FxPro Review Is fxpro.com A Legit Broker Or Scam

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Which broker is the best forex broker?

If you are fed up with fraudulent brokers and want excellent support for your investments, FxPro is the broker you need. With more than ten years of experience and coverage in 150 countries, FxPro is the safest option to invest in forex and CFD. Its more than 40 awards show that and the guarantee of having the regulatory entities that give us security in our operations.

FxPro is one of the most significant brokers on the planet and has been the preferred broker for thousands of traders in the currency market. Because of that, the broker has facilitated thousands and thousands of transactions in thousands of accounts.

FxPro’s regulations

The company is regulated in several countries, so it adheres to the strictest principles; but, before deciding on whether it is a good broker or not, it is necessary to do the relevant research before making a decision.

FxPro is regulated by the primary financial organizations such as the Cypriot CySEC, the British FCA, and the Spanish CNMV. The significant advantage of a broker that’s controlled by the FCA is that user deposits are guaranteed up to € 50,000 in case the broker has a financial problem or breakdown.

It has rained a lot since FxPro has been operating, and it is to be expected that during all that time we may have seen some opinion of its users being more positive than another regarding the service they can offer.

What we haven’t seen is an opinion about it being a scam or that they are going to keep the money of the users. In this sense, this regulated by the FCA is a substantial seal of quality.

FxPro’s trading conditions

According to the opinions of its users, an experienced person who knows the stock market well can earn enough.

As an investment platform, FxPro is quite professional, very reliable and with complete statistics that are updated continuously. It can be adapted perfectly to a novice user since it gives the possibility of copying investment strategies of other people and establishing control of how much we are willing to risk.

A priori, if we look at the general atmosphere that is breathed in forums about FxPro gives the feeling that there is a general climate of satisfaction between traders and FxPro.

It can be said that FxPro is a right and legitimate broker of FOREX and CFDs based on the opinions of its users. Also, FxPro is a broker that has received numerous awards naming him the best FOREX broker in several consecutive years.

FxPro is a broker that has been awarded the prize of “Best FOREX broker” in 2008 and 2009 by different financial magazines.

One of the things that may be a disadvantage is that to open an FxPro account the minimum deposit is a little high (500 USD) and they do not have any bonus available for new users.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
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  • Binomo

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But in any case this does not mean that they are not severe or reliable, it is not important if we want to look for a broker with guarantees like FxPro.

FxPro offers us more than 10 different platforms to trade. In this sense, it may be the broker that provides more platforms to its users. Its best-known platform is known as “cTrader”, which is a web-based platform that does not need any software installation to be able to operate. FxPro also offers us the great Metatrader trading platform.

Like most brokers, FxPro offers us the possibility of operating through platforms for mobile phones and tablets (Android and Apple).

FxPro affords us a wide range of financial underlying to work, precisely more than 140 among which are: FOREX, Commodities, Stock indices, Metals.

FxPro’s customer service

The commercial policy of the broker is to attract clients by their trading conditions and their transparency and not by aggressive promotions or promotions that often have hidden states.

FxPro also has a small educational section, composed of several webinars and online seminars. They usually offer several per week and even and, in some of them, large economic events and live fairs are analyzed.

Within this training center, we have two subsections; one’s for novices and another’s for expert traders, where initiation guides and other more advanced ones are presented so that we carry out our FOREX operations and with CFDs.

Likewise, it is important to talk about one of the main advantages offered by this broker, and that’s the technical support it has. If we have any problem or doubt, we can solve them quickly by sending an email or by calling a telephone number

The trading tools, the variety of accounts or the media with which you count on for your negotiations, are critical elements that must be taken into account when choosing a broker for your investments. However, all this would not make sense if the said broker was fraudulent or illegal. With FxPro this will not be a problem since on its homepage you can see the stamp of many institutions that are responsible for regulating the proper use of this economic activity.

This is a broker that can also be used for beginners but is especially suitable for experienced traders, especially for those who use automatic trading systems or scalpers. In FxPro any trading strategy is allowed without restrictions (hedging, expert advisors, scalping…)

After having analyzed the trading platform in FOREX FxPro, we can conclude that it is highly recommended to operate in the market and be able to invest according to your experience.

Among the main advantages you can find liquidity with Tier 1 suppliers, you can operate with prices from suppliers, orders are executed before 50 ms in 99.9%. Investments are in complete anonymity, there are higher orders, the account has a demo, there are different trading platforms, and it has a mobile application.

