Review 5 Reasons Why Camelake is a Scam Online Store (BEWARE)

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BookVIP Scam Exposed – You Can Make Money But…

If you love to travel, then you probably have heard about BookVIP and their generous travel packages with huge irresistible discounts!

However, there has been a lot of rumours going around that BookVIP is a scam.

And, just a few years ago, BookVIP also introduced a travel affiliate program to anyone who wants to make money online. Is BookVIP worth any of your time and money or is it another scam?

Let’s find out!

Review Summary

Founders: Andy Small, Waylon White, James Colligan, Marco Torres

Price: Free Affiliate Program + upsells

Recommended? Yes and No.

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is BookVIP’s Travel Affiliate Program?

Have you noticed this advertisement on Facebook?

The BookVIP travel affiliate program allows qualified individuals to earn 30% commissions on all sales that they close.

Some might say that it is just another mediocre affiliate program but the company argues that what they are offering is a step above others.

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Here is why:

  • 30% Commission (big time) on ALL Sales – Majority of BookVIP sales ranges around $350-$700. That means the average commission you can potentially earn per sale is between $105 to $210, and there is no max sales cap to boot.
  • Robust Cross Tracking Device – BookVIP will be auto-uploading their entire customer file daily with an installed cross tracking device to ensure you get credit for each and every sale you generate.
  • Commissions Paid Upfront – The company pays commissions at the time of booking! While most travel companies that offer affiliate programs pay commissions after the customer has completed their travel, BookVIP pays their affiliates full commission up front.
  • 30-day Cookie – The 30-day cookie ensures that you get credit for all bookings and sales you generate.
  • A Dedicated Affiliate Team – We have a dedicated affiliate team to assist you in any way we can. We’re always open to designing new creative that can increase performance. We will also be working with all of our affiliates closely.
  • Elaborate Facebook and Google Marketing Campaigns – BookVIP makes it a priority to constantly engage with all their site visitors. After you deliver the initial traffic, the company will do the followup procedures until the sale is closed.

How To Become a BookVIP Affiliate

Let me be totally honest with you.

There is a limited amount of information present on the Internet about how to become a BookVIP affiliate.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some people claim that there is an ongoing BookVIP scam. So to provide you with an accurate data about what’s behind the curtain of this flashy and generous offer,

I decided to register as a BookVIP affiliate myself.

The registration process is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the BookVIP affiliate program page and complete a sign-up.

Once you completed the signup, you will receive an email similar to the one I have provided above.

You too can register as a BookVIP affiliate in here for FREE.

How To Make Money Online with BookVIP

Once you completed the signup process, you can log in to your own BookVIP affiliate program dashboard.

As you can see on the image below, the page has all the basic tools and materials you need so you can start doing the business immediately. On the “Getting Started” you will be able to access the

  • Promotion Tips
  • FAQ
  • Advanced Tracking
  • An explanation of how DirectLink Tracking works

You will be provided with a suite of Report and Analytic tools to help you track your business activity.

You can also edit and customize your Profile.

On the “Promotion”, you will have access to

  • Campaigns
  • Banners
  • Links
  • Ad Channels
  • Tools to use in your business

Once a user clicks on one of these marketing materials that you posted, they will be brought to BookVIP’s website and their activity will be tracked.

Every time a purchase is completed from the traffic you send, you will earn a commission!

What I Like About BookVIP?

These are the things that are note-worthy about this company as a whole.

#1 Outstanding BBB Rating

If you are among the many who considers a company’s BBB rating to be a valid legitimacy measure, then you would be glad to know that BookVIP has an outstanding A+ Rating in this site.

However, even if the company has maintained an “A Rating” with the Better Business Bureau, certain individuals are still claiming that there is a BookVIP scam going on.

#2 Free to Join

The affiliate program that BookVIP offers is both unique and luxurious. However, you must be wondering in your seat right now.

Is BookVIP Affiliate Program For You?

