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5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency is a Good Investment

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Cryptocurrency continues conquering the world of finances, and the number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is growing. Should you join them? Consider these 5 reasons for becoming the next cryptocurrency investor.

In 2020, Bitcoin propelled into the spotlight and started growing in price at a remarkable rate. Trading cryptocurrency has become a widespread trend, and the number of people who invest in crypto has exceeded 500 mln. Crypto enthusiasts claim that Blockchain and altcoins are here to shake the modern economy to its core. Are we witnessing a major shift in the global economic system? Definitely. But should you invest in cryptocurrency? Here are at least five reasons for considering it.

1. Your money always stays yours

The lynchpin of Bitcoin success is the technological supremacy of this Blockchain. Thanks to such innovation, electronic transactions can be made much faster and safer. Blockchain encrypts data preventing access to it from all internal sources at every stage of transaction processing. The blocks containing data are stored in a decentralized manner which means the information cannot be deleted or forged.

While banks, where we store our funds, can be robbed or simply closed after claiming bankruptcy, when you invest in cryptocurrency, your money stays yours forever. Make sure that you work with reliable exchange platforms only and use official crypto wallets with multi-layer protection. Ideally, you should use a hardware wallet to ensure 100% protection of your assets.

2. No government involved

Bitcoin Blockchain offers a revolutionary approach to asset handling: from now on, no middlemen such as banks or governments are required for transactions and exchange. They simply have no control over the circulation of digital assets and cannot access the data related to financial operations done with Bitcoin. Therefore, it disrupts the system that’s been around for centuries and brings the power back into the hands of ordinary people.

If you care about liberty, the nonaggression principle, or economic freedom in general, you should do everything you can to use Bitcoin as often as possible in your daily life Roger Ver aka “Bitcoin Jesus”

Integrity and safety of virtual money are one of the main reasons to invest in cryptocurrency. No matter what’s the official fiat currency in your country, and which fluctuations it is experiencing – cryptocurrency does not depend on it. While some countries practice fine withdrawal from citizen’s bank accounts, it cannot happen in the virtual environment – no third party can access your crypto wallet.

3. Blockchain plays a crucial role

Although it allows for anonymous transactions, Bitcoin is built on the principle of transparency. That means that the details of financial operations are stored in the Blockchain and can be viewed when necessary. This feature might be highly valuable for public transactions. The whole community can reap benefits from a crystal clear system of asset allocation. Here we tackle not the financial issue only — Blockchain allows us to handle all the other information as well.

Altcoins being widely adopted in a wide range of spheres: ICOs in different niches are being introduced every day, and usual businesses start implementing Bitcoin payments as well. This is a versatile currency that erases international borders. Thousands of Bitcoin ATMs are already installed in large cities around the world, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. BTC and altcoins provide us with umpteen possibilities replacing all existing fiat currencies both theoretically and practically. It becomes a more convenient, safer and faster way of payment and transfer.

4. Investment is as simple as never before

Wonder “How do I invest in cryptocurrency?” Everything is easier than you think! Now, every person with access to the Internet and free funds can make an investment. Here’s a short scheme of how it works:

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You need to have a plastic card to purchase crypto online.

Create a cryptocurrency wallet. It can be either the wallet for some certain coins or a multicurrency wallet.

Find where to invest in cryptocurrency. As a rule, people make transactions in online exchange platforms.

Create a purchase offer, or find ready requests to answer.

As soon as you make a purchase and pay for the crypto, coins will be transferred to your wallet.

Now you only need to track cryptocurrency fluctuations and purchase and sell coins in a timely manner to make a profit. The golden rule of trading is NOT to invest what you can’t afford to lose. Invest the money that you can live without, and don’t panic after the first currency fall – it’s better to wait over.

“What cryptocurrency should I invest in?” Bitcoin is not the only option – if it was easy to mine a few years ago, now it’s impossible to obtain in any way except for buying. Don’t despair, there are hundreds of altcoins! They aren’t equally reliable, and you need to analyze them carefully. With boatloads of information online, you can make certain conclusions and make the right choice.

