HYCM (Henyep Markets) – broker review. Forex, CFD, cryptocurrency

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Read our HYCM Review and Discover the Merits of Choosing a Forex Broker with more than 3 Decades of Experience.

HYCM.com, formerly known as HY Markets, is a member of the Henyep Group, an international conglomerate with more than 30 years’ experience in providing financial services. Choosing this broker guarantees peace of mind, as they have an international reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Finding a Forex broker with such an enviable pedigree is definitely going to be advantageous. If you want to know more about their service keep reading this HYCM review.

  • 10% Credit Bonus on your first deposit
  • Max Leverage: 1:200
  • Spread: 1.8
  • Forex Licences: FCA, FSCS

An introduction to HYCM

HYCM has its base in London, but is also represented in a number of other countries including Hong Kong, Cyprus, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. The list of its regulatory compliances is pretty impressive, with licences issued by the FCA in the UK, the SFC in Hong Kong, and the DFSA in Dubai. By virtue of their compliance with MiFID, they are also authorised to operate throughout Europe. HYCM is able to offer traders a wealth of trading opportunities, from stock and commodities to a long list of currency pairs. Both novice and more experienced traders can benefit from the services of such a market leader. With sections of the site dedicated to trader education, a selection of account types, segregated accounts, excellent customer service, a selection of MT4 trading platforms, low spreads, and much more, there is bound to be something for everyone.

HYCM have a proprietary platform as well as MetaTrader 4.

Wherever you might be located, and whatever time it is, HYCM has a trading platform to suit your needs. There is the usual MetaTrader 4 family of offerings, as well as a brand new proprietary platform called “Prime Trader”. And for those who prefer to trade on the move, HYCM mobile apps are compatible with any mobile or tablet device. A number of innovative trading tools have also been developed, as well as some special features and widgets that are easily accessible through any of the platforms.

Three different account types to choose from, but unfortunately no demo account.

To suit the needs of a broad range of traders, there are currently three different account types to choose from. The lack of a demo account is a little disappointing, but the low minimum deposit means you shouldn’t have to risk too much real money in order to start trading. The three accounts to choose from are as follows:
Micro account

  • Minimum deposit $100
  • 50 tradeable products
  • Minimum order size 0.01 lots
  • Leverage up to 200:1
  • Minimum fixed spread 1.8 pips
  • Trading signals available
  • Mobile trading supported
  • Islamic account an option

Standard account

  • Minimum deposit $1,000
  • 120 tradeable products
  • Minimum order size 0.01 lots
  • Leverage up to 200:1
  • Minimum fixed spreads 1.5 pips
  • Trading signals available
  • Mobile trading supported
  • Islamic account an option

VIP account

  • Minimum deposit $10,000
  • 120 tradeable products
  • Minimum order size 0.01 lots
  • Leverage up to 200:1
  • Minimum fixed spreads 1.5 pips
  • Trading signals available
  • Mobile trading supported
  • Islamic account an option

HYCM accepts a number of different payment methods including Visa and Mastercard, WebMoney, wire transfer and a number of other local payment methods. Only USD and EUR are accepted as base currencies. No fees are charged by HYCM for either deposits or withdrawals, but there are minimum requirements. All banking operations are safe and secure as their servers are encrypted with 128-bit keys, and personal and account information is encrypted using VeriSign-issued 128-bit-SSL certificates.

Such a prestigious history means there is little call for fancy bonuses.

The long-standing reputation of the Henyep Group means that HYCM has little need to attract new clients with dazzling promotions and special offers. It is, however, committed to rewarding loyal clients. Become a member of the HYCM Loyalty Program and you become entitled to an exclusive rebate of up to $3 for every lot traded, which is deposited straight into your trading account on a monthly basis. There are three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with a required number of lots to be maintained, but you do have to keep trading in order to qualify. Further details are available on the HYCM site.

We should also mention the Refer-a Friend programme, which gives traders the opportunity to earn up to $250. As soon as the referral becomes an active customer, makes their deposit and begins trading, the referral reward is credited to your account. However, this reward is for trading purposes only.

Only the best customer support for HYCM traders

HYCM has a reputation for professionalism and excellence, and this is certainly not lacking in the area of customer service. The customer contact centre is open from 23.00 on Sundays right through to 21.00 on Fridays, which means there is always someone to help when needed. There are a number of ways to get in touch, including a number of head office email addresses, a telephone call centre, and the very helpful live chat option, for when an immediate response if required.