If you are thinking of investing in FOREX or would like to learn to work with CFD, do not hesitate and choose this broker to carry out these actions. With everything it offers, what else can you ask for?

Is FxPro the best?

Now that we know FxPro is definitely not a scam broker, we should move on to “Is FxPro the best forex brokers for you?” Well, let’s compare FxPro with the top brokers in the market right now to find the answer.


As of credibility, yes, FxPro is reliable, but there are other brokers who have acquired the same regulations as FxPro. Exness has acquired CySEC and FCA forex regulations, which is the same as FxPro. XM is one of the best regulated brokers as it has a regulation from UK, which is FCA. It also obtains CySEC from Cyprus and ASIC from Australia. Hotforex currently have acquired three trusted and famous regulations, which are CySEC, FSCA, and FSC. Therefore, in terms of reliability, Exness, XM, and HotForex is just no more and no less than FxPro.

Moreover, those 3 brokers are even better, because they are one of the biggest forex brokers in the world, judging by the trading volume. Trading volume can imply how many people choose to trade with them. The trading volume of Exness, XM, and HotForex are more superior than that of FxPro, specifically as following:

Exness, XM, and HotForex all have tighter spreads. I’ll take the most common currency pair, EURUSD, as an example.

  • Exness has Classic account, whose spreads are only around 0.7 pip. Check Exness spreads.
  • In the past, XM was one of the brokers that have really high spread. However, in December 2020, XM introduced the Ultra Low account. This account offers a very competitive spread rate, at about 0.8 pip. So now, XM can confidently claim that they are among the top lowest spread brokers. Check XM Ultra Low account.
  • HotForex’s spread has always stayed at an acceptable rate, at around 1.1 pips. Yet, it is still surely lower than that of FxPro. Check HotForex spreads.

And finally, when it comes to customer service, Exness, XM, and HotForex all do a better job than FxPro. While FxPro supports customers 24/5, the others have service as following:

  • Exness supports 18 languages 24/7 CHECK DETAILS
  • XM supports 23 languages 24/7 CHECK DETAILS
  • HotForex support 27 languages CHECK DETAILS

FxPro Review


Founded in 2006, FxPro has established a reputation as a global Forex broker that is here to stay. The brokerage had remarkable success and now serves retail traders as well as institutional clients from over 170 countries. FxPro is a well-regulated company with licenses from five different regulators and continues to grow. During our FxPro review we found that that the broker currently offers CFDs on six different asset classes, boasts Tier 1 capital in excess of €100,000,000 and serves traders with lightning gas execution times of less than 11.06 ms while execution just shy of 7,000 trades per second. That being said, the broker is obligated to divulge that approximately 77 percent of traders lose money when trading with FxPro.

FxPro appears to be a true NDD (no dealing desk broker) which offers excellent market access to all types of traders. According to the latest data available for 2020, 74.65% of trades were executed at quote price, 12.81% experienced positive slippage and 12.53% negative slippage. 98.60% of trades were executed without a re-quote, 0.72% with a positive re-quote and 0.68% with a negative re-quote. A comprehensive educational and research department complement the reliable trading environment traders enjoy. The remainder of this FxPro review will focus on specific details of what the company offers (or doesn’t offer) it’s traders. Read on to see if FxPro is right for you.

Regulation and Security

FxPro UK LTD is authorized and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 509956. Client funds remain segregated, and traders are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000. The FCA is one of the most respected regulators in the world and clients of FxPro can rest assured that their funds are protected, secured and insured.

FxPro Financial Services LTD is authorized and registered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 078/07. Trader funds are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (CIF) and as an EU member, the MiFID II regulatory framework as well as the 4 th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive also apply. In addition, cross-border regulation in all EU member countries is also applicable.

FxPro Financial Services LTD is also authorized and registered by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority under authorisation number 45052. FxPro Global Markets MENA LTD is authorised and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority under reference number F003333. FxPro Global Markets LTD is authorised and regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas under license number SIA-F184.

There is no question that the regulation offered by FxPro is respectable and should provide a solid sense of security for traders worldwide. FxPro traders also enjoy negative balance protection in case leveraged positions are exposed to natural market events which would otherwise result in a negative balance.