5. Forecasts are promising

As a potential or real investor, you focus on long-term viability and profitability. If you analyze every cryptocurrency shift, it can drive you crazy – you can be sure that you’ve made a wrong investment decision. Being in panic, you can sell the coin for a lower price than you purchased it for while holding would be a better idea.

Why invest in cryptocurrency for long terms? Cryptocurrency fluctuations are inevitable. They happen all the time, that’s why making short-term predictions is harder than long-term ones. Despite the major surge of cryptocurrencies which happened in January 2020, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies are likely to grow within 2-5 years. Most forecasts are optimistic. Therefore, if you’re looking for a serious investment with serious profit, opt for longer terms, at least 1-2 years.

What the major cryptocurrencies will be worth in 5 years? Let’s check the numbers at WalletInvestor:

CryptoBase Обзор: Сырая афера Forex

CryptoBase Обзор: Сырая афера Forex

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Последнее обновление: Ян 29, 2020 @ 12: 45 pm

CryptoBase ( – это жестокая платформа для мошенничества с CFD, Crypto Currency и Forex, которая поразит мир онлайн-трейдинга. Крипто База утверждает, что предлагает товары, Криптовалюту, Форекс и акции. С заявлениями о наличии более чем основных и экзотических валютных пар 50 это, похоже, является законной платформой. При дальнейшем изучении выяснились некоторые изумительные детали относительно их услуг. Прочитайте этот подлинный и честный обзор CRYPTOBASE для более подробной информации.

Криптовалютная торговля выгодный способ заработать дополнительные деньги если правильные инструменты используются. Устойчивая прибыль может быть достигнута благодаря проверенным и проверенным роботам, торгующим криптовалютой. Работа с отраслевыми и рекомендованными экспертами инструментами Crypto доказала свою эффективность. Инвесторы связывают свой успех с использованием инструментов Crypto Currency, которые являются подлинными и прозрачными. Станьте следующим успешным трейдером криптовалюты, используя надежные инструменты крипто.

Обзор CryptoBase

После попадания на их домашнюю страницу, легко понять, почему большинство инвесторов попадают в эту аферу. CryptoBase – это клонированный сайт, который выглядит как настоящий торговый сайт. И это то, чем занимаются профессиональные мошенники, обманывая ничего не подозревающих инвесторов. Благодаря нашему многолетнему опыту торговли, мы знаем, как обнаружить мошенников за милю. Обязательно прочитайте этот и другие обзоры, размещенные на нашей домашней странице.

Эти мошенники обещают пользователям простой и быстрый способ заработать деньги. Размещая заявки на новолуние, инвесторы наверняка подойдут для своих уловок. Мы расскажем о некоторых мошеннических уловках, используемых профессиональными онлайн-обманщиками, чтобы защитить читателей. Работа с любым незаконным брокером приведет к тому, что инвесторы потеряют свои средства и никогда не вернут их. CryptoBase – это мошенническая мошенническая платформа с плохой репутацией в Интернете.

О CryptoBase

Хорошее место для начала в отношении профиля компании – их страница О нас. CryptoBase заявляет, что имеет аналитика Crypto, который помогает клиентам составить сбалансированный и долгосрочный портфель. Другие подробности, опубликованные на их странице о нас, показывают, что они начали торговать с 2020. Мошенники сделают или скажут что-нибудь, чтобы их платформы выглядели законными, даже фиктивные даты. И это то, что CryptoBase сделал, так как нет никаких доказательств в поддержку их заявления. И здесь начинают появляться трещины.

