Review Is Fibonacci a Scam or Should I Invest

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S&P 500, DAX, And Dow Break 38.2% Fibonacci

What a Monday we’ve had, traders seem to have responded well to unlimited money supplies from the Central Banks and the introduction of new stimulus. This comes at the heel of optimism over the spread of the coronavirus in Europe, where the curve continues flattening, indicating the worse may be behind us. This is great news for the world but also a good sign for buyers.

While the future remains uncertain and there are talks of unemployment reaching an average of 30%, at this point, it seems traders aren’t worried, as long as they have cheaper stocks to trade on and that’s why today’s focus will be on indices.

Let’s start with the DAX , the index managed to finally destroy the 38.2% Fibonacci level. The price seems to be on the right track to cover the gap formed at the beginning of March. First, it must break two important resistances; the first one is the upper line of the wedge and the second is the 50% Fibonacci level.

The wedge tends to be a trend continuation pattern so a downward movement is still likely, mid-term buyers, however, can still enjoy trading the rise of the index.

We’re moving on to the Dow Jones which was yesterday’s index of focus. The inverse head and shoulders pattern has worked allowing the price to test the 38,2% Fibonacci level and then break it. The next Fibonacci resistances however are not so promising. Recent price movements have touched the 23500 and the 24900 resistance levels.

The S&P 500 is in a similar situation; the price has easily surpassed the 38.2% Fibonacci level. Now the price is challenging the local resistance level of 2700, which looks promising for sellers. In my opinion, the crucial resistance for the S&P 500 is the 2880 level, where we will have the upper line of the flag. This is also a trend continuation pattern.


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NATURAL SCAM: Fibonacci Invest review

Read this review to understand that Fibonacci Smart Crypto Investments is a scam that will lose your money.

Fibonacci Invest is presented as a company that trades cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. This alleged trading activity allows it to offer investment plan to the public.

Daily returns range between 4 and 10 percent per day. But do not even consider them.

Table of Contents

Fibonacci Invest scam

It is absolutely clear that Fibonacci Smart Crypto Investments is a scam, just because the returns are outrageous. 300% per month is a scam number, no legitimate company can offer this kind of returns.

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This reasoning might sound simplistic, but it is very right. In most cases you just need to look at the offer to see if it a scam or not. In this case the verdict is clear, Fibonacci Invest is a scam.

Fake company

A lot of investment scam show a company registration from the UK, Fibonacci Invest is no different. You should notice that the registration is not even two months old.

What is even more important, is that Fibonacci Invest is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, so it is an illegal investment service.

How it works

Fibonacci Smart Crypto Investments will collect money from the public and maybe redistribute some of it on first profits.

But since there is no real trading or any other economic activity going on, the scheme will soon run out of money and collapse. So, you’d better stay away.


Fibonacci Invest is an investment scam that is going to collapse very soon, stay away from it.

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Use the testing environment to gain an understanding of how it works and of the risks that you would face should you decide to trade with real money. Review: Is Fibonacci a Scam or Should I Invest?

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Investment Plans: 4% – 10% daily for lifetime
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Minimal Spend: $30
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Payment systems: Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Ethereum | Litecoin | Payeer | Perfect Money

FibonacciInvest –

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Планы nvestment: 4%, 4,5%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10% ежедневно на всю жизнь

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Превратив эти числа в квадраты и расположив их геометрически, можно нарисовать идеальную спираль, которая также появляется во многих живых организмах. Другое любопытство заключается в том, что термины последовательности также устанавливают так называемое «золотое сечение», широко используемое в искусстве, архитектуре и дизайне, потому что оно считается приятным для глаз. Его значение составляет 1,618, и чем дальше вы продвигаетесь в последовательности Фибоначчи, тем больше приближается деление между термином и его предшественником.

+ Address: 10 Finsbury Square, London, United Kingdom, EC2A 1AJ
+ Company Phone: 1 808 22 677 43
+ UK Register Company :11421281
+ Email: [email protected]
Планы Фибоначчи
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