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IQ Option Review

Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk


CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page. Binary Options are availiable for Non-EU Traders ONLY!

For EU Traders – IQ Option provide Forex, CFD and Crypto Trading

IQ option is the best Forex, CFD and Binary Optios Broker ?

IQ Option is the most versatile and popular online broker with several awards won during the last four years. IQ platform was created in 2020, and shortly after it, it has become the favorite platform for professional traders worldwide. The numerous Iq option reviews from certified users show the highest customer satisfaction ranking among online brokers. its financial trading tools, which offer unique features designed to increase the trader investment revenue potential, is one of the reasons why its reviews are so favorable, and its active member numbers are growing daily with more than 14.011.685 registered traders in 2020.

Before you trust your hard-earned money on any online binary options broker, you need to go over its registered and certified users’ reviews. The traders’ review could give you the best possible available information about the online broker.

Iq Option Reviews

The easiest way to trust the IQ option platform is by reading what their current or previous certified customers have to say about it. Most professional traders have given a favorable review of the platform. The diverse investment products and the unique features of the digital options and classic options from the Iq options platform are the most frequent praised features among professional traders.

Iq Option Platform

The platform has been rated as user-friendly and trader oriented. The platform has an excellent interface, which traders can customize to adapt it to their trading preferences. The platform includes the most widely used indicators, oscillators and a wide variety of price charts to simplify the traders’ strategies. The trading platform is very intuitive; setting all the traders preferences to be used or displayed on the platform is rather simple. Traders only need to choose their trading preferences by selecting them from the menu to be used either for the forex trading or any of the other multiple investment instrument, which are offered on the platform.

You can access your account from any place in the world. The platform offers a mobile app, which you can use from any smartphone. The app helps traders to trade at any time at which they consider it appropriated, or when their technical analysis indicates it to maximize their profits and avoid missing any investment opportunity for being away from their usual trading place. The reviews consider the app a fantastic feature and its versatility is another of the reason for the significant number of traders, who choose the platform for their trades and as their online broker.

Day Trades on the Platform

The platform processes a staggering figure of three million registered transactions or 3 million trades per month. Those statistics represent the incredible number of One hundred thousand trades per day. This amount by itself evidenced the high level of trust traders give to the platform. Traders provide excellent reviews of the orders processing speed and the virtually unlimited trades a trader can make.

Platform Processing Orders Delay

Time is critical either to get profits or to manage risks on the stock market. Traders required the fastest response from their online brokers. The platform process orders in just one second. The reviews consistently report that after an order is placed on the platform, there is not any delay in processing it. This one-second delay processing time is perfect for any investor. The reviews mention that once their technical trading analyses give the traders any call to action.

Trading Volume

The platform is steadily increasing its trading volume since its first operational day. During 2020 the trading volume reached the USD. This enormous volume guaranteed that millions of professional traders actively use the platform daily. Highlighting it has a transparent management of the orders and their profits with more than 30 Million USD invested or trade per day on binary trading, forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD Trading.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Trustful Broker!

Money Withdraw

The most pleasing moment for any trader is when they received or withdrawn their revenue or profits from their trade. Several reviews on money withdrawal agree that once the security and identification process is done the withdrawal is flawless, fast, and easy. The amount of money withdraws by the registered users have been increasing each year, on 2020 the average monthly withdrawals was 5,7 millions of USD.

Withdrawal Processing Time

The withdrawal processing time is less than one business day, and in more than 70% of the time, withdrawal requests are immediately processing after they are posted. The trader’s review of withdrawal report that once the personal and bank verification is done, the whole process is quick and effortless.

Platform Customer Service

The platform offers a 24/7 help support team. The average waiting time to get an online chat response from the customer service is less than 1 minute. If you prefer to submit your ticket for any concern to get a writing answer, you may expect a response to any request in less than 30 minutes. The customer services consistently receive a favorable review.

Is Iq Option a Scam?

Absolutely not, the Iq option is a 100% legit and trusted business. The iq option platform has more than 14 million active users or accounts, which is the best testimony about the Iq option transparency and legal status. Iq options are not a Scam. The platform complies with all government and regulatory agencies to trade: binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, CFD Trading, and OTC Market. The platform registered a massive trading volume of more than 11 billion USD during 2020, which is another testimony of how well perceive the platform is among professional traders. The reviews of hundreds of certified account owners and their active trading record endorsed the highest industry regulations complied. An Iq options Scam would be impossible with the registered number of users and the massive amount of money trade daily. Furthermore, the platform has been opened for business since 2020 without any government or financial regulatory agency warning or restriction.

Does Iq Options Online Broker Have a Physical Address?

Yes, it does. The headquarters are located at Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus. The contact telephone number is (44) 208-068-0760. The telephone line is always available to answer any of your concern. You can call it anytime and ask directly any doubt you may have about binary options trading, or any feature of the platform and be confident any of its customer service representatives will answer all your questions accurately.

Is Iq Option Platform Legit ?

