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Binary Options Copier Remote

Программа Binary Options Copier Remote позволяет копировать сделки по бинарным опционам между разными счетами MetaTrader 4, установленных на разных компьютерах. Это идеальное решение для провайдеров сигналов, которые хотят поделиться своей торговлей с другими трейдерами по всему миру.

Провайдер может выдать до 10 бесплатных лицензий на получение сигналов. Это означает, что 10 пользователей могут копировать сигналы провайдера, используя бесплатный продукт Binary Options Receiver Free. Начиная с 11го, получателю необходимо отдельно приобрести Binary Options Receiver Pro для копирования сделок провайдера. Данная возможность позволяет провайдеру привлекать больше пользователей для копирования сделок/сигналов.

Доступны два режима: удаленный (Remote) для работы с разными компьютерами по сети интернет, и локальный (Local) для работы на одном компьютере.

Binary Copier Software Scam! Watch out for this new Scam

Binary Copier Software Scam! Watch out for this new Scam


Last Updated: Sep 5, 2020 @ 11:56 am

Are you on a mission to shun all the scam trading systems and earn real money? Are you tired of wasting your time and effort on fake systems? The first step is that you need to identify all the scam systems in the market. One such system is Binary Copier Software. This system claims the fact that it can offer you instant trading signals. We are going to counter this claim through our exclusive review so in order to get all the details read on.

Binary Copier Bringing the truth into the light

When we had a good look at the website of Binary Copier, then the first thing we noticed is that it claims to be having features like VIP Strategies, Risk Amplifier, popular signals and unique trading hub. However, we did not find any demo facility on the website that proves the point that there is no reality in these claims whatsoever. Without the demo it is impossible to determine whether the features will work or not. This is why trusting Binary Copier will not be a smart move by any means.

Even the FAQ section of Binary Copier is a big disappointment. For example, look at the picture below which answers what is a risk amplifier.

You will notice the fact that the answer states that when you will minimise the risk amplifier that it will be able to generate safe trades. At this point it is essential that the makers need to explain the exact working of the risk amplifier which is missing here. There needs to be a defined criteria regarding how the risk amplifier is removing the risk.

Moreover, we felt that the questions of the FAQ section are quite general. None of the tricky or technical questions are addressed in this section. This is why we feel that this system is making omissions and this definitely tends to cast the suspicions in your mind.

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Another major issue with Binary Copier is that the video is missing. It is not possible to get a complete walkthrough of the system without a video. This is why it is so important. We feel that the makers are reluctant to let the trader get the detailed insight.

The website mentions that Binary Copier Trading Hub only suggests reliable brokers. However, we will like to mention here that the name of the brokers is not mentioned on the website. We feel that the simple reason is that the brokers are not reliable and unregulated. When you end up opting for unreliable brokers, then there are chances that you will lose your money.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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We do not recommend that you should give in your credentials to the Binary Copier platform because it is not free by any means at all. You will be making a deposit to the brokers. Secondly, if you give in your credentials you will be the prime victim for unsolicited emails. This is why you need to be careful in this regard.

You should be more inclined towards reliable binary services and the best option in this regard is Valforex so you need to have a look into this.

Moreover, we noticed that Binary Copier does not list down the perks that you can get with the VIP account so this is quite a disappointing aspect.

We also looked into the strategies that Binary Copier allows. We came to know that it allows the use of Recurrence Effect and Currency Stimulation. However, these terms are quite difficult for a new trader to understand. The website misses out on the detailed explanation regarding how Binary Copier implements these strategies.

The chat system of Binary Copier is not dependable as well because adequate support is not available for the unregistered users. The live chat support system is not available for the trader to put up on the spot queries. You can just send in an email to the system. Usually the scam systems are not responsive so this will just be an exercise in futility.

Binary Copier does not have an online presence as well. When we looked at the website we could not find any integration of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Thus this was also a disappointing element for us and we got more sceptical about this system.

We also made a note of the fact that the website does not list down any considerable profits that you can make with this system. This means that when as a trader you visit the website you will not get a clear idea regarding the profits that you can make with this system so this can prove to be a risky bargain on your part and can end you in a fair amount of trouble.

Scam Personalities behind Binary Copier

Well, we looked quite closely at this trading system website and we could not figure out the name of the CEO. Now we find this to be a very alarming situation because you just cannot opt in for a system without having essential details about the maker of the system. This is a major red flag alert.

Now we could not locate any testimonials on the website of Binary Copier as well. This proves the point that no reputed trader has tried this system. This means that if you decide to opt for this system then you are walking in the dark. Due to all the reasons mentioned above we surely do not recommend the use of Binary Copier.

Now you should not bother to put day-trading on hold. All you need is significant insight related to authentic binary systems and signal services. The best approach for you is to look into Valforex signal services. You should also make sure that you have a look into our list of scam systems.

Индикатор Binary Cash Comodo – рисует или нет, отзывы и скачать бесплатно

Оглавление. Жми для простмотра

Получить объективное мнение о работе любого индикатора форекс или бинарных опционов можно на основе отзывов от пользующихся им трейдеров. Нежелательно использовать для этого описания от разработчиков или обзорные материалы – в первых много рекламы, а вторые ориентированы на исключительно информирование. Далее приведены не только отзывы о Binary Cash Comodo, но и краткое описание его возможностей.

p, blockquote 1,0,0,0,0 –>

Настройка Binary Cash Comodo

p, blockquote 2,0,0,0,0 –>

Лучший брокер

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Сигналы Binary Cash Comodo

Генерируемые им сигналы отображаются на ценовом графике в виде стрелок двух типов (рис. 2):

p, blockquote 4,0,0,0,0 –>

  • зеленая – покупается опцион Call;
  • красная – покупается опцион Put.

Подобная простейшая схема работы делает торговый процесс легким и исключает ошибки. Трейдеру необходимо лишь при появлении сигнала совершать соответствующую сделку.

p, blockquote 5,0,1,0,0 –>

Торговля с Binary Cash Comodo

Рис. 3 демонстрирует пример фильтрации сигналов Binary Cash Comodo мувингом (его период равен 168, что соответствует периоду 14 на часовом ТФ, при основном ТФ – M5). Т. к. мувинг движется вверх, то глобальный тренд восходящий, поэтому следует совершать только сделки на покупку (по зеленым стрелкам).

p, blockquote 6,0,0,0,0 –>

Для торговли бинарными опционами трендовые фильтры не нужны.

p, blockquote 7,0,0,0,0 –>

Отзывы о Binary Cash Comodo

Сразу следует ответить на вопрос, рисует или нет индикатор Binary Cash Comodo? Исходя из того, что он выполнен на неперерисовывающихся аналитических алгоритмах (MA и осциллятор), можно предположить, что его сигналы не перерисовываются. Визуальное наблюдение за ним также не дает поводов усомниться в этом предположении (перерисовкой не считается пропадание и появление сигнала на незакрытой свече, ведь совершать сделку следует лишь после открытия свечи, следующей за сигнальной).

p, blockquote 8,0,0,0,0 –>

Здесь пользователь Геннадий поделился использованием Binary Cash Comodo на реальном счете:

p, blockquote 9,0,0,0,0 –>

  • за 18 часов на 4-х валютных парах было сгенерировано 30 сигналов, из которых ложными были всего 6;
  • лучшие результаты были показаны на паре NZDUSD (почти все сигналы прибыльные), а худшие – на паре USDJPY (ложных сигналов в несколько раз больше);
  • необходимо следить за временем выхода важных экономических новостей и не торговать в это время;
  • не следует использовать Мартингейл, иначе слив депозита неизбежен.

В заключении он рекомендует трейдерам придерживаться торговой дисциплины, в частности:

p, blockquote 10,1,0,0,0 –>

  • не жадничать;
  • анализировать;
  • уметь останавливаться.

Пользователь Игорь также отмечает низкое качество сигналов на паре USDJPY.

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А пользователь Сергей использовал Binary Cash Comodo для торговли с экспирацией 3÷4 минуты. И результаты такой торговли были отличными. Но для этого требуется найти брокера, который обеспечивает высокую скорость связи (высокий пинг).

Binary Copier Scam Review – JUNK SOFTWARE!


Binary Copier Software is yet another anonymous scam brought to us by some unknown criminal entity. It supposed claim to fame is that it can analyze the market and make trades much faster than any other binary options trading program out there. However, we have found a ton of evidence which contradicts those claims and renders them completely meaningless.

Yeah, binary options can be a decent place to make money in, but not if you use a total pile of trash like Binary Copier scam software. These crooks would have you believe that Binary Copier software is the most profitable and reliable trading tool out there, yet we have found many disturbing pieces of evidence which show this to be totally untrue. This is the Binary Copier scam review and we are going to show you exactly why you need to stay away from this ridiculous money grabbing scheme at all costs.

How Does Binary Copier Scam Software Work?

The clowns behind this program would have you think that Binary Copier software is an excellent fully automated trading device. They want you to think that this program does a fantastic job at analyzing the market, looking at trends, and that it uses some kind of super speed and highly accurate algorithm to execute successful trades. The reality could however not be further from these claims.

The fact of the matter is that Binary Copier software does not use any real trading strategies , there is no awesome algorithm involved, and the whole program is totally void of any good indicators or analysis tools. As the name indicates, Binary Copier software does nothing more than copy potentially successful trades made by other people. This is not what a fully automated program is supposed to do, nor is it a very effective or legitimate way of making binary options trades.

The trades that Binary Copier scam software copies could be bad trades and not profitable in the least. How does this software tell which trades to copy? The answer to that is one which we do not have nor are we given even a remotely good answer to. The bottom line is that this is not at all an automated trading program, and the method it uses to make trades is fundamentally flawed down to its core.

Who Are The Leaders Of Binary Copier Scam Software?

One of the most important things that we always want to know when it comes to any program that is going to be handling our money is who is behind it. Who created Binary Copier software? Who is the CEO, programmer, owner etc.? There is no chance, not even in a frozen over hell, that we would ever invest money in any program when we don’t know who is behind it.

Well, guess what, Binary Copier never gives us a face or name in terms of the owner or CEO. All we are ever graced with is a totally anonymous voice narrator who gives us a quick rundown of the Binary Copier scam. As far as we can tell not even the narrator has a name. This is just too much for us.

There is only one good reason why the thieves behind this program would choose to remain hidden. It is because they know darn well that what they are doing is highly illegal. They know that if their true identities were ever discovered they would land in jail faster than Martha Stewart after she engaged in insider trading. Don’t invest money with Binary Copier scam software because you have no idea who is putting their grubby little hands on it.

Binary Copier Scam Software & Shady Brokers

Yet another giant red flag which tells us to keep away from Binary Copier software is that they obviously use shifty brokers that are bent on draining your trading account. When you go to sign up for an account with Binary Copier scam software, you do not get a choice of broker. You are forced to sign up with one specific broker, one that we are not even told the name of.

We have gotten several complaints already from people who made the initial $250 deposit with the unknown broker, then as fast as they had signed up, their deposit had been emptied out of their account. There is only one way in which this can happen, and it is because a thief of a broker is the one handling your cash. Binary Copier software obviously uses a broker located in a financial safe haven that does not prosecute them for their fraudulent actions.

Therefore they can steal your money with any consequences and you have no legal recourse to do anything about it. Whatever you do, do not invest a single penny with this rubbish heap called, because its only purpose is to rob you of your hard earned money the very second you make a deposit.

Binary Copier Scam Software & Concerning Disclaimers

If all of the information we have provided you so far is not enough to scare you off, maybe this will finally do the trick. The Binary Copier website contains several concerning disclaimers, one that clearly indicate that it is nothing more than a money stealing scheme. One of the disclaimers reads “DUE TO THE HIGH RISK NATURE OF TRADING, ‘Binary Copier’ EXPLICITLY DOES NOT MAKE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES THAT USERS WILL MAKE ANY PROFIT OR THAT USERS WILL NOT LOSE ANY OR ALL DEPOSITED INVESTMENT FUNDS”. In other words, these guys are more or less telling you that you will never make profit with Binary Copier software and there is nothing that they will do to remedy your losses. You can rest assured that you will lose your money!

Binary Copier Scam Review Conclusion

There is no doubt in our minds that this program software is one of the most illegitimate, non-credible, fraudulent, and thieving pieces of programming out there at this point in time. This junk was designed to steal your money, and that is the bottom line.

If you do want to engage in binary trading, and you want to use a profitable and legitimate program, we would recommend using Pro Binary Bot, a relatively new piece of software. Pro Binary Bot has been tested by yours truly for consistency and reputability, and it has shown to be very profitable. An 85% ITM rate and daily profits between $400 and $800 are things you can expect from Pro Binary Bot.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: [email protected] If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

Thank you very much for reading this detailed scam review. Subscribe to our blog in order to be fully protected and to be up to date with all binary options services out there. Additionally please share and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest . See you next time!

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