247worldbtcfx.com Review Is 247worldBTCfx Legit Or Scam

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Homestore247.info Reviews: How can we Say that Homestore247 is Scam or Legit?

Hello Friends, if you are searching for Homestore247.info Review on the internet then please stop your search here, and read our full Homestore247 Reviews below:
If you are trying to deal with Homestore247.info website then you would have some questions in your mind related Homestore247 like Is Homestore247.info Scam? Is Homestore247.info Legit? What is Homestore247.info? And how does Homestore247.info Works?
To get answer of your all questions, please read this article and you would be able to find out your queries. After finding your queries, please share your feedback and reviews with us to help others.

Homestore247 is an online shopping store, and they are selling different types of products on their website. This site is also offering very big discounts on their all products. We are not discussing here their products but still, we are analyzing that is Homestore247 a good or bad site for online shopping? We will never recommend this site to our readers because there is a high chance to fall into a trap.

These all are shopping websites with a lot of complaints that are available on the internet, and many of them are not working.
If you want a quick review in one line of Homestore247 site then it is our advice to you that please do not buy any products from this website until you don’t read our full Homestore247 review below:

The Truth & Facts about Homestore247: Is Homestore247 Scam or legit online Store?

We are discussing a few points below about Homestore247, after reading these points you are free to think about this website that is Homestore247 good or bad for you.

Website Owner &Whois:

No one knows, that who is the owner of this website? If Homestore247 does not provide its owner details on the official website, then it is impossible to find out who is operating this site? Mostly scam sites hide their owner details because they fear to catch out. On the internet many websites are trusted like Amazone.com, Flipkart.com, Ebay.com, Walmart.com, etc. but they have a good customer review and they also working online since many years, people love to buy from these websites and they satisfied their customers, they have good customer service, good refund policy and we can find their owner details easily on the internet. But in the case of any new online shopping (Money Making) website which is also hiding their owner information like Homestore247, create a low trust score.
Homestore247and other types of online shopping scam websites always hide their information in whois, It shows that this site is suspicious and low trusty. Why did they need to hide their info in whois? While they are selling products publically not privately. You can find their whois details here: Whois.net

A Big Discount:

Homestore247 is offering very big discounts on their 99% of products. This is a common trap used by many Scam sites; the operator of these types of sites know very well that people on this earth always love to shop on the discount season. So they provide these discounts to get the attention of people.

People do not search their background details after seeing these great discounts deal and they order products, this is the reason scammer scams innocents people.
Before fall into any discount deal you need to research about that website in which you are planning to buy something. You can search on the internet like Homestore247 Review, Is Homestore247 Scam, Is Homestore247 Legit, Is Homestore247 good for online shopping, etc. If it is a Scam site then this search can save your money.

Personal & Financial Information:

These types of websites like Homestore247, always insist on people share their personal and financial information with them. Due to their high lucrative offers, people don’t think twice to provide their personal information to them.
Once you order form this website and they do not deliver your products then you have no choice but to contact them for your products. And after that, they ask the customer to share their personal information like Credit card info, Bank accounts, Email or Phone. Once they get this information they save all the valuable details with them.
They can sell your personal data like phone numbers, e-mail accounts to any third party for their personal benefits. You can get hacked by cybercriminals; third parties can misuse your personal info for different types of scams.
Cybercriminals can attack your PC/laptops. They can hack your bank accounts. And you can also lose your hard-earned income from your bank account.
Please never share your personal information like Phone Number, E-mails, and bank details with any new or suspicious site.
Never share and save your card info on these types of sites, because your card can be easily used by them.

Website Design:

These types of Scam websites never invest much money to design their official website. If you will look at their website deeply then you would find out very unprofessional designs, grammar mistakes, too many hyperlinks on the screen, not clickable Logos, No Blogs, Very Cheap Design, fake Images and also not secure with https. They have no long sustainable business so they don’t invest money and time on the website.

Already Scammed by Homestore247, What should you do? Get your Money Back!

If you got scammed by Homestore247 and you want to recover your money then you need to do some work.

  1. Once you scammed then never contact scammer’s support/helpline again.
    2. Contact your bank/payment merchant immediately and call to stop them for any fraud transaction. Also, block your online transaction for a few days.
    3. Remove your card info if you saved on this website.
    4. Change your Card and bank passwords.
    5. Share your experience on the internet, it will help other peoples.
    6. If all these things are not working then finally you need to find help on this:

Click for the help to Recover your money Back : http://mychargeback.Com

Look what others are saying about Homestore247: Others Review:-

Few Points Why People fall into Scam:

  1. Scammers make beautiful sites with lots of Coupons and Discounts offers
    2. Scammers Research what people are demanding and according to peoples demand they create an online platform
    3. Scammers know very well that people search how to make money online, so they provide a very easy task and offer to make money online and then they get attention to people.
    4. Mostly peoples think that making money online is a very easy task, but this is a big misunderstanding, Earn money online is not an easy task. Most people always ignored that where and in which types of sites they are working, they invest their time and effort to earn money online with any sites, but at the time of withdrawing their earned money, they found that this is a scam.
    5. Scammers provide very easy tasks and very big discounts. This is because they know very well that people always search for discounts/Coupons also People search easy ways to make money online. So they play with people’s physiologies.
    6. This Article is not only helpful for shopping sites but also helpful for those websites which are coming day by day on the internet and doing scam. Now a day’s thousands of website are coming and cheating people with different types of scam. We are providing a list of those types of websites below:
    Type 1 – these types of websites provide a very easy task to make money online like, reading news, ads click, watching the video and sharing referrals link. But this is not a good way of making money online and don’t waste your time to earn money on these websites.
    Type 2 – these types of websites provide books, pdf files, Links for downloads, affiliate programs, referral Commission, etc. this is also not a good way to earn money online.
    Type 3 – Ponzi Sites, these types of websites provides very lucrative investment plans with very high ROI. We never recommend working on these types of websites.


In our final verdict, we always recommend you to stay away from Homestore247, Homestore247 is not a good site for online shopping, their business model is not sustainable, and they will run away as soon as possible. It is our advice to you that never buy any products from any new suspicious site. Never share your personal and financial information.

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We have done our work, now if you are satisfied then please share this information with your social media and friends. With your help, many innocent people can save time and money.

If you have any questions/doubts or you want to share your experience with us, please drop a comment in our comment Box. We will be happy to help you.

Beware of These 5 Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in prices in 2020 awakened mainstream interest in the original cryptocurrency.   But the rise in interest has not been without consequences. One of the downsides of new investors entering the market is the increase in the number of scams, frauds, and stories of retail investors who lose their coins to shady ventures. From ICO scandals to wallet theft and fraud, regular consumers can fall prey to crime easily.

It may seem as though it’s the Wild West for investors, but it doesn’t have to be. While there are certainly risks in the market, the opportunities may be irresistible for some. However, being cautious is always a must, and there are clear signs of scams that investors can look for. By avoiding these traps, users can better their chances of success and protect their investments. These are some of the most common scams and how they can be avoided.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin investors can increase their odds for success by identifying common scams, such as Ponzi schemes, fake ICOs, and fraudulent exchanges.
  • One common scam, exposing bitcoin users to theft, is the sale of a hardware wallet with a compromised pre-configured seed phrase, which allows hackers to steal funds.
  • Since bitcoin exchanges are unregulated, fraudulent exchanges can trap investors with the promise of unrealistic prices and heavy discounts on use.
  • Websites featuring fake ICOs instruct users to deposit funds into a compromised wallet through their site, resulting in the theft of funds.

Hardware Wallet Theft

For users who are concerned with security and privacy, a hardware wallet—a physical device that stores their private keys—is an increasingly popular option. Usually, as small as keychain USB drives, these wallets offer an offline way to help crypto investors protect their bitcoin even further. However, there have been reports that some of them have built-in vulnerabilities that open them to hackers that could easily steal all a user’s holdings. 

This is far from the only issue, however. According to Ofir Beigel, the owner of 99Bitcoins.com:

One scam entails selling hardware wallets to users with a ‘pre-configured’ seed phrase hidden under a scratch card. The new user is told that he should scratch the card . and set up the wallet with the compromised seed.

This creates a backdoor that allows hackers to drain funds once a wallet is activated. These scams are becoming more common, but they can easily be avoided by only accepting wallets from trusted sources. 

Exchange Scams

Despite their decentralized nature, most cryptocurrencies are still bought and sold at exchanges. While this makes it easier to find the coins investors desire, there is still no regulatory body overseeing these exchanges in many countries. Thus, many investors have been left penniless when the exchanges they signed up for turn out to be traps. In December of 2020, several South Korean exchanges were exposed, leading to promises of stiffer regulations by the country’s authorities. 

These scams are not hard to spot but can be costly if not avoided. One of the biggest red flags is the promise of unrealistic prices. Exchanges that promise heavy discounts on bitcoin use this strategy to lure in unsuspecting victims.

Additionally, users can check exchanges’ URLs. Web addresses should always begin with HTTPS, a sign that traffic is encrypted. Visiting unsecured websites is a bad idea, but alert investors can avoid losing thousands by looking for the right signs.

Fake ICOs

One of the best results of the cryptocurrency boom has been the rise of the initial coin offering as a way for companies to raise capital. With thousands of new blockchain-based companies entering the market with unique ideas and exciting projects, users can now back their favorite businesses easily. However, this massive explosion of ICO opportunities has inevitably raised the specter of fraud.

There are several ways scammers can separate investors from their bitcoin. One popular method involves creating fake websites that resemble ICOs and instructing users to deposit coins into a compromised wallet. Other times, it’s the ICOs that are at fault.

Centra Tech, for example, a blockchain venture backed by several celebrities, has been sued in the US. The company stands accused of portraying fake team members, misleading investors, and lying about their products.   The best way to avoid these scams is close research that involves picking apart the white paper, reviewing the team behind the venture, key board members, and investors. Before making any investment, it’s vital to learn as much about the company as possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Cloud Mining Schemes

Mining is the only way to extract new bitcoins without buying or exchanging them, but it has become an incredibly resource-intensive activity. Due to the unique way new coins are mined, it takes massive amounts of processing power and electricity, and thus money, to mine a coin. However, many companies now offer regular users the ability to rent some server space to mine coins for a set rate.