Yes, of course, Iq option is regulated. It is a fully registered. The platform complies with all the requirements and licenses from the accredited government agencies and supervising financial entities. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cysec) license it. The Cysec is the Cyprus regulatory agency, which regulated and supervised the traders and brokers operation and practice in the country. The Cysec is a member of the European Union regulatory agencies. Iq option regulations comply with all the Cysec laws and guidelines Its regulated status can be verified by anyone, who wants to do it. The iq options regulations are on its owner IQ Option Europe license number is #247/14.

Binary Options on IQ Option Complete guide.

Binary Options

The binary options offer excellent investment opportunities for traders. There are three primary products, standart Binary Options ,Classic Option and the Digital Options. Both financial products share the fundamental characteristic that traders are required to anticipate correctly in which direction the binary trading price will move. However, trading system for the Classic Option are quite different from the Digital Options.

Binary options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page. Binary Options are availiable only for Non-EU Traders”

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

Classic Options

The Classic Option is one incredible financial tool and probably the best classic binary options trading available. The platform includes the possibility to trade binary with unique features. The classic options confer the traders total control over their investment, maturity time, and even the freedom to enter or exit the market at any moment they want. Traders have the freedom to select most trading criteria to their advantage.

What Is Classic Option

Classic Option from IQ options is a trading modality or financial instrument similar to any other Binary options, in which traders have to analyze the assets to choose a yes or no answer to a single question. Will the price of the selected classic options be higher or lower at a future time, which called its maturity time. What makes Classic Option unique and appealing to professional traders around the world, is that the traders have the possibility to keep their investments for a more extended period after its maturity time is reached, for as long as the binary position price moving direction keeps the traders’ selected direction. This distinctive feature makes possible that the Classic Options have virtually limitless investment. This trading modality is available for all traders: the best part is that the binary trading risk is the same as the traders initial investment amount. It means that traders can increase their investment exponentially with the same risk level, or with a fixed risk. Additionally, once the trader has made the trade by anticipating correctly the right binary options moving direction, he can exit the market earlier or before its position maturity time and get benefits (if any) from this. This fantastic feature allows traders to keep an eye on the market and make a trading move before the market does it, avoiding most potential loss due to a price reversal or an unexpected market fluctuation.

Classic Option received consistently favorable reviews for its unique features. Traders have complete control of the investment. Maintain the same level of risk during the whole period and even exit the market earlier and get revenue from their binary trading investment, reducing the possibility of adverse outcomes.

Understanding Classic Option

  • A trader can choose the initial binary investment amount. The contract size determines the money invested, and the number positions opened they want to trade represents it.
  • Classic option lets investors trade as few as just one option or as many as they wish for any classic options trading, which means anybody can start trading binary options with only a few USD
  • The Classic Option contract size price has an indirect relationship to its risk. The farther the market positions are from its strike price, the cheaper it is, and the more chances the trader takes. On the other hand, the closer the market positions are to its strike price the more expensive the contract is, and the fewer risk the trader takes.
  • Binary options’ strike price is the price the market positions have to reach or surpass at its maturity time. Traders select this strike price for their Classic Option contract
  • Losses are limited to the amount of money invested. Binary options profits are virtually limitless, but he sets the maximum amount of money a trader could lose before buyingbinary options trading contract. The maximum loss never is more than the entire market position trading invested money.
  • Binary trading gives the freedom to leave the market before the market position maturity time and get profits if the correct options price moving direction was anticipated appropriately.
  • Classic Options allow Investors to hold a market position or stay after its positions maturity time and increase their investment profit for as long as the market position price moving direction is maintained in the same anticipated moving direction.

Classic Options Trade Benefits

Trader loses are limited to the amount he invested on the binary options

Net Revenue from Classic options is limitless as long as the Classic options price moves in the same trader selected direction continuously.

Classic options traders have various market positions to choose or adjust their investment revenue level from their binary options trading.

Classic options contracts are wholly customized to adapt to traders preferences and revenue expectations

Classic options traders can leave the market before its maturity time. This feature allows the trader to exit the market before any reversal occurs and get profits even before the market positions maturity time.

Classic options trades are based on the most renowned securities or assets publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Wall Street).

The information needed to do technical or fundamental analyses for binary options trading is available from the NYSE or the companies or corporations owners of the assets web pages. Anybody can read it because it is public and free. The widely available information could help binary options traders to increase their analyses accuracy when it is done correctly.

Digital Options

Digital options are the ultimate binary trading investment opportunity. Digital options are similar to binary trading. Investors have to make a simple choice about the future asset’s price moving direction. The big difference is a fantastic improvement to binary options trading; the traders can set their strike price. It means that the trader has full control over the final price a particular asset will reach at its maturity time. The platform allows adjusting to almost any possible binary options trading criteria to meet their binary trading strategy.

Reviews often refer to the extraordinary profit potential the Digital options offers to traders. The further away the strike price is set, the bigger the profits the traders get, once their binary options trading assets reach it. Reviews reported that most traders praise the real possibility to get up to 900% revenue from a single Digital Options trade.