As well as taking care of customer problems, HYCM also believe in educating their clients, and to this end there is a great variety of online videos and eBooks available. Subjects covered include the very basic as well as more complex topics such as capital management trading psychology, market analysis, and trading strategies. Also included is a helpful guide to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

If it’s a reputable and trustworthy broker you’re looking for you can’t go far wrong if you choose HYCM. They are fully licensed and regulated, which means that your financial and personal details are secure. Using MT4 as one of their trading platforms makes HYCM a sensible choice, whether you are a newcomer to the world of Forex trading or a more experienced trader. Customer service is much better than average, and the educational material available only adds to the experience. The lack of a demo account shouldn’t put many people off, as the low minimum deposit requirement means that new traders aren’t likely to get their fingers burnt.

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HYCM Reviews and Comments 2020

I made an account with HYCM and realized it wasn’t the platform for me. I didn’t make a single purchase and put in a request to withdraw my funds of $2,000 CAD. I have been waiting to have my money returned to me since February 28th. I have sent countless emails and received very little communication. This company is a complete scam and to not refund someone’s money, is completely unethical.

Ashley 19 March, 2020 Reply

Why do they have that many regulations? Isn’t just one good one enough? Why didn’t nthey stop with CySEC or Britiish regulator. Finally, are all these licenses that they post on their official website real?

Pascal 12 February, 2020 Reply

HYCM’s competence leaves no doubt, this is after the second time I withdraw profit. before that I had some doubts, despite the fact that there was positive feedback about the broker, it still didn’t help me to cope with anxiety caused by the fear of losing my investment and earnings.

Nicholas 7 October, 2020 Reply

I’ve never regretted that I chose HYCM, I was always pleased with the profit, for several years of trading I managed to set a personal record and if I add up all my withdrawals, it turns out that I brought out several of my deposits. sensible guys work here, I’m talking about tech support. Appealed more than once, all like clockwork, issues were resolved instantly and professionally. Well done!

Julius 1 October, 2020 Reply

Most traders lose their deposit due to hastily opened transactions, the reason for which is impatience, because the most difficult thing is to wait for an obvious signal to open a position. At the beginning of my path as a trader, I came across this problem every time I opened a terminal. It is this impatience that can drain your deposit, so do not do it. From the broker, in fact, not much is needed to trade, the rest is up to the trader. The most important thing is that if the execution is perfect, as in HYCM, then there is no reason to worry at all. I have been trading for a long time, so I can’t say that the rush here is generally inappropriate. For example, this month I close with a profit of 22% of my deposit. And how much I like that the broker withdraws even more than $1000 easily and in future trading the broker will not spoil your life, it is very honorable.

Daniel 25 September, 2020 Reply

For the year that I’ve been tradung with the company, very big changes did not happen. Someone says that the company is not developing, but I do not agree. The company still keeps the brand and I really like it. The ability to look worthy against the background of competitors, and there are a lot of them in this area and the most different with different offers, you need to be able to. It’s not even easy to be able to, but to work all the time on service, quality, and problems. This is development. Maybe they don’t work so hard on the advertising company, but everything about the service – they have a solid 10 out of 10.

Andrea 17 September, 2020 Reply

Hello! I want to leave a review about HYCM! Well, this broker, of course, did not conquer me right away, some time passed and I began to notice the clarity of execution, although slippage and requotes are also present, but the execution is really high-quality, fast and uninterrupted. Then, after a while, he began to output a little bit. First, a hundred, then a few hundred, and there thousands have already gone and with different intervals I withdraw, but always the money comes clearly on time. And now the question is: what else does a trader need for comfortable trading? Personally, I would also put emphasis on the service, which is at a good level in HYCM, but my friends, traders believe that high-quality execution and withdrawal guarantees are quite enough for a good and comfortable trading. Everything else depends on the trader and on his desire to learn and work. And that also makes sense.

xLnt 2 September, 2020 Reply

I’ve been choosing a broker for quite long time. As a result, I chose HYCM. I liked the conditions that they provide – an easy-to-understand trading agreement, a trading terminal that does not hang and there is also no fee for withdrawing funds, a wide range of trading tools. I like trading commodities and stocks. Already brought a profit of $ 560 dollars and this is for 1 month of work. Now I am confident that the time I spent searching for a good forex brokerage company was not in vain.

Archie 7 August, 2020 Reply

In short, HYCM is a broker whose reality meets expectations. Well, if a person, of course, is not a dreamer and does not dream of getting rich in one day. HYCM offers what it does: analytics means analytics, leverage means leverage, flexible conditions means truly flexible. I’ve been there for three years, moved from a second-tier broker with a bunch of problems and the threat of a bankrupt at any moment. It was just heaven and earth, just everything – from the office and the application to analytics, which is really top in HYCM.

Vally 15 July, 2020 Reply

For me best brokers that really follow the standard withdrawals duration are XM, HF, FBS and the Octafx. I traded them for almost 2 years already. Nichol

Nichol Gadingan 8 July, 2020 Reply

I started stocks and forex trading for almost 2 years now. Hycm is my latest broker when my I started 200usd account I withdrew my initial profit for a couple of days but when my account increased to 500usd my withdrawal did not credit to my bank account. There support team sent ARN’s but still my withdrawal still unserved and the waiting period already lapsed. There adviced is to verify my bank but I used the bank account on my online transactions such as forex and etc. with no encountered problem contrary to the scenario now. I have no choice is to verify my bank personally if have time and I know this is a very tedious to the bank side to verify ARN’s. As of now this is my very disgusting experienced hoping this will be resolved asap. Nichol

Nichol Gadingan 8 July, 2020 Reply

HYCM is a very good broker. It has long been c trading with them. My deposit is not the smallest, but not the largest. Convenient replenishment / withdrawal. A very wide range of terminals, performance is normal, without glitches and freezes. All that I earn they derive me without question. Fast execution, requote has never caught. Good spread, fast withdrawal. Personally, I am lucky with HYCM, it is very comfortable to work. A normal company that does not create problems for its customers, the main thing is that you yourself understand what to do. With the knowledge and your working strategy, you can work and earn money. Profit withdrawal without problems.

Paul 28 June, 2020 Reply

Trading in the last decade as I can see is in fashion, and almost every third trades in one or another company. So I decided to keep up with the trends and also decided to open an account with a forex broker – HYCM. As a result, I have been trading with this broker for several years. With the withdrawal of funds problems have never arisen, everything is very fast and transparent. Customer support can deal with some non-standard situations. Now I am considering opening additional accounts with other brokers. Some competitors have better conditions, now I decide whether I will switch to another broker partly, but in any case I will leave an additional account with HYCM.

Gary 26 June, 2020 Reply

The bulk of brokerage companies have a solid regulation on paper, but in reality it does not. They find all sorts of loopholes in the contract or just foolishly fool customers. Really, honest brokerage companies can be counted on the fingers of one hand. These several brokers include HYCM, in which I hurried to open an account almost immediately I stuck on them. I deposited the account, then withdrew everything, then replenished again and withdrew again. I haven’t traded really much yet, because I was more focused on reliability testing. But since last month I started enjoying the trading. I must say that the execution is just instant. I haven’t seen anything like this for a long time and was impressed, so I decided to write about it.

Sergio 18 June, 2020 Reply

I have long been trading with this broker, I am satisfied with everything and in principle I am not going to change HYCM for some another broker. They give access to Metatrader 5. The best though is probably the only platform for high-quality trading where everything necessary is there. It operates without failures, the speed of opening and closing orders is excellent, technically modern and at the same time the platforms remains understandable. Having a minimal experience of trading, you will quickly understand its options. In the extreme case, you can run a demo account and explore the functionality in practical conditions, but without risking money. In the rest, there is an opportunity to perform comprehensive analytics, a lot of technical analysis tools.

I want to learn how to trade, can someone help out?

Maurice 28 May, 2020 Reply

Am struggling on downloading my MT4 demo account

Luzuko 27 May, 2020 Reply

They are bunch of crooks, 25 days waiting for the transfer which they claim they did. Thats just because i made money and want to withdraw all

I ve just received the 50 euros via neteller. Maybe they cannot proceed skrill withdrawal

panos 21 March, 2020 Reply

they are not returning me via skrill (the deposit was sktill also) the almost 50 euro saying that they cannot proceed the withdrawal. i m waiting 15 days

panos 16 January, 2020 Reply

I like the daily analysis news feed provided by the broker. Very helpful for trading on the news.

Paul 9 October, 2020 Reply

Good performance, a platform without lags, terms of trade are also quite acceptable. Pleases a large number of trading tools. I also like their analyst. A good channel with the most relevant news. There are many ways of replenishment and withdrawal. In general, I have not found any special problems yet.

Nick 3 October, 2020 Reply

good conditions, good work, fast execution but there are some disadvantages comparing with others, good and stable, well known also but not the best

crazyone 1 October, 2020 Reply

Since I’m still new to the financial markets, I need more insights that can help me to make a decision whether to buy or to sell. In their website, they provide brief market review from their experts which is really helpful to help me making my own decision in several currency pairs.

Penny 27 September, 2020 Reply

Trading with HYCM is unexpectedly easy and stable. There are different plans with different trading conditions with various amounts to deposit and trading platforms to use. Here you can count on relatively low spreads.

Alex 6 August, 2020 Reply

i use hycm for 1.5 years, I saw the review on the smartlab, and began to read, eventually opened the account. my profit on average 30-40% per month with pairs and stocks

Opra 27 July, 2020 Reply

They work well so there is nothing to blame. Almost two years of trading here without problems on execution of orders and deduction of money from the account. I think quite a long time so that you can trust them. Here it is still worth considering that they have been more than two decades in the market. Worthy of respect!

great thanks HYCM for a wide diversity of different instruments. i’ve chosen metals and trading result is succesfull enough. i havent lost anything and even earned some money. i dont have much experience but the conditions are really good. they give bonuses – thats really nice of them. what else, very fast withdrawals, withing 48 hours – really. i adore this company and will try working with smth brand new for me, because they have a lot of studing. thanks again!

Dear Ali, Thank you for such a positive review! We are happy to hear you are having a positive experience with HYCM! If there is something we can help you with please reach out to [email protected] Best regards, HYCM Team

HYCM Team 17 April, 2020

i really like HYCM! they are my first company and im just in love with them. it has very useful things like news and signals, wide range of instruments and lots of studing materials for those who dont know what to start with. like i used to be.. now i work with real account and the income is not so big that i expected but it is good for start. btw, it is better than to work on somebody.

Mathias 10 May, 2020 Reply

I’ve improved my capital for about in 3 times in half a year. started with 250$. that makes me very satisfied. i’ve started working with them because they have a good brand name so it was a good decision. they have a check procedure when you send them a registration form, the support is good, the broker is stable and honest. i love it

Lex 16 April, 2020 Reply

Dear Lex, Thank you for your feedback! We are glad you are having a positive experience with HYCM! If there is something we can help you with please reach out to [email protected] Best regards, HYCM Team

HYCM Team 17 April, 2020

Comments and reviews about forex trading can be found on multiple web resources, and their diversity indicates that forex market is complicated and implies a lot of risk.

Some people believe that real traders’ reviews can hardly be found online, as most of the published statements are either libeling the broker’s competitors or aiming at raising popularity of certain companies. Sad but true – this really may happen, as some not too scrupulous companies do promote themselves this way.

This section is addressed to the traders who seek completely objective and truthful information about the forex market. Of course, no one can guarantee that each review is realistic and impartial, but we continuously monitor the published content and believe it is useful for both forex novices and professional traders.

Reviews about HY Markets that you will find here are of different kind – some of them are positive, some are emotional or even rampant: our site visitors are free in expressing themselves when discussing various issues related to HY Markets performance. You can disprove somebody else’s viewpoint or support it: whether to trade with this company or not, this is what each trader decides for himself. It is impossible to guarantee that any company’s operational work will be the same as was described in the clients’ comments.

Does the broker really care for the clients’ needs? Is their response to the clients’ claims efficient? Are trading conditions profitable? Are there any covert issues that peep up only after the contract with the broker has been signed? Reviews about HY Markets help to get the general idea about the broker’s performance.

HYCM is online trading division of Henyep Capital Markets, which is a major investment company established in 1977. The company’s headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. The Henyep Capital Markets activities are regulated by such financial regulators as FCA, MiFID, DFSA and SFC.

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, MiFID, DFSA, SFC

HYCM Review

Important Info

Regulated by : FCA
Headquarters : United Kingdom
Min. Deposit : 100 USD
Max. Leverage : 1:500
Company Min. Deposit Action
$5 Overview
Legacy FX 500 USD Overview
FXTM 5 USD Overview
Alpari 0 USD Overview
Plus500 100 USD Overview

General Information for HYCM

Henyep Capital Markets (HYCM) is an experienced forex and CFD broker that offers technological excellence. The broker boasts of lightning fast executions, low spreads, and superior technology. HYCM was founded in 1977 and has since become a global brand that has won multiple industry awards. The head office is located in London while other branch offices are in Limassol, Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands.

