How to use Technical Analysis & Indicators to Trade Stock & Binary Options

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Fundamental and technical analysis in binary options trading

Technical analysis in binary options trading is based, in fact, on the processing of statistical information, which is displayed in a graph. Simply saying, this analysis will use special tools in online mode. The essence of technical analysis is to find patterns that allows to predict the best period to enter into the position. Here you can use levels of support / resistance, different patterns or shapes, and indicators and much more. As an example, will serve as a live graph, with which it is possible to predict the price movement of the underlying asset in the future. This is a definite plus in online Commerce. Due to this, today, technical analysis is considered indispensable in the practice of the majority of investors and traders, primarily in short-term trade.

Fundamental analysis is used in assessing the specific interest of the trader in the specific industry or the economic situation of the company. That is, the basis of this type of analysis is the analysis of investment attractiveness. Using fundamental analysis for binary options trading investor considers the asset based on embernet the impact of changes in the external and internal factors on the change in its price. In other words, fundamental analysis provides the opportunity to examine the adequacy of the current prices of the shares of the company, in which trader plans to invest. Also it allows to determine whether it is necessary to include these assets into long-term investment portfolio. Traders use such fundamental factors as: economic activities of the company or key indicators of the economies of the leading countries that have a direct impact on the international economy.

When it is better to use each of these analysis?

In fact, technical analysis is used by a trader no matter what style of trading binary options he uses. Difference will be only that sometimes it can be used not as the primary method, but rather as a complement to the ongoing fundamental analysis. For example, the trader trades intraday or in the short-term period, then he will not take into account the fundamental data. Right here the entry point in the position will be based strictly on the basis of technical data. But in the mid-time trade, as a primary method, you can use indicators of fundamental analysis, since this trade includes the management of positions up to 3 months. So, it is possible to use technical analysis as a subsidiary.

You should take into account the fact that the use of technical analysis in binary options trading will be significantly different from trading on any other financial market. If to trading on the Forex market, technical analysis will be focused on determining the point of trade entry and exit points from it. But trading at any other stock exchange you only have to predict the direction of price movement of options. This distinction allows beginners very quickly learn the technique of trading on binary options and start to earn on it.

So, let’s consider next situation for a better understanding of this topic. Let’s just say you have decided which shares interest you. Therefore you understand that except you this asset would be interest to other participants and major players of the market. The reasons for this strong interest can be mass, even the situation of a purchase or planned acquisitions of selected company to larger ones. However, you realize that the fair value of these shares of this company should probably be much higher than the present level. Therefore, relying on fundamental analysis you are definitely interested in them. Following this, you need to determine the point of entry with a very short stop point – which is already evidence of use of technical analysis. This point should be determined with the purpose of protection from unwanted results (loses). After all, impulse purchasing at a strong asset price rise without appropriate correction can lead to a loses. This situation illustrates how the trader can simultaneously use these two types of analysis.

In case of long-term investment, where the period of the holding shares may vary from one year to 10 years, or even more, a reference for buying it will be, actually a fundamental analysis. Because of this period, it requires analysis of the financial condition of the company, the aggregate economic state of the whole industry and/or alternatively, the search for undervalued securities of other companies.

Personally we advise you to combine these two types of analysis when forming an investment portfolio, especially, based on long-term assets. Let’s consider the following situation, in which you again are determined with the choice of relying on fundamental analysis. Logically you will not immediately invest the money in buying shares, but only at the moment when the price reaches the desired level. Hence the entry in position will be done when you see the suitable price, that may occur, as an example, at the approach of its values to the lower local minimum (lower boundary). But don’t take this as an advice or method, it’s just a simulation of the intended situation with long-term investment. In fact, there are much more models and styles than enough, based directly on the investment objectives of the individual investor. Therefore, firstly try to examine all necessary materials, make an adequate investment plan based strictly on your goals and objectives, before making any investments on a long term basis.

In conclusion, we want to note that technical analysis in binary options trading is as great and sometimes even indispensable tool. Using this it is possible very accurately to determine market trends. That is, it helps to predict the direction of prices of different assets, and therefore, open positions in the most favorable moments. But remember that technical analysis will work for you most effectively in the short term trade!

As for fundamental analysis in binary options trading, almost always it will be possible to identify the time for bargains. But only when it is conducted properly, given the variability of the political and economic situation in the world. According to this, the effectiveness of fundamental analysis would be most manifest in the long-term investment.


“General Risk Warning: Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.”

Strategies for Short-Term Binary Options

How to trade short-term binary options? We select the appropriate strategies, disclose the nuances of binary options trading with an expiration period from minute to day.