Digital Option. How to start?

Digital Options are not promoted or sold to retail EEA traders. If you are not a professional client, please leave this page. Digital Options are availiable only for Non-EU Traders”

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

Advantages of Digital Options

  • ·Traders can select their favorite assets or the assets of which they have more information and better data to make the technical analysis for binary trading and anticipate the price moving direction accurately
  • ·Traders can fully customize most trading parameters and adjust the most setting to adapt them to their binary trading strategy criteria.
  • ·Traders can set the assets’ strike price and the maturity time on the platform; predict if the asset’s price will increase or decrease. Afterward, they buy a call or put digital options.
  • ·From the platform, traders can move the asset’s strike price upward or downward accordingly to their anticipated asset’s price moving direction.
  • ·The farther away the strike price is set for their binary trading, from the current price, the higher the revenue they get from their investment if it is correct.
  • ·This innovative binary trading modality allows the traders to get profits of up to 900% from their investments if their predictions are right and they select the 900% strike price when they are choosing their digital options.
  • ·Traders have the possibility to sell out earlier their digital options, which means that they can sell their binary options prematurely and still get profits from it when their predictions were incorrect.

Digital options offer all the advantages of the classical binary options trading and several more features developed to increase the trader potential investment revenue. The traders’ favorite highlights posted on the reviews are the possibility to adjust most binary options trading criteria to match the traders trading strategy. Briefly, trading Digital Options confers the entire control of the trading parameters to the traders, who buy them. Additionally, digital Options from offers the possibility to sell your options earlier and make profits even when your prediction was incorrect.

Practice Account

The platform offers the possibility to open n practice account with 10.000 USD for anybody to try the platform and all its financial investment products. Opening n practice account entitles the trader to use all the features and products available.

After the trader sign in into his practice account, he can immediately start trading with fake money on binary options, OTC Market, crypto/cryptocurrency, bitcoin, CFD Trading. The demo account gives total access to the platforms to practice all the trading modalities with the various indicators and price charts, which the platform provides to its registered traders.

Practice is required to develop any skill, with the demo account, any trader can test his strategy and market anticipation accuracy in real time, with actual market quotes and corroborate how ready he is to start investing or trading. The practice account is the best training tools any trader could wish for. The practice account can generate fake profits, or virtual money loses allowing anybody to experience the trading market firsthand. The trader can divide the 10.000 USD from his demo account into the various financial instrument the platform offers to practice in the market he feels more confident and better prepared.

Practice Account Advantages

·The demo account prevents the trader from severe losses by allowing them trading on the market with fake money and corroborating his strategy accuracy.

·Traders can learn to use and read the various market indicators and oscillators correctly with updated stock quotes, cryptocurrency, or exchange rates using the demo account.

·The practice account permits evaluating the trader’s ability to search and process market information to do the assets technical analysis and estimate the time required to fulfill this task.

·A trader can get used to the diverse financial tools offered by the platform and test the setting before making any payment or investing any money, which saves thousands of dollars from misreading or wrong trading setting adjustment.


Login, you can access your account anytime and from anywhere, thanks to its cloud support. The traders setting preferences are saved on the platform, and it can be retrieved from any internet connected device. With the 24/7 login, Traders can be sure; they will be able to trade at any moment they preferred stock market is open or when they find a market momentum.

Login from Your SmartPhone

Login using the app from any Android or IOS smartphone; the trading platform can be used on most Android or IOS smartphones. The login from any compatible device allows traders to transform their smart cell phones or tablets in trading stations. Additionally, login can be done using the app to reduce the wideband needed and to support a flawless mobile trading.

Login Security Features

Login requires that the account owner identify himself correctly. The trader needs to write his email, username or social network associated with his account and provide his password. The login security features prevent that any unauthorized user could access your account. If you forgot your password or username, you could request assistance for login, and in a couple of minutes, you will get access to your account after you verify your identity. Login was designed to guarantee a fast and easy entry into the traders’ accounts, while ensuring a high-level security in some cases similar to any bank account.


Register is an easy and straightforward process. Anybody of legal age can Register on the platform and enjoy the many privileges and advantages the platform offers to its registered traders.

How to Register

You only need to write your email account and create a password on the platform to register in iq option. Then you will need to fill a simple form with your essential identification information, such as name, last name, etc. This basic setup officially fulfills the Iq option Register requirements and open a world of trading possibilities for you.

How Soon After the Register Is Done Can I Start Trading?

Iq option register gives you instant access to the platform after the entire process is done, which takes only a couple of minutes. Once you finished the register process, you can immediately enjoy the demo account. It allows you to practice trading in real life with fake 10.000 USD. You only need to fund your account by making n deposit with your credit card, debit or bank card, Skrill, Neteller or any of the payment method accepted by the platform. Once the payment is processed, which usually takes seconds; you are set to start trading.


Traders can request to withdraw their revenue and profits from their account at any time they consider it appropriated. The withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

What Do Traders Need to Request a Withdrawal?

