Review Is Crypto Universal Scam or Legit See Our Findings

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Crypto Advantage Review, Scam Or Legit Crypto Robot?

Crypto Advantage SCAM Review and Investigation
If you have been asking yourself what is Crypto Advantage and is it really a legitimate trading software or SCAM trading robot, then you are not alone. Initially we were about to blacklist the Crypto Advantage trading bot and label it as a SCAM. However, after funding a real-money trading account and letting the machine execute trades on auto-pilot we were genuinely and pleasantly surprised. Crypto Advantage is currently empowering beginner traders by allowing them to exploit the system’s ‘advantage’. This is something which is required in order to generate income whilst trading the cryptocurrency markets. Members taking advantage of this highly profitable and intuitive automated trading software are in a unique position to trade in a secure environment knowing that their investment will generate significant returns and consistent profits.

A few questions we received had to do with affiliate marketing. Specifically with fake reviews and conflicts of interest. Broker related issues, and various forms of inquiries related to the legal or regulatory landscape were also raised. In regards to affiliate marketing and various forms of commissions, we would like to refer you to our official disclaimer as it touches all of these issues. We will cover the other aspects as we progress. Now, our staff contacted the Crypto Advantage support staff and started asking some really difficult questions concerning withdrawals, policies, and trading requirements. The responses we received indicated to us that we were dealing with a professional customer service staff, which continued to answer questions even after we funded the account (something which rarely happens).

Official Website, Login Page, and Registration Area: Crypto Advantage

Crypto Advantage Review – What Is This System?
We have to admit, the concept of a system which was created and optimized by a team of analysts, statisticians, and traders is a bit used. But in this case it makes all the sense in the world, and when we saw the software it became clear that the programming and code behind it must come from these types of trading professionals. In essence, members who choose to signup and join the program get access to an extremely intuitive and user-friendly trading app. The free and easy-to-understand E-book is also a nice perk, although you don’t really need to understand different strategies and ways of trading cryptocurrencies, financial derivatives, and how to get around with exchanges as the system does all the work for you.

How Does Crypto Advantage Work?
After signing up you are granted access to a set of strategies which are pre-configured and ready to activate at a click of a button. You can set them on auto trade or use the manual trading feature if you want more control over your trade execution. There is no “secret”, and this is not the “holy grail” of automated crypto trading. It is a very simple system which lets you choose your broker, level of exposure, and assets you wish to trade. The image below illustrates the technical analysis which is provided for you as you trade.

Crypto Advantage Signals

Previous versions allowed you to copy other traders, but this has caused confusion since some traders don’t wish to divulge their strategies and how they actually trade. The latest version simply offers manual or automated trading.

Crypto Advantage Signals
Trade execution is either manual or automated as suggested above. You can choose from a variety of assets which is always updated and constantly maintained. The signals are produced and presented to you with signal strength measured at about 87% which is very much in the money. Remember, the scams which offer you no risk trades and a 100% success ratio are get-rich-quick schemes as this is impossible to achive. You can also choose a canned strategy such as Trend, Williams, or Stochastics and activate the software.

Cloned Crypto Advantage software
There is a cloned Crypto Advantage software pretending to be the official website. We do not endorse it and if you signup you will get scammed (confirmed). The network promoting the copied version is known for misleading customers so please take a good look at the image below so you know it is not the genuine crypto advantage app (avoid it).

Cloned Crypto Advantage software

Crypto Advantage Brokers
Once you signup a broker is automatically assigned to your account. It’s worth pointing out that we have tested these brokers and they passed our checks with flying colors. Once you fund a trading account the Crypto Advantage Software will automatically select the optional contract to purchase whilst factoring in market conditions and various trends.

Crypto Advantage Assets List (Partial)

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Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Monero (XMR)
Ripple (XRP)

Crypto Advantage Withdrawals
If you have accrued funds as a result of winning trades, then all you would need to do is refer to the cashier section of the broker software and initiate a withdrawal. Once your account has been approved and confirmed then it is a matter of 2 to 5 business days until the money is wired to you bank account as is acceptable with various regulated brokers.