Let me help you decide by pointing out that the BookVIP affiliate program is open to anyone and it is offered for FREE.

You do not need to put out capital to become their affiliate which is something that you can take advantage of.

You do not need to invest even a single dime to do the business. All the business materials will be provided to you and there is enough training on how to do the business.

If you want to create an income source, there are different legitimate ways to start making money online.

BookVIP could be a good opportunity to start with.

#3 BookVIP Affiliate Trainings

What I admire about BookVIP is that they actually provide a bunch of decent training on how to do the business.

These affiliate training topics include How To Get Your Affiliate Link – And Promote BookVIP Vacation Packages, How To Post On Facebook, How To Download Marketing Videos – And Get The Affiliate Links For Them and more.

Everything a newbie needs in order to make money as a BookVIP affiliate is provided to you for free.

You can see the whole list of BookVIP Affiliate Training here.

My Concerns about BookVIP

To keep this BookVIP review as unbiased as possible, here are the things that are “not so good” about this company.

#1 Numerous Bad Reviews

With all the good things I have mentioned about BookVIP, the fact still remains that seeking other people’s opinion about the company is a good source of information.

So, I took the liberty to provide you with BookVIP customer reviews and complaints below.

Furthermore, below are the complaints filed against BookVIP in the Better Business Bureau and in other verified sites.

As you can see.

There is a clear divided opinion among customers about the services rendered by BookVIP.

Some people are singing praises for the company while others clearly are more than less happy.

  • Is there really a BookVIP scam?
  • Did BookVIP still uphold its good reputation or perhaps it’s the other way around?

Please share any reliable information you have about this topic in the Comment Section below.

Before I end this BookVIP review.

Allow me share the crucial information about this company, its brief history and the people behind it.

BookVIP, the Company

BookVIP is an American travel agency headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company offers affordable luxury getaways and 5-star hotel vacation packages all throughout the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

They have tie-ups with top resorts and hotels. Within its early years after launching, BookVIP has already managed to secure a rank among the most popular travel agencies in the world.

And within just 10 years in the industry, BookVIP has already gained more than 3.7 million Facebook fans (by the time I am writing this review) and has made more than $200,000,000 in sales.

The company offers a 24/7 service for its customers.

The Founders

BookVIP ( was founded in early 2008 by 4 veterans in sales and travel sector businesses in Mexico. The company was the brainchild of

  • Andy Small
  • Waylon White
  • James Colligan and
  • Marco Torres

These 4 are commonly referred to as the original Leadership Team.

The idea for BookVIP began as the Leadership Team seek to provide customers with affordable yet luxurious vacation packages.


BookVIP began its early days operating in Mexico and North America.

The company rises into fame with unprecedented speed and by 2020, BookVIP was offered exclusive partnerships with top Mexican Resorts that allowed them to reward massive discounts (up to 70%) to qualified leads and prospects.

By 2020, BookVIP was responsible for generating over 90% of all mini-vacations in Mexico.

More growth and success followed that by 2020. By that time, BookVIP decided to offer travel affiliate programs to interested individuals.

Is BookVIP a Scam?

As of this moment, all I have are the facts that I presented to you in the entirety of this post. However, I can honestly say that BookVIP is not a scam.

This company has been around for more than a decade and is duly recognized by respected entities. This company can very well provide you with the lavish yet budget-friendly vacations that you are hoping for.

Furthermore, BookVIP’s affiliate program is promising nonetheless.

My Sincere Advice To You

Although one cannot deny the fact that BookVIP has maintained an A+ rating from the BBB.

I also cannot ignore the claims of other people who are disappointed in their services. I can see why there are rumors of BookVIP scams going on and where it is coming from.

In the case of the BookVIP affiliate program.

I honestly can’t see anything that should stop you or anyone for trying it out.

Since it is free to join, regardless of whether the BookVIP travel affiliate program is for you or not, this is a good opportunity that you can give a try.

But if you would rather dedicate your time on legit affiliate marketing programs to start making money online.

Then you should check this out instead.

This fantastic program has already made it possible for thousands of people to generate 5 – 6 digits monthly income at home.

Something that could happen to you too!!

But perhaps the best part about this particular affiliate marketing programs is similar to BookVIP, you can get started for free!

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Final Words

Thank you for continuously trusting me and my reviews. I hope that this BookVIP review has answered all your questions.

If you know someone who might benefit from the information you found on this post, please share this to them.

You might be the instrument that saves them from regret in the future.

Why Online Store Owners Should Embrace Online Reviews

The ecommerce landscape is continually changing and evolving. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the proliferation of online reviews.

In fact, reviews have spread all across the internet and they pop-up regardless of whether you’re actively encouraging them or not.

However, when used strategically, reviews can become powerful pieces of social proof that persuade people to buy.

In this post we’ll look at how to put reviews to work in your business. Specifically, we’ll show you how to start generating (and automating) them, as well as how to manage them.

Let’s get started.

The benefits of online reviews for ecommerce stores

Seeking out online reviews has become such standard part of the buying process for people these days that every online retailer needs to be thinking about them.

  • 70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before making a final purchase. (PeopleClaim)
  • 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.
  • 67% of consumers read 6 reviews or less before they feel they can trust a business enough to make a purchase. (MarketingProfs)
  • As many as 79% of consumers trust product reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
  • 80% of consumers have changed their mind about purchases based on NEGATIVE information they have found online. (ReputationAdvocate)
  • On average, 75 percent of reviews posted on review websites are positive, and 71 percent of consumers agreed that reviews make them more comfortable that they are purchasing the right product or service.

In other words, reviews have real value for consumers and people now depend on them. But, they also have some big benefits for retailers.

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1. Change how customers perceive you

The biggest obstacle for you as an ecommerce store owner is building trust between your brand and your customer. Nobody wants to have bad reputation. Good quality products, reliability, and helpfulness all add up to the way your customers perceive you and your business.

Genuine, positive reviews will encourage customers to look at you as someone they can trust, someone who cares about their customers, and someone who is willing to go the extra mile for an exceptional customer experience.

2. Unbiased insight

In addition to providing unbiased information people can rely on, people also like reviews because they provide third party insight into the quality and experience your product provides. For example, learning more about the softness, flexibility and durability of a yoga mat and how it performed at the local gym.

Reviews such as those help people imagine themselves using your product in their own lives and also help reduce common questions that would otherwise come to you through customer support inquiries.

3. Building trust and credibility

Smaller and newer ecommerce brands face a larger challenge when it comes to building trust than larger, well known brands. It’s especially tough these days as people are more cautious than ever.

“The increasing prevalence of phishing scams, malware, and just plain shoddy customer service makes consumers more wary with their clicks than ever before – which means that trust indicators on your website are more important than ever before.” – Mark Hayes, Shopify

Just like Mark suggests, trust indicators on your store are important and making reviews clearly available on your site can go along way towards persuading people to pull their wallets out.

For example, check out how MVMT Watches uses (and solicits) reviews on their product pages to add social proof and convince people to buy:

How to encourage customer reviews

Now that we’ve looked at why you should be taking advantage of reviews, let’s look at how to start generating them. Having a way for customers to leave a review is one thing – and quite important – but getting the customers to actually leave reviews is something else entirely. Many times, your customer will simply forget to review the product she bought, or she won’t feel inspired enough to write a review about it.

What can you do to get people motivated?

1. Send out friendly emails

Learning to be a good email marketer isn’t just for selling more of your products, it’s also for encouraging people to become an active part of your community, to share the same passion for that which you love so dearly. You should learn how to build email campaigns that you can send out to customers who’ve had the product in their hands for a week or two – this will give them enough time to learn about the product, and also to experience it enough to write a review about it. Be gentle, kind, and ask what else you can do to help.