Request a withdrawal is an easy task; the platform has a link to redirect the trader to the withdrawal page. For government regulations before any trader makes his first withdrawal, he needs to verify his identity and bank information, or credit card ownership. The ID verification process could add some delay to the processing time since it will not start until the ID verification process takes place.

Withdrawal Limit

There is a withdrawal limit of 1 million USD per day. However, traders can request several withdrawals per day until they reach the 1 million amount per day. On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD. There is not a fee associated with a withdrawal to your bankcard and other payment services. The only withdrawal method that has a cost is bank wire transfer; it is because of the bank charge a transaction fee, which is usually the same amount as the withdrawal fee for this method.

The entire withdrawal process is easy and fast after the ID verification is done. The reviews report that the processing time uses to get shorter after the first couple of withdrawals.


Making a deposit into a trader account or funding a newly open account is effortless. The broker accepts most credit cards and Maestro bank cards. Furthermore, deposits can be made with Webmoney, Neteller, and Skrill and the money is available immediately in the trader account after it is approved

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit amount is either 10 USD or 10 euros depending on the trader’s account currency. The deposits are processed immediately, and the trader can use it as soon as the bank approved it. There is not a related fee to any deposit; the 100% of your deposits money will go directly to your trader account.

Learn Trading on the platform

The platform has a trading hub which delivers quality educational materials for new or expert traders to learn or improve their trading level. Reading or watching the various educational materials provides the essential knowledge to understand how the professionals do the binary options trading. Additionally, traders can learn how to use the best strategies, indicators, and technical tools, the educational materials are developed to help traders to get faster their technical analyses and market movement anticipation and place their orders.

The Platform Technical Tools and Indicators

There are hundreds of diverse technical tools employ by professional traders to analyze the market data and identify the market momentum. The indicators and oscillators, as well as different mathematical and statistical approaches, are used daily to anticipate the next asset’s price moving direction with great certitude. Some of these technical tools can be used for any market analyses such as binary options Forex, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, CFD Trading, and OTC Market. The best of those technical instruments are included on the platform for traders to take advantages of them and speed up their data gathering and processing time to reduce any time delay and help to trade on the best market condition based on their strategies.

The Technical Tools Most Used and Available On the Platform Are:

Several price chart display types are available, in a great effort to adapt to the various trading preferences of the millions of traders, they can even trade with multiples charts simultaneously. Additionally, Trading lines, Bollinger bands, Rainbow Pattern, Piercing Line Candlestick Pattern, Three Black Crows Pattern, etc. can be displayed on any of the price charts and they are easy to set and adjust to the studied market conditions.

The platform provides the most frequently used Indicators included in its trading software such as the MACD Indicator, Moving Average, RSI, SMA200, Parabolic Stop and Reverse, etc. saving time and simplifying the trading of any assets.

Forex on IQ Option Platform. How to start?


Trading currencies on the Iq options platform is difficulty. The forex market is the largest and most liquid market on the earth with billions of USD traded each day. To decrease any time delay the platform has the possibility to display several price charts simultaneously on the same screen. Additionally, the traders can adjust and include the most used forex indicators on their price chart adapting them to their trading strategy.

Trading Forex

The platform provides the historical quotes or recorded exchange rate for the major currencies and a great variety of exotic currencies. The most widely used indicators and oscillators can be added to the various forex price charts. It allows centralizing all your technical tools in one place to avoid missing any critical data or information.

The platform submits volatility alerts each time the market exhibit a higher than usual speculative tendency or more noise than the average previous sessions. The volatility alerts could help traders to increase their forex technical analysis accuracy by highlighting it. Traders consider it as an extra bonus, and they report it on their reviews.

Trading forex is facilitated on the platform by the constantly market alerts, the newsletters and the forex trading educational material designed to improve the forex trading level of the millions of forex traders registered on the platform.

Traders can practice the forex opening a practice account and discover or corroborate all the many advantages the platform has for them.

Networking With Thousands of Professional Forex Traders on the IQ Options Platform

Each forex trader is connected with the whole platform. They can interact with each other without leaving the trade room or interrupt their market monitoring on the multi displayed exchange rate price charts. Traders can get instant support, trading advice, or a market insight from others professional traders with the chat room window. Networking is also considered as an extra bonus. Each of the millions of registered users on the platform can communicate with the others, and ask any concern or doubt they may have. Furthermore, they might support each other or share their strategy and success story. Networking with professional forex trader can be beneficial to anybody who can get a knowledgeable answer, a trading suggestion to increase profits, or the market forecast.

OTC Market

The stock and forex market is closed during the weekend. There is no active trading for the period. However, several brokers can receive orders to buy or sell assets and post them on Monday as soon as the markets open. OTC Market is open during this period and allows traders to trade and get profits during the weekend actively.