HYCM Regulation and Security

Henyep Capital Markets is regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Across Europe, HYCM is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The broker is also regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and also by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

Regulation by FCA gives HYCM clients’ access to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This scheme will compensate investors if the broker goes bankrupt. The scheme covers up to £85,000.

HYCM affirms that it has partnered with Tier-1 banks like Barclays Bank and Eurobank in order to keep clients’ deposits in segregated accounts.

HYCM has also adopted complex security systems and modern technology to protect its servers and network. 128-bit SSL encryption is used to encrypt all data between clients and the broker’s servers.

Available Trading Instruments on HYCM

HYCM offers over 300 assets for trading on its platforms. There are 76 currency pairs, 173 stock shares, 28 indices, 14 crypto assets, and 17 commodities. All the instruments are available on the MT5 platform while the MT4 is limited to about 80 assets.

Account Types and Trading conditions

Follow the “open an account” link on the HYCM’s website to create a new account. Only a few pages form is required. The maximum leverage on all accounts is 1:200.

The following account types are available:

This account features fixed spreads from 1.8pips. The opening balance is $100 and there are no commissions.

This account features variable spreads form 1.2 pips. The minimum deposit is $100. EAs are allowed and no commissions are charged.

This account is characterized by raw spreads starting from 0.2pips. A commission of $4 per round is applicable. $200 is the minimum amount required to open this account.

Swap-free Islamic accounts are available on all account types. The demo account is preloaded with $50,000 virtual money and it is available to all clients.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

HYCM does not charge deposit fees and also does not charge on withdrawals above $300.

The minimum deposit using Bank transfer method is $250 while the minimum withdrawal amount is $300. Bank transfers are very slow and may take 1-7 days for processing.

The debit/credit cards that HYCM accepts are those issued by Visa and Mastercard. The minimum transaction is $20. Card payments are normally processed within one hour.

The e-wallet payment methods accepted are Skrill, Neteller, and WebMoney. The minimum transaction is $20 and the transactions are completed within one hour.

Web, desktop and mobile trading platforms

Only the MetaTrader platforms are offered by HYCM. They are as follows:

This platform is well known among forex and CFD traders. It is replete with technical analysis tools, customizable features and order management tools. From the MT4, trading can be automated through the use of Expert Advisors (EAs). The HYCM MT4 is available as a desktop application which can be downloaded and installed on the windows computer. The mobile version of the MT4 is available for android and iOS devices.

The MT5 trading platform was designed as an upgrade to the MT4. The MT5 features tools for technical and fundamental analysis and extends the features that already exist in the MT4. It also supports the development and use of EAs to automate trading. From the HYCM website, the Windows desktop version of the MT5 can be downloaded. The MT5 is also available for mobile trading on android and iOS. The apps can be downloaded from their respective stores.

Platform Trading Tools

HYCM provides technical analysis from “Trading Central” directly on the MT4 platform charts. Trading Central is a financial research firm that provides technical strategies, analysis, and signals on a wide range of trading instruments. The Trading Central MT4 plugin is available for download on the HYCM website.

Customer Support

The HYCM client support team is available 24/5. You can call them on the phone or reach them by email. There are different emails for client support, account opening, general inquiries, and complaints. Instant chat is available via web chat, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. HYCM is on social media: facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Crunchbase.

Research tools and Education

‘Market Outlook’ features the daily market review, news, and commentary.

The Pip Calculator, Currency Converter and Margin Calculator are provided on the website. The economic calendar is also available on the website and on the MT5 platform.

HYCM has educational resources on its website. There are 12 training videos on the MT4 platform. There are lots of videos on trading tools and trading strategies.

Live online webinars come up every week. Workshops also come up periodically on the HYCM website. Seminars are also scheduled from time to time.

Bonus and Promotions

HYCM does not offer any bonuses, rebates, promotions or contest to its clients from Europe. This may be in compliance with regulatory restrictions on promos by CySEC.

But international clients are offered an automatic 10% on first deposit.


HYCM is an outstanding broker with over 40 years of experience and multiple regulations. The broker offers over 300 trading instruments on cutting edge platforms. The account types are designed with a focus on traders. The broker also provides some trading tools and educational resources. The broker has over 15 industry awards to show for its excellent services. HYCM is a regulated and experienced broker that is recommended to all traders.