�� Хотите автоматически зарабатывать деньги с помощью биткойнов и криптовалют, не рискуя торговать самостоятельно? Готовы ли вы к самостоятельному хранению ваших инвестиционных фондов? Вам нравится звучание регулярных последовательных результатов и прибыльного исполнения? Устали от форекса и крипто-мошенничества, ложных обещаний и игр, разработанных, чтобы отделить вас от ваших с трудом заработанных средств? Останови все! ETBOT это для вас! С Программное обеспечение ETBOTТолько вы контролируете свои инвестиционные фонды. Программное обеспечение работает с использованием ключей API Key, которые устанавливают и контролируют только ВЫ. Сервис ETBOT и материнская компания EndoTech делают инвесторов сотни процентов в год доказанной прибыли с 2020 года! Они используют волатильность рынка Crypto для торговли на длинные и короткие позиции, используя методы прорыва и стратегии, основанные на реальном искусственном интеллекте. В этом году ETBOT сделал более 75% для клиентов с 1 января 2020 года , Если вы готовы оставить торговлю профессионалам и повысить свой ежемесячный доход, сейчас самое время, отправляйтесь в ETBOT сейчас и купите подписку, чтобы начать. PS: ETBOT – прибыльный бот Forex / Crypto Trading. 100% проверено и рекомендовано

Крипто-майнинг-компании являются следующей лучшей альтернативой зарабатыванию денег с помощью цифровой валюты. Зарегистрируйтесь в ведущих и проверенных крипто-майнинг-компаниях с солидным послужным списком. Убедитесь, что вы подписались с заслуживающие доверия и преданные компании крипто-майнинга. Ваш шанс заработать на цифровой валюте начинается с надежной майнинговой компании Crypto

Анонимность является серьезной проблемой при работе с любой онлайн-платформой. Поскольку эти мошенники утверждают, что имеют опытных аналитиков, почему бы не упомянуть их имена? Как оказалось, база Крипто полна пустых претензий и обещаний, что делает ее мошенничеством. Никто не знает, кто является учредителями или людьми, которые управляют этим сайтом. Инвесторы вкладывают средства неизвестному третьему лицу. Казалось бы, это мошенники, которые, вероятно, базируются на шельфе и планируют сорвать членов.

CryptoBase лицензирован или зарегистрирован?

После проверки в нескольких регулирующих органах мы можем подтвердить, что CryptoBase не лицензирован и не зарегистрирован. Некоторые из учреждений, с которыми мы связались, включают ASIC, COSNOB, CySEC, FCA, NFA и SEC. То, что это заклинание, обречено на неудачу для тех, кто подписывается и размещает на этой платформе. И огромная проблема заключается в отсутствии надлежащего механизма возврата средств. Субъекты, которые не имеют лицензий, как известно, не имеют никакой схемы компенсации, как только дела пойдут на юг. И это то, что испытывают некоторые члены.

Еще одна шокирующая проблема, с которой мы столкнулись у этого брокера, – отсутствие необходимых документов, подтверждающих их подлинность. Настоящий брокер опубликует детали своей лицензии и регистрации для всеобщего обозрения. В большинстве случаев брокеры, как правило, размещают свой номер лицензии в нижней части своей домашней страницы. Crypto Base явно пропускает этот процесс, так как нет никаких деталей, которые могли бы доказать какое-либо регулирование. А это значит, что мы имеем дело с мошенническим брокером, который не соблюдает установленные отраслевые нормы и правила. Лучше всего держаться подальше.

Инвесторы, которые выбрать надежных и надежных брокеров есть шанс получить реальную прибыль. Умные инвестиционные решения начинаются с того, что на вашей стороне будут надежные и уважаемые брокеры. Начните принимать правильные решения и используйте брокеров, которым доверяет торговое сообщество. Проверенные и проверенные брокеры увеличат ваши шансы на получение реальной прибыли.

Особенности CryptoBase / Преимущества

Помимо хорошо разработанного веб-сайта, с этим брокером нет ничего привлекательного. Отсутствие надлежащих документов, подтверждающих регистрацию, является доказательством того, что мы имеем дело с шарлатаном. Из-за огромного количества жалоб от этого брокера, мы уверены, что они мошенники. Члены публикуют негативные комментарии в отношении несправедливого обращения со стороны этого брокера. Без действующей лицензии это делает вложение в Crypto Base огромным финансовым риском.