OTC Market is a fabulous trading instrument, which allows investors to trade after hours on various assets over the weekend while the world’s stock and forex markets are closed. OTC Market is an over the counter trading platform that allows the assets exchange among traders without going into the public market by an intranet communication of buyers and sellers. The OTC Market is similar to a peer-to-peer transaction in which two traders exchange their assets without going into the public stock or forex market. The ability to trade in over the counter assets permits the trading operation during the weekends, while the world’s markets are closed, and it can generate revenues for the period to traders who anticipate the next OTC Market assets price correctly moving direction.

How Does the OTC Market Work?

·Traders need to open a trading account

·Traders select the OTC Market assets

·Traders do the technical and fundamental analyses for the assets available to trade after hours on the OTC Market.

·Traders buy a put or a call for their market positions

·Traders get their options revenue after their market position end in the money.

Why Trade on OTC Market

  1. OTC Market is open during the weekend; this is useful for those traders, who work on a 9 to 5 job during the week or have a very busy schedule from Monday to Friday.
  2. Lower transaction volume; During the weekend, the OTC Market transaction volume is significantly lower than on weekdays simplifying the data gathering and information analyses
  3. OTC Market is a slower market, because of its smaller volume, traders have more time to read and process the market information.
  4. Assets might experiment less volatility on OTC Market; the assets might experience longer price trend and fewer fluctuations than during weekdays
  5. Professional traders can have profits or manage risks by only trading two days a week or during the weekend on OTC Market

In a nutshell: OTC Market is the best available after hours trading market, in which traders can place their orders or buy puts or calls during the weekend. The OTC Market gives the opportunity for busy people or those who work during weekdays to trade and get revenue from it.

Is OTC Market a Scam?

No, OTC Market is a legit investment opportunity developed for those who only have the weekend for trading. The entirely trading process is handled with the same transparency and impartiality as any other trading. The regulations are enforced on all the Iq option trading products.

Option Crypto or Options Cryptocurrency

The current quotes exhibits by the cryptocurrencies are beyond anybody forecast or expectation. In less than a decade, the Bitcoin value is more than four times the ounce of gold. Nowadays, there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies available for trading with its exchange rate soaring.

Option crypto or Iq options cryptocurrency give traders the opportunity to invest in 12 different cryptocurrencies with the most popular and dependable backup offered for trading. Crypto trading is similar to any other trading. The best part of options cryptocurrency is that traders do not have to wait for seeding or remembering complicates encrypted figures to access them. They can trade the Iq options cryptocurrencies from the platform and manage all of them from there. With the same user-friendly interface and the various financial tools available to simplify the trader’s job.

Crypto trading is the same as forex trading. The platform displayed the cryptocurrencies multi-price charts and their historical quotes for the 12 cryptocurrencies available for trading on it.

Advantages of Trading Cryptocurrencies

  • Traders don’t waste time mining or seeding to get their cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto price charts are continually updating with the latest quotes.
  • Crypto centralizes in a single platform 12 of the most competitive and reputable cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto provides the technical tools included in its trading software.
  • crypto trading can be practice with a demo account for free once anybody signs in into a demo account
  • Crypto trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Iota, Dash, Monero, Omisego, Zcash, and Sentiment with are the most used and searched cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the entire forex market, and everybody is trying to take advantages of the incredible profits generated by them. Options cryptocurrency is the adaptation to the global tendency and the investor preferences. There are few assets in recorded history with equal or similar revenue generation to the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Iq Option Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the king of the cryptocurrencies. In the last century, there are less than 12-recorded assets, which valorized at the bitcoin level. The investor who invest just 10.000 USD back in 2020, are now retired enjoying the millionaire’s life. Option bitcoin brings all the magnificent potential profits generation to investors worldwide.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is now accepted in more than 100.000 stores around the globe. Which a current quote or exchange rate BTC or XBT/USD of more than 7.000 USD, The bitcoin value is five times higher than the ounce of gold value. The limited supply and the high demand for it, make anticipate it might continue the current price trend. Option Bitcoin was developed to give access to the trader, to the cryptocurrency exchange and to take part of the most prominent market of the 2020 decade.

Option bitcoin is traded in a similar way as the forex market. The bitcoin trading software is similar to the other trading software, with the same user-friendly interface and the most popular technical tools included to speed up the bitcoin trading process.

Option bitcoin, as well as option cryptocurrencies, put at your fingertips the most profitable and more manageable and effortless to trade cryptocurrencies. Option crypto provides all the market quotes, recorded price history, and market volatility alerts to keep traders updated and well informed.

CFD Trading

The platform provides various investment instruments to meet most traders or investors’ needs. Among the trading modalities available on the platform, CFD Trading offers trading on margin capacity. CFD Trading is a leverage investment instrument.

What Is CFD Trading

CFD Trading is a Contract for difference (CFD), which is a financial instrument that generates revenue when the asset’s price moving direction is accurately anticipated. The CFD Trading is similar to binary options in which the trader has to predict a price moving direction in the future.

