Hellominer Review is Hello Miner a Scam or Should I Invest

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Thread: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

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Is Happy Miner A Scam?

I want to know if anybody has ever traded a happy miners account, and if you can actually make money out of it?

I recently found out about this and as I understand it people trade game accounts from happyminer.com and make a lot of money by selling them through virtaex or through forums. On the one hand it makes sense to me because I used to play world of warcraft and I know, for that game the accounts used to sell for quite good money. However, with this game is weird because I cannot find any information about the makers of the game or the company associated with it, or the history of the game. It all seems rather mysterious to me.

Anyways I was hoping some of you might know anything about it, and if this actually works, thanks!

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Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Ya know I hear alot about companies like this. There was one sweatshop in Mexico where the workers mined and powerleveled and traded for real money to lazy people in the real world.

Then I realized these Mexicans were in air conditioned rooms, siting down, and play friggin video games. And idiots would pay the company millions a year.

Now I know these workers would make $5 to $8 a day laying concrete, so I didn’t feel that bad for them. I betcha Happy Miner is legit, they need positive reviews to stay in business. Now the video game companies might ban your character or something like that but that’s on you and them.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Yeah these companies are everywhere nowadays. Be careful for the Chinese ones though.. they tend to scam a lot.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

I am always on the lookout for any sites that claim to give some unrealistic salary. You can easily know one when they start telling you how much you can make for just working for around 3 hours per day.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Thanks. This is the best way to earn money in online.I got $10 as my payment in following few steps and it was directly credited to my paypal ccount.

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

I purchased Happy Miner account from Virtaex in January, it had exactly 5000 gold, after 4 months I finally reached 5100 gold and then I couldn’t access my account anymore as password and e-mail have been changed and I’m not sure if it was done by Happy Miner or someone just got access to my account (although I used secure password for sure!). I’ve tried to contact them from their website where they claimed to reply within 24 hours, but now more then a week have passed already, so I have lost any hope to get my account back.

So be carefully using them, as I have already lost $10 I invested for the account and lost possibility to sell it for more then $20.

Thank you for reading!

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Hello people. I’m here just to show you proof that this system is legit and is working. My payment proof is below and I cashed out $10:

Re: Is Happy Miner A Scam?

Unfortunately happy miner is a scam.

2020 I found happy miner and I bought one account and waited for while and then I sold the account and I gained some profit. Then i bought five accounts and I hold them for a little bit longer. Again I got money more than I had invested. I thought hey this works so I bought few expensive accounts since you get more money for selling them. Everytime I changed the password when I got the new account. I started waiting again. Six months later when I was ready to sell my accounts and I would have made over 10 000usd for selling them it happend. All the account that I had bought from virtaex where gone. Then I found that there where lot’s of other people who had complain that they had the same problem. Most off the complain was that after the paypal 44 days protection period was over the accounts disapeared. Virtaex admin said that it’s not he’s problem if the accounts where gone.
Also I wrote this warning on virtaex forum and after a while the admin removed all the bad complains from the forum because he wanted to hide the truth that this is a scam.
Usually when some one reports the scam then suddenly on that forum shows up some one who starts telling that the system works etc.
I actually made couple account’s that started from the zero that they don’t have any value on selling. When I lost my accounts that I bought from virtaex these couple account are still left. They didn’t disapear because I didn’t bought them from virtaex.

In the forum there was writing also that some one had happy miner coupons and used those to get more value on his account. Then he tried to sell the account for virtaex and he never got the money from the account. Virtaex admin sayed that the account was fake. Virtaex didn’t pay for that account since the seller hadn’t bought it from virtaex.

This is a classic scam. They pay you small money so you would invest more money and then you lost those money.

I don’t know how things are today since paypal extended the protection for 180 days. But I wouldn’t invest any money for this virtaex or happy miner no matter how many people will come here to show their proof of getting money. I think that the owners from virtaex are doing this so they would keep scamming more people.

Has Coinbox Miner been reported as a scam?

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It may be a scam, I don’t use them so I wouldn’t know for sure. Here’s something from a website.

“Offering just one cryptocurrency, usually the bitcoin, is not very typical of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Usually they offer at least of the more popular 3-5 altcoins for trading to make their existence feasible, but there are some, like Bisq and LiteBit who offer tens, or even hundreds of cryptocurrencies for trading, some of them really obscure and exotic. There, however, are others like Luno , who similarly offer just bitcoin trading.”

Personally, I wouldn’t get involved in something that not many people understand.

MinerGate Review

Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

MinerGate cloud mining company review

When cryptocurrency was started, mining was first done by the techies from comforts of their house with the assistance of their computers. It is true that a simple laptop or desktop would mine numerous Bitcoins without any cost. However, as an ever-increasing number of individuals got engaged with this mining game, the difficulty has increased a lot, making mining from a laptop and PC’s impractical. There are still great chances, thanks to the mining hardware companies! Many companies have started to make great mining equipment that enables individuals to keep profiting from Bitcoin. While some companies are introducing smart software that makes the entire procedure of cryptocurrency mining a breeze. A decent option that has been embraced by the cryptocurrency lovers is MinerGate. Here is everything you need to know about MinerGate cloud mining company.

This review will provide you with information and facts about MinerGate that will enable you to decide for yourself on whether to mine your cryptocurrency on the platform or not. It has provided users with detailed information about the company and guided information on how to carry various steps while transacting on this platform and sampled some of the reviews on what users on Reddit say.

