Improved GOD strategy + Guide

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Ragnarok: War of Gods FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

Ragnarok: War of Gods is a very addictive Role Playing MMO game presented by Animoca. The much-loved game that spearheaded the global popularization of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) is now leading the charge for mobile MMORPGs. Ragnarok: War of Gods is a re-imagining of the classic game made for mobile devices.

Here’s a list of Ragnarok: War of Gods Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides, that will help you on you journey in Midgard as either a fledgling Swordsman, an apprentice Mage, or a rookie Acolyte as you explore a fantasy world with thousands of other players.

More Guides Coming Soon! ^^

4 Quests!
– Instance Dungeon Walkthrough Guide
– Complete “Intermediate Quest 05”
– VVVS Doppelganger’s Location

Thread: Dragon Blaze Realm of the Gods Strategy Guide by Kathawyn (SEA server)

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Dragon Blaze Realm of the Gods Strategy Guide by Kathawyn (SEA server)

Hello all, I am Kathawyn from SEA server. I have been playing this game for quite a while now and I hope I can give a decent-ish guide

This guide will be a simple guide which will help you cope with the new chapter. This guide is a general guide which is made for all players so whether you are a new DB player (to which I wish you welcome) or an old veteran, I hope this guide helps.

As some of you might notice (especially you veterans) the game now is very different. We are back to the good old days where there is less and we are not bombarded with thousands of different stats, modes and events.
I will be talking about :
1. Current Modes
2. Main Characters
3. Hero Growth
4. Allies
Note that this is all coming from my view point. I am not an expert on pvp or pve so whatever I mention can be taken with a grain of salt.

Current Modes:
With chapter 6: Realm of the Gods, there has been some reduction in game modes. The remaining game modes are as follows:
Under Adventure Tab
Story Dungeon – Here you will go through the Dragon Blaze story. It is worth going through as you get to see the lore behind your favorite waifu or just to grab those ARCH trans select tickets when you complete a chapter (I.e 5 ARCH Trans tickets). You get 1 ss (once in a while you get a specific SSS ally) and some trans essence when you complete a stage in story mode.
Challenger Dungeon – Here is where you will be living most of the time. It is essentially story dungeon in hard mode. The mobs you find here are way stronger than what you fight in Story dungeon. You will get normal Exp here and Challenger dungeon Exp which will give you a set of different stats (for those who have played Diablo 3, paragon level) which help boost your allies.
Daily Dungeons – These dungeons can only be done once a day except for the dungeon of the day. You will be given a free dungeon depending on the day then the rest you will have to cough up 150 rubies to open up. If you are low on rubies best is to go with character potion, runes and trans weapons parts.
My general advise is to clear story dungeon as soon as you can then climb up challenger dungeon. You want to reach a dungeon level where you can farm through as fast as possible (less than 40 sec per run) without failing. Daily dungeons should never be missed, try to do the three mentioned above every day, if you can do more then go for it!
Under Fight Tab
In Honor Gorge