Недостатки CryptoBase

Предлагаемые аккаунты

CryptoBase предоставляет пользователям три типа учетных записей. Счета называются бронзовые, серебряные и золотые. Огромная проблема с этими аккаунтами – обещанные бонусы. Бонусы используются для привлечения инвесторов для регистрации и внесения дополнительных средств. Инвесторы вкладывают больше средств, ожидая получить огромный бонус. Зачем выдавать бонус, если вы позже попросите его? Держись подальше.

Поддельные претензии

Внизу их домашней страницы можно увидеть несколько комментариев от участников этой платформы. К сожалению, это всего лишь фальшивые заявления, направленные на то, чтобы убедить инвесторов поверить, что это законная платформа. Помимо отсутствия доверия, мы не могли связаться с этими членами. Ни одна другая сторонняя платформа не имеет положительных комментариев относительно Crypto Base.

MT4 Торговая платформа

MT4 Торговая платформа является их предпочтительным инструментом торговли. Несколько членов жаловались на медленные уведомления и неточные торговые сигналы. Что мы обнаружили с их платформой, так это отсутствие надлежащих функций безопасности. Шифрование SSL не доступно на их платформе, что делает его легкой мишенью для хакеров. Третьи лица легко перехватят платформу и украдут данные кредитной карты.


Еще одна огромная проблема, которую мы обнаружили с этой платформой, связана с выводом средств. Ни один участник не смог снять средства с этой платформы. К сожалению, участники не смогли получить свои средства, поскольку их запросы на снятие денег остаются без ответа. И это доказательство того, что мы имеем дело с незаконным брокером, который открыто воровал у членов. Держитесь подальше, так как этот брокер скоро закроет магазин без какого-либо уведомления.

Безопасны ли средства с CryptoBase?

После проверки с их статусом безопасности, мы уверены, что безопасность средств не является их приоритетом. Небезопасный веб-сайт означает, что хакеры могут взять на себя процесс транзакции. Отсутствие защиты от DDoS означает, что платформа уязвима для хакеров. Разделение счетов также является еще одной огромной проблемой. Crypto Base объединяет средства на одном счете, что крайне рискованно. Участники вносили средства прямо на личный банковский счет владельца. И здесь мы проводим черту.

Является ли CryptoBase мошенничеством?

Доказательства ясно указывают на то, что CryptoBase является мошенничеством. Отсутствие надлежащих действительных документов и доказательств снятия средств делает это мошенничеством. Анонимность также является еще одним важным фактором, который делает эту платформу угрозой безопасности. Оставайтесь в безопасности, игнорируя все их звонки, чтобы зарегистрироваться и пометив свои электронные письма как спам. Мошеннические платформы будут использовать множество маркетинговых уловок, чтобы попытаться связаться с потенциальными жертвами.

Добавив этого брокера в наш черный список мошенников, наши читатели знают, чего ожидать от Crypto Base. Мы надеемся, что вы прислушаетесь к нашему совету и держитесь подальше от этой мошеннической платформы.

Еще один проверенный способ заработать деньги с помощью роботов Forex. Роботы, которые были проверены торговым сообществом идеальны. Надежные и надежные роботы – это то, что нужно инвесторам. Чего же ты ждешь?

Желаю всем инвесторам счастливого и процветающего торгового опыта.

5 Reasons Why Institutional Investors are Entering Crypto

2020 has been a crazy year for Bitcoin and crypto so far, with its price fluctuating wildly around the psychological price point of $8,000, and not succeeding in maintaining itself on its higher side. Bitcoin has shed as much as 70% from it’s all-time high of nearly $20,000.

Industry experts claim that the market is correcting itself, and the reason for it can be attributed to the regulatory uncertainty that still persists with regards to cryptocurrencies. Various countries have taken a stand in favour of or against cryptocurrencies, and many of them are still in the process of evaluating cryptocurrencies before declaring their verdict. However, with news of companies like Goldman Sachs considering launching cryptocurrency custody services, and exchanges like Coinbase adding new cryptocurrencies to their custodial services, the ongoing trends point towards the the increasing interest of institutional investors in crypto assets.

Here are 5 reasons why cryptocurrencies are going to be the next big thing for institutional investors.