Losing Software or Award Winning App?
It goes without saying that not ALL Crypto Advantage members will end up profiting, and the reasons for this vary. First of all, there is no 100% guarantee, and 87% means you may be a part of those unlucky 13% which end up losing their money. Secondly, many traders adsorb a few losing trades and start panicking and activate manual signals mode whilst executing trades in a very erratic and unprofessional manner. When that happens we can pretty much guarantee you will lose your money. And lastly, many traders simply alternate between strategies without thinking, and this is of course not the smart thing to do.

If you already have an account with Crypto Advantage and want to diversify, then we invite you to check out additional systems which our staff has tested.

To access Crypto Advantage you will be required to invest a sum ranging between $/£/€250 – $/£/€500. This money is required in order to create a certain amount of liquidity in your trading account and enable you to start executing trades effectively. In some cases you will be able to qualify for a $/£/€250 minimum investment after answering a phone call and for verification purposes, and in other cases it may not possible at all.

Important TIP: During that phone call you may also be offered alternative trading systems. This is because Crypto Advantage is integrated with a few platforms for optimal trading results. It is mandatory you DO NOT sign up for those systems as we have not checked them and refuse to endorse their authenticity. In other words, only use our official Crypto Advantage software and nothing else.

How To Join Crypto Advantage?
Actually this is a very simple and intuitive process.

1. Signup for the software via the registration area. You will have to verify your email, so make sure you enter a valid email and check your spam box.
2. Fund a trading account with a broker which has been automatically selected for you, or simply register with an alternative broker which can be found in the broker section of the software.
3. Select automated or manual signals and activate the software.

Either way, you are in a unique position to take advantage of the sophisticated algorithms integrated in this app, and we are sure it will assist you in generating the kind of profits you expect to see.

Crypto Advantage Review Summary and Conclusions
The Crypto Advantage Scam-free system is a tested and profitable automated trading platform. Our staff or researchers has carefully examined this crypto trading robot and reached the conclusion that it is a reliable and consistently profitable app. We are also of the opinion that the user trading interface (UX) is extremely user-friendly, and light-years ahead of the competition when it comes to functionality and levels of intuitiveness. In addition, whilst other systems are always integrated with thieving offshore brokers, Crypto Advantage partners with reliable brokers only. After testing these brokers and cashing our our money, we can ascertain without a shadow of a doubt that the level of professionalism and flow of communication was exemplary and did not warrant any complaints or blacklist notifications. In a nutshell, in our Crypto Advantage review and investigation we have decided not to blacklist this software and advise our members and viewers that it is a legitimate piece of automated trading technology for cryptocurrencies. We would like to personally invite you to check out our YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, and G+ profile.

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Crypto Earns Limited – криптовалютный лохотрон


Crypto Earns Limited

Известные ссылки

Известные названия

Один из способов заработка – это удачное вложение. Все мы хотим жить безбедно, лежать на диване и не зависеть от «доброго дяди». Фраза «Всё достало», наверное, мы произносим чаще, чем «С добрым утром».

Новички, которые решили пойти в «Ва-банк» и начать жизнь с чистого листа, могут попасть в ловушку к мошенникам. Часто таким камнем преткновения служат проекты, наподобие Crypto Earns .

Иностранный сайт, высокий доход, минимальный опыт. У любого пользователя загорятся глаза, когда он начнёт «делить шкуру неубитого медведя». Поэтому всем новичкам на заметку – проверяйте проект, перед тем, как вкладывать в него деньги.

E-mail адреса проекта

Внимание! мошенники очень часто меняют адреса своих лохотронов. Поэтому название, адрес сайта или email может быть другим! Если Вы не нашли в списке нужный адрес, но лохотрон очень похож на описанный, пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами или напишите об этом в комментариях!

Информация о проекте

Проект Crypto Earns предлагает вкладчикам заработать хорошие деньги. Основная цель компании – это криптовалютные вложения.

Если верить авторам, то вклады в платформу – это выгодно, удобно и весело. Так как она имеет свои преимущества:

  • доверенная британская компания;
  • опытные трейдеры;
  • безопасность сайта;
  • выгодные планы;
  • поддержка экспертов (24/7).

Но нам, смертным не нужно ничего делать. У компании есть профессиональная команда, которая осуществляет все сделки. То есть, работать можно начинать прямо сейчас:

  • без опыта;
  • без специализированных знаний;
  • без образования.

Чтобы начать зарабатывать, нужно выполнить 3 простых шага.

  1. Создать аккаунт.
  2. Открыть депозит.
  3. Выбрать инвестиционный план.
  4. Вывести деньги на кошелёк.

Для тех, кто хочет зарабатывать на рефералах, есть трёхуровневая партнёрская программа. заработайте: 7% от прямых рефералов, 2% от второго уровня рефералов, 1% от третьего уровня рефералов.

Контакты проекта

Адрес : 6 Gower St, London, United Kingdom WC1E 6DP

Телефон: скоро появится. Видимо, на покупку пока не накопили.

Лицензия: 12480226. Компания не ведет деятельности на территории регистрации – в FAC регистрации нет.

Разоблачение проекта

Как бы не выглядели привлекательно цифры на портале, необходимо проверять данные, прежде чем вкладывать свои деньги непонятно во что.

Да, проект Crypto Earns является иностранной платформой (на первый взгляд). Только возникает вопрос. Как можно доверять международной криповалютной компании, у которой даже нет ссылок на страницы партнёров?

Так же неизвестно, откуда они будут брать деньги на выплаты своим клиентам. Есть чёткий тарифный план, но нет никаких доказательств работоспособности системы.

Так дела не делаются. У сайта есть множество проблем, которые вызывают определённые вопросы:

  • иностранная солидная платформа с высоким доходом сделана на простом шаблоне;
  • связаться с администрацией можно только через e – mail (фраза «телефон скоро появится» не катит, так не бывает, его приобретают в первую очередь);
  • лицензия принадлежит оффшорной зоне;
  • отзывов в сети как таковых нет.

Так же вызывают сомнения следующие моменты. Кода я включил онлайн-перевод, мне высветился близкий, грамотно сформированный русскоязычный текст. То есть – это не иностранная платформа, а наша, родная, отечественная.

И скажите, пожалуйста, как можно работать без опыта? Или наша цивилизация дошла до такого уровня, что даже учиться не имеет смысла? Правильно! Зачем? Есть крутая инвестиционная платформа. Вкладывай деньги и получай удовольствие. Про деньги речи нет, только удовольствие. Зато без опыта и делать не нужно ничего.

Возможные потери на проекте

Существует 3 тарифных плана с разной степенью доходности.

  1. 6% дохода за 40 дней. Вклад 20 – 50 000 $ .
  2. 8% дохода за 50 дней. Вклад 500 – 50 000 $ .
  3. 10% дохода за 60 дней. Вклад 1000 – 50 000 $ .

Вывод о проекте

Учитывая тарифный план, и процент дохода, проект Crypto Earns является долгоиграющим. То есть пока он платит. Но вся касса завязана на рефералах. Как только они перестанут вкладывать деньги, всё – лавочка закроется. Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

NOTICE: is no longer making payments since October 01, 2020 based on the feedbacks we get from its members. DO NOT INVEST! Review
User Ratings place a very high value on transparency. At CRYPTO-WAY you can monitor and follow all deposits and payouts of any user in real-time at any time.

Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. All information contained herein should be independently verified and confirmed. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused in reliance upon such information or services.

Disclaimer: Anything you see in this article is based only on my opinion and experience since it’s just a review. You may also see others opinion in the comment section and is not a guarantee as well. This is not a financial advice so do your own research first before investing. We are not responsible for any damages and losses related to any products or services mentioned in this article.

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