How Does CFD Trading Works

  • CFD Trading investors do not have to buy the underlying assets, which can be commodities, currencies, indices, shares, and treasuries. He only needs to anticipate in which direction the price will move.
  • CFD Trading investors buy a number of units or positions for the assets they have studied or from which they have information.
  • CFD Trading investors trade on margin, which means they only need to pay a small portion of the total value of their positions. It increases the potential investment revenue.
  • They can go short (sell) when they anticipate prices will go down or go long (buy) when they think prices will rise.
  • Short-selling CFDs, when the CFDs traders believe the asset’s price will fall, they buy a short sell. If their anticipation is correct, they can buy the asset at the lower price and get profits from the price difference.
  • Long-buying, when the CFD traders think the asset’s price will increase, they buy a long buy. If their prediction is correct, they can sell the asset at a higher price get profits from the price difference.

Traders need to be able to invest whenever a market opportunity appears. Time is one of the most valuable resources in the stock market since a market momentum lasts a limited period. Traders are required to be always watching and ready to place orders before the market moves. The APP allows the traders to take their trading software to any computer device with internet access or into any smartphone.

Trading App

Have all the market information including price charts, indicators and oscillator at your fingertips in every moment when you are ready to trade with the trading app. The trading app was developed with the trader’s needs in mind, and it compiles all the needed technical instruments for traders to be able to get their technical analyses. Traders can determine the market dynamics and find any possible price pattern from any place in the world as long as they have an internet connected device

The app can be used on the various operating systems for computers such as Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu, the system requirement for the app for desktops or laptops are:

·2 GB or more of RAM

·Windows 7 or newer versions

·45 MB of HHD memory

·Graphics card or graphics processor

The download can be done directly from the webpage portal or the platform. If your antivirus is blocking the app, you need to include the app in the exclusion programs list. Some hardware graphics card doesn’t support OpenGL configuration, and they need to be updated since the app used it for most price charts, indicators, trading lines and quotes display. The app can be used on most computers and tablets.

Android App

Android App is available for most smartphones with Android OS 4.0.4 or higher versions. The android App can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store on your device. Once you have it, you can trade directly from your compatible smartphone. The android App transforms a compatible smartphone in an utterly trading unit, with quotes updates, graphical representations of indicators, trading lines, candlestick charts, etc. The android App enables traders to receive the volatility alerts, newsletters, market updates immediately on their smartphone device.

The App is also available in the App Store for the iPhones and IPad or any Apple device, transforming those devices into a sophisticated trading station. The app works perfectly either on IOS or MacOS. There are not limited to the number of devices in which traders can download and use the app to make their trading.

Trade Where and When You Want With the App

Traders can use their account across multiples internet-connected devices. They can download the desktop application, or app for laptops and tablets. Additionally, they can download the app in their smartphones and be always connected to the stock market and their trading station. The reviews continuously praise the app for the movement freedom and readiness to trade as soon as a market momentum is identified even when they are on the go.

Employing the app, traders can read market updates, perform candlestick charts analyses, or use the indicators used for their trading strategy while they are on the metro, bus, taxi, or just sitting during the lunch hour. The modern world is every day more interconnected, and most people need portability for their technical tools. The app provides all the platform advantages, including trading software, indicators, and oscillators. Prices charts, trading lines, etc. on any mobile compatible internet connected device. With the app trader never miss a market alert or investment opportunity for being away from their usual trade station or trading office.

App Review

The app review done by millions of registered users, who downloaded the app to their desktop and smart cell phones are positive. Traders report in their app reviews that the App is easy to use, with a trader focus display, and it was developed to simplify the offsite or on the go trading. They say that they can deploy their entire trading strategy with their smart cell phone similar to their desktop computers. The app review gives total trading freedom for the trader.

Iq Option Download

Iq option download transform your computer, tablet or smart cellphone in a sophisticated trading station. Iq option download can be used to download the trading software into your laptop or desktop. Afterward, you can use the trading software and do the technical analyses, watch the assets quotes or monitor your preferred forex on them.

Iq Option Download for Android or IOS Phones

Whit iq option download for Android or IOS phones, traders can have all the iq option trading software on their mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from the iq option download. It takes a couple of minutes. The personal trader setting, trading preferences and investment portfolio will be on his mobile device to carry out the platform.

What is the Platform Future?

The platform is continuously renewing itself to adapt better to traders’ needs. Moreover, the platform permanently is adding more trading instruments to reflect the global market tendencies. The platform has last times added trading with multiplier and ETFs trading options.

What Is ETFs Trading?

ETFs trading or exchange-traded fund is the exchange or trading of bonds, commodities indices or a mix of those. The essential characteristics or the EFTs is that their price fluctuates during the open market hours as they are bought or sold. The ETFs are highly liquid financial instruments and are well perceived by individual investors. The ETFs are similar to a mutual fund, but they are open to new investors.

Keeping Up To Date with the Trader’s World on the Platform Blogs

The platform has blogs written by the most successful traders to share their insight and market news. The blogs introduce the new platform features, the new indicators available to use on the trading, and the new trading modalities offered by Iq options brokers. Reading this blog spread the latest information connecting the 14 millions of registered users and others traders who enter on it to get the information.

