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Chip: this microsavings app is here to change your money habits

This handy app wants to take the stress out of saving

Everyone is bad at saving right? Sure, we may need an average of £90,000 for a housing deposit in London, but most people can barely keep out of their overdrafts.

Luckily, this is where the new breed of financial technology (fintech) apps comes in, like Chip.

Chip is the money saving app you never knew you needed. Created by Simon Rabin, the app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse your spending and save a tiny amount each week.

We caught up with Rabin to find out how Chip works and the new features to look forward to.

Everything you need to know about microsavings app Chip

After launching one successful mobile app, an international calling app named Roamer, Rabin was looking for a new venture.

But it was after having conversations with his friends, discussing their money woes and how they were struggling to save anything, that the idea for Chip was born.

“Saving shouldn’t be this compulsory, boring thing, like ‘I need to put £100 away every month,” Rabin tells the Standard.

“Instead, it should be about focusing your spending on what you really want to buy, like a holiday or a wedding. Chip does that.”

The AI factor in Chip is very important. The software uses the technology to analyse your spending and make relevant saves for you.

“The AI element allows Chip to save the right amount of money for you, reacting to the reality of your spending,” says Rabin.

How Chip can turn you into a saver

When you open an account with Chip, it verifies your identity, the same way a bank does.

Then Chip effectively opens a savings account at Barclays, with an account number and sort code.

Whenever the app makes a save for you, it simply instructs your current account to move money to your Chip account at Barclays, via a direct debit.

“We don’t even touch the money,” explains Rabin. “All we’re doing is instructing a direct debit to go from one account to another. It’s the same as moving money from a Natwest account to a Santander one.”

All of this is possible through Open Banking, a UK government initiative which launched in January that is encouraging banks to open up their APIs (application planning interface) so that people can harness their own financial data.

“There’s definitely been a change in people’s attitudes. Last year, people were more cautious but now the general public is more familiar that this is part of ‘the Open Banking thing’,” he says.

But how will it help me to save?

As Chip uses AI to analyse your spending and understand spending patterns, the more you use Chip, the better it understands your spending habits.

“If you’re going to be disciplined one week and spend less, Chip will save more for you. But if you go over the top at the weekend, Chip will save less.

“You should get to payday in the same position you’re always in. But as that money is taken away from you throughout the month, it hasn’t impacted you,” says Rabin.

This is one of the kickers for Chip. Its 30,000+ users regularly report how the app is helping them to save for the first time ever, and that because it is such small amounts, it never makes a bit dent in their bank account.

And with its goals options, which allow you to set savings goals for things like a holiday or a wedding outfit, it makes it easier to build up the funds.

As well, it also gives you a bonus interest. You can use a referral code to encourage your friends to sign up, and for each friend that downloads Chip, you will receive a one per cent bonus interest on your savings, up to five per cent. This is what gives the app an edge over other microsavers such as Cleo and Plum.

“Around 60 per cent of our users come through the referral programme,” says Rabin. “Whilst out competitors are burning money on Facebook ads, instead we can give that money to our users.”

Chip can even get you out of your overdraft. Of the app’s average users, aged around 31 years old, earning up to £1,800 a month after tax, about 25 per cent are constantly in their overdrafts.

This is why the app allows you to save whilst in your overdraft. Chip will continue to take a little bit of money out each week, and the thinking is that you can build up your Chip savings to pay off your £1,000 overdraft.

“Overdraft savings is one of our most popular features,” says Rabin.

Get ready for Chip 2.0

Two years after the original Chip app launched, Chip 2.0 is coming in June this year. Rabin says it will be a complete re-design on the app and improving what people love, the ability to save to spend.

New features include instant saves; which will see your money move from your current account to your Chip account in the same day.

And, a new feature called squad goals.

“Say, you have a group event booked like a holiday. You can save as a group on Chip, and track how the squad are progressing,” explains Rabin. “You can’t see each other’s savings, just progress towards the shared goal. And you can see each other emojis to comment on savings.”

That’s not all. Rabin says there are exciting things planned ahead for Chip this year but won’t reveal what just yet.

But, it will revolve around open banking and Chip’s mission to help people take advantage of their financial data.

“There’s still a long way to go. People need to see that they’re not giving Chip their transaction data, they’re taking it from their own bank, and taking ownership of it,” says Rabin.

