97 Partners Robot – Scam or Not

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97 Partners is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

97 Partners

Binary 97 Partners Is a SCAM Binary Options 97 Partners Scam Alert Don’t buy 97 Partners Is a SCAM Warning 97 Partners Binary Options Signlas SCAM 97 Partners Be aware from 97 Partners Why you don’t need to sign up : 97 Partners Auto Trading Robot 97 Partners Robot 97 Partners is SCAM or Legit? 97 Partners SCAM

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Professor Simon Craig is the voice and owner behind the 97 Partners Scam currently sweeping the internet. Whilst watching the video pitch for our review on the system, we are still unable to identify the face or true credentials regarding both the 97% Software and Simon himself. We are quoting Professor Craig when we say “don’t invest a penny until you get solid proofâ€. Regrettably, not only were we unable to find solid proof whilst watching and going over the presentation on the 97Partners.co website for our review, we find it very hard to believe a single word said by the current 97 Partners on this Auto Trader.

During our 97 Partners review were we not only able to find evidence account against them, but have found ourselves asking some very serious questions that have remained unanswered. Starting with the facts that proves the 97 Partners scam are the cases studies first presented. Notice how Iris Christiansen made $591,931.62 in supposedly 1 month back in 2020. Firstly if you only make on average just below $5k a day, how can it jump to that amount. Secondly the 97Partners.co was only successfully registered on the 23rd February 2020 based on Who.Is Domain Lookup, meaning it was not around in 2020, and if it was around, then “Professor Simon Craig” is lying as you will not be receiving the same 97 Partners Software that has made those beta testers the money they claimed to have profited. Everything about this scam is absolutely fake including the other so-called member, Jeremy Collins, who’s been “profiting with 97 Partners for months”, yet when we conducted a quick Google Image Search, we found that Jeremy’s picture is a stock image from ShutterStock.com titled ‘Portrait of a Hansom Bald Businessman in Luxury Interior and this picture is available for sale!

If you stumble upon positive reviews for this scam, you’ll notice how they fail to disclose facts!

After watching the entire presentation by Simon Craig o the 97 Partners scam prior to the release of this review, we are still unsure of one very critical piece of information, and that is how the software operates. We are aware that we will into a 97% Partnership when registering, and that he was specially commissioned to develop this auto trader for an investment firm. The only story of course we heard during our review of the system is that he programmed this piece of software, and the university basically stripped him of his rights to the 97% Partners software, and was unable to get his hands on it until the five year contract ended.

Furthermore don’t you just love it when systems like the 97 Partners scam use Fiverr actors to attest for their software? Well if you do, you are in luck. The 97 Partners software marketing have decided to go all out and hire enough lying Fiverr.com opportunists that ends up making the entire presentation look like a Fiverr.com advertisement, instead of something that is reliable and trusting for us to invest in. Yes that is right, contrary to what Simon said, that this will not cost you a penny and the risk is all on him, which is untrue. The risk is fully on each and every person that decides to register their details on the 97Partners.co website. Once you register with the software you are expected to fund your broker account with no less than $250 to start trading with, meaning the risk is all on you and not on him. If the system fails, you lose your investment, and there will be no 97% of profits heading your way.

One question we asked ourselves, which you are no doubt asking yourself as well, and that is “Why is he giving 97% of the 97% Partners software away, and why not the other way around, give you 3% and keep 97%? Why be over generous and keep the peanuts for yourself whilst making millions for others, in our view it does not make sense. However in all honesty, nothing about the 97 Partners scam makes any sense. We are offered a chance to make lots of money without any real proof or evidence to back up anything Simon said is true, therefore you are practically entering blind into this partnership or agreement, whatever you want to call it. To ensure you stay on the safe side of binary options auto traders and to avoid falling for scams such as the 97 Partners, it is always best to follow the day traders in the industry, stick to their recommendations, and the proof that they provide for what truly works and what does not.

Review Verdict: 97 Partners is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – 97Partners.co

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For more reviews exposing online trading scam sites, visit Watchdog’s Blacklist!