The blog is full of articles or blog post with learning material or continuous trader educational material to improve the knowledge and level of the traders’ community.

The Open Trading Network by Iq Options

The open trading network, OTN is the most ambitious project since the Iq options platform launched, which will organize and centralized in one single place. The world disorganized block-chain powered systems. The OTN will work similar to the internet in which billions of individuals computers are connected and indexed to facilitate their communication and directory search.

The OTN will create a particular wallet for various cryptocurrencies making easier its management and in case of identification number or password misplacement or forgotten them. It will enable security protocols to retrieve them more comfortable and prevent the cryptocurrency lost by wallet identification or password forgot.

Furthermore, the OTC will allow any trader to do mining and gaining cryptocurrencies as payment for it in a safer environment. The trader will know how much he can expect from his mining activity and how soon he will receive the cryptocurrencies into his wallet.

The iq options broker not only is intended to provide the best trading experience in any of the Iq options trading modalities, but also the iq options brokers want that traders feel that their businesses are appreciated and their effort is taking into account by the the brokers team. The platform continually is offering giveaway rewards to traders as an appreciation demonstration.

Iq options highlights

The Iq option reviews are the best way for new traders to get a real understanding and evaluation of the Iq options brokers. The Iq option scam allegations have been found false and ungrounded, after going over thousands of Iq options reviews, the Iq options regulations, and the government regulatory agencies, no any single real open case was found for us during this review. Iq binary options are still the favorite trader choice for binary options.

Iq option demo account is the best way to test anybody’s trading skill without risking any money. Iq option practice account allows trader to trade in real life with updated market quotes with 10.000 USD fake money.

Iq option platform allows multiples withdrawal per day with a maximum limit of 1.000.000 USD daily. The Iq options app enables trading on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Traders can perform their investment or place their orders from any place on the earth using the app.

The iq options trading software can be employed to trade various financial instruments such as forex, which trade on the major world currencies. The minimum deposit on the traders account is 10 USD or 10 Euros depending on the trader’s currency account.

The Iq options platform additionally offer the OTC Market, crypto/cryptocurrency, bitcoin, CFD Trading to centralized in a single trading platform widest variety of market trading modalities.

The Iq option platform is constantly improving itself, and numerous improvement and new features are on its way in the near future. The Iq options platform count with more than 14 million of registered users making it probably the biggest and most used trading platform worldwide.

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

How To Withdraw Money From IQ Option? Best Methods And Tips You Should Know

IQ Option: Top Binary Opitons Broker

It’s one of the nightmares of traders: being unable to withdraw money. You may have come across refused or stalled withdrawals. There could be two reasons for this: the broker you’ve been dealing with may not be a legitimate entity or, if it is a genuine broker, it’s been enforcing strict withdrawal procedures to make sure money is transferred to the right person. The former is unfortunate, and the latter is understandable and works to your advantage because of all the instances of fraud involving both brokers and traders.

If you’ve struggled before with withdrawing your earnings from a broker, you’ll find IQ Option a great improvement. This platform has fast and hassle-free withdrawals. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the withdrawal process, options, and limitations using this broker. We’ll also throw in some pointers on how to invest your earnings properly.

The great thing with IQ Option is that it offers a free demo trading account that you can test drive if it’s your first time to come across the company. You get virtual funds that you can use for simulated trading or, if you want, for real trading. You can try the product first-hand to learn more about its trading tools and features at no cost thanks to the IQ Options free trial.

Things you should know before withdrawing money from IQ Option

  1. Should You Withdraw Money Right Away?
  2. IQ Option Withdrawals: Quick Summary
  3. Withdrawal Options
  4. Recommended E-Wallet Providers
  5. Withdrawal Limitations
  6. Withdrawal Steps
  7. Continuing Your Investments and Winning Strategy

There are many advantages to using IQ Option. You’ll be dealing with a known legal entity that is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It has one of the easiest trading apps around. From it, you can expect world-class customer support and safe and fast money withdrawals using several methods, as you’ll learn in this article.

Even if you find in your research that IQ Option is the real deal, it is still important that you read in detail its terms and conditions. While the steps in withdrawing may be the same for most brokerage companies – select amount, choose withdrawal procedure, confirm your decision, and wait – there may also be crucial differences.

These include the allowable amount that can be withdrawn and the length of time before money is transferred to your bank. Of course, the broker may require other things from you, such as proof of identification or other supporting documents. With IQ Option, you’ll find the process more streamlined than most, which makes it a popular platform for both long-time and new traders.

Should You Withdraw Money Right Away?

Chances are that, like most traders who make their first successful trades, your first impulse is to get a hold of your gains by quickly withdrawing your funds. But more successful binary options traders eschew this approach because of higher long term gains. IQ Option posted these practical tips on its website:

  1. If you only trade to have some fun, go ahead and withdraw your money. In this case, you should ask yourself why you invest real money at all. You could have the same fun completely risk-free with the IQ Option demo.
  2. If you trade seriously, yo u should wait before you withdraw as you probably have a trading plan.

