ClicksGenie Review 5 Reasons Why is Nothing But a Scam

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Is Profit With Alex a scam? This review reveals the truth

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by Miren – May 3, 2020 June 4, 2020 80

Welcome to my Profit With Alex review!

Today I came across a site called Profit With Alex which I thought it was a scam just the second I saw the sales page, since I could see some scam signs.

However, we can’t judge a book by its cover so I decided to look deep into it to find out what it’s really about.

If you’ve happened to stumble upon Profit With Alex and are wondering whether it’s the real deal or is Profit With Alex a scam, make sure you read this review to know the truth about it.

Table of Contents

Profit With Alex review

Name: Profit With Alex


Owner: “Alex Goodwin”

Created in: 2020

Price: $37 + upsells

Overall Rating: 15/100

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What is Profit With Alex about?

Profit With Alex is said to be a money-making software that exploits a glitch in an online marketplace worth $136 billion.

The man who narrates the sales video is alleged to be Alex Goodwin and claims this software has nothing to do with binary trading, forex trading, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Shopify or MLM.

He claims that in 5 minutes and 14 clicks you can create a money-making website with this software.

Then this software is supposed to automatically find Amazon products, upload them to your website and then finds people who are interested in buying those products.

And then you’ll get paid a commission each time someone buys a product through your Amazon affiliate link.

It’s possible to make money as an Amazon affiliate but this doesn’t happen overnight like they claim in the Profit With Alex sales video.

Profit With Alex sales page

Is Profit With Alex a scam?

Profit With Alex is not a 100% scam , it’s a low-quality program , in my opinion.

The whole sales video and page are full of red flags and scam signs that suggest this product is not to be trusted.

Let’s see what you need to be aware of.

Who is Alex Goodwin?

The man who narrates the Profit With Alex video claims to be Alex Goodwin, but he doesn’t show us a picture of him.

He talks about his life and how he failed while trying to make money online until he met his millionaire friend Mark, who showed him step-by-step how he earned money online with Amazon.

To be honest, I don’t believe that sob story is real. It’s very similar to most stories told by scam artists.

He doesn’t show a picture of him but he shows a picture of he and his family, so I did an image search and found out that that picture can be found on other websites.

“the lives of my wife Claire and our two kids” Proof

As you can see above, that picture can be found on other sites so they’re not Alex and his family.

Alex is just a fictitious character and the man who narrates the video is a voice actor. The story they tell is not real either. It’s all invented.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust a site whose real owners hide their identity.

Another private invitation?

To be honest, I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard stuff like that I’ve been invited and that that video is private and isn’t available to the public because I know it’s BS.

“this private & confidential video”

Truth be told, that video is available to the public because anyone who knows the link, has a electronic device and an Internet connection can access to it.

I came across it while I was searching for products on an affiliate network so nobody sent me an invitation lol.

I guess they make that fake claim to make people believe that they’re lucky to have found it and that not many people will get the chance to watch it. They want to make you think that that video is a treasure and highly valuable.

They lie about the price

They claim this software to be free but then at the checkout page you see it costs $37 because of the hosting, which is not free.

“for free” Real price of Profit With Alex

Another thing is, they ask for your email to get taken to the checkout page, which is a red flag because they’re asking for your information regardless if you’re going to buy it or not.

If you’re not going to purchase it, why do they need your email address? I believe they want to know your email because they want to send you spam emails related to other scam offers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold your email to other con artists. That’s what you can expect from these scammers.

Profit With Alex is related to the Money Glitch scam

While doing my research I found out another page ( with the same logo as the Profit With Alex page, but the video was not found which I thought it was weird, so I thought it was another page to promote the same scam that had not been updated.

However, I scrolled down and saw comments and pictures of supposed members, something that you can’t find on the page where they promote the Profit With Alex opportunity (

Below you can see the page I mean:

I read some of the comments and saw they mentioned The Money Glitch, a binary options scam software.

When I saw those testimonials I thought they were fake so I did some image searches to make it sure.

Take a look at this testimonial:

His real name is not Jose Castell and he has nothing to do with The Money Glitch or Profit With Alex. His real name is Santiago Erevia and he’s appeared in various websites:

And same happens with the other testimonials. The swindlers behind Profit With Alex and The Money Glitch have used other people’s pictures without their consent to create fake testimonials.

Can Profit With Alex make you money?

Just after seeing all the scam signs the Profit With Alex sales video and sales page has, I was convinced this software doesn’t work like they claim.