Financial Conduct Authority regulation of FxPro UK LTD

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulation of FxPro Financial Services LTD

South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority regulation of FxPro Financial Services LTD

Dubai Financial Services Authority regulation of FxPro Global Markets MENA LTD

Securities Commission of The Bahamas regulation of FxPro Global Markets LTD

FxPro generates its revenues from a combination of spreads and commissions. Spreads on the EUR/USD start from 1.5 pips in the MT4 Trading Platform and 0.2 pips in the cTrader platform where commissions apply. Traders can check detailed commissions for each asset on the cTrader platform on the company’s website. FxPro is upfront and transparent on all trading costs involved; swap rates, positive as well as negative also apply and are passed on to traders.

Swap rates can easily be checked from inside the MT4 trading platform for full transparency at all times.

In the cTrader platform, traders can access all the information from the deal ticket by clicking on the “Information” button when placing a market order. We did notice that the commission for this broker is on the high side of the spectrum.

What Can I Trade?

FxPro offers a total of six asset classes which allows trader to operate a diversified cross-asset portfolio. With over 70 currency pairs, this broker shines in the Forex market; future and spot indices are also well represented while share trading is limited to a selection of major names and spot metals as well as spot energies are reduced to the minimum. The true NDD execution model is the prime selling point for FxPro, but the limited share trading may be a turn-off for some traders.

Leverage is offered to all traders and depends on which asset is traded as well as on the lot size. The broker’s website has a full list of all the assets and the available leverage so that you can know in advance exactly what you’ll be getting.

Account Types

FxPro has always been a keen supporter of transparency and fairness in the Forex industry, and it has made every effort to hard to eradicate conflicts of interest between broker and client.

According to FxPro CEO, Charalambos Psimolophitis, “We provide our clients with not only superior educational resources and trading tools but also with a guarantee of their funds’ safety. In an industry where it is taken for granted that slippage almost always goes against the client, we are pleased to demonstrate that this is not in fact the case.”

FxPro is committed to providing its clients with full trade reporting and support. In this regard, it posts its monthly slippage statistics right on the website. Traders can choose between instant execution and market execution a feature not made available by many other Forex brokers. They also offer advanced order-matching and execution technologies that are continuously upgraded.

Trading Platforms

FxPro offers the full suite of the MT4 as well as the MT5 trading platforms. This includes desktop versions as well as mobile version plus a web trader version. MT4 remains the most popular trading platform as millions have been invested in order to create custom solutions which enhance the trading experience. A comprehensive suite of automated trading solutions, called EA (expert advisors) in the MetaTrader universe, are also available with countless more being created. When it comes to online Forex trading, MT4 has established itself as the market leader and with available additions it can indeed become a powerful gateway to financial markets.

MT5 is the failed successor of MT4 and due to the inability to hedge positions as well as the absence of cross-platform support for existing MT4 solutions, it has never been able to achieve the success of the MT4. For new traders who have no existing MT4 applications and who don’t require hedging, the MT5 platform may be worth a consideration; despite a fresher looking interface, the MT4 remains the dominant trading platform offer by MetaQuotes.

Traders who don’t have trading solutions based on the MT4 code, are highly recommended to take advantage of the cTrader platform which is offered by FxPro. This platform offers the best trading conditions, raw spreads at the price of commissions, and is fully equipped to handle automated trading solutions and traders can easily create their own from inside the platform. The best available bid and ask prices are offered as the cTrader platform is the preferred choice for ECN operations and traders get better market depth though the cTrader platform while analytics tools are superior to unmodified MT4/MT5 solutions.

The minimum deposit for all three trading platforms is $500 and the MT4 account comes with fixed spreads if desired while the cTrader offers the lowest spreads.

MT4 trading platform is available with the full suite of desktop, mobile and web-based applications.

The MT5 trading platform is also offered for those traders who have no existing MT4 trading applications but prefer to remain within the MetaQuotes offering.

cTrader offers traders the best trading conditions and remains the recommended trading platform for all traders who don’t have existing trading solutions which operate on the MT4 infrastructure.

Unique Features

The most unique feature offered by FxPro remains its NDD execution model which is at the core of its trading environment. FxPro is home to over 1.3 million trading accounts which have trusted this broker with their capital and helped grow it into one of the best brokerages available today. The broker claims to have executed over 370,000,000 orders at the time of this FxPro review. Another key feature for Forex traders who manage their accounts with automated trading solutions is the FxPro VPS service, but the price tag of $30 per month is rather unfortunate; traders who qualify as premium account holders will get it for free.

The tremendous growth of FxPro has led to numerous sponsorships over the years which include three Formula1 teams, four football clubs, two rally championships and over 22 events. This is more likely a marketing gimmick than anything else, as it provides no real benefit to the traders.

VPS hosting is a great tool offered, but the $30 per month price is unacceptable; trading commissions charged on the cTrader platform are already elevated and should cover this crucial service for automated trading solutions.

Research and Education

FxPro offers in-house research while it has also partnered with Trading Central in order to offer a third-party solution to its clients. The educational section is very comprehensive and an excellent starting point for new traders. FxPro has done a fantastic in both departments which complement the trading conditions offered; the attention to detail and fresh content is respectable.


The research section is divided into the following categories: Economic Calendar, Earnings Calendar, Market Holidays, FxPro Market News and Technical Analysis by Trading Central. The Economic Calendar is very straightforward and gives traders an overview of all events scheduled for the session and their potential impact. It is well structured and easy to navigate, offers explanations as well as limited historic data.

Since FxPro does offer share trading as well as spot indices, it is nice that this broker also offers an Earnings Calendar; it is split into the following categories: Earnings, Shares Ex-Dividends and Spot Indices Dividend Adjustment. A very simple, but well-thought through calendar. Market holidays often lack the attention, but committed traders want to be aware of them as it will have an impact on assets. The FxPro Market Holidays section is very detailed and highlights which assets are impacted.

This brings us to the two prime sections of the research department, the in-house FxPro Market News and the third-party Technical Analysis by Trading Central section. Plenty of fresh research and analysis updated several times during each trading day, makes the FxPro Market news section a nice read during a trading break. The content is further divided into sections such as Daily Outlook, Market Snapshots and Crypto Review.

Each analysis under the Market Snapshots section is rather quick, and traders who were looking for a more detailed analysis will be disappointed. The Daily Outlook is also very brief and touches on the key aspects without going deep into details. The Crypto Review offers the most content but remains far from comprehensive.

A much more detailed analytics service is offer to clients through the FxPro Partnership with Trading Central, a leader in independent research. Traders get access to hundreds of trading idea each session as Trading Central covers overt 8,000 assets. This is a solid service and many new traders will make it a staple of their daily trading routine. Trading Central is one of the premier services for brokers to outsource capital-intensive, time consuming analytics and research.


The comprehensive educational section is divided into Basics, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Psychology, Trading tests, video tutorials and Webinars & Events. It is a well-designed, interactive course and new traders are highly recommended to take advantage of it in order to broaden their knowledge base. The courses offered do a great introductory job to trading.

The Basics section is further divided into Beginner and Advanced and consist of nine sections with a test at the end.

The Fundamental Analysis and the Technical Analysis sections follow the same format, are split into Beginner and Advanced and come with cards as well as videos. The progress bars give traders an idea of where they are on their educational path.

One thing that we really appreciated during this FxPro review was that the broker dedicated an entire section to trading psychology, which may be the biggest challenge for all traders to master.

The Trading tests section offers a nice finish to the educational course.

Unfortunately, the video tutorials have been buried in the FAQ section at the bottom under a Watch and Learn category. It would have been nice if they would be presented in their own and traders who wish to browse the videos are better advised to do so on the official Youtube channel of FxPro. At the time of this review, there were no Webinars which was surprising considering the popularity of webinars these days and the offering of webinars by so many other brokers.

Customer Support

FxPro customer support is best accessed through the Live Chat feature, but traders can also request a call back, contact them via phone, send an e-mail or stop by at one of their office locations. The multi-lingual support team is available 24/5, but it is highly unlikely that many traders will require their assistance. The FAQ section handles all major questions, but it is good to know that in case of an emergency, a qualified support team stands by to assist.

Bonuses and Promotions

At the time of this review, no bonuses or promotions were offered by FxPro.

Opening an Account

Accounts are opened fast though an online application which is the standard operating procedure in today’s market place. After the quick application, traders need to submit a copy of their ID and proof of residence as mandated by regulators in order to address AML/KYC compliance. At the bottom of the sign-up form, under “Entity” traders may be able to select which of the operating subsidiaries they prefer; this is based on location.

Deposits and Withdrawals

FxPro offers a nice range of payment options inside its FxPro Wallet. Payment options include wire transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and UnionPay. The choices depend on the location of the trader, and FxPro has created a great page where the entire process is explained in detail. In general, this broker doesn’t charge for deposits and withdrawals, but a 2.6% fee applies if a withdrawal is requested without any trading activity and the processing time ranges from instant to just one working day; this also applies to wire transfers with restrictions based on location. Third-party bank fees may apply. Traders can easily move funds between multiple trading accounts inside their FxPro Wallet.