Binary options trading is quite diverse. And if in the foreign exchange market the trading strategy depends on the characteristics of the currency pair, then for binary options one more component is added that affects the applied strategy – this binary option expiration date.

Today we will tell you how to trade short-term binary options. And a little on the topic, if someone does not know what expiration is and how to choose it correctly.

Why do traders prefer short-term BOs?

Short-term options include binary options, the expiration period of which lies in the range from 1 minute to 1 day. Why do traders choose short-term options for trading?

Like intraday trading in the foreign exchange market, trading in short-term binaries is very popular among traders. They even have some similarities – these are increased trading risks, since price movements over short time intervals are difficult to predict.

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However, unlike the foreign exchange market, when trading binary options, the trader knows in advance the size of the possible profit and possible loss. It is this factor, together with the ability to conclude a large number of profitable transactions during the day, that determined the demand for short-term binary options among traders.

In addition, if trading on higher timeframes complicates the application of classic trending and other strategies, then tactics designed for intraday trading, scalping and pipsing in the foreign exchange market, can be successfully applied in the binary options market with little or no adaptation. Strategies should be discussed separately.

What strategies are suitable for trading short-term binary options

What is good about short-term binary options is that they are suitable for the whole range of tools of a currency trader – this is technical analysis, indicators and trading strategies. Trends, technical levels, methods of risk and capital management, including the notorious Martingale method, are relevant for them.

For example, for trading short-term binary options are well suited channel trading strategies. Having determined the price channel, the trader buys the Call option near the lower border of the channel (support level) and the Put option near the upper border (resistance level). This method will be profitable both with flat and with a pronounced trend.

Well established for trading short-term BOs technical analysis figures and patterns Price Action. With their help, you can easily determine the pivot points of the price and the direction of purchase of the binary option. Naturally, for the correct definition and trade, it is necessary to know their classification, the rules for the formation and interpretation of trading signals.

It is worth noting that candlestick patterns can also be used when trading binary options, however, a large number of false formations can occur, since it is believed that candlestick analysis gives more accurate signals on timeframes from daytime and older, which is not suitable for short-term binary options.

Do not forget about technical indicators. Indeed, trading strategies are built on their combinations. In addition, some indicators are suitable as a source of trading signals, as well as for analyzing price charts, determining trends, corrective movements and price reversal points.


Summing up, we note that trading short-term binary options can bring quite tangible profits. However, you need to remember in which market you are not trading and which asset and trading strategy you are using, trading is always risky. Therefore, competent money management when trading short-term BOs is very important. Following the rules of money management and knowing how to trade short-term binary options, you can rest assured that your profit will not be long in coming.

Chart analysis for binary options trading

The nuts and bolts of binary options trading are relatively straightforward. To make a long-term profit and avoid heavy losses however, you need to develop a solid trading plan and get your analysis right.

In this lesson we will focus on how technical analysis and the use of price charts can help you determine which asset to trade, which direction prices will move, what time frame will work best for you and at which levels you should enter trades. We will also introduce some of the main technical indicators that binary options traders find useful.

The importance of charts in binary options trading

Technical analysis involves the study of charts to identify historic patterns in a price that tend to repeat themselves under similar conditions. It is considered the most reliable form of analysis for binary options traders and will help you form a view on how prices are likely to behave in the short and long term.

Technical analysis: the basics

Most technical analysis relies on the historical observation that asset prices have a tendency to hit areas of support or resistance through which they struggle to fall or rise, respectively. If these barriers are broken, price movements in the direction of the breach often gain momentum.

There are two main approaches to technical analysis that can help you identify support and resistance levels and predict how prices will respond to them: patterns and technical indicators. Some binary options traders favour one over the other. Many use a combination of both.

Traders who focus on technical indicators rely on indicators such as MACD, ADX and stochastics to alert them to trading opportunities.

Traders who focus on patterns try to identify specific shapes such as so-called ‘double top’ and ‘head and shoulders’ patterns as they form on their price charts.

One of the key challenges with this analysis style is that real-life chart patterns are rarely as picture perfect as the textbook examples. Traders therefore have to make a decision on whether what they see on their chart is a bonafide trading signal or not. As prices are constantly in motion, they also have to learn to anticipate a pattern forming before it completes, and to act on it fast.

Whichever approach you decide works for you, be careful not to over-complicate your analysis by focusing on too many indicators or patterns at once. A cluttered chart is hard to read and less reliable.

How to choose an asset to trade

Choosing the right asset or assets to trade with binary options can be key to your success.

It is possible to trade binaries on a wide range of underlying assets, from stocks and indices to commodities and foreign exchange, so make sure you choose a broker that offers you plenty of flexibility.

Different assets behave differently, and some work better with certain indicators, price patterns or time frames than others. Foreign exchange markets, for example, tend to move fast. A binary options trader focusing on the USD-GBP currency pair will therefore probably want to use charts with shorter time frames than might a trader of an industry index.

Be careful that you don’t try and trade too many assets at once – it’s far better to familiarise yourself with one or two and master your approach to them.

How to identify a trend or trend reversal

Because binary options trading at its heart involves betting on whether an asset price will rise or fall, identifying price trends and recognising when they may be about to run out of steam or change direction is one of the most important skills you must develop.

For traders that rely on technical indicators, one signal that an upward trend could be about to switch direction and reverse to the downside is when moving averages display a downward cross. When moving averages show an upward cross, this can signal that a downward trend will change to an upward move.

Another way that binary options traders can form a view on whether an existing trend is going to continue or reverse is by looking out for the so-called 1-2-3 setup.

This setup forms when the price of an asset continues moving higher or lower in the direction of an existing trend but then stops and pulls back slightly before continuing the trend.

One way of identifying the 1-2-3 setup is by monitoring Fibonacci levels to see if the price pullback is greater than 38.2% of the previous move. If it isn’t, most binary options traders conclude that the trend will soon continue and use the pullback as an attractive entry point for a new binary trade in the direction of the original trend.

If the 1-2-3 pattern fails to complete and price pullbacks are greater than 38.2% of the previous move, binary options traders often conclude that the trend is reversing. A double-bottom shape resembling the letter ‘W’ will sometimes form on the chart before the reversal gets underway.

Some binary options traders meanwhile use a combination of the Fibonacci retracement tool provided by most charting software and the stochastic oscillator.

The Fibonacci retracement tool helps traders identify when a price correction or retracement in the midst of a wider trend is about to end and the initial trend continue. As with the 1-2-3 setup, it allows traders to buy binary options traders at around the point the trend restarts.

To ensure a high probability trade, many will also wait for the stochastic oscillator – a technical indicator that identifies when a price has become ‘overbought’ (over 70 on the indicator index) or ‘oversold’ (below 30 on the indicator index) – to tell them a reversal is likely.

How to choose a time frame and expiry time

Price charts are broken into small bites known as time frames. These typically last for 1, 5, 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes, or for a whole day, week or month.

Most binary options traders start off using daily or weekly charts, and then graduate towards shorter time frames as they gain experience and if this suits their trading style and favoured underlying assets. Even for very short-term traders, however, it is sensible to check longer-dated charts at least daily, if only to keep abreast of slow-moving trends and form a view on how they might affect short-term price action.

Because binary options expire worthless if a certain scenario is not achieved within a specified time frame, they are extremely time sensitive. This means it is crucial to pick the right time frame and expiry so that trends have enough room to run.

If, for example, you correctly identify a downward trend and buy a put option, you could find your option expires out of the money if a retracement or correction to that trend occurs just before the contract runs out. In this scenario, you should have chosen an option with a longer time frame to allow the retracement to end and the trend to resume.

One way traders can allow themselves more room in such a scenario is by purchasing a roll over from their broker, if they offer this tool. A roll over allows you to extend the expiry time of your option if a price correction occurs and you think it will be short-lived.

One popular rule of thumb among binary options traders choosing expiry times is to go for one that is at least three times as long as the time frame of the strategy you have chosen. If, for example, the strategy you are following uses a five-minute chart, choose an expiry time of at least 15 minutes.

Also, try and gauge market volatility and momentum. If prices start to move very quickly after you received your trading signal, go for a shorter expiry time. If moves take a while to get going, opt for a longer expiry time.

Similarly, if market conditions are very volatile or choppy, use a shorter expiry time than you would in slow, ranging markets or periods of fairly smooth price action.


So far you have learned that:

  • by analysing historic price movements on the charts you can draw conclusions about its future direction
  • binary options traders use support & resistance, price patterns and indicators to predict price movements
  • a good way to choose an asset is by checking how fast or slow it tends to move
  • Binary option traders typically use moving average crossovers, the so called ‘1-2-3 pattern’ or Fibonacci retracements to determine market direction
  • combining two or more tools such as Fibonacci retracements and stochastics can give you powerful trading signals
  • binary option traders generally go for an expiry time that is at least 3 times longer than the time frame they take their signals from

Which are the best websites to do technical analysis for stock trading?

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I’ve been trading since a long time, so here I’ll talk about the best technical analysis website which are good to use and easy to interpret. The moment you talk about the best website the first thing which comes to mind is transparency and conveniency in terms of reading all the charts and candle stick.

There are 5 best websites which are best to use according to my experience.

These are the best websites which will give you good interface, at the same time you will easily be able to read all the candle stick and patters. These websites .

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