What is MinerGate? How it works?

MinerGate is one of the best cryptocurrency mining companies with clients from across the globe. It is registered in the United States and has a vast following of more than a million users from different countries of the globe. The platform is popular for being the first digital asset mining pool that has provisions for merged mining. The platform has many remarkable features that make it unique and preferable for beginners compared to other cryptocurrency mining platforms. some of these features include, Smart Mining feature, users affiliate program and merged mining among many others. Merged mining is a feature that simply means that you can mine different coins simultaneously without a reduction in the hash rate.

MinerGate was founded in March 2020 by, Crypto coin Enthusiasts which is a group of developers. The establishment began as a mining company based on Crypto note but with time, it has grown to become a multi-pool mining company. The company comprises of a CEO, Claude Lecomte and a number of crypto currency mining experts who work closely together to provide users with the best features available in the market. Very little information about Crypto coin Enthusiasts is available online but you can easily contact the group through their email address at [email protected] The mining platform supports all countries of the world and their clients from all over the world can mine digital assets using this platform. MinerGate has data centers distributed in all regions across the globe.

It is important to note that the company is majorly a mining pool and not a cloud mining company. The main role played by MinerGate is creating a multi-cryptocurrency mining pool which miners can be part of. With MinerGate software, the miners can join the pool and select from the different altcoins available or let system decide for them utilizing the feature of smart mining. Because of auto mine functions that they call as smart mining feature, it is possible to automatically do mining and earn the most profitable coins from hash power purchased or owned. To use this service, the MinerGate charges 1%-1.5% pool fees. The payouts are based on PPLNS or PPS methods that are deducted from daily earnings.

The platform offers merged mining and therefore you can mine different coins without a reduction in hash rate. Minergate offers you the highest exchange rates and therefore you can mine and make high profits on the platform. this profit can instantly be deposited in your wallet. The cryptocurrency mining platform has amazing features one of them\m being it provides its own in the built wallet. Hashing24 company, a cloud mining service provider based in Scotland provides the platforms’ hash power for bitcoin cloud mining. The company uses recent development with ASIC miner chips to maintain low mining costs which consequently result in higher mining profit levels. Air and Immersion cooling Technology is utilized by the company to minimize cost and expenses.

Cryptocurrencies supported by MinerGate

At MinerGate, customers have the choice of mining different types of cryptocurrency. some of the currencies that can be mined at MinerGate include, Aeon, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bytecoin, Dash, DigitalNote, DigitalNote, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Fantomcoin, Infinium-8, Litecoin, Monero, MonetaVerde, QuazarCoin and Zcash

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MinerGate: How it works?

MinerGate is a simple and user-friendly cryptocurrency mining platform. You only need to download the app from Google play store, create an account and in no time, start mining. Alternatively, customers of this platform can mine digital assets using the web-based interface provided by MinerGate. The software is available on Windows, Linux Ubuntu, Fedora and on Mac. Mining fees are between 1% to 1.5%. For PPS payments, MinerGate charges a 1.5% fee awhile for PPLNS. A 1% fee is deducted from your account.

MinerGate also has a referral program through which miners can benefit. They stand a chance to earn extra income of up to 30 % to 75% through the referral program bonus availed by the platform. To earn the affiliate program bonuses, you must have made more than 30 successful referrals. Beginners and old users also have the advantage of earning 30% of taxes made by your referrals.

Miners can also take advantage of MinerGate’s GUI miner which facilitates mining of Ethereum and Crypto Note and Ethereum mining by downloading it from the internet.

To mine cryptocurrency on MinerGate you need to sign up on the platform by going to MinerGate website (minergate.com) and opening the MinerGate Signup Page.

On this page, all users including beginners need to provide their email address and preferred Password in order to Signup. This is followed by email verification. After verification, you need to log in with the email address and password you used in signing up. This is followed by downloading the Software

To download the software from your account’s dashboard, navigate to Downloads option and Download a Miner that works best for your device. This is automated and the Website automatically selects a miner that is best suited for your gadget

You will then need to install the Software. To do this you just need to click on the software and follow the installation steps provided. Once you are through with installing the software, you can start mining almost immediately. You can also make use of the Benchmark feature that allows the platform scrutinize your hardware and provide you with information on how much you can achieve on this platform. The benchmark feature helps you determine whether your devices’ CPU and GPU are suitable for cryptocurrency mining.

MinerGate has maintained a reputation for offering high-quality services to it users. The platform has a 24 hour reliable and efficient support team that deals with users and instantly responds to the needs of all its clients. Beginners can seek advice on how to identify the best coin o mine from the service.

Is MinerGate a scam?

This as a common question asked by many investors, Is MinerGate a scam? Is MinerGate legit? The answer is definitely a yes. MinerGate is not a scam, it is a legit company that is registered in the United States of America. The operations of this company are licensed to ensure it operates within the law governing institutions that deal with digital assets. It can be trusted and you can invest your funds comfortably without the fear of losing them to the company or other malicious persons. The company has been in operation since 2020 and it has managed to garner a large following of up to over 1 million customers the company gives you the rare opportunity of cloud mining your own currency which is an amazing feature lacking in many other similar cryptocurrency mining companies. With its well laid out structure, it has provided a perfect alternative for mining cryptocurrency. All procedures and transactions on cloud mining and other activities are carried out in a clear and transparent manner to ensure every user has every bit of detail on the operations of their funds. The company also works in partnership with popular institutions of cloud mining that have a clean record of not engaging in any fraud activities.

Users of MinerGate have mixed reactions to this question; Is MinerGate legit? Almost half of the users of the platform say it is legit. Also based on what users say on Reddit, we can conclude that MinerGate is legit

Is MinerGate safe?

Yes. MinerGate is a safe cloud mining platform where you can invest your digital assets, mine and make profits.

Security Measures At MinerGate: Ways to use in order to protect your account

Before deciding on investing your funds on any platform, security is a major factor put into consideration. The question they ask themselves is ‘MinerGate Safe?’. MinerGate has put in place several security measures to ensure all funds invested in the platform are stored securely, away from access by an unauthorized person and from losses.

Data encryption, how it works?

One of the security measures taken by MinerGate to enhance the security of customers account is data encryption. MinerGate owns an SSL certificate for their website. This certificate is beneficial in that it ensures that all communication from your browser to the platforms’ website servers is encrypted. Encrypted communication cannot be accessed by people with malicious intentions neither can eavesdroppers gain access to it. This means all communications between your browser and the website servers are encrypted, keeping your mining investment safe and secure.

2 Step Verification Procedure and how it works?

Step Verification is one of the main ways of protecting your account from any malicious activity. It is the responsibility of a user to enable 2-step verification.

Enabling 2-step verification,( 2-factor authentication) as a security measure is critical as it is possible to identify you using a special code generated on your mobile device at an interval of 30 seconds and also using your password. The feature provides two layers of security which are not easy to crack. MinerGate has implemented a2-step Verification to enhance the security of tour funds sand the account as well. You can easily activate this security feature from your profile section. It is strongly recommended to activate this feature as it protects your account from access buys unauthorized malicious individuals.

How to set up a 2-step Verification for your account

Log in to your MinerGate account and go to your profile. Go to 2-step Verification and click on ‘Enable’. You then need to go to Google Play Store and download Google Authenticator app for iOS systems and Android mobile devices. Type the key manually or scan the QR code provided with the Google Authenticator app. Type your password and the code generated in the authenticator app then Click on the “Enable” tab. To disable the 2FA security feature, you need to go to your profile and click on the “Disable” button. Enter the verification code and password.

Use of strong, unique passwords as a security measure

To answer the question is MinerGate safe? Users are also responsible for the safety and security of their accounts. There is need to choose a strong password which should be unique password strong unique passwords cannot be hacked or leaked to unauthorized malicious persons. You should use different passwords for different websites to narrow the chances of hacking. setting up 2-step verification and making use of a unique and complex password, on your MinerGate account is a major step in making sure that your funds invested at MinerGate are safe and secure

MinerGate Mobile App and how it works?

MinerGate cloud mining platform has a mobile app that can be downloaded from Google play store. The app for Android and iOS mobile devices is suitable for beginners as it is easy to get along with a feature of MinerGate that enables users to transact and participate in cloud mining activity from the comfort of their homes. The application also enables users and beginners monitor their mining activity using charts and tables provided by the digital assets mining platform and provides a ground on which miners can communicate and share ideas with their fellow miners.

Is MinerGate Legit?

This review is to help answer the question Is MinerGate Legit? It is difficult to conclude on the legitimacy of the mining company as very little information is available on the location of the company. According to what users say on Reddit, the founders and owners of the company are not listed on the internet. Based on what users say on Reddit, several users have doubts about the legitimacy of this company and they ask this common question, Is MinerGate Legit?

Features of MinerGate

MinerGate is one platform offering some of the best features you won’t find in any other digital asset mining platform. The features are unique and easy to get along with. Of the many features available at the platform, below are some of them that you should not miss out

Smart Mining and how it works?

With the wide variety of digital assets offered at MinerGate, it may be an uphill task to determine which of them all is the best coin to mine. Smart Mining feature provided by the platform makes the task much easier to accomplish. Users can now make use of this feature to determine which is the best coin to mine. Don’t you think this is exactly what you need?

Profitability Calculator and how it works?

The profit calculator feature offered by MinerGate is just amazing! Miners have the ability to calculate and determine their potential profit levels for each hour, day, and week month and so on. It also determines which is the best coin to mine.

Merged Mining

Merged mining is a feature that simply means that you can mine different coins simultaneously without a reduction in the hash rate On MinerGate, users have the opportunity of using merged mining feature to mine more than one cryptocurrency at any given time without a reduction hash power/rate.

MinerGate Reward Program and how it works?

Through the MinerGate Reward Program, miners have the chance to receive great awards of badges depending on the quantity they mine. Several prizes are up for grabs by miners with the highest number of badges.


Well, it can be agonizing to lose crypto-coins due to some malicious action. Luckily, the MinerGate has secured you with their 2-factor authentication procedure for the protection of your account. Here is the way 2-factor authentication works. The user gets the password and in addition a mobile generated code that’s unique to the account and it expires after the 30 seconds. Moreover, this 2-factor authentication is hard to split even for the pro hackers, in this way, MinerGate cloud mining offers you the secure platform.

MinerGate Affiliate program

MinerGate also has a referral program through which miners and beginners can benefit. They stand a chance to earn extra income of up to 30 % to 75% through the referral program bonus availed by the platform by making referrals and encouraging new uses to mine with MinerGate. To earn the affiliate program bonuses, you must have made more than 30 successful referrals. You also have the advantage of earning 30% of taxes made by your referrals.