“We, as an industry need to start showing what’s actually possible.”

6 Things Not Worth the Money

1. Credit card payment insurance istock/ShotShare For a monthly fee, many credit card companies offer an optional insurance policy: they’ll

1. Credit card payment insurance

For a monthly fee, many credit card companies offer an optional insurance policy: they’ll cover your payments if you become disabled or unemployed. Financial advisors explain that most of these programs are rife with complex rules and restrictions, and recommend using the money you would have spent on insurance to pay down your balance instead.

2. Premium gas

You may think that filling your tank with premium rather than regular will help your car run better and longer, but according to Car and Driver magazine, you’d be wrong. A recent study by the magazine revealed that high-octane gasoline had no effect, except on ultra-high performance vehicles.

3. Unlimited cell-phone minutes

You may think you need a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes, so you have the freedom to talk as much as you like without incurring extra fees. But most people don’t exceed the number of minutes offered in even the least expensive plans from most carriers (about 700 per month for a family plan). Check your usage amount on bills for the past several months before choosing a pricier plan.

4. Automobile service warranties

The manufacturer warranty you get when you purchase or lease your car is legit. The one you’re offered via a postcard in the mail, in all likelihood, is not. According to an investigation by the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis (home to several warranty companies), nearly $3 million in repairs that should have been covered according to contracts were not. What’s more, over 90% of those who purchased such insurance found the process to be “misleading or improper.”

5. Bottled water

Contrary to what most bottled water producers would like you to think, much of what they’re bottling came straight from a tap rather than a spring or well. Using a water filter will give you similar results for a fraction of the price. It’s also kinder to the planet — most plastic water bottles end up in landfills, rather than at recycling facilities.

6. Lottery Tickets

Yes, $10 million probably will make your life wonderful, but almost anything is more likely to happen than you winning the lottery. The chance of winning most big-ticket lottery jackpots is well over 100 million to one.

Need to Know

Barbara Kollmeyer

Critical information for the U.S. trading day

Which stocks will hold up in a pandemic?

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Referenced Symbols

Another big bounce for equities is in the works on rising confidence that the U.S. and Europe are chipping away at the coronavirus outbreak. That is even as Spain’s death toll rose again on Tuesday, a reminder that this fight won’t be easy.

Are markets getting ahead of themselves? Steen Jakobsen, chief investment officer at Saxo Bank, notes how Denmark is among the first in Europe to announce a plan to reopen the economy. But that will start with only opening schools for the youngest students through fifth grade and nothing else until at least May 10. “This points to the very slow pace of normalization,” he says.

Luc Filip, head of private banking at Banque SYZ in Geneva, who provides our call of the day, adds to that, saying that investors need to remember that a “peak number of cases doesn’t mean the economy will be reopened next week.”

That said, Filip sees the risks of markets dropping another 20% or 30% lower than two weeks ago, because of the extensive measures by governments and central banks. He is more cautious on U.S. equities, though, due to poorly coordinated COVID-19 measures between states and the federal government.

“There is a risk that the U.S., by postponing stronger measures, by hesitating, may have a larger outbreak and then a larger impact to the economy,” says Filip.

Where does that leave his investment choices? Outside of gold and the dollar, for now, he is focusing on quality stocks both in the U.S. and Europe, where they are shifting toward a neutral position because governments have taken up measures fast.

“Big companies, strong balance sheets, strong market positioning, low debt. These kind of companies, we like them in Europe and the U.S.,” he says. Those names include Google-parent Alphabet GOOGL, -0.05% , Amazon AMZN, +0.70% , Mastercard MA, -2.58% , L’Oréal OR, -1.04% , which has global reach and Nestlé NSRGY, -1.32% NESN, -1.11% .

Companies need to have sufficient reserves to survive lower revenues from a demand drop, and while these may not be the cheapest stocks and sometimes viewed as boring, he bets a few will be “even stronger after the outbreak subsides.

“What we don’t recommend now is to chase companies that are under stress, companies that have weak balance sheets. We don’t like them and don’t want them now, even if they are 40% lower. In the case all this lasts longer, the worse it will be for low-quality companies,” says Filip.

The market

The Dow DJIA, -0.11% , S&P SPX, -0.16% and Nasdaq COMP, -0.32% have jumped at the start of trading, and European stocks SXXP, -0.99% are also climbing, even in the U.K., as investors monitor the progress of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was moved to intensive care on Monday due to coronavirus. Asian markets tracked Monday’s Wall Street gains. Crude oil CL00, +3.85% is moving up.

The chart
The buzz

Small businesses suffered a record drop in optimism amid the deepening pandemic crisis. White House adviser Peter Navarro reportedly warned in January that the U.S. was at risk from the pandemic and the medical community is divided over President Donald Trump’s pushing of a malaria drug for treating COVID-19. A hospital cleaner on the front lines has some tips on how to stay safe. A new study says 70% of all U.S. counties are likely to suffer an epidemic, and a former “Jaws” star has died of the virus.

Random reads

New Zealand’s health minister is demoted after driving his family to the beach.

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Hong Kong zoo shuts down and pandas finally mate after 10 years.

Elton John leads star-studded lineup for coronavirus-relief concert.

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Disney in the age of COVID-19: For now, Disney+ may be the only plus

Perhaps no company faces a greater existential financial crisis in the age of COVID-19 than Walt Disney Co., a legendary company built on social interaction that may find its newest business offers the most immediate relief. Review: Why This HYIP is Not Worth Your Money Revealed

Watch 36 Self-Made Millionaires & Billionaires Tell-All

What’s in each episode?

Episode 1

Starring: Robert Kiyosaki & David Gardner

Robert Kiyosaki

  • Debt? How most people use it… And how the wealthy use it. The difference holds a powerful lesson for those who can hear it
  • 5 investments that legally wipe out your taxes… And why NOT paying taxes is the best thing you can do for the economy
  • Why Robert believes economic collapse is inevitable

David Gardner

  • How the ‘Motley Fool” went from a family joke to a thriving business… with a cool but unusual mission
  • How a small tweak to traditional stock investing pays solid returns AND just as importantly… makes the world a better place
  • How to invest in stocks at any stage of life, what to look for and why it’s the right thing to do

Episode 2

Starring: Garrett Gunderson & Ray Blanco

Garrett Gunderson

  • Why saving for retirement doesn’t create financial freedom… And how shifting your aim a little can secure your financial future
  • The 3 forces that erode retirement funds before retirees are ready
  • The shocking truth about 401(k)’s that made our host Dr
    Patrick Gentempo liquidate his

Ray Blanco

  • A detailed analysis of two hot healthcare investments
  • The hottest sector of the stock market right now—and the 3 ways to invest in this massive trend
  • The future of crypto—why most coins will fail but the two places the blockchain will make investors a lot of money

Episode 3

Starring: Andy Tanner & Roger Hamilton

Andy Tanner

  • If stocks are at all-time highs, why are 401(k)’s so small?
  • The sly way the system is rigged to “skim” your account and the deceptive number on your account statement hiding it from you
  • The unstoppable force that will send the stock market tumbling, the federal law that guarantees it, and the #1 action that will get you through the storm

Roger Hamilton

  • The 3-phases of entrepreneurship— and how to quickly get to Phase 3 where the real money starts to flow
  • One Japanese concept that allows you to achieve peak wealth AND peak health by pursuing your passion
  • Why NOW is the best time in history to become massively wealthy in any country in the world—no matter where you start today

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Episode 4

Starring: Mike Dillard, Paul Zane Pilzer & Ryan Moran

Mike Dillard

  • A key lesson Mike learned about himself that made him quit what he was doing and try something new—leading to his rapid rise to riches
  • The future of “cryptos”—Security Token Offerings and the tokenization of all things (PLUS: How Mike’s investing)
  • Mike’s one-step action plan to change the course of your life—and exactly what to do today

Paul Zane Pilzer

  • The two-word criteria an investment must meet to free you from the need to work (HINT: It’s why he loves planet fitness)
  • Who is responsible for understanding money in your household? And how to plan your investments to make you happy
  • Priceless advice on real estate, entrepreneurship and how the sharing economy is going to affect them all

Ryan Moran

  • The #1 “hack” for creating income on demand… And the 90-day action plan to get there
  • A step-by-step approach to creating your first $1M business —including the first step to take to get started
  • The three assets Ryan buys with the profits from his business and the one thing they all MUST have in common

Episode 5

Starring: John Mackey & Justin Harrison

John Mackey

  • How joining a hippy commune lead to one of the greatest
    capitalistic achievements of our lifetime
  • The one activity that almost every single very wealthy person owes much of their wealth to—and how you can do it too
  • How John made enemies on Wall Street by giving everyday investors a level playing field on the Whole Foods IPO

Justin Harrison

  • How “mac & cheese” drove Justin to start his first business and sparked a series of events that led to his massive passive cash flow
  • What are the things to look for when you are exploring the different business opportunities available to you? Don’t ignore this
  • What happened to Justin years ago when his income first passed $10,000 per month… and just how big can your income get?

Episode 6

Starring: Ron Phillips & Scott Picken

Ron Phillips

  • 3 ways to become wealthy through single family homes —lessons learned—and who should try each approach
  • Why Ron’s real estate portfolio became more valuable during the 2008 housing crash while everyone else’s tanked
  • The no-hype plan for growing wealth through single family houses

Scott Picken

  • How to pay for your global traveler lifestyle, so cash flows in while you explore exotic locations… with one type of asset
  • How Scott is joining an ancient asset class with crypto technology to eliminate poverty and create wealth for billions through capitalism
  • The 5 Rules of Collaborative Investing and how you can apply them to become a global investor

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Episode 7

Starring: Patrick Byrne, Ali El Husseini & Jonathan Johnson

Patrick Byrne

  • What is the future of “crypto”—how the blockchain is changing everything about modern economies
  • How the blockchain is creating better infrastructures for third world countries than what’s available anywhere else
  • The 3 places he is looking to disrupt via the blockchain… and how this is going to unlock “tens of trillions of dollars of capital”

Ali El Husseini

  • What is the blockchain? When you understand how this works, you’ll understand why it is game over… this is unstoppable
  • How governments across the world—from first to third world economies—are all working towards this innovation
  • This is more disruptive than the internet… What sectors should investors keep their eyes on over the next 10 to 15 years?

Jonathan Johnson

  • Bitcoin is to blockchain as email was to the internet—it’s the first big “app” but it’s just the tip of the iceberg… Here’s what to watch next
  • What can investors do to participate in the upside of the inevitable rise of the blockchain? Jonathan shares a few ideas
  • How the blockchain can eliminate voter fraud… free up trillions of dollars of trapped equity… and re-shape every part of our society

Episode 8

Starring: Ryan Levesque & Douglas AndreW

Ryan Levesque

  • The one-word strategy Ryan used to profitably create 23 online businesses from home
  • The 7 factors a market must possess for it to be worth pursuing as a new business (including the 5 “Market Must-Haves” test)
  • How one free online research tool quickly provides a red-light / yellow-light / green-light signal for starting a new business

Douglas Andrew

  • Why 401(k), IRA and other tax-deferred accounts all have one built-in flaw that the government is just now being forced to acknowledge
  • The “Rich Man’s Roth” that provides permanent tax-free returns —doubles when your family needs it most and avoids estate tax
  • The biggest parasite to wealth that prevents most people from becoming wealthy—fix this and you’ll build wealth by doing good

Episode 9

Starring: Jason FladliEn & John Carter

Jason FladliEn

  • How to start a business selling products on Amazon… Jason’s story and how he’s taught other to do the same
  • How to analyze a product idea quickly to see if it is worth it before you ever spend a dime on product development so you don’t waste money
  • How much could you make? Jason shares from his and his 15,000 students’ experiences… Plus, why now is the best time ever to start

John Carter

  • The story of how John went from making his first profitable trade in high school… to day trading… swing trading and now teaching
  • What does John see ahead for the future of cryptocurrencies? And where do they fit into a well-planned portfolio?
  • The basket of investments he believes investors should consider and a number of ways to make money in today’s economy

Money is Easy Now…
But Winter is Coming

As we spoke to these experts, two things became apparent:

There’s never been a better time to get wealthy


Hard economic times are coming for a lot of people

The lessons in Money Revealed are from people with real life experience doing the things they are talking about.

These episodes will fascinate and educate you as you watch.

Money Isn’t Everything…
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Three dozen experts share stories from their road to riches.

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Each episode puts you in the room as we cut to the straight-talk about “money.”

How they got theirs… The ways they continue to grow it…

And the steps they take to keep it.

Many speakers you may recognize. Others briefly step into the light to be a part of Money Revealed. They all want you to know what they know.

Learn The Latest Wealth Building Secrets from Our Leading Experts:

Robert Kiyosaki

International best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Wealth growth expert.

David Gardner

Co-Founder of The Motley Fool; Investor & Conscious Capitalism

G Edward Griffin

Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; Central Bank Expert

Garrett Gunderson

Author of Killing Sacred Cows; Entrepreneur & Wealth Adviser

Ray Blanco

Editor of 7 Figure Publishing; Wall Street Analyst & Biotech Expert

Paul Zane Pilzer

Entrepreneur & Adviser to Presidents

Andy Tanner

Founder of The Cash Flow Academy, Investor & Business Owner

Roger Hamilton

Futurist, Social Entrepreneur, Creator of Wealth & Talent Dynamics

Chris Shonk

Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur & Investment Banker

Mike Dillard

Founder at, Entrepreneur & Investor

Ryan Moran

Entrepreneur, Founder of & Investor

Dave Blanchard

Founder of Og Mandino Leadership Institute, Entrepreneur & Coach

J.B. Glossinger

Podcaster, Author & Founder of

John Mackey

Founder & CEO of Whole Foods,
Capitalist & Investor

Justin Harrison

Home-Based Business Owner, Entrepreneur
& Passive Income Specialist

Jeff Socha

Founding Partner at Ark Financial;
Expert on Legal Tax Avoidance

Ron Phillips

Real Estate Investor, CEO of Wealth
Accelerator System

Scott Picken

Blockchain & International Real Estate Investor, Founder of WealthMigrate

David Shamy

Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur & CEO of DFS Gourmet Foods

Patrick Byrne

Founder & CEO,
Blockchain Pioneer & Investor

Ali El Husseini

Blockchain Expert, CEO Medici Land ‘Governance & Crypto Futurist

Jonathan Johnson

Chairman of the Board at, Blockchain Innovator & Investor

Jordan Abdalla

Crypto / Blockchain Prodigy & Founder
of Potomac Crypto Capital

Ryan Levesque

Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Business / Marketing Guru

Douglas Andrew

Tax-Free Wealth
Advisor & “Laser Fund” Investor

Emmron Andrew

Author of Millionaire by 30, Real Estate & Tax-Free Investor

Jason Fladlien

Entrepreneur, E-commerce Expert & Founder of Rapid Crush

John Carter

Stock Trader, Educator & Founder of Simpler Trading

Tucker Max

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Founder of Scribe Media

Joel Bomgar

Entrepreneur, Founder of Bomgar Corporation & Investor

JT McCormick

Inspiring Self-Made Executive, Stock Market Investor

DJ Barton

Home-Based Business Owner & Passive Income Specialist

Ann Wilson

Investor, Entrepreneur and Founder of

Kevin Thompson

Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert & Coach

Erico Rocha

Entrepreneur, Author and Business Owner

No School Teaches This.
The Rich Teach Their Kids

In all of our interviews, one common thread kept appearing over and over again… They all kept saying:

Schools won’t teach you this… Financial ignorance is rampant today.

Money Revealed peels back the curtain to show:

What the rich are trained to do that the poor and middle class are not

What the rich buy with debt that makes them richer

Banks… Money… Corruption. How deep does the rabbit-hole go?

Three words that free you from the need work

What money looks like through the eyes of the ultra-rich

How to put your money to work for a good cause AND a good return

You’ll see money through new eyes when your mind
is exposed to the ideas in each episode.


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And anyone who wants to create generational wealth

Meet Your Hosts


Dr. Patrick Gentempo is a well-known and respected star in the world of health, wellness and business.

As a chiropractor, he built an international business and his innovations received multiple patents.

He is a post-graduate faculty of multiple chiropractic institutions and has been published repeatedly in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Gentempo successfully exited his diagnostic technology business in 2020 to pursue his passion for exposing the truth through film-making.


Jeff Hays is a 20+ year filmmaker veteran and a serial entrepreneur

His commission by Patrick Byrne… His work with stars like Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank…

And his documentaries being short-listed for an Academy Award have made him a legend in the industry.

Recent health documentary projects include “Bought”, “Doctored” and “Undoctored.”

Hays lives in the Utah mountains with his dog Abby and works from his office in NY. He’s a father of 9, and grandfather of 12, with new one’s arriving annually.

Wealthy people are different? But not like you think.

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We created this to improve the world through knowledge.

We invite you to watch the world premiere with us for free.

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