The broker’s advice aside, let’s answer our question: How to withdraw money from IQ Option?

IQ Option Withdrawals: Quick Summary

Withdrawing through IQ Option is just as fast and easy as earning money using the app. It’s one of the simplest in the binary options trading niche, as cited in various binary options brokers reviews . You can use credit cards, e-wallet providers, and wire transfer to withdraw money.

You could enjoy the immense benefits of credit card and e-wallet withdrawals absolutely for free. You only need to factor fees when you choose the wire transfer withdrawal option, the rate depending on your provider.

Where other brokers take two days to process your withdrawal and charge you $30 to $50 for it, IQ Option does the same job quicker–within 24 hours and for free.

Such policies matter. IQ Option stands as the best choice for traders to make the most of their withdrawals.

The IQ Option trading platform.

Withdrawing Money from IQ Option: Best Methods and Tips

IQ Option processes all withdrawals within one business day free of charge, but how soon the money gets in your hands and how much else you pay after IQ Option depends on whether you are withdrawing through credit or debit card, wire transfer, or e-wallet. Check out the different withdrawal methods below.

Withdrawal Options

1. Credit Card/Debit Card Withdrawal

Withdrawing through a credit card or debit card is the preferred choice of withdrawal at IQ Option. Currently, IQ Option accepts withdrawal from following bank cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, and MasterCard.

In case you are having reservations about conducting funds withdrawal through your bank card, you may rest assured in the fact that IQ Option boasts the first highest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, merchant level.

2. Wire Transfer Withdrawal

There are several reasons why you may want to use wire transfer only as a last option to withdraw funds from IQ Option. As with e-wallets and bank cards, IQ Option will process wire transfer withdrawal requests within 24 hours. Once such withdrawal requests leave IQ Options, however, they usually take a longer time to complete processing by the banks in which you hold an account.

Wire transfers generally require payment. The rate depends on the locations involved and the practices of your bank. Most traders can avoid such fees, but if you cannot, it would be wise to consider the cost of payment involved. With credit card withdrawals, you do not have to consider such fees.

While it can be said that withdrawing through wire transfer is best reserved as a last-resort option, there are also special reasons why this payment method is still necessary. One outstanding reason is the existence of the so-called anti-money-laundering law, which is reflected in a provision, which only allows you to withdraw through your credit card as much money as you deposited using it. If instead, you deposited money via wire transfer, that leaves you no option but to stick to wire transfer for all withdrawals, having opted out of credit card transactions.

It might also happen that you have eventually used up all your bank card credit: when you have withdrawn as much money as you have deposited. If this happens, withdrawing through wire transfer might be the only option left for you.

3. E-Wallets

One of the better methods to withdraw your winnings is via an e-wallet. It is usually provided by a third-party provider or payment gateway. E-wallets are not without issues, though. But if you stick to the popular ones, you’re less likely to encounter problems. Below, we list the most common e-wallet channels used for IQ Option.

The IQ Option withdrawal page.

How to withdraw money from IQ Option using e-wallets? Here are the different providers with a few tips, one that will allow you to use this channel to get your earnings.

1. Skrill

Skrill is based in London, United Kingdom. During registration, it asks for your email address to be used as your account login. You have a chance to activate two-factor authentication for additional security. You can link your bank account or credit card, but expect the verification process to take some time.

Make sure that your preferred currency is from one of the 40 countries accepted by Skrill. Skrill does not operate in Latvia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Myanmar, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen. It is also unavailable in Iraq, Eritrea, and Libya. Note that Skrill sets a maximum limit to your transactions.

Detailed Skrill Review

2. Neteller

Headquartered at Douglas, Isle of Man, Neteller requires you to verify your account first before you could retrieve your funds. To do this, you have to submit a bank statement issued not later than three months ago.

For account login, you will use your email address, which it asks for during the registration process. It also offers what it calls Net+ Prepaid Card, which you can conveniently use for direct money transfers.

Neteller sets both minimum and maximum transaction amounts, the latter depending on your choice of currency.

It supports 26 national currencies, which you can verify on its website indicated above.

Neteller does not work in Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, and Libya. It offers limited services in the following countries and territories: France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Macao, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UAE, and the United Kingdom. In most Arab countries, banks do not work with Neteller. Clients from these countries may want to use WebMoney or Skrill instead.

3. WebMoney

Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, WebMoney has won several awards in 2020. No bank account or credit card is required to open or operate a WebMoney account, making it accessible to many people. It supports 8 different currencies and assets, which can be verified on its website through the link above.

WebMoney does not provide its services in the following states and territories: American Samoa, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Guam, Guyana, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Myanmar, Northern Mariana Islands, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda.

4. Boleto

Boleto is a payment method in Brazil, where it is officially known as Boleto Bancário. It is regulated by FEBRABAN, short for the Brazilian Federation of Banks. A boleto can be paid at ATMs, branch facilities, and internet banking of any bank, post office, lottery agent, and some supermarkets until its due date. After the due date, it can only be paid at the issuer bank facilities.

Boleto can only be collected by an authorