Reviews is Bitcoin Tool Mining Scam or Legit

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Bitcoin Miner Review, Fake Bitcoin Miner Scam Exposed!

Welcome to our Bitcoin Miner review. If you are inquisitive by nature and have been asking yourself: Is Bitcoin Miner scam or a legitimate investment platform, then you have stumbled onto the best review site. Our staff has received multiple complaints in regards to this newly launched fake mining software by Dan Manson the fake founder in fictitious persona. Hence, if you received any type of SPAM email communication illegally soliciting you to join this SCAM crypto robot in the guise of a legitimate mining pool, then you are officially being targeted by thieving confidence artists peddling a fake crypto app. It’s also important you are aware that there is a large affiliate network which is now promoting this filthy app online, and they are operating together with fake offshore brokers. When we signed up for this service we were allocated a broker named Universe Markets. A closer look reveals this broker is owned by White Square Trading Limited and has a listed address London, United Kingdom. So if for some reason you were led to believe that Bitcoin Miner is a genuine crypto trading app, we highly recommend you keep reading our detailed Bitcoin Miner review since we exposed the crooks behind it and shed light on this dirty little operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Spoofed Site Keeps Alternating Based On Location

Evidence of SCAM
Here you can see the Bitcoin Miner registration area. It clearly says you can make $2,000 a day, but this is not valid information and not proven with real data and a trading history. Needless to say the logs are also fake as this system has never been mentioned there (we checked).

Bitcoin Miner Registration

And here we have the real smoking gun. In the image below you can see the screenshot we took from the Bitcoin Miner main sales page where they are presenting Dan Manson as the “founder of the Bitcoin Miner” software which literally creates Bitcoins “out of thin air”. Right next to it you can see the same Manson (interesting they chose that name) modeling a suite for an Italian fashion and lifestyle website named Luigi Saladini. Suffice it to say Dan Manson is not a founder of anything, and chances are he is clueless about online trading or Bitcoin Mining for all intents and purposes.

Bitcoin Miner Dan Manson SCAM

Moving along, below is the testimonial section for the Bitcoin Miner software. Even a child can see that the testimonials are fabricated and the actor is from Fiverr. We do not condone and refuse to accept any kind of false representation of the facts especially where testimonials are concerned as we find it an extremely deceptive and misleading advertising practice.

Bitcoin Miner Fake Testimonials

Finally, here we see the actual Bitcoin Trader software. Its plain to see that when we signed up our broker was Universe Markets as we mentioned above. And its also quite evident that this software is also used to promote the fake Bitcoin Code app by Steve McKay. In other words, this is about as slimy as it can get and obviously extremely dangerous so make sure to keep your distance from this software.

Bitcoin Miner Cloned Software

What is Bitcoin Miner and How Does It Work?
The Bitcoin Miner is advertised as a web-based Bitcoin Mining pool which generates profits for you on auto pilot by harnessing the collective hash power of multiple computers or devices.

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Who Is Dan Manson?
He is supposed to be the “founder of The Bitcoin Miner”. He claims that the software he developed lets you literally “create Bitcoins out of thin air and sell them for a profit”.

Bitcoin Miner Review, $2,000 a Day Or SCAM?
Welcome to another episode of nonsense, rubbish, half-truths and filthy lies. Dan Manson would have you believe that just like the Winklevoss twins and Eric Finman you can become a new millionaire just by using his fake Bitcoin mining software. He claims his system utilizes the “natural power” of your computer or smartphone to turn electricity into money. And guess what, all of this is done for you at no cost on auto-pilot! And of course he also claims the software is “risk free” and guaranteed to generate profits for you. That is because it doesn’t make a difference if the price fluctuates in a certain direction (up or down), because when you mine Bitcoin you pay nothing for it! That is supposed to be the secret, but as you may have guessed it is a lie as we have already proven.

Is It Free?
No, using this useless piece of trash technology will cost you a minimum fee of €/£/$250 (sometimes even as much as €/£/$500). This money will be charged to your credit card by offshore brokers claiming to be legitimate account managers who want to “assist you in getting started making money”.

Bitcoin Miner Fake Reviews
We have seen at least one fake Bitcoin Miner review and we know the website who endorsed this system is getting bribes in the form of affiliate commissions. Be extra careful and vigilant, if you are unsure please contact us by leaving a message below and we shall do our utmost to revert as fast as possible with an answer.

Still Trust the Bitcoin Miner and Want to Test It?
We always encourage new members to try and test new software, however in the case of Bitcoin Miner we can pretty much guarantee that you will be left penniless and the only thing you will gain is a hefty dose of remorse and frustration. So please, don’t get tempted to join this software no matter how authentic it seems to be or how much you feel it can work for you.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The most viral scams are The News Spy and The Calloway Software.

A Few Viable Options
We always try to make things as easy as possible for our members and subscribers. So for that reason we put together a short list of tested signals and automated crypto and Forex apps which have proven to be resilient and withstand the test of time. We invite you to check out our recommended section and try out these systems.

Bitcoin Miner Review Summary, Conclusions, and Tips that Help!
The Bitcoin Miner scam by the non-existent Dan Manson is a blacklisted bitcoin mining app. In fact, it is not a mining app at all! It is marketed as a mining pool software, but in reality it is just a sleazy get-rich-quick scheme which preys on uneducated day-traders and specifically targets amateur or inexperienced opportunity-seekers looking to cash in on a legit crypto app. We implore you to keep your credit card safely tucked away and never divulge any kind of financial information because these types of crooks are well-known for instigating scams related to credit card and internet fraud. In other words, please try more genuine trading systems and you can thank us later. Should you need additional information, findings, or details in regards to Bitcoin Miner simply leave a message or contact us via our YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, and G+ profile.

Coinmama Bitcoin Exchange Review – Legit or Scam?

Updated on Oct 23, 2020 by Tuan Do

Coinmama is the Bitcoin exchange I use recently after reaching limits on the others. The exchange has been around for a while but I was hesitant to use it because I heard some complaints about their service. I gave it a try and here is the review.


Coinmama is registered in Slovakia but they offer the service worldwide. You might have limited functions in some countries but overall, the service is available in the widest range of countries.

Payment Methods

You can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum with your credit/debit card. I used my debit card to buy because it’s faster, however, it’s also more expensive.


I was quite disappointed with Coinmama’s customer support. The verification process was fast but when I had a request regarding my transaction, it took 2 days for the response. The good thing is that they explained thoroughly and keep me assured that I would receive my Bitcoin eventually.

Processing Time

The processing time varies depending on the workload. My first transaction went well and I received Bitcoin to my wallet in about 4-5 hours. The second transaction takes much longer and I didn’t receive my Bitcoin until 2 days later. There was a message saying: “Simplex, our credit card processor, are currently under heavy load. You may experience delays in processing your payment.

The 3rd transaction was completed within an hour when the service is less busy.

The price you see on Coinmama’s homepage has a huge markup because it includes the service fee of 8.5%. If you pay with cash, you don’t have to pay any more fee. But if you use your credit/debit card, you will have to pay additional 5% for Simplex, the payment processor. And that’s not all, I had to pay the currency exchange rate for my bank as well, so the transactions become so expensive. You should expect a 15% markup for your purchase.

Update: Coinmama now does their own processing which enables us to provide end-to-end support, and makes all transactions instant. The service fee is 5.50%, which is included in the prices on the website.


Overall, Coinmama is a legit Bitcoin exchange but I don’t recommend it because of the high fees. You should only use their service when you can’t buy anywhere else.

BitcoinGet Review: Legit Bitcoin Site Or Scam?

Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm and one of the most popular and well-known among them is Bitcoin. A lot of people wants to get their hands on Bitcoin because of its high value.

But did you know there is a website that will pay you in bitcoin for completing certain tasks? That website is BitcoinGet and it promises to pay people in the popular cryptocurrency.

But does this website really allow people to earn in Bitcoin or is it just a scam to lure people in? You’ll soon find out in this review of the website. Now, let us first get to know what BitcoinGet is.

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What is BitcoinGet?

As the name of the website suggests, BitcoinGet allows people to get free Bitcoins for free by just completing certain tasks found on the website.

These task range from answering surveys, completing jobs, or taking on offers. People would just need to do the activity that they want to do, complete it, and they will be paid in what the website called bits.

Bits are not a form of cryptocurrency or another name for Bitcoin. The website says that bits are Bitcoins that have been broken down into smaller denominations. They say that one Bitcoin is equivalent to one million bits.

People will just need to earn 1000 bits, which is 0.1% of a Bitcoin to be able to cash out from BitcoinGet.

To register, people will need to have a Bitcoin wallet account, and then they will input the Bitcoin address to BitcoinGet to be able to become a member.

The company recommends using Coinbase if you still don’t have a Bitcoin wallet account.

Who uses BitcoinGet?

BitcoinGet is used by people who are looking to earn Bitcoin for free, without the need to worry about the process of mining it or purchasing it at a high value.

They just need to complete the tasks found on the website in order to earn bits and cash out once they have enough. To really get one Bitcoin from the BitcoinGet website, people will just need to earn a total of one million bits.

Though this might take a while, it still beats paying more than $7,000 to get one bitcoin, or spending days, or even weeks, just to be able to mine one.

Aside from people who are looking to get some Bitcoin, the website is also used by companies who have products or services to promote. The survey offers, and other tasks found on the website come from different companies.

Since the BitconGet will pay people to answer or complete all of the tasks found on the website, companies are assured that what they advertise or promote will be viewed, their offers taken, and their surveys answered.

How Do People Earn From BitcoinGet?

As mentioned above, people are able to earn bits from BitcoinGet every time they complete a task or offer found on the website. The offers or tasks involve answering surveys, completing jobs or tasks, or signing up for offers.

BitcoinGet didn’t really say on when they usually update the tasks available, but they do promise that it is updated regularly, so members will just have to keep on logging in to see if new tasks are available already.

People are also able to earn a few bits from watching several videos found on the website. They can also earn from shopping, in the form of cash back.

The company launched the CoinRebates in 2020, which is designed to allow their members in BitcoinGet to earn rebates every time they shop.

The website partnered with over 300 retail stores, which provide Bitcoin rebates that are ranging from 1 to 20% of the amount people spent on the item.

This allows people to shop for items online, and also earn Bitcoin rebates that will be credited to their account within 48 hours.

BitcoinGet also has a referral program, where people are able to earn a percentage of the earnings of their referral. The website will pay 10% of their referral’s earnings from surveys and 5% from tasks and offers.

The bits that people can earn will vary, depending on the tasks they accomplished. Completely answered surveys can pay as low as 50 bits to as high as 1000 bits.

Signing up for offers can usually get people 250 bits to 1000 bits while completing jobs or tasks will get 1 bit. People will also get 1 bit for every 3 videos they watch.

To be able to cash out their earnings, BitcoinGet requires at least 1000 bits before they send it to the member’s Bitcoin wallet. The company promises to send people’s bits within 48 hours, but there will be times it will take them longer to send.

Some offers can take up to 45 days before bits are credited to the Bitcoin wallet. This is because the company will still need to review and verify everything before they authorize paying out the bits.

It is important that the web browsers that people use accept third-party cookies to ensure that their activities will earn them the necessary bits they should be receiving. Ad blocking should also be disabled.

What I Liked about BitcoinGet

Now that we have an idea about BitcoinGet and how it works, it is time to discuss what I liked about the website.

  • Probably one of the best things about BitcoinGet is that they pay people in Bitcoin instead of cash. This is a good thing, considering that the value of the cryptocurrency is very high at the moment.
  • It is easy and simple to register to BitcoinGet, especially if you are already a Bitcoin user, as you will only need to input your Bitcoin wallet account and you will already be registered and can start earning.
  • It is also easy to use and navigate around BitcoinGet, so people won’t have a hard time moving around the website.

What I Disliked about BitcoinGet

Of course, not everything is smooth sailing with BitcoinGet, which is why we will now be discussing what I didn’t like about the website.

  • It is not that easy to earn bits, as only the survey and the offers are the ones that provide people with a decent way to make some bits in BitcoinGet. Watching videos and completing jobs pay very low, making it hard to earn enough bits.
  • The bits needed to cash out are quite high and will only be easily attainable if people complete all the survey and offer available. Once they have completed everything, it will be very difficult to reach the 1000 bits requirement with just the videos and jobs or tasks.
  • Tasks are not updated regularly enough, which makes it harder for people to earn big enough bits to be able to cash out quickly.
  • The income potential of BitcoinGet is very low, considering the time people will need to spend in order to earn enough bits to make decent amounts of money.

Is BitcoinGet a Scam or Does it Really Pay in Bitcoin?

BitcoinGet is a legitimate website that really pays people in Bitcoin and not just a scam to lure people in. Though they don’t actually pay in the cryptocurrency, they do pay it in its small denomination called bits.

The website has also been live for five years since it was launched in 2020, so its longevity already proves that it is not just a fly by night website looking to scam people.

It is important that people read the FAQs page of BitcoinGet to have an idea of why some of the bits they should be getting are not being credited to their account.

The company does a good job of explaining the possible reasons why bits are not credited and how people can ensure their rewards will be received after they complete a certain task.

Do I Recommend BitcoinGet?

But do I recommend BitcoinGet? As much as I consider the website legitimate and that it really pays people, I can’t seem to find enough reason to recommend it.

Yes, it pays in Bitcoin and the value of the cryptocurrency is very high compared to the U.S. dollar. This alone should be reason enough for people to join BitcoinGet.

But since the company pays it in bits, which is 0.0001% of a Bitcoin, the high value of the cryptocurrency is negated. Earning enough bits to be able to cash out is also a challenge.

People can only get a high amount of bits for completing certain surveys or signing up for certain offers. But other than these two tasks, everything else will only pay people 1 bit to a couple of bits.

This makes it harder for people to reach the minimum requirement of 1000 bits before BitcoinGet will send it to the Bitcoin wallet. Other than it pays in Bitcoin, I don’t really find much value in what BitcoinGet offers people.

And since the website pays little and the minimum requirement to get the little Bitcoin is also a lot, I can’t recommend the BitcoinGet for people, as it will only be a waste of time for them.

There are a lot of better ways for people to earn some money and even some cryptocurrency that won’t use up much of their time. Reviews: is Bitcoin Tool Mining Scam or Legit?

I have a bitcoin transaction that has been pending for over a week because I screwed up the transaction fee and made it way too low. I was out of the country and did not have access to my offline wallet and could not just issue a CPFP (Child Pays For Parrent) transaction to fix it. I also didn’t know at the time that that would be the best approach.

So, I found BTCSpeedy and entered my transaction ID, got a price to accelerate it ($10USD that somehow turned into about $35 CDN) and paid it. By the time my payment was confirmed the session timed out and I could not get back to the page where I was supposed to click a button after my payment was confirmed.

I then emailed tech support and received no response. I emailed them again and asked them to either deliver the service I paid for or provide a refund. Again, No Response.

Has anyone actually received service from these clowns? If these guys are just pocketing the cash/BTC and delivering nothing, they should be called out and the community should be made aware that they are simply running a scam of sorts.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

The only transaction accelerator I know of that’s been reliable is

There are too many other scams out there, and BTCSpeedy looks like another one of them. ViaBTC is a well known mining pool so they have a legitimate claim to being able to accelerate transactions. I find it difficult to believe any other random websites, even if they claim to have “teamed up with” major mining pools (whatever that means). I’ve yet to see any proof of this.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Thanks for replying to this. With the lack of response from them it is clearly a SCAM. Looks like I am out $35. I hope others read this before they get taken as well.

I looked at Via BTC and they wanted a “Donation” of 0.01BTC at accelerate my unconfirmed transaction. That works out to about $190US. Seems a little high to me. I guess it also depends on the value and the urgency of the stuck transaction.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Usually so long as your transaction has at least a minimal fee already included, ViaBTC can accelerate it for free. The only problem is they receive so many requests that they usually have a message saying they’ve already exceeded their limit.

The way to get around this is to try submitting your transaction to their service right at the start of the hour (when the quota resets). That way you can get it for free without having to pay for their members-only service.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Yeah it’s a scam. AVOID!

I sent BTC with a low fee of $0.30 from (awful site to buy from) and it’s been pending for 26 days now. Probably lost forever in limbo as it’ll never be dropped from the blockchain and nobody will mine it. (this is the reason BTC will fail long term imo)

So I decided to try and pay for it to be accelerated using BTC, I like you paid the “$10” ($35 really because they charge another fee) and then had a 15 minute timer. The timer went off and that was it. I’d paid the fee the nothing has happened to my transaction, they’ve just taken my fee and done a runner!

Avoid the BTC Speedy scam!

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Hi XP1 – i would appreciate your help! I have also a transaction stucked, since nearly 1 month(!) and want to use an accelerator now. Thanks god i found this thread and got noticed that BTCspeedy is SCAM! I want to use viaBTC-Accelerator, but my fee i have payed is too low and via BTC is not accepting it (i payed 0.00067 BTC instead of 0.0067 BTC minimum-fee for a transaction with 67 Kb-size, so its my fault). So i need to get my BTC back first to my Bitcoin Core Wallet to send them again with higher fees so viaBTC will accept the acceleration.

You said: You can “cancel” your unconfirmed transaction by performing a double spend with a higher fee.

As i am waiting now for 26 days (!) that my BTC’s are coming back to my wallet, i tried your hint but Bitcoin Core just tells me that i have not enough BTC for this transaction. What is plausible, as i already sent all my BTC (in the transaction mentioned above). So my BTC-Wallet value is exactly 0.00 BTC

So what can i do to finally get my transfered BTC back to my wallet? How can i “cancel” my transaction?

I am very thankful for every hint and help, from everyone. Thanks!

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

I was in a similar situation and eventually, the network just dropped my transaction. It does not even show up in my electrum wallet anymore and most of the blockchain explorers don’t even list it anymore. When I was trying to solve the issue, I read that sending a CPFP (Child Pays For Parent) transaction would allow you to send a new transaction with a higher fee where it is linked to the original and they would then be picked up by the miners. I tried it with Electrum 3.03 and could not get it to broadcast. I think it was because my offline wallet that I needed for signing was out of date.

I hope this helps.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

So i need to get my BTC back first to my Bitcoin Core Wallet to send them again with higher fees so viaBTC will accept the acceleration.

You said: You can “cancel” your unconfirmed transaction by performing a double spend with a higher fee.

As i am waiting now for 26 days (!) that my BTC’s are coming back to my wallet, i tried your hint but Bitcoin Core just tells me that i have not enough BTC for this transaction. What is plausible, as i already sent all my BTC (in the transaction mentioned above). So my BTC-Wallet value is exactly 0.00 BTC

So what can i do to finally get my transfered BTC back to my wallet? How can i “cancel” my transaction?

First, make sure you have good backup of your “wallet.dat” file.

In Bitcoin Core, go to the “Transactions” tab, right click on the unconfirmed transaction, and select “Abandon transaction”. Now, resend your transaction with a higher fee. You won’t need a transaction accelerator if you set the higher fee.

If that does not work, try running “bitcoin-qt.exe” with “-zapwallettxes” command-line argument. Make sure your “wallet.dat” file has been backed up.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

How do I do a double spend? Simply send a new amount from the current address to the same new address but make sure the fee is high?

And still BTCSpeedy is a massive scam

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Yes, if the unconfirmed transaction has already been dropped from your web wallet, you can send a new transaction with a higher fee.

However, if the unconfirmed transaction still appears in your wallet, unfortunately, the web wallet does not support advanced spending features, such as replace by fee (RBF) and child pays for parent (CPFP). In order to double spend, you have to use a more advanced wallet, like Electrum, which supports both RBF and CPFP.

Web wallets are a security risk because you have to trust that the website and your browser have not been tampered with. Your browser is an easy target if you have extensions installed, and of course, a popular wallet website is a huge golden target for hackers.

I recommend that you switch away from a web wallet. Try importing your seed or private key into Electrum.

Re: BTCSpeedy – SCAM or Legit?

Hi and thanks to all who have answered to my questions and big problem
Very appreciated – here is an update:

In the meanwhile, some days ago, i have used “-zapwallettxes” to get rid of the nearly 1 month stucked transaction in my Bitcoin Core wallet. Worked!
Then, right after, i have send them again – here is the chronological history :

02.12.2020 – I’ve sent 0,105 BTC – sadly i made a mistake and used one 0 too much so my fee was definetely too small.
(Sidenote: As this transaction is 67000 Bytes(!) big, not like a “regular” transaction of about 250 Bytes, paying a “regular” or even a little bit higher than regular fee – would make this transaction MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE 0,105 BTC ARE WORTH! . i just can’t pay a fe of 5000$ for a transaction that is only 1500 worth – so this is the main problem i got with this transaction)

28.12.2020 – After my inital transaction wasnt confirmed since learly one month now, i used the trick with “-zapwallettxes” to at least get rid of the transaction in my Bitcoin Core Wallet and got them “free” again in my wallet.dat to send them again.

28.12.2020 – After my 0,105 BTC have been “free” again and available in my wallet, and in the meanhwile another 0,027 BTC arrived in my wallet, i got about 0,132 BTC.

28.12.2020 – To finally get all my mini-transactions “merged” together i have sent all my available 0,132 BTC TO MYSELF (from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Core) and payed a fee of 0,0067 BTC for this, which is a lot(!) – about 100$ – but probably still not enough for this 67363 bytes transaction. But again: i cant just pay a “regular” fee like for a regular 250 bytes transaction as this would make the fee thre times bigger than the sent 0,132 BTC . Would be sensenless, right?

28.12.2020 – As doing this, the bitcoin core wallet only substracted the fee of 0,0067 BTC from my wallet as it is an “even on delivery”. So i had the rest “free” or available in my Bitcoin Core client to send them finally to my prefered destination. So i sent emmediatly the rest of about 0,125 BTC to my prefered destination. THIS transaction (now as it has been “merged”) is only 224 bytes big and i payed a fee of exactly 0,0003 BTC which should be very fine i guess.

31.12.2020 – Just today, last day of the year, i have seen that my old inital transaction FINALLY got purged from the mempool and my new two transactions got registered at the mempool – unconfirmed yet. But at leats my old one is gone and my two new ones (with much higher fees) are in the mempool – yeahhh!

So my questions are now:

1. My first new transaction (send to myelf) is the Child and the second one (to my preferred destination) is the Parent, right?
2. If a miner is accepting the parent transaction with the correct and well fee, he has also to accept the child transaction with the monster size (67kb) and the much too low fee? Correct?
3. If yes. Is there a possibility that the miners will decline or ignore the parent transaction because of the “bad” child transaction attached?

Thanks for all your your help and answers and sorry for my bad english, not my native language

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