. Trading education is available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish.

    • Education – Olymp Trade offers free trading education through webinars on Forex and Fixed Time Trades and strategies.
    • Analytics – This is a set of trading tools such as trading signals and economic calendar, which help customers make successful trades and minimize their losses.

    The platform offers trading signals on a number of assets including indices, commodities, Forex, and stocks. Although they don’t guarantee profits, they can definitely improve a trader’s chance of making successful trades. Olymp Trade not only offers trading signals, but also shows traders how to use them.

    Deposit Methods

    There are many different ways to deposit funds into your Olymp Trade account. According to their FAQ page, you can deposit using the following methods: QIWI, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, NETELLER, Skrill, and Fasapay. You can also replenish account from your Visa or MasterCard. With this diverse list of deposit methods, one is bound to fit your needs.

    How to Withdraw Money from Olymp Trade in India?

    Understanding how to withdraw your funds is just as important as any aspect of trading because you need to plan for cash flow. According to the FAQ page, you simply go to your dashboard and select withdraw. From there, you choose the method and submit your request. The maximum withdrawal period is 5 business days but Olymp Trade makes every attempt to process your funds within 24 hours. Even at the longest length of 5 days, this is a respectable withdraw timeframe.

    Olymp Trade Terms and Conditions Explained

    One of the final items to consider when opening an account, regardless of the platform is to review the terms and conditions of the company. Reviewing the terms and conditions will provide you with much of the legal information you need to understand before continuing with a platform.

    Typically the Service Agreement is fairly straight forward, but it is up to you to determine if you agree with the content. For example, section 5.3 states Olymp Trade can refuse communication if you use profanity, an emotional valuation, or speak ill of the company. Also, ensure that you understand the laws with which the company is governed; in this case it is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

    Should you want to read the full document, you can read it here. Other documents on the company’s website you should review include Regulation on Trading Transactions. This document will provide you with information regarding how the trading process happens and what must take place before the trade occurs. Also, you should know how the underlying asset is priced as this can make difference in the charting platform you utilize or the settings within.

    A simple working knowledge of the legal documents should suffice and if you find anything you disagree with, send an email or simply move along to another platform.

    Overall Rating of Olymp Trade

    OlympTrade.com appears to have their stuff in order and this can be a useful way to access markets that otherwise would require larger capital requirements. Also, access to these markets would normally take traditional accounts. With the margin requirements and software that many trading platforms require, Olymp Trade appeals to the masses as they offer a simple way to begin trading. As with any trading this style of investing may not be for everyone as with any market exposure there is a level of risk involved. It is up to you the individual to understand the risks and know if this is the right system for you.

    Some of the drawdowns do include limited market range, as you can only trade the underlying assets they offer. Also, you may find withdraw times and limits are not up to your standards. Regardless, check out the service for yourself. As discussed earlier, you can open a demo account and test drive the platform without risk. Once you’ve gained a level of familiarity and become comfortable, there are two different accounts to fit your needs. Olymp Trade appears to be a solid company, but that is up to you to confirm.

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