According to the sales video, after paying the $37 fee, all you need to do is this:

  • Search a product on the Profit With Alex product search and select one that has a high score.
  • Go to general setting and choose a name for your store/website based on the product selected and choose how often the software will add products to the website.
  • Go to SEO settings to add keywords related to the product you’ve chosen and a store description.
  • Activate the “Xtreme Traffic Accelerator” to get traffic to your website.
  • Activate your website.

They make it look like it’s so easy and fast to earn commissions by promoting Amazon products, but they forget some essential points we need to take into consideration when it comes to making money from Amazon.

Why Profit With Alex doesn’t work

Let’s see some of these reasons why Profit With Alex doesn’t work:

  • In order to join the Amazon affiliate program and promote its products, you first need to have a website, blog, or a mobile app that Amazon has to approve. If you apply for the Amazon affiliate program seconds after creating a website, it won’t be approved because it needs to have a minimum amount of traffic.
  • A website created with the Profit With Alex software is not a website that you own so you don’t have control over it. The website will have a subdomain instead of a domain and will be owned by the people behind Profit With Alex, so they can do whatever they want with it, they can decide when to shut it down.
  • They don’t talk about the importance of content. They claim you can make money with your website just by having products on it, but they don’t explain how important it is to create content that is relevant to the people who visit your website. If you just have products on your website without any kind of explanation or anything related to those products, don’t expect people to buy them.
  • They don’t explain how that “Xtreme Traffic Accelerator” works. Where does it get traffic from? Is it targeted traffic? This is very important to know as if nobody who visits your site is interested in what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter the amount of traffic your website gets.

My last thoughts & my #1 pick

Profit With Alex is a crappy product that won’t make you money like it claims. We’ve seen it has lots of red flags that expose it as the scam it is and the training they provide just doesn’t work to help you make money.

I also found this disclaimer that says it all:

Profit With Alex disclaimer

As you can read above, the Profit With Alex sales video is not real, actors have been hired to present it and success or income are not guaranteed.

  • “Alex Goodwin” is a fictional character and the real creators remain hidden.
  • They have used pictures from other websites to create fake testimonials.
  • They lie about the real price.
  • People behind Profit With Alex are the same who created a binary options scam called The money Glitch.
  • They try to rush you to join by saying that there are limited spots available.
  • This software doesn’t work to make you money.

The only ones who will benefit from Profit With Alex are the scam artists who have created it. This product reminds me of another one I’ve already exposed called My Mobile Money Pages , which is another software that doesn’t work.

There’s no way I will be recommending Profit With Alex, it’s another software that you need to stay away from.

It’s possible to earn money by becoming an affiliate marketer and promoting Amazon products, but it won’t happen overnight like those scammers claim. It will require time, effort and patience from your part.

If you’re committed to doing what it takes, then there’s a digital marketing platform that I believe you can benefit a lot from. Thanks to this platform I’ve learned a lot and have also made money online!

Inside this platform you’ll find the proper training, courses and other useful tools that will show you how to start and grow an affiliate marketing business based on your passion.

You’ll learn to build a website , attract visitors to it and earn money the right way, the way it works. Nothing is left behind.

You’ll also get help and support from the supportive community members (myself included) and the owners of the platform!

I also love the fact that this platform has a free membership so you can join without spending a penny and see what it’s like on the inside =)

You can learn more about my top recommended platform by clicking the button below right now:

That’s it for today! I hope you’ve found this review helpful and you now know what to do next. Feel free to share it with whoever you believe that may benefit from it.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding Profit With Alex or other online programs, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll be very glad to repy. Review
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How does it work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout as stated in their website is $2.00.

How much income per click?

The profit per click as mentioned in their website is $0.0023.

How long does the withdrawal process?

They said on their website that they process withdrawals manually up to 24 hours.

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ClicksGenie Review: 5 Reasons Why is Nothing But a Scam

I last played this back in Jan 2020, and ran into some critical game breaking bugs. Reported them, and nothing has happened.

Recently I reinstalled thinking “hey, maybe it’s fixed!” – no. NO. it’s not. In fact, got to a higher zone than normal, and logged for the night, I figured the gold while away wasn’t fixed, so wasn’t too worried on that – but what I didn’t expect is my GOLD TO DROP TO 0 and my “gold gained” become 0.0 and the COMPLETE INABILITY to pick up ANY new gold.

Needless to say – can’t proceed with the game if you can’t earn gold.

This company is starting to look like 1 man making a game – half done – and now trying to get people to buy real money items (stars in this case, to power up) and make profit off them.

Another cash scam game? Maybe. If only they would actually FIX BUGS PRESENTED NEARLY A YEAR AGO -then maybe it could be tolerated.

legit ClicksGenie(With Proof of payment)

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