MinerGate Smart mining feature

Smart mining feature of MinerGate uses the MinerGate program that you can download and begin mining utilizing your own PC’s CPU and GPU. However, according to your PC’s specifics, you can take benefit from “MinerGate Smart mining feature” to automatically mine the currency with most elevated exchange rates o make the most benefit. As we know that the MinerGate mining pools allow the merged mining, you can make great returns utilizing this advanced feature even if you are a beginner. Another option, in this case, is to purchase hashing power through the MinerGate’s Bitcoin cloud mining.

Partnerships with other institutions

MinerGate works in partnership with several reputable organizations in order to improve on service delivery to its users.

Partnership with free wallet

Crypto wallet is a developer that supports most digital assets. MinerGate has partnered with a free wallet to allow users withdraw their funds to the Freewallet address linked to their email easily and promptly. To enjoy this service, MinerGate users must have a free wallet address which should be linked to their email.

The free wallet is a company that offers a wide range of services in managing the coins users mine at MinerGate using the popular Multi Wallet app. The Multi Wallet App can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The wallet can receive coins for free. The other advantage of this wallet supports instant off chain transfers to users with the same kind of wallet at no fee.

Partnership with Hashing 24 Company

Hashing24 company, a cloud mining service provider based in Scotland provides the platforms’ hash power for bitcoin cloud mining. The company uses recent development with ASIC miner chips to maintain low mining costs which consequently result in higher mining profit levels. Air and Immersion cooling Technology is utilized by the company to minimize cost and expenses.

The 24-hour customer support team

The platform has a 24 hour reliable and efficient support team that listens and responds to all inquiries made by users.

Advantages of MinerGate

UP to date software

MinerGate has a team of software experts who work hard to constantly update the platform’s software to give the user the best experience possible. This involves developing the new feature and ensuring the platform meets every investment need of its user.

Availability of different types of cryptocurrency and different types of miners

The company has the best pools for mining and allows for mining of different types of cryptocurrency. At MinerGate you can mine14 different altcoins from their mining pool. These include Aeon, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bytecoin, Dash, DigitalNote, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Fantomcoin, Infinium-8, Litecoin, Monero, Moneta Verde, QuazarCoin, Zcash. From these coins, one can determine which is the best coin to mine.

The minergate platform supports 12 different cryptocurrency miners including Ccminer- cryptonight, Claymore crypto note Windows CPU Miner, Claymore’s Z cash AMD GPU miner, CPU Miner Multi EWBF Cuda BTGminer, Genoil Nicehash Z cash miner, Silent army Z cash miner, Thinner andYam Miner. With these miners, you can instantly mine your funds at MinerGate.

Availability of the platform in different languages

The website will soon be available in different languages and therefore it accommodative of people from different geographical locations.

Easy to user Graphic User Interface

It is easy to use and user-friendly to both inexperienced cryptocurrency users and digital assets mining experts. Novices with the ambition of investing in the domain of cryptocurrency mining find MinerGate an amazing starting ground, as its Graphical User Interface is not complicated at all. Infract all you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer, tablet or an Android mobile device.

Variable Difficulty algorithm

On the platform, beginners and experienced miners can mine Ethereum on their devices from the comfort of their homes. MinerGate has a Variable Difficulty algorithm that enables sending the little amount of Ethereum blocks to miners. this depends on effective hash rate and the type of equipment used.

Simple account opening and sign up procedure

Signing up and creating an account on the platform’s website is quick and easy. You need to have a valid email address with a strong password that can’t be easily hacked. A guide on how to open an account and sign up is provided for this review.

Clear and transparent pricing structure

The platform has a clear and transparent pricing structure as a measure of ensuring that users have trust with the cloud mining platform. Low maintenance fees are charged to users accounts.

Availability of a Mobile application

The platform has a mobile app that can be downloaded from Google play store. The mobile is a major development that enables users to transact and participate in cloud mining activity from the mobile devices using mobile apps for Android and iOS. The app also enables users to monitor their cloud mining activity using charts and tables provided by the digital assets mining platform.

On this platform, you can engage in cloud mining activities and get profit from it.

Support for a wide range of cryptocurrency

The platform pays users using different currencies. The minimum payout for mining pool is XDN,0.01 MCN, 0.01 LTC, 0.001 Ethereum, 0.01DSH, 0.001 ETC, 0.12, XMR, 100 BCN, 0.01 FCN, 0.01QCN,0.01The minimum payout for AEON and 0.01INF8.

It is a profitable investment option

Since inception in 2020, MinerGate has remained a leading investment option to many cryptocurrency miners especially because of the high profits levels realized at the platform. The potential to make high profits at MinerGate still remains high. The platform is designed to give users with an excellent ground for profit making. There are two main features of the digital assets mining that work best to achieve this; smart mining feature and merge mining. Smart Mining is a future that automatically mines the cryptocurrency with the highest returns o the behalf of the user. Merged Mining is also an excellent feature.

Easy to use mining program

Users are only required to sign up on the platform and download the software on their devices. Beginners also have a chance to step their feet into cloud mining.

Disadvantages of MinerGate

High Minimum withdrawal

Withdrawals are available from 0.01 coins. This includes bitcoins. The withdrawal level is relatively high/. When we compare the price of bitcoin, to that of altcoins, the one for bitcoin is higher. It generally takes long and a lot of hashing power before miners can withdraw their funds due to the high minimum withdrawal value.