1. Enhancement of custodial services

Coinbase recently announced that it is considering adding new crypto assets to its custodial services to enable institutional investors to store their cryptocurrency holdings safely. The new additions are likely to have been spurred by a potential demand for custodial services for these cryptocurrencies, which also reveals that institutional investors are looking at cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum for investment.

Goldman Sachs is also considering offering cryptocurrency custody services which will apparently help overcome the barrier of lack of trusted custodianship for institutional investors. Ledger, the hardware crypto wallet manufacturer, which sold over 1 million hardware company also announced its support for 8 new cryptocurrencies recently.

2. US SEC’s stance on crypto assets

While the US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected Winklevoss brothers’ Bitcoin ETF, its stance towards cryptocurrencies seems fairly positive. It highlighted that the proposal’s disapproval did not rest on an evaluation of whether bitcoin, or blockchain technology has utility or value as an innovation or investment, but it was owing to the inadequacy of tools for preventing fraud and manipulation with customers.

Kin-Wai Lau, the CEO of Fatfish Internet group recently said in an interview that the world is experiencing a second wave of cryptocurrencies which is being driven by institutional demand, and it just a matter of time before the SEC opens its doors to cryptocurrencies.

3. Regulated crypto ETFs on the cards

After the rejection of Winklevoss brothers’ bitcoin ETF, the US SEC will be looking at 9 ETFs in the next two months and announce its final decision on their status. The SEC highlighted that it is open to the possibility of approving crypto-derivatives in the future. In Europe in the meanwhile, Amsterdam-based speed trader Flow Traders NV announced that it was expanding its trading products to exchange-traded notes (ETNs), which are based on bitcoin and ether.

In Asia, the Singapore-based Huobi exchange had revealed in June that it was creating its own ETF. With all these efforts being made to launch ETFs, the day is not far when the world will see its first regulated crypto ETF.

4. Past performance of cryptocurrencies

It is no secret that the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies is a double-edged sword. One of its favourable consequences has been the rapid growth is it has witnessed since its inception. Bitcoin, between 2020 and 2020, witnessed a yearly growth of around 106%, which is 6.5 times more than regular tech stocks. In fact, just the last year, Bitcoin saw a growth of 1,318%, with its highest at $19,783 on December 17th, 2020. Ripple was the biggest gainer of 2020 with 36,018% growth. According to Jesse Powell, the CEO of Kraken, the market value of cryptocurrencies will touch 1 trillion this year.

5. Favourable cryptocurrency regulations emerging globally

Many countries are recognising the pressing need to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to leverage the ongoing transformation which Blockchain is bringing about in the world. In Japan, bitcoin is a legal tender and the country officially recognizes several cryptocurrency exchanges. The country also had a government-backed study group develop guidelines for ICOs, which are being evaluated by Japan’s Financial Services Agency and might become the law in the coming future. In Switzerland, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) released guidelines for conducting ICOs earlier this year.

Thailand and Philippines have recently launched a regulatory framework for ICOs which dictates that entities seeking to conduct an ICO must file an application and submit the required documents to the respective regulatory bodies of the countries for evaluation. This regulated environment for cryptocurrencies and ICO projects is going to encourage investors to explore the market with confidence.

Admiral Markets Group consists of the following firms:

Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd

Admiral Markets Pty Ltd

Admiral Markets UK Ltd

Reading time: 11 minutes

Let’s consider the following statement. If it’s true that the market can only go up or down over the long-term, then using the most basic 1:1 risk/reward ratio, there should be at least 50% winners, shouldn’t there? Well, there isn’t. This article debates in favour of the notion that a trader is their own worst enemy, and that human error is at the root of most problems. In short, the main reason why Forex traders lose money is no rocket science. It’s the traders themselves.

Financial trading, including the currency markets, requires long and detailed planning on multiple levels. Trading cannot commence without a trader’s understanding of the market basics, and an ongoing analysis of the ever changing market environment. For those interested in investing and trading, read through the suggestions below and you will learn how to avoid losing money in Forex trading.