Some companies offer “lifetime contracts” that keep costs the same and supposedly offer outstanding returns. However, as the difficulty of mining increases, the same investment will return smaller amounts each time. Moreover, some companies make bold claims regarding their returns without being transparent about the true costs and diminishing returns. Others operate Ponzi schemes that can lead to massive losses. It’s vital to look into opportunities and understand the risks and costs associated with mining before investing.

Multilevel Marketing

Even in the digital spheres, many multilevel marketing schemes have emerged that offer naïve investors excellent “opportunities” for progressively larger sums of bitcoin. MLMs, as they’re known, are predicated on offering quick returns, but involve taking more money for the promise of even higher profits.

One major company that has been repeatedly outed is OneCoin, whose owners were implicated in several other shady operations. The company offered investors massive earnings, as well as luxury goods and perks for paying more. 

However, there is little information on the company outside of its site, and users have left scathing reviews online. It’s important to pay attention to a company’s fine print and ensure that their claims are feasible and real. Avoiding these scams early can protect investors’ wallets.

With the current craze, being vigilant and doing one’s due diligence are a must before investing in bitcoin. The market is also showing signs of maturity, leading to better transparency and clearer rules. Regardless, a smart investor’s first step should always be careful research to ensure their investments are winners.

PIE 247 Review – Legit Business or Major Scam?

You are on this blog post because someone probably approached you about a new business opportunity called PIE 24/7 and you want to make sure it’s actually legit. I want to congratulate you for doing your diligence because so many people jump into opportunities without doing any research!

That is why so many people fail…

In this Pie 247 review, I am going to reveal to you the truth about this new MLM company and go into detail about the history, product line and compensation plan…

I will also reveal to you what the big problems are with PIE 247 so PAY attention and read this all the way through to avoid making the wrong decision.

Let’s dive into the company details…

PIE 247 Review – The Company

PIE, which stands for “Personal Independent Earnings”, is the brain child of David T. Rosen who launched the company in 2020.

They claim they are the “FIRST totally complete Entrepreneurial Business Academy”.

David T. Rosen is very under cover when it comes to his past history, but I have discovered that he created a similar company before in 2002 where he is still making commissions from. In fact, he has made over $700 million in that first company.

Only issue with the first company is the products provided no value and it just looked like a big ponzi scheme…

If it’s still going today, that means it is probably legit in the government’s eyes.

There isn’t a physical address that PIE 24/7 has revealed as of now, but after doing some digging, I found out it’s based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

There are some uncertainties about the history of David T. Rosen, but the fact his first company has been going for 12 years now is good enough sign that PIE247 could be here for the long haul…

Let’s check out the products next…

PIE 24/7 Reviews – The Product Line

PIE 24/7 has a ton of tools to help you market any business online.

Right now, they have two memberships:

1) Retail – $20 Per Month

2) Entrepreneur – $25 per Month

Both Memberships have the following:

  • PIE Website Builder (Drag and drop style)
  • Lead Capture pages
  • Email marketing auto-responder
  • Link rotator
  • Text optimizer
  • App
  • Domain Registration service

Available with the Entrepreneur Membership only:

  • Messaging Service (phone)
  • Marketing Tools
  • Live Webinars and recorded mentoring sessions
  • Guest Speakers

Overall, I did check out the products and they do work. There is a major flaw with them which I will reveal later on…

Let’s take a look at their compensation plan next…

The PIE 247 Compensation Plan Review

Like any Network Marketing company out there, you get paid a commission if you sponsor someone into the business…

Instead of me trying to explain their compensation plan, check out their video…

NOTE: I do not endorse anything in the video and it’s for educational purposes only.

Overall, the compensation plan looks pretty good. There is a lot of potential in it once you get a ton of people signing up. There are a few big problems with this and why it can lead to failure…

PIE 247 Scam – is it true?

Overall, PIE247 isn’t a scam. It has great tools and for the price you can’t go wrong, however, there is a few major problems with it…

First, the tools don’t have good instructions or tutorials to actually use them. I actually decided to take it for a test drive and it wasn’t newbie friendly.

Second, no matter what opportunity it is, sponsoring people will always be a major issue. I looked at their capture pages and sales funnels, but they were horrific. They will never convert if you decided to push it online as of right now. Maybe in the future they will fix this problem.

I am just speaking the truth…

There are a few options out there depending on what you want to do.

If you want to become a sponsoring master like myself all online…

And if you promote the actual system…

You can make massive money…

You will learn exactly how to drive traffic to their system and their system does all of the rest like following up with your leads and converting them into sales for you…

You even get a one on one coach in the system to make sure you are successful.

Take a look at my 7 week results below:

I am not the only one winning either, take a look at my team members:

You will thank me later ��

Follow me on Social media below (I am a real person :)):

I hope you enjoyed my PIE 247 review and if you are in it already, please share with us your personal experience and how you are doing?

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