Orc Fortress – Here is where you get your skill cards and runes, it is basically a dungeon with 3 bosses. It is worth to run 5 to 10 times a day (depending on your tickets and rubies stash).
Arena – Here is where your can run your pvp units and is the main form of ruby income for those PVP focused players.
League Battle – Like arena but less hands on with an extra unit.
WBs (Erebos, Golem, Cerebus, Hydra, Shariet & Janus) – Here is where you fight your weekly world bosses.
Erebos – No real tactic here most damage is mage and incanter units paired with warrior or dual-wielders. The more mages you have the more damage the arch buster mage skill does, same goes for the others. The mage skill is strong due to its damage over time component paired with the incanter skill which is a high single magic damage with a 20% increased magic damage buff, which improves the mage skill greatly. The war/dual wielder skill is there for the defence down. There hasn’t been a physical setup due to the weak choices. Archer skill is good for low level arch buster due to the increased accuracy but the other skill not mentioned here are not worth the pick.
Golem – Not much to say here, weak against magic dmg so the more magic users you can use the more you can score.
Cerebus – Weak against physical dmg but can’t be debuffs and drains buffs. You want units which does high dmg without depending on debuffs to do the damage. Buffs will only help a short time as they will be absorbed by the boss.
Hydra – this is a multi unit boss, hence aoe with dot dmg units are the key here.
Shariet – This boss is slightly different from the others as you purely depend on the additional ally units there. You can put in dps units but in the end buffers are the way forward here, especially the physical variety (as the varman family are physical based).
Janus – This boss is probably the hardest as most people can’t balance between magic and physical. The bottom line is if you can break through both magic and physical shields that the boss generates, you will get a deccent score.
Note I will not tell you what is the meta units for each bosses as they are already listed in the recommended list. This is one of the few times that the recommended list is useful.
Tower of Validation – Here you can either try to climb up now or do it later when it is made 50% easier. Note that using exalts will help you to climb to about stage 80. 81 onwards you will need to use zombie teams to survive and eventually win (very very luck based).
In Guild Gorge
Guild Adventure – Here you will face your guild mates/rivals as well as other guilds in a world boss battle. The boss will stun your units and is not effect by any debuffs except dots.
Guild Exploration – Here once in a while there will be an event giving the guilds access to guild exploration. The guild will have to work together to dive down to as deep as possible (lvl 15) and clear bosses. Once the final boss have been cleared. Players then should clear as much tiles as possible and get all the loot. Some guild may not have strong enough players and may have to go back earlier to start clearing levels to get more loot.
Guild Takeover – Here you can contribute a defending team and attack a rival guild on Tuesday. If your guild is strong you can try to wipe out an enemy guild before they attack.
Guild Siege/Loot Battle – Here is where you compete with other guilds in dealing the most damage to a bunch of mobs and bosses in a set amount of time (Siege). After Siege, you and your guildmates can compete clearing the 5 castles to get lots of rubies.
Guild Tournament – Put in your PVP team and see how far it goes. If your team does well enough you will get rubies for your guildmates.
In Raid Tab
Raid – Here you will first fight against a gate keeper (like a world boss with health rather than a timer). Once you defeat the gate keeper (which you will only need to do once) you can fight the real thing against other players. Here it will be a ping battle as the boss doesn’t have a lot of life. You can grind your SSS gears here (which are totally worth it) and get other misc drops (limit stones, gems, trans weapons fragments and so on).
Main Characters
First thing you will notice (as a veteran) is that your main characters when maxed (with character potions, previously known as requests) are actually quite strong.
Warrior – he is a real tank now, he will usually be one of the last units to die. He is mostly used in Pvp and Pve (non-world boss events)
Priest – Has some value now as a strong priest with some world boss buff – She is mostly used in Guild adventure, Pvp and shariet
Archer – Main Pve physical Dmg/buffer – PvE events which involve a physical team, including shariet
Paladin – Only used in Guild Siege/Loot.
Mage – Main Pve magic Dmg/buffer – PvE events which involve a magic team
Incanter – PvE buffer – An option for any world boss but compared to mage or archer its too weak and rng dependent.
Rogue – Grinding for gold in dungeons due to passive and an option for cerebus.
Hero Growth
There is the secondary bulk of equipment that will strengthen your allies. These was greatly improved from the previous game build as they are now shared and automatically received when you start the game. The list below shows what is used now:
• Trans weapons
• Jewels
• Runes
• Skill Cards
These can be obtained as reward from raid, dungeon, orc fortress and daily dungeons. There is not much to be said about them apart from don’t neglect on this equipment.
Due to the arrival of exalted level allies, there is a change in balance of power. The exalted units are weaker than an arch OL but are way stronger when maxed. Here is some sample power levels: ARCH OL power = 9m, BASE Exalt power = 7m & max Exalt power = 42m.
Below is the new exalts and their quick review
FirstCrown – Strong magic dps
Violet Risk – Strong Physical dps
Blaze Eater – Strong Healer, only exalt who can rez other exalt when maxed
Blizz Winter – Strong buffer/Tank
Harts Hellsing – Pure Phy Pvp. Can be used in Cerebus
As it is before the infinity phase, exalts rule in damage in PvE areas others are there to slightly buff or add small % of damage to their dmg.
In Pvp, they can all be used as max as their stats are high enough and the fact that they are immune to some of the instant death skills by the OL Pvp units.
Bottom line is they are worth getting assuming:
1) You can max them immediately
2) You have enough units to form a decent team for the world bosses and events.

On an additional note, due to the addition of soul absorption system, it preferable that all trans units are arched first. This is so that all trans level retention can be obtained and the arch trans can then be used to enhance the un ARCHed OL units all the OL are arched to obtain the OL level retention.
ARCH TRANS -> ARCH OL -> Max Exalted
Final Words
This guide is written after a week of the new units, hence there is a lot of details I have to omit as I don’t have any proof to back it up. Things can change very fast within a week or two so it is not worth posting full teams here.
Bottom line is Enjoy the game now cause when chapter 6.2 comes out. Everything you used to know will be different.

Last edited by Kathawyn; 12-17-2020 at 01:11 PM .

Dank strategy

Dank strategy: Idle God Power (GP) farming

Introduction Edit

This strategy consists of one very long rebirth in which you farm GP and climb to a high god. A rebirth like this takes over a month to start and can be extended to 2-6 months easily. This strategy is meant to be done directly after your first Ultimate Baal Challenge (UBC). The main goal of this strategy is to focus on idle profits, this way even if you don’t touch the game anymore after the setup, you will have a nice GP income.

☀This guide was originally written in late 2020. A few changes have been made to the game since then.

Pros and cons Edit

Short version Edit

If you want to put in low effort this can be fun But if you like the game taking a lot of attention every once in a while this is not the guide for you.

Advantages Edit

  • Really little effort. This is the main advantage of this strategy over other methods.
  • Unlocking some pets. (How many depends on run length, but you can get even Slime if you run long enough)
  • A nice amount of GP income: 80 GP a day when fully set up and 60 GP per day in the process.
  • Good amount of time to do growth campaigns, which is the campaign I recommend. If you wish you can do different campaigns instead.
  • Small boost to the divinity generator (divgen) base due to killing a decent highest god.
  • Getting the skill 1 caps faster than any other strategy, since you will train them non-stop.

Disadvantages Edit

  • For the full 80 GP/day you have to be online almost always, if you are offline significantly less this can drop to 60 GP/day. RequirementsEdit

You only need 2 things for this strategy:

  1. You need to have done a UBC.
  2. You need to be online. Named rewards in this guide are for being online 24/7, you don’t need to actually do anything, just be online. Being online less than 24/7 doesn’t mean you can’t follow this guide, it just won’t be as effective. With the latest changes to black hole giving offline GP, this strategy became more viable without staying online all the time and still gaining at least 60 GP/h.How to do the strategyEdit

It is a very long run, so if you waste a few hours don’t worry. Having said that, you need to do a few things in this run to get it started.

Your end goals are:

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  • A level 5 planet.
  • An army protecting your planet that can kill Ultimate Beings (UBs) on first try. What to spend god power on? Edit

Well at the start you want more clones. Because defending and might levels that help with defence are basically only done more easily with clones, you really want to get more clones. So it is advised the first god powers you get from this strategy are spent to get 320k clones. Depending on when you want to end your run, you might want to go even higher!

After getting that, you can also spend GP on getting building speed and creation count and creation speed. You want to have some amount of these by the time you start building your black hole and creating the galaxies for it.

Calculations Edit

The grand total of 80 GP/day comes from the following sources after the full setup.

  • 24 GP/day from UBs. You will have access to this quite early in the run, it shouldn’t take more than a week.
  • 32 GP/day from God Crystal. One level of God Crystal gives 3.2 GP/day, so you need a level 10 crystal for this. You can get a level 7 God Crystal quite early in the run and then you can improve it later. If you have the premium upgrade for the extra 25% conversion rate you can aim for level 15 and therefore 48 GP/day.
  • 24 GP/day from BHs. You will get the first at around 3 weeks into the run and then you spend the rest of the setup time getting the others.
  • If you are not always online, but reasonably often, then you can still get GP from BHs and God Crystals offline, and from the UBs whenever you are online still netting you over 60 GP/day. Try to clear the UBs immediately whenever you come online.

After the Dank strategy Edit

My first advice would be to unlock the camel. Finish an Ultimate Universe Challenge then start an All Achievement Challenge but don’t kill gods yet. After getting the camel kill gods normally and finish your AAC. If you dislike the idea of an AAC you can do an Ultimate Pet Challenge instead as I did.

After that: you are lacking challenges to go with your newly earned GP. Many challenges have good bonuses, read about them on the Challenges page.