Overtrading – either trading too big or too often – is the most common reason why Forex traders fail. Overtrading might be caused by unrealistically high profit goals, market addiction, or insufficient capitalisation. We will skip unrealistic expectations for now, as that concept will be covered later in the article.

Insufficient capitalisation

Most traders know that it takes money to make a return on their investment. One of Forex’s biggest advantages is the availability of highly leveraged accounts. This means that traders with limited starting capital can still achieve substantial profits (or indeed losses) by speculating on the price of financial assets.

Whether a substantial investment base is achieved through the means of high leverage or high initial investment is practically irrelevant, provided that a solid risk management strategy is in place. The key here is to ensure that the investment base is sufficient. Having a sufficient amount of money in a trading account improves a trader’s chances of long-term profitability significantly – and also lowers the psychological pressure that comes with trading.

As a result, traders risk smaller portions of the total investment per trade, while still accumulating reasonable profits. So, how much capital is enough? Here it is important to learn how to stop losing money in Forex trading due to improper account management. The minimum Forex trading volume any broker can offer is 0.01 lot.

This is also known as a micro lot and is equivalent to 1,000 units of the base currency that is being traded. Of course, a small trade size is not the only way to limit your risk. Beginners and experienced traders alike need to think carefully about the placement of stop-losses. As a general rule of thumb, beginner traders should risk no more than 1% of their capital per trade. For novice traders, trading with more capital than this increases the chances of making substantial losses.

Carefully balancing leverage whilst trading lower volumes is a good way to ensure that an account has enough capital for the long-term. For example, to place one micro lot trade for the USD/EUR currency pair, risking no more than 1% of total capital, would only require a $250 investment on an account with 1:400 leverage. However, trading with higher leverage also increases the amount of capital that can be lost within a trade. In this example, overtrading an account with 1:400 leverage by one micro lot quadruples potential losses, compared to the same trade being placed on an account with 1:100 leverage.

Trading Addiction

Trading addiction is another reason why Forex traders tend to lose money. They do something institutional traders never do: chase the price. Forex trading can bring a lot of excitement. With short-term trading intervals, and volatile currency pairs, the market can be fast paced and cause an influx of adrenaline. It can also cause a huge amount of stress if the market moves in an unanticipated direction.

To avoid this scenario, traders need to enter the markets with a clear exit strategy if things aren’t going their way. Chasing the price – which is effectively opening and closing trades with no plan – is the opposite of this approach, and can be more accurately described as gambling, rather than trading. Unlike what some traders would like to believe, they have no control or influence over the market at all. On certain occasions, there will be limits to how much can be drawn from the market.

When these situations arise, smart traders will recognise that some moves are not worth taking, and that the risks associated with a particular trade are too high. This is the time to exit trading for the day and keep the account balance intact. The market will still be here tomorrow, and new trading opportunities may arise.

The sooner a trader starts seeing patience as a strength rather than a weakness, the closer they are to realising a higher percentage of winning trades. As paradoxical as it may seem, refusing to enter the market can sometimes be the best way to be profitable as a Forex trader.

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Building patience is rather the biggest asset when you don’t want to get addicted to trading, but what should you do if you are already addicted to trading? An expert’s opinion is always the best guidance. The following free webinar is hosted by experienced trader, coach and mentor – Markus Gabel – where he explains how you get trading addiction and what you can do about it.

Not Adapting to the Market Conditions

Assuming that one proven trading strategy is going to be enough to produce endless winning trades is another reason why Forex traders lose money. Markets are not static. If they were, trading them would have been impossible. Because the markets are ever-changing, a trader has to develop an ability to track down these changes and adapt to any situation that may occur.

The good news is that these market changes present not only new risks, but also new trading opportunities. A skilful trader values changes, instead of fearing them. Among other things, a trader needs to familiarise themselves with tracking average volatility following financial news releases, and being able to distinguish a trending market from a ranging market.

Market volatility can have a major impact on trading performance. Traders should know that market volatility can spread across hours, days, months, and even years. Many trading strategies can be considered volatility dependent, with many producing less effective results in periods of unpredictability. So a trader must always make sure that the strategy they use is consistent with the volatility that exists in the present market conditions.