2. Reviewing should be easy

The worst thing you could do is to force your customers to go through a tedious verification process when submitting a review for you. Make leaving reviews accessible, easy and also rewarding; like setting up a coupon for $5 off for the next order! It will surprise your customer, and increase her trust in your business.

Let only registered members who’ve purchased the product leave a review, but make it as easy as entering some text and pressing the submit button.

3. Coupons, discounts, and sneak previews

Even the smallest of incentives can have a huge impact on how engaging your customer is going to be. Like I mentioned above, giving a special coupon after some submits a review might prove to be very beneficial, at the same time – discount codes, or sneak previews of upcoming products is also a great way to encourage customers to be a part of your community.

Tools necessary to carry out the task

I think it’s time we take a look at some important tools that can for gathering and managing reviews, and hopefully help you discover new ways of automating things.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an important part of gathering reviews because not only does it let you follow up with customers who have recently purchased from you, but you can also automate the process so you only have to set it up once. In your email marketing software, simply set up an autoresponder that goes out about a week after your customer receives your product and has had time to experience it.

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If you’re new to email marketing, here’s some tool recommendations to get your started:


MailChimp is an email marketing service with over 7 million users. They provide an easy way for users to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track campaign performance.

MailChimp takes a variety of basic and advanced features (like templates, list segmentation, a/b testing, geo-targeting and ROI tracking) and makes them accessible to the everyday user through automation and a competitive price point.

They have numerous case studies archived on their blog, some that stand out are from designers like Paul Jarvis, and from huge media outlets like Slate.


AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. It is among the top 5 leading email marketing companies in the world, and has plenty of experience to cater for all-level people.

Their Drag & Drop email builder that they’ve built is easy enough for newbies with advanced options for experts. No matter your skill level, you can customize emails to fit your style.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results. Built from the ground up for creative professionals, you can manage all your clients from a single account and let them send campaigns at prices you set.

In addition to these three services, you can also find more excellent options, like Klaviyo, in the Shopify App Store.

Yotpo for Social Reviews

Yotpo is a reviews and marketing solution for ecommerce stores. Yotpo helps stores generate tons of reviews and use them to drive quality traffic and sales through social media, email and other channels. Yotpo also includes powerful reports and analytics giving online you actionable insights to improve merchandising and marketing strategy.

You might not be generating a very large review count by using the built-in review system of your shopping cart software, so that is why Yotpo can prove to be very useful. It allows you to integrate a simple review platform that can be powered by social media. It has a free-for-life plan available, but there are also paid versions that allow for more flexibility.

Product Reviews App by Shopify

Product Reviews is a fee app from Shopify that lets you easily add product reviews to your online store. This is a great way to engage your customers and boost sales.

With Product Reviews you get SEO-friendly review scores, theme-adaptive design and easy customization which is great for those users don’t know how to code.

Make sure you check out all the other review apps in the Shopify App Store as well.


Hopefully this post has given you some ideas about how you can begin putting product reviews to work in your business. Reviews are powerful and when used effectively they can help you boost sales.

Do you currently use reviews on your site? How has it worked out for you? Let us know in the comments.

About the author: Alex Ivanovs loves to immerse himself in a subject that he is writing about, not only does it help him to escape in peace, it enables him to learn, and grow at the same time. He is the force behind CodeCondo, a web development community for aspiring developers and webmasters.

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Thread: is a Scam online store

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Rate This Thread is a Scam online store is a Scam online store. SCAM ONLINE STORE! WATCH OUT!!

Be careful with this online store. It is a Chinese store with a Spanish domain. At first, everything looks good even the payment. but they send cheaper and wrong items and after that, they said sorry, and ask you to buy any product on another website with a discount Coupon Code. (This might be another scam online store of them) Watch out.
They do not offer to refund the money or to resend the right Item like serious retailers.

They write first from this email:
Amber Hall

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