My personal advice would be the UPC due to its nice bonuses to pets. If you want to play actively a Double Rebirth Challenge can be a good starting challenge.

This strategy was created and turned into a guide by Dankaati, said guide has been improved with help of bodlaender.

Guide:Slime God strategies

This is a Guide page.
This means the page will walk you through a specific task, strategy, or enemy/boss fight.
Type Boss – Slime
Max Life 11,500 / 18,400 / 24,512 (total)
KB Resist 100%
Immune to
Coins 8
  • Item (Quantity)Rate

The Slime God is one of the more difficult challenges that new players will face in the Calamity Mod, tasking them with defeating 3 boss entities at once, all of which inflict various debuffs and have an erratic and generally more complex behavior than previously encountered bosses. The Slime God is summoned by using an Overloaded Sludge in any biome and at any time.

This guide will mention items exclusive to Expert Mode and above with no special formatting and will follow the intended progression.


Terrain Preparation [ edit | edit source ]

An arena that allows for great vertical and horizontal mobility is a must for this fight, considering the high mobility of the bosses themselves.

Three flat layers of platforms about 15-20 blocks from each other will allow the player to make use of the Crimulan and Ebonian Slime Gods’ inability to fall through platforms (except when dashing) and create a safe distance, while also providing enough space to maneuver around the 3 enemies. Campfires and Heart Lanterns will increase survivability and should be placed throughout the span of the whole arena.

During the fight, the arena will start to clutter with mines. As such, a length of about 500 blocks is recommended; struggling players can choose to have more layers and lengthier platforms.

The bottom layer of the arena can be built with Ice Blocks, increasing the player’s acceleration and top speed, both of which are useful assets in the fight (provided the player is equipped with Frostspark Boots).

An alternative arena setup is a long minecart track that goes up and down, making a full loop.

Gearing Up [ edit | edit source ]

Armor [ edit | edit source ]

Aerospec armor is generally the preferred choice for all classes, with well-rounded stats and increased falling speed.

Molten armor is an option for melee players who wish to reduce damage taken as much as possible.

Magic users can also utilize a combination of Wizard Hat, Diamond Robe and Jungle/Meteor pants.

Accessories [ edit | edit source ]

  • Skyline Wings are extremely useful to navigate around the boss itself, its mine attacks and the various minions.
    • Bundle of Balloons can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to Skyline Wings.
      • The Aero Stone and Frog Leg will improve the usefulness of these accessories even further.
  • Frostspark Boots or their predecessor, Lightning Boots, are basically a necessity to keep up with the boss’ high speed.
  • The Counter Scarf or the Shield of Cthulhu allow the player to make sharp turns and are equally useful as the previous accessories and should always be part of the player’s arsenal when fighting this boss.
  • Laudanum will provide moderate boosts to a chunk of the player’s stats and make them immune to the Horror debuff inflicted by the Slime God Core.
  • The Nazar will make the player immune to the Crimulan Slime God’s Cursed debuff.
  • Worm Scarf will boost the player’s damage reduction considerably, Melee players might opt for Bloody Worm Tooth instead.
  • If getting hit disrupts your rhythm in the fight, the Obsidian Shield will allow you to more smoothly recover in case of a mistake.
  • The Siren’s Heart buffs the player’s defense and life regen, as well as supplying the player with an ice shield that makes the boss’ high damage output less threatening.
  • Magic players can make use of the Celestial Cuffs and/or Mana Flower along with Mana Potions to recover their mana during the fight.
  • Summoners can boost their minion damage with the Spirit Glyph, and minion slots with Voltaic Jelly.
  • Rogue users will find the Raider’s Talisman useful to boost their damage output.

Weapons [ edit | edit source ]

All classes should ideally utilize their counterpart of the Abyss’s weapons.

Melee [ edit | edit source ]

  • The Ball O’ Fugu’s decent range, homing, and DPS should make the fight fairly straight-forward for Melee users.
  • The Bloody Edge, Old Lord Oathsword and Night’s Stabber are all good options for players who want a more short-ranged approach to the fight.
  • Some players might prefer using the Bladecrest Oathsword to be more precise with their hits.

Ranged [ edit | edit source ]

  • The Archerfish’s piercing abilities, good rate of fire and damage all prove to be incredibly useful during the fight, allowing the player to hit multiple entities at the same time.
  • The Bee’s Knees is an excellent option dealing good direct damage to the Slime Gods as well as being able to handle all the smaller slimes. The Bee’s Knees should be used with Wooden Arrows.
  • The Flurrystorm Cannon is suggested for its high rate of fire and good damage with the Frostburn debuff.
  • Galeforce is another bow that can deal with all of the different slimes when paired with Jester’s Arrows or Unholy Arrows.
  • The Phoenix Blaster is an easy to use gun that deals good damage and is best paired with Superball Bullets.
  • The Star Cannon is also a part of a Ranged player’s arsenal, similar to the Archerfish albeit with a more expensive ammunition.

Mage [ edit | edit source ]

  • The Black Anurian is generally superior to the other available options for Magic users, with good damage and range.
  • Shadowdrop Staff is also an excellent option that deals good damage and has great crowd control.
  • The Demon Scythe is a viable option for players who don’t want to deal with the Black Anurian’s hard to control homing.
  • The Water Bolt and Flare Bolt are both great options to deal with the lesser enemies that spawn due to their high pierce.
  • The Plasma Rod is a great support item due to its ability to inflict Ichor.

Summoner [ edit | edit source ]

  • The Herring Staff’s ability to summon large amounts of powerful minions makes it uncontested as the summoner’s best option.
  • The Tavernkeep Rods can be used for extra firepower, especially against the smaller Slimes spawned by the bosses.

Rogue [ edit | edit source ]

  • The Lionfish is a great option for Rogue users thanks to its non-consumable nature, as well as it being very simple to use.
  • Rot Balls and Tooth Balls have a considerable damage output, high fire rate and pierce enemies.

Classless [ edit | edit source ]

  • The Marked Magnum is useful for inflicting Marked, which reduces the target’s damage reduction by 50%.
    • This is even more effective when combined with the Ichor debuff.
    • Note that the Marked debuff is exclusive to Revengeance Mode and above, as enemies only have damage reduction in Revengeance Mode and above.
  • The Magnum may be used to deal a fair amount of extra damage with its high damage per shot, but it can only be fired three times during the fight.
  • The Halibut Cannon is a ranged weapon, but any class can use it if obtained, due to its ridiculously high DPS.

Miscellaneous [ edit | edit source ]

  • Farm Blood Orbs to easily craft many helpful potions that will increase your chance of survival during the fight.
    • Every potion available can be crafted with Blood Orbs, so use this to your advantage; many potions craftable with Blood Orbs are not normally accessible before the player fights the Slime God.
  • If in multiplayer, Wormhole Potions are a cheap and effective tool to escape death.

The Fight [ edit | edit source ]

The Slime God will spawn off-screen, you should attempt to prevent the Slime Gods from dashing by getting close to the boss as soon as it spawns, extra care should be taken if your arena is situated in the sky.

You should stand in the upper part of your arena to get the bosses stuck onto the platforms as soon as possible, allowing you to have enough time to react to their attacks when standing on a lower platform.

You should stay grounded as much as possible and only move sideways, this will make the core’s behavior predictable. When it approaches just jump over it, preferably with a dash. Slowly kite all three bosses along your platform to avoid the needless clutter of the lingering mines, but be careful not to get too far away from the Slime Gods or they will dash, possibly causing you to get hit multiple times, especially if you are afflicted with the Distorted debuff.

Players, especially those in Death Mode, should focus on dispatching the Crimulan Slime God first, as its Cursed debuff can really catch you off-guard. The Core should be killed last because it gives the remaining Slime Gods major buffs. If you are having trouble avoiding the Core with a homing weapon such as the Ball O’ Fugu, the Black Anurian or minions, killing the Core as second is completely viable. However, if the Core is causing you most of the deaths you have while fighting The Slime God, killing it first is a option as long as you have plenty of mobility accessories. If this is attempted, you should still give some of your attention to the other Slime Gods before you kill the Core, so they are damaged enough that you can take them out without too much trouble. You should also spend more work on your arena to make sure you don’t run out of space while dodging the Slimes. If killing the other Slime Gods before the Core, you should make sure the Core is at least half damaged so its projectiles don’t overwhelm you.

The minions spawned by the Slimes when damaged should be taken care of as soon as possible in all modes.

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