Financial news releases are also important to keep track of, even if a selected strategy is not based on fundamentals. Monetary policy decisions, such as a change in interest rates, or even surprising economic data concerning unemployment or consumer confidence can shift market sentiment within the trading community.

As the market reacts to these events, there’s an inevitable impact on supply and demand for respective currencies. Lastly, the inability to distinguish trending markets from ranging markets, often results in traders applying the wrong trading tools at the wrong time.

Poor Risk Management

Improper risk management is a major reason why Forex traders tend to lose money quickly. It’s not by chance that trading platforms are equipped with automatic take-profit and stop-loss mechanisms. Mastering them will significantly improve a trader’s chances for success. Traders not only need to know that these mechanisms exist, but also how to implement them properly in accordance with the market volatility levels predicted for the period, and for the duration of a trade.

Keep in mind that a ‘stop-loss to low’ could liquidate what could have otherwise been a profitable position. At the same time, a ‘take-profit to high’ might not be reached due to a lack of volatility. Paying attention to risk/reward ratios is also an important part of good risk management.

What is the Risk Return Ratio?

The Risk/Reward Ratio (or Risk Return Ratio/ RR) is simply a set measurement to help traders plan how much profit will be made should a trade progress as anticipated, or how much will be lost in case it doesn’t. Consider this example. If your ‘take-profit’ is set at 100 pips and your stop-loss is at 50 pips, the risk/reward ratio is 2:1. This also means that you will break-even at least every one out of three trades, providing that they are profitable. Traders should always check these two variables in tandem to ensure they fit with profit goals.

The best way to avoid risks completely in Forex trading is to use a risk-free demo trading account. With a demo account you can trade without putting your capital at risk, while still using the latest real-time trading information and analysis. It’s the best place for traders to learn how to trade, and for advanced traders to practice their new strategies. To open your FREE demo trading account, click the banner below!

Not Having or Not Following a Trading Plan

How else do Forex traders lose money? Well, a poor attitude and a failure to prepare for current market conditions certainly plays a part. It’s highly recommended to treat financial trading as a form of business, simply because it is. Any serious business project needs a business plan. Similarly, a serious trader needs to invest time and effort into developing a thorough trading strategy. As a bare minimum, a trading plan needs to consider optimum entry and exit points for trades, risk/reward ratios, along with money management rules.

Unrealistic Expectations

There are two kinds of traders that come to the Forex market. The first are renegades from the stock market and other financial markets. They move to Forex in search of better trading conditions, or just to diversify their investments. The second are first-time retail traders that have never traded in any financial markets before. Quite understandably, the first group tends to experience far more success in Forex trading because of their past experiences.

They know the answers to the questions posed by novices, such as ‘why do Forex traders fail?’ and ‘why do all traders fail?’. Experienced traders usually have realistic expectations when it comes to profits. This mindset means that they refrain from chasing the price and bending the trading rules of their particular strategy – both of which are rarely advantageous. Having realistic expectations also relieves some of the psychological pressure that comes with trading. Some inexperienced traders can get lost in their emotions during a losing trade, which leads to a spiral of poor decisions.

It’s important for first-time traders to remember that Forex is not a means to get rich quickly. As with any business or professional career, there will be good periods, and there will be bad periods, along with risk and loss. By minimising the market exposure per trade, a trader can have peace of mind that one losing trade should not compromise their overall performance over the long-term.

Make sure to understand that patience and consistency are your best allies. Traders don’t need to make a small fortune with one or two big trades. This simply reinforces bad trading habits, and can lead to substantial losses over time. Achieving positive compound results with smaller trades over many months and years is the best option.

In Summary

There we have it, the main reasons why Forex traders fail and lose money, along with the steps traders need to take in order to prevent them from occurring. Studying hard, researching and adapting to the markets, preparing thorough trading plans, and, ultimately, managing capital correctly can lead to profitability. Follow these steps and your chances for consistent success in trading will improve dramatically!

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