FxPro Review


FxPro has always been a leader in the forex industry since 2006, it has distanced itself from the pack in every way possible.


Broker FxPro
Website URL www.fxpro.co.uk
Founded 2006
Headquarters 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ
Support Number +44 (0) 203 151 5550, Local calls toll free – 08000 463 050
Minimum 1st Deposit 100$
Leverage 1:500
Spread from 0.4 points
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulation FCA (number 509956) и CySEC (license 078/07)
Types of Assets Forex, CFD, Futures, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Energy, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Overall Score 8/10

Full Review

Trading platform and support

FxPro allows you to choose your preferred operating environment. In addition to the highly popular Metatrader4 set-ups, the firm also offers MT5 and cTrader. Additional support is also provided for the trader on the go by means of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and the Android devices. FxPro is committed to quality and providing the highest standard for customer support. Each rep has been expertly trained to handle a wide assortment of issues and to get you going quickly on to your path for success, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. FxPro offers dedicated support in 18 languages.


  • Access to FxPro EA Library
  • Autotrading platform provided
  • Client Funds are Insured
  • Clients are kept in Segregated Accounts
  • Comprehensive range of FX Tools at the trader’s disposal
  • Dedicated 24/5 customer support
  • FCA & CYSEC Regulated
  • Multiple choices of trading platforms
  • Negative Balance Protection on all platforms


FxPro UK Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (registration no. 509956). FxPro Financial Services Limited is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (license no. 078/07).

If we find complaints about FxPro, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:

Account types and deposits

FxPro offers MT4 account types with Instant or Market Execution, and also a Fixed Spread option.

MT5, cTrader and Supertrader accounts are also provided.

Free Demo Accounts are Available.

The deposits and withdrawals are accepted in all major types, including Mastercard and Visa.


A veteran management team of financial experts created FxPro in 2006, and they have never looked back. Their platforms now process over 5,000 trades per second, and 99.9% of all orders are executed within 50 milliseconds. The firm has won multiple awards for its expertise and leadership in the foreign exchange industry since it entered the fray, and regulatory compliance and best practices are always the rule. As their mission states, “FxPro’s mission is to provide superior trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances; to educate people about the markets, empowering them to take control of their finances by making forex accessible to all; and to promote transparency and fair trading practices by leading the way and campaigning for their adoption across the entire industry.” FxPro has definitely achieved elite status, such that, if you strive to be with the best, then FxPro may be the broker for you.


I stated to trade with FxPro and learned a lot about FX with the demo account and perfect customer support. They offer very good materials and explanations. Highly recommend this company for beginners. You can start with a demo-account and then test your capabilities on live-account.

I like FxPro, because it is very universal broker. They provide a wide range of services and can offer something interesting for every trader. And there are no limits in trading styles. The platforms and customer support are very qualitative. And it is very convenient for mobile trading. I work with this broker and recommend it to my friends.

After tons of good reviews i started to work with FxPro. Tight spreads, variety of trading platforms, really polite and helpful customer support. I didnt make huge amount of money here, but i have good feelings about my trading future. Wish me luck all!

Оn my first sight – very nice broker. They have several types of international licences and provide good account protection. Verification process is quite serious. Execution on the Ctrader is quite good. Good support team and informative website. Fast and easy withdrawals within a few hours. Cooperate with them not for a long time, but very pleased for that time. Success to everybody! Trade well!

Really nice FxPro provides variety of trading platforms. Its possible to choose one perfectly suitable for you. As for me i like ctrader much more. MT platform is the most popular ofc but not perfect for me, comparing with ctrader. Also you have access to variety of trader’s instruments: for example FxPro quant and Autochartist.

When I chose a broker, I looked on reliability of the company. FxPro is one of the most well-known companies in the forex world. I have 1 year experience of trading with them without any negative issues. This broker provide really high level of service: stable connection, fast execution, clear conditions, useful webmobile tools, professional customer service and fast deposit/withdrawal. Also, they offer very tight spreads. Last time I have stable profits. So I have never regret about my choice. Also I want to add that all my funds are covered by the compensation scheme up to 20000 euro. Fxpro is very professional and trustworthy european broker.

FxPro is the best broker that I know. I trade with them more than 2 years. The order execution is satisfactory. As to trading conditions, they are just like many other top brokers, not much better not much worse. Their main advantage is reliability, so if you can trade in general, you will make profitable trades, as the broker is not making obstacles.