A limited range of cryptocurrency is available for cloud mining. On the platform, you can only mine for bitcoin.

Not disclosed official address and owners

The company has not provided sufficient information on the company. Information on its location and founders is not very clear. Many users become suspicious about the legitimacy of this company. Many miners prefer investing their funds with institutions they have good background information about.

High costs of operation

Users need to purchase a Minimum of 20 GH/S for users to be able to mine Bitcoin Users also pay maintenance fees on their accounts on daily basis.

Ways of Mining Digital Assets on MinerGate

You can mine cryptocurrency on the platform using three ways. These include:

  • Single currency mining:Using this method, you need to select a single currency that you want to mine and initiate the process.
  • Multiple cryptocurrency Mining: This enables users to mine several currencies simultaneously.

According to MinerGate reviews on Reddit, this method enables miners to mine the cryptocurrency with the highest profit levels.

Fees and Pricing Schedule

The minimum purchases that a user can make for bitcoin cloud mining on this platform are 20 GH/s. When compared with other similar cloud mining companies, this minimum purchase amount is quite high. Most of these platforms have a minimum purchase of 1 GH/s. At

The bitcoin cloud mining prices are listed below to provide you with insights on the amount you require mining at the platform. Bitcoin cloud mining has a linear function of the amount of hash power you purchase.

H/s bitcoin cloud mining costs 0.0034 BTC,

100 GH/s bitcoin cloud mining costs 0.017 BTC

500 GH/s bitcoin cloud mining costs 0.085 BTC

A maintenance fee of 0.0066 is charged on users accounts after every 20GH/s purchased. This amount is relatively low when compared to that charged by other similar mining companies.

MinerGate pool fees

Currency PPS method fee PPLNS method fee
Bitcoin Gold 1 %
Ethereum 1 %
Ethereum Classic 1 %
Litecoin 1.5 % 1 %
FantomCoin 1.5 % 1 %
QuazarCoin 1.5 % 1 %
DigitalNote 1.5 % 1 %
MonetaVerde 1.5 % 1 %
Dashcoin 1.5 % 1 %
Aeon coin 1.5 % 1 %
Infinium-8 1.5 % 1 %
Monero 1.5 % 1 %
Zcash 1 %
Bytecoin 1.5 % 1 %

Types of Miners at MinerGate

There are three main types of miners available at MinerGate. These include;

  • Web miner
  • Mobile miner
  • CPU and GPU Miner

How to mine cryptocurrency on MinerGate

Mining cryptocurrency on this platform is quick and easy. MinerGate is a simple platform that can be used by the novices and experienced cryptocurrency miners.

Mining cryptocurrency using CPU and GPU Miner

The first step of doing this is creating an account on the platform and signing up.

How to sign up on MinerGate

Very simple steps are followed in signing up at MinerGate. Go to MinerGate website (minergate.com) and open the MinerGate Signup Page. On this page, provide your credentials including your email address and your preferred Password in order to Signup. It is important to note that you must have a valid email address, and choose a strong and unique password that cannot be cracked easily. This is a very important step in ensuring the safety of your account and the funds invested in there. This is followed by email verification. After verification, you need to log in with the email address and password you used in signing up.

Download the Software

After Login in MinerGate, on your account’s dashboard, navigate to Downloads option and download a Miner that will work best for your device. This process automated and the Website automatically selects a miner that is best suited for your gadget

The next step is to Install the software on your device. In order to do this, you just need to click on the software and follow the installation steps provided. Once you are through with installing the software, you can start mining almost immediately

Use the benchmark feature

You can also make use of the Benchmark feature that allows the platform scrutinize your hardware and provide you with information on how much you can achieve on this platform. The benchmark feature helps you determine whether your devices’ CPU and GPU are suitable for cryptocurrency mining.

To mine on MinerGate, there are two main ways of doing this. You can either select the digital asset to work with manually or let the system select for you automatically using the Smart Mining feature. Smart mining is advantageous since it automatically hashes the coin with the highest profit levels for you. It is also time-saving for miners using personal computers, they don’t have to make several configurations which are time-consuming.

Mine your coins

After you are through with the benchmark feature you can start mining. Go to ‘Miner’ and here you will find as the list of all coins that can be mined. You will then need to click on the play button on all coins in order to initiate the process. At MinerGate you can mine more than one coin simultaneously if your device has more than 1GPU. Alternatively, you can split your CPU in order to mine 2 to 3 coins.

Guide on how to start creating a new account using a different email?

At MinerGate it is impossible to change the existing email address for your account but you can create a new account using a different email. You can also transfer all your mind coins from the old account to the one you create using a new email address.

Steps undertaken to transfer coins to a new account are; Go to the dashboard on your account. Select the coin you want to send to the new account and click on the send button. In order to transfer the whole amount, do not enter any amount, leave it blank. Type the new email address to which you want to transfer funds and click on send. In order to perform this transfer on the platform, you need to have 2-step verification enabled on your account.

Mining cryptocurrency using Mobile miner

MinerGate cryptocurrency mining app is available for Android and iOS mobile phone devices. To mine using your mobile device, you first need to download the mobile application from Google play store and install it on your mobile device. This is followed by creating an account on the platform.

Sign in to your account and on the settings tab, type the number of threads you would like to use to mine on your device. On the miner page of your account, click on start and the process begins instantly. Mining using a mobile miner is very easy and even the novices can easily learn to mine n their mobile phones or tablets.

Advantages of using Mobile cryptocurrency miner

Using your mobile cryptocurrency miner, you can generate some profit.The application enables you to withdraw your coins from your account. the miner connects you to your MinerGate account.

MinerGate Mobile Miner enables you to check the prevailing digital assets prices. You can also check balances using the mobile application.

You can buy and have control over your Cloud Mining contracts on your mobile miner on a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The application also enables you to chat with other miners and share experienced and ideas.

Mining cryptocurrency using a Web Miner

Web miner allows you mine cryptocurrency using nag your browser setting and the process is slow, it might t6ake a lot of time compared to the mobile miner and the CPU and GPU Miner. The steps undertake are; create a MinerGate account using your browser. Log in to your account and on the Web miner page, go to the coin you would like to mine and click on the start button.

A guide on how to start mining Bitcoin and Litecoin on MinerGate?

At MinerGate you can purchase cloud mining contracts for Bitcoin. To do this, type in the amount of hashing power you would like to purchase or select the amount that you are willing to spend. After entering the amount, it will take a day to start mining Bitcoin. Then on your dashboard, you will go to the hashing power tab and click on the “Buy” button To Set up your plan, select the desired price of contract or amount of power and Click on the “Buy” button.

You will automatically be transferred to the page with payment details. Bitcoin address will be generated. To the bitcoin address, you can send money to pay your contract.

You should send the whole amount with the inclusion of network fees for a mining contract to be created. Whenever miners send higher for a lower amount, contracts are made based on the actual amount received by the platform.

Users can only purchase a minimum of up to 20 Gh/s for the mining process With purchase below this, users cannot initiate the cryptocurrency mining process. Account maintenance costs are excluded from the initial cost of purchasing a contract. These fees are charged on your bitcoins and are arrived at depending on the prevailing USD/BTC exchange If you spend less than this, mining won’t start until the minimum amount is received. Users should ensure their account has sufficient funds to cater for maintenance otherwise the account may be shut down three days after buying the contract.

Your contract becomes active shortly after making payments for it. You become eligible for your first reward a day after you start mining on this platform.A day after activation of your contract you begin receiving your daily profits From the dashboard of your account, you can check your bitcoin balance and withdraw your funds.

MinerGate Guide on how to mine Aeon coin, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, Monero, DigitalNote, Fantomcoin, MonetaVerde, Infinium-8, QuazarCoin on Mac

The first step is to create an account and Sign up on minergate.com. Download the version of a miner that is suitable for Mac on minergate.com/downloads/gui. You then need to Install the miner on your device. Log in to your account, using the details you used when signing up. Select the number of coins you desire to use for mining. Then you need to press the start button on the coin.

The pool addresses and port for Bytecoins Aeon coin, Dashcoin, DigitalNote, Fantomcoin, Infinium-8 Monero, MonetaVerde, QuazarCoin, are provided below.

Merged mining with FCN:

Merged mining with MCN:

MinerGate reviews

Many users of this platform give varying reviews concerning MinerGate. Many users have complained of lack of transparency on the platform. Some of the users stated that the digital assets mining platform will display hash rates which are lower than the actual. The users complained that platform displays your earning to be less than what you have earned.

Guide on how to withdraw funds to the wallet?

On your MinerGate account click on the Withdraw button. Enter the number of coins you would like to withdraw. Click on your balance to insert it into the “You send” field. Enter your wallet address click on the Withdraw button and on the Withdrawal section you will see your transaction.

Guide on how to withdraw funds from a MinerGate account online bitcoin wallet.

It is easy to withdraw funds from this platform for free without processing fee charges.

The steps are: On the dashboard of your account, go to the coin you want to withdraw.Click on Withdraw button next to the coin you have selected. Enter the number of coins you would like to withdraw. Enter the wallet address to which you want to withdraw the funds to. After checking and confirming the details you have entered are accurate, press on Withdraw button. On the Withdrawal section of your account, you will see your transaction.But just in case you don’t see your withdrawal reflected your account, you need to check and identify what the problem could be. You can check the transaction history by following the following step; On your MinerGate account, Go to Withdrawal history and click Info. On the withdrawal you want to check, click on the Transaction hash and you will be redirected to the page containing information concerning that withdrawal transaction. From this page, you can check the status of the transaction.

If the status of the withdrawal transaction is confirmed, it means the funds were successfully sent to the Blockchain and the money has been withdrawn from MinerGate. if the funds are not credited to your account then you need to consult your accounts customer service. You must also ensure that your account or wallet is updated. But just in case the withdrawal transaction was not confirmed, then you will need to request a refund for your account from MinerGate customer support. Remember to include the email address of your MinerGate account and the hash of the transaction.

The minergate platform supports various cryptocurrency miners. These include:

  • ccminer- cryptonight
  • Claymore crypto note Windows CPU Miner
  • Claymore’s Z cash AMD GPU miner
  • CPU Miner Multi
  • EWBF Cuda BTGminer
  • Genoil is available for devices with Windows x64 and Linux operating systems.
  • Nicehash Z cash miner
  • Silent army Z cash miner
  • Thinner
  • Yam Miner

Etherminer is available for the following Operating Systems: Windows x64, Linux, MacOS X,

To mine using Ethminer, you follow the following step:

Download a version of the ethminer software that will work best for your operating system Then you will need to create a folder for it. You then download a bat file for the digital asset you intend to mine. The bat file should be placed in the folder containing the miner you have downloaded. Click on the file to open it and change the email address to the email address of your MinerGate account. Finally, you can start the mining process.

Ethereum is one of the t simplest software platforms that gives a developer. an opportunity to create and make use of decentralized applications. The digital asset is built on blockchain technology.

Steps were undertaken to mine the digital asset on MinerGate include:

On your application, click on “Miner” tab and select Ethereum. then you will need to click on Start Mining to initialize the process. On completing the Ethereum mining process, you will have the ability to withdraw the coins to the cryptocurrency exchange or to your wallet.

Mining Ethereum on MinerGate can be done using CPU and GPU mining. Other alternative applications for mining Ethereum are also offered at MinerGate.

How to withdraw Ethereum to your wallet

1.Select a wallet for Ethereum cryptocurrency.

2.On your MinerGate app, navigate to the Wallet tab and click on the Withdraw button on the right side of your screen. You also have the option of going to the dashboard of your MinerGate account on the website, Look out for Ethereum and click on the Withdraw button

3.Type in the number of coins you would like to withdraw.

4.Address bar type in your wallet address and click on the Withdraw button to withdraw coins into your wallet.

Guide on how to withdraw Ethereum to the exchange

1.Select the exchange that you would like to withdraw your coins.

2.On your account’s dashboard or on your MinerGate application, select Ethereum and click Withdraw.

3.The exchange will provide you with the Address. You will then need to copy the address provided to the appropriate field.

4.Click on the Withdraw button to have the coins withdrawn into the exchange.

Mining pool fees of 1% are charged for Ethereum when using PPLNS method.

Cryptocurrency mining alternatives of MinerGate

Several alternative cryptocurrency mining companies exist in the market. They include;

It is platform that offers cloud mining and mining for altcoins. By mining altcoins, you get paid using bitcoins.It is available for Mac OS, X Windows Linux Web coin hive is another alternative of MinerGate that offers JavaScript miner for Monero Blockchain. This can easily be embedded on your website.

P2Pool is a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool. The mining pool works by creating a peer-to-peer network of miner nodes.

Hash flare is a cloud mining company based in Estonia.

Genesis Mining It is very popular as it is the largest provider of Bitcoin and script cloud mining

Hashing 24: It’s a provider of cloud mining services using state of the art and highly efficient equipment, The company has been involved in Bitcoin mining since 2020.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Cloud Mining offers cloud mining services and has been mining Bitcoin since 2020. All miners are located in modern data centers situated in Australia.

At NiceHash you can buy and sell hashing power. You only need to connect your miner to the platforms stratum mining pools to sell hashing power. buying hashing power greatly depends on demand. You can mine a wide range of popular coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, DarkCoin, among many others.

You can mine for a minimum of $10 at Eobot.

It offers a wide range of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, NautilusCoin, Vertcoin and. Peercoin,

It was launched in November 2020 and it has an outdated hardware.

What users say on Reddit

Many users have made complements on the platform while others have raised complaints against the service provider that the exchange platform.It is important to note that MinerGate is a cryptocurrency mining platform with users across the globe and therefore mixed reactions about the platform should be expected for a company with such a large following. Some users expressed their satisfaction. Several complaints have also been made concerning the transparency on the fees and some transactions within MinerGate some of the users have complained about lack of transparency on the platform….. The mining platform has taken measures to respond to remarks.

“I too am treating MinerGate as a way to get some experience before moving into something new. Like you, I’ve had no problem withdrawing my balances. I also have no doubt they are using some of my hash to benefit themselves.

The definition of scam is something one can argue over. Is this a scam because you could do way better on your own with little effort? Yes. Is this a scam because you will never see a dime of the currency you mine? No”

[–]rbrunner7 Contributor 3 points 5 months ago

“Counter-question: How many times did you encounter a situation like that about something, where people were split 50% / 50% about something is good or bad, and then after a while, it turned out the 50% who voted for “good” was right? Where nothing at all was “fishy” and the 50% who voted for “bad” were either all mistaken or just wanted to throw mud at something?

Imagine reviews about a certain hotel where a massive 50% of the people noted on the review site Avoid, the hotel is shit and you still asked yourself whether they are all wrong, and in reality the hotel is among the best in town…

Those doubts about the “badness” of MinerGate pop up with a surprising frequency. Is MinerGate with their super-easy mining handling really so damn attractive to people that they try to explain away those 50% bad votes somehow, anyhow, just to avoid to learn a little how to set up a miner more “manually”?”

“There are several hundreds of accounts from people telling you specifically that MinerGate is a scam, what more can we tell you now that hasn’t been said before? There isn’t any more evidence to give you since it’s literally everywhere and readily available. If you seriously are considering that they aren’t anything but a shitty scam you really need to consider leaving crypto mining in general, because people who continually use MinerGate and support them are detrimental to the growth and well being of cryptocurrencies and their communities.

And if I’m coming off as rude, fantastic. This isn’t just my opinion, there are facts and thousands of other individuals who hold these exact same beliefs. And frankly, if after looking at all the evidence and you can’t make up your mind we really don’t want you to be here, MinerGate or otherwise.”

“I don’t know about the scam thing. What I noticed is that the GUI app thing has a low Hash rate, but you can use other miners they have command-cli (Higher Hash rate) or third-party miners. 99% uptime, pays on demand. User-Friendly. Live support.

They do a good job at promoting XMR.. Their calculator always suggested I should mine Monero, that’s how I got to know Monero”

“I’ve made way more from their auto switching algorithm than I lost in the hack, particularly since I don’t have time to manually switch algorithms daily and consolidate coins from a dozen pools onto exchanges.

I do keep far less on the platform than the couple weeks of earnings I used to leave on nice hash, but free transfers to Coinbase make that cheap and easy.

It looks like they were absolutely irresponsible with how they set up and used a “cold wallet.” At the same time, it also looks like they’re working with Coinbase, and have certainly learned a painful lesson about security, losing significant equity.

I trust them less than some pools I mine to directly, but way more than the average pool.

But yeah, nice hack!”

Social media links of MinerGate cloud mining company:

To contact MinerGate on Social Media visit:

  • Google+: https://goo.gl/W1I3kf
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/MinerGate
  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/MinerGate
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MinerGate

All things considered, the Minergate is multicurrency mining pool that has recently started the cloud mining services for Bitcoin. Despite the fact that their primary activity isn’t cloud mining, their FAQ area explains the procedure how to purchase contracts and what are the conditions involved.

Pricing of Minergate is straightforward; however, the minimum buy limit of 20 GH/s implies the first time clients need to commit themselves to try out this service. So, Minergate would be an exceptionally encouraging cloud miner available, however, the lack of information on the organization ought to warn users whether the cloud miner is working legitimately. Here are main cons and pros of Minergate cloud mining company:

Minimum purchase at Mingergate is 20GH/s

If only offers bitcoin cloud mining

The withdrawals are available from 0.01 coins

There is low maintenance fee

Transparent pricing structure

Mingergate offers 14 different altcoins in mining pool

Miner-daily Hyip Review : Miner Daily is a Cloud Mining Platform

Risk Warning

This Project Is 100% Sure Scam . Do Not Invest Money On Below Project . Our Team Verified That Below Project Is Scam . If You Invest Money After This Warning Only You Are Responsible For Any Kind Of Loss . Stay Away From This Project .

Recent Payment Statues : Not Paying

About Miner-daily

Miner-daily is a cloud mining website. It has a cutting edge; crowd funded crypto-currency mining operation built and managed by a team of data center industry experts and professionals on behalf of the Miner Daily Community. Miner Daily is a United Kingdom-based company, and it is an officially registered company in the United Kingdom. Miner Daily is a user-friendly. It provides support for beginners and expert users simultaneously. The Miner daily have customers as their top priority, and traditional profit maximization does not motivate them. Miner Daily provides 3.6% daily profit rate to its customer. To offer user safety, security, easy to use and achieve the higher return on equity for its customers. As the mission of the company to provide user-friendly website and products.Miner-daily members contribute to building the Miner daily mining centers. They share their output equitably and transparently. To provide maximum mining efficiency, the Miner daily Management Team provides cutting edge technology at meager prices and even on wholesale prices and electricity at ultra-low industrial rates, with high-level safety and security measures to protect the investment of our customers. Miner Daily have the transparent system, it provides user all the necessary information related to his cryptocurrencies. Users obtain Bitcoin-based MIO Tokens that represent their participation in Miner Daily.

Basic Information

Min Investment 10$
Min Withdraw $1
Avg. Refer Rate 1 Level Refer System 10%
Payment Type
Company Type Hyip
Web I.P
Company Address UK
Company No Not Found
Payment Accepted Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,
Links Homepage

Investment Plan For Miner-daily

2.2% Daily For 60 Days.Minimum Investment 10$,MAXIMUM DEPOSIT $5000.

2.9% Daily For 60 Days.Minimum Investment $5000,MAXIMUM DEPOSIT $10000.

2.9% Daily For 30 Days.Minimum Investment $10000,MAXIMUM DEPOSIT $10000.

Complete Review For Miner-daily

The history of company existence came from the in-depth research and study of the cryptography industry. The Miner Daily came into existence with the extensive research on cryptography industry over the course of three years. The three years research resulted in providing the solution to customers of crypto-currency. The company offers two-tier solution to its customer for safer and customer co-operative to use. The First level is to provide cloud mining solution. The first level of cloud mining offers the solution for the beginners and experts users of cryptographers to be able to extract multiple cryptographic currencies and achieve significant Return on Equity (ROI). It’s the main feature is that the user extracts multiple cryptocurrencies and achieve significant ROI without any investment in the equipment. The second solution from the two-tier is revolutionary, as it provides users a safer and encrypted currency mining.

Special Features Of Miner-daily

Affiliate Program

How about getting a great commission on the total amount invested, without any expense or investment? Have an extra income by posting our website online through your website, email, blog and your social media. In addition to the disclosure, the control and receipt of the commission are made in the online format in real time, through the restricted area of the Affiliate.

Instant payments

Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it! Minimum withdrawal is $1.

Dedicated Server

The website uses a very powerful dedicated server with the highest level of protection.

AntiDDOS Protection

Miner-Daily.Org website has the best & highest level of protection from any kind of attacks.

Payment Method

Miner-Daily plan to accept: Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic,Bank Wire.

EVSSL Certificate

Miner-Daily GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate guarantees the security of your transactions.

24/7 Customer Support

Miner-Daily provides 24/7 customer support through Live Chat and e-mail. Company support representatives are always available to answer any questions.


Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment in an online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be on the safe site and avoid much losing online.

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