In case you lost money with 97 Partners scam or you have an experience to share, please comment below this warning and help us deter others from joining this useless website. There’s only one guarantee, and that is that you’re bound to lose your money if you choose to invest with a website that is based on a completely deceptive narrative and absolutely no authority on forums and reliable blogs. For help with disputes and complaints you may contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll gladly assist you at no cost.

For reliable alternatives, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options as we test and confirm the reliability of services we believe have the potential to be profitable for their members. In most cases, we end up concluding that the majority of the offers are engaged in false advertising and don’t offer the ITM trading performance that traders are expecting. NEO2 Software and a few other systems are well-endorsed and have many great reviews all over the Internet, including evidence posted by members on YouTube and other social medias. Visit Watchdog’s NEO2 Software Review if you are interested to trade with honest, verified day-traders who created an extraordinary software that won’t make you a millionaire, but will definitely help you generate profits on 100% Auto Pilot.

97Partners Review

There is no doubt that investing in the binary markets can be a lucrative use of your time. However, if you do not have the necessary experience to make a success of this instantly you may find yourself drawn to software like 97Partners. These automated trading systems are prevalent across the internet and can help you access the profits in this marketplace. But, to be successful you must choose a product which is genuine; this review looks at 97Partners and asks that very question.

97Partners – The Facts

97Partners offers its services to you for free; it generates its own income via a commission from the brokers you need to use to trade in binary options. The rate of return is set at 90% and the system can be used in fully autonomous mode with just a $200 starting deposit.

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding how 97Partners develops its trade signals and there is no evidence provided to confirm that the software actually does what it says it does. It is also concerning that the associated brokers are all unlicensed.

Simon Crane is responsible for creating this system and has spent a considerable amount of time ensuring it works perfectly before releasing it to the public. Although access to the software is free, there is a 3% charge incurred when you make a trade with 97Partners.

Using 97Partners

The standard approach of registering with 97Partners and an affiliated broker is relevant. You will also need to fund your account. However, at this point you can leave the system to trade for you but you will have no idea what 97partners is doing. Despite the lengthy promotional video there is no information regarding how the system works and which trades it is looking for. This makes it very difficult to judge the success of the software!

Summary– Is 97Partners a Scam?

The promotional film is designed to detract you from the questions you should be asking. 97partners also stresses that it does not need your credit card information. Yet, when you undertake the registration process this is exactly what it needs!

There is simply not enough information to safely trade with 97Partners. Although it may not be definitively called a scam, it is likely that this is what it is and you should look for an alternative solution.

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Fan Page Robot Review 2020 Updated

This product review was uptated on April 2020


Hello everyone! My name is Robert, and I’m glad that you’re here. Today I’m going to review a brand new social media tool. As a social media and massive communications expert, I’m quite certain that not everybody is able to get the popularity they need at the social networks. There’s a simple reason why: there are millions of people out there also trying to do so. I always recommend to my clients to implement some tools to achieve quickly success with less effort. Whether you’re interested in promote your own products, work as an affiliate marketer or simply boost your social life through fan pages, I strongly recommend you to continue reading this Fan Page Robot review…

Fan Page Robot review

  • What is it?

Fan Page Robot is a social media board used to manage and improve the number of your fan page’s clients. Thanks to its varied tools and methods, you’ll be able to get more followers, more net page likes and, as a consequence, more sales.

As previously mentioned, this social network tool includes many automated functions and methods that will improve the degree of exposure of your fan page. With Fan Page Robot you will be able to:

  • Generate highly visible hashtags
  • Generate viral content in just a few seconds
  • Get sells through third-party posts
  • Create Facebook video marketing
  • Automate posts
  • Find the most interesting material, so your posts become more popular
  • Auto-schedule posts
  • Work along with the top influencers in your area
  • And much more…

The interesting thing about this tool is that it was developed with many different gadgets that you can apply in order to increase the number of followers, visitors and net likes. Some of them are:

  • One click Viral Content generator: this gadget put in your hands the possibility to publish at your fan page the most engaging content, with any key word that you choose, from any source, including all the available social networks, fan pages and web pages. It also provides the trending toping searched words in real time and notifies you about them. It is available in all the languages.
  • Autopilot: it automatically update your fan page or social network, provides you with all the necessary and accurate web content, that it automatically search and upload to your fan page or social network. It also provides the best results for key-word oriented searches, auto-posting for all the available sources without plugins.
  • Free advertising: thanks to a ground breaking method, you will be able to set your own adverbs at Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and any available mass media web site. This is an exclusive product from Fan Page Robot and it is offered today with no additional costs and it can be integrated with your personal e-mail account.
  • Highly profitable hashtag finding: it has been proved that attractive hashtags increase your clients’ engagement with your product and increase sells. This program provides you with the most effective hashtags for all your posts and all the statistics about similar hashtags to increase the exposure of your posts and products.
  • Automated video marketing: this gadget automatically searches for the most interest videos in the web and automatically uploaded it, so you always have your fan page updated with the most interesting and engaging content.
  • Posts auto-schedule: a google calendar-like gadget that will allow you to manage your social posts in a calendar and upload them at the right time to make them a sensation. You will also able to reschedule and duplicate posts with only one click.
  • Analyze influencers and competitors: Fan Page Robot provides a close an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ performances and campaigns, and the best tips from the trending influencers in your e-business area.
  • Auto-posts: the best visual editor will be your ally when it comes to auto-posts and edit your blog posts at WordPress, Tumblr, Shopify, etc.
  • Social networks integration: all your posts can be shared in all your social networks, and you can also customize any post to each social network.

Fan Page Robot Program benefits

  • Save your precious time: all the automated functions allow you to keep all your social networks and blogs connected with each other and conveniently updated, with the most interesting web content and videos. All the web research is already done for you.
  • Easy to use interface: this friendly platform will boost your e-business and e-marketing experience without expert web knowledge required from you. You won’t have to perform annoying duties like installing plugins.
  • Increase likes, traffic, exposure and sells in short time.
  • Build the most engaging campaigns.
  • Fan Page Robot free upgrades: the work is constantly developing new apps and gadgets that will be automatically and freely provided to already existing customers.
  • Fan Page Robot pdf user’s guide.
  • No experience or training period needed to use it.
  • Can be used for unlimited social networks and in any language.
  • Fan Page Robot free and constant technical support.
  • A lot of Fan Page Robot reviews.
  • 100% guaranteed.

Buy Fan Page Robot

You have to different options to acquire this program:

Monthly fee: $14.95

Facebook pages: 3

Other social networks: up to 36

All features included

Unlimited pages up to 10 different platforms

Special customer support

All features included

Both plans are offered with the best technical support, a 100%, 60-day satisfaction guarantee and if you pay for an annual subscription, you will get a 35% discount.

Fan Page Robot is a scam?

I know that e-business and e-marketing world is packed with scams, this is the reason why I’m writing this Fan Page Robot review: because I consider it is important to separate the good stuff from the scam through this users reviews. As I previously mentioned, there are plenty other Fan Page Robot reviews, from other users all around the world, that you can consult before you download Fan Page Robot.

Fan Page Robot review’s data sheet

Name: Fan Page Robot

Kind of product: Social media tool

Supported by the following O. S.: MAC, Windows, Ipad, Iphone, Android

Paid: yes (Pro Plan and Unlimited Plan)

Guarantee: yes, 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Customer support team: yes

Fan Page Robot download: yes

Review’s conclusion

After all the previously stated, you must realize why this is one of the social network tools that I most recommend to my clients. It’s reliable platform allow you to keep all you social networks, blogs and fan page constantly updated with the most interesting content. If you’re giving your first steps in e-business and e-marketing, or even if you’re an experienced blogger or web marketer, this tool will definitely improve your experience and boost your web presence, something crucial when it comes to make money at the internet.

I recommend this program for two main reasons: this is a risk free inversion for my clients, since they have 60 days to try and test this tool by themselves and decide whether they want to keep it or not. The second reason is that it is the most complete, affordable and reliable available social marketing tool. As a result, they soon are making more money and investing less time.

For all the previously stated (and I’m giving you my professional advice for free), I strongly recommend Fan Page Robot pdf.

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