HYCM (Henyep Markets) – broker review. Forex, CFD, cryptocurrency

25 reviews of HYCM are presented here. All reviews represent only their author’s opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

If you use pending orders at any point in your trade, then find another broker. Otherwise you are can go with them if you don’t need pending orders to execute because they don’t accept pending orders on live account (always off quotes). Also my reason for leaving them because I always have to be on the screen on live account. The allow you use pending orders on Demo account tho

Working with HYCM you should be already good at trading from my point of view. There is good conditions but for those who knows his trades. Even the materials are good for those who already knows some basics. By the way, the broker is really fair and makes all the payments in stated time.

to be honest i didnt have a wow effect after using hycm own platform. mt4 is stable and works good. i cant tell anything bad about hycm. i also use them to trade through cfd with crypto currency and in this case im very pleased with their work :)

well done platform, welcome bonuses and good pertnership programm (i earn with it even more than with trading itself). comparing with Oanda, hycm has better usability qualities. as for me app works better, and withdrawals are faster. for greens they have studing materials and so on, i like it and choose hycm.

To my mind, HYCM is a good company. They care about their clients: educational materials, fast customer support, easy transactions and good conditions for trading. Dont say it’s a scam if you have problems due to your own knoweledge. I see there good possibilities. i started from 250$ and now i have an income for about 700$.

I have 2 years experience in live account and half a year in demo. So what can i say is that i didnt face any problem that couldnt be solved with HYCM. I trade currency pairs like USD\EUR and sometimes i like to play with metals. well, spreads are stable, there are no slippages, withdrawals are rather fast (idk maybe im just lucky) – what do you need else. they have very fast help line and they always try to help – sometimes they achieve it. my experience is very positive and i checked everything by myself. i strongly recommend and cannot agree with last opinions for sure.

Good enough. Have both positive and negative moments. I use demo now and study their materials! Now i understand and know more!! Education is the best part!

Too many off quotes, they do not allow your EA. They do not allow Sell Stop / Buy Stop, server too busy during the data time. They also tend to change your Profit orders to loss, they edit the closed orders. Be careful!

Not good broker . 2 weeks and nearly 10 tries to order completed with Off Quote. For those who no idea about the message, this error appear when broker doesn”t give you quotes (or have no liquidity) or just don’t want you to trade in the given moment of the error.

In my case they denied me to compensate me (because servers works well) and they have no idea why their servers gives such error . SCAM broker.

Also communication is extremely slow, non informative. Live chat doesn”t respond half of the day. When it works, the responds are too slow.

If you think they compensate you when there is a trouble? Forget this idea.

I’m on the way to ask FCA and Financial ombudsman what a hell is going on with this broker and why it is now properly regulated.

My trader expert opinion: DON”T USE HY MARKETS!

I stopped trading with HY last year. I opened an account, traded for some time and then withdrew the surplus. It took me a week to trade, then a week to withdraw my money.

Please somebody explain me what kind of broker does nopt allow to saet orders? That’s the first time I actually faced such a problem, They just don’t let me trade the way I want to. I have my own strategies, but I cant to use them – that’s because they don’t let one set BUY STOP and SELL STOP. HOWISIT.

Well, and it takes much time to withdraw funds. Fortunately, I had no withdrawal problems.

So, what can I say – that’s not the best choice as for newbies, actually for experienced traders either.

P.S. I don’t remember my account number so dear administrators, I’m sorry.

i didnt ever have any problems with withdrawal either, think that guy is a troll or just making provocations, it happens on forums

withdrew money and get it after 7 working days .

Very good broker

your money can stole in hy markets;

look at my mail

have profit in my account.

ıf you dont gıve my profıt ı wıll complaınt you to FSA

also ı wıll wrıte all of thıngs forex factory, fxstreet and the others forex forums..

you cant stole my money.

Have an account with HY Markets over a year now: don’t have any problems fast execution, tight spreads, withdrawal takes 5-6 days which is fair enough for me. From all the brokers i tried to work with HY Markets is the best one.

I’ve got use to the platform now. It does lag a little more than forex.com (the only other platform i’ve ued). I also opened up a easy-forex.com account. I’m not that experienced but the HY MARKETS platform is the best. forex.com was sometimes time consuming when doing relatively simple things(setting stops and takes), and getting from graph to graph. I like the simplicity of the platform and i’m sure the lagg issues will get resolved over time. I should mention that in New Zealand we are only just getting optical fibres so the lagging problem is probably nothing to do with the HY servers. So overall, HY MARKETS works for me!


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