I really enjoy their platform, it is very stable in work. Never have freezes or other problems with it. Execution is well. Very convenient and intuitive UI with the wide variety of tools. Also, I want to note that their customer service always works smoothly and there are no problems with the withdrawal of profits.

Hi, guys. Good review. Thank you. Honestly i was totally newbie, when started to trade with FxPro. I knew only several common terms. That’s it. So demo account, educational materials etc. And through the pain and mistakes i grew up to an experienced broker. So i can say it is a good broker even for novice. Not only for advanced users.

I am new in FxPro and so far I don’t regret that I chose it. Good support, tight spreads on major pairs, cool platform – very innovative and user-friendly. Fast and easy depositwithdrawal process. A lot of opportunities to build your strategies and use EA’s.

Yo trabajo con fxpro durante unos cuatro meses con un depósito relativamente pequeño. No estoy reclamando. La ejecución de pedidos es casi perfecta, las condiciones comerciales también son aceptables, la conclusión fue aprobada sin problemas.

FxPro is one of the most reliable brokers for me. I was looking for a good forex company for 1 year and I found this broker. FxPro provides good support that always helps their clients. Very good and fair trading conditions. And there is a good demo account too.

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by the fxpro services. Very professional customer support service, high speed of order execution and easy transections. Very good and reliable forex broker.

I learned to trade with FxPro. They have very good demo account, superior online support and interesting webinars. Now I trade on real account. Everything is ok. Satisfied with service they provide.

Fxpro Reviews

95 • Average

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 95

Fxpro is no doubt a big forex broker…

Fxpro is no doubt a big forex broker which makes it easier for you to trust them, i thought i knew what i was doing and in control but it turns out i wasn’t and had already lost $84500 before i got the message. I tried and tried to withdraw my money but they just wouldn’t let it happen and my account manager only seem to care about more deposits so i reached out to the Recovery Agent Mr Bart Kasch who helped me retrieve my money from them. Got his contact from a close friend and he has been helping me ever since, you can reach him RecoveryEx, com

Agressive sellers keep calling

Keep calling me (from different numbers) even though I’ve said I have NO interest.

Started an account (did not complete the account) to get a look at the side and the demo account.

Over the last 3 days they have called several times a day with agressive sellers. Told them I have no interest. Wrote support – asked them to delete my account. No effect.

Stay away from this company.

All thanks to Mrs Betty who help me to…

All thanks to Mrs Betty who help me to recover all my lost funds and profits back from my scam broker click on my profile to get her email address or WhatsApp number she honest..

I was once a victim of losing my funds…

I was once a victim of losing my funds to scam brokers until I got help from Mrs Elizabeth who helped me recover back my lost funds and helped me with her masterclass strategy to earn $4,800 weekly. You can click on my profile to get her email address and her WhatsApp number

fxpro would not allow you with draw

fxpro would not allow you with draw , i was a victim and was able to get my money back with the help of a recovery firm.
do not suffer in silence.I lost $19,000 and got it back
seek refund now

After getting back my money with the…

After getting back my money with the help of recovery(details on profile), I gave myself some time to get back and when i was ready someone ask me to try Fxpro and since i have been using them now for the past 3months i have been in love with them, I trade,withdraw and keep trading.

The end of a Love story

Not quite sure what’s happening.

I’ve had a VIP account with them for years with over a million in deposits. And all of a sudden as corona came they kept calling and calling wanting more and more information about all my sources of income. As I am sending all and before I could finish sending everything they just terminated all my accounts without notice.

The Cyprus customer support is highly incompetent. They asked for my business financials in Jamaica. So I provided and told them it’s in my local currency then when I called they made it sound like I gave false info on my income
Because the numbers don’t match (because they did not consider local currency).

They used to be one of the best brokers but now have seem to turn into a side show.

I’ve called the FXPro UK branch to transfer my account to UK and it seems to be the same Cypriots in UK as well. The First Lady I spoke to She offered to email me something which she didn’t then I called back to another guy and he was very rude and trying to come off the phone.

It is obviously not meant for any serious traders anymore. If you want to deposit 100s to FxPro and scalp then it seems you’ll have no issue but if you deposit a lot.

Oh and if you use any VPN service that shows you might be in America. Don’t expect that showing all proof that you’re not American will suffice. I sent my TOURIST VISAs which would be void had I been any resident but because I used a vpn they kept asking me the same thing.

Info relayed to one rep didn’t seem to get to anyone else. It’s a complete mess and I simply can’t believe my beloved fxpro I’ve been witj for so long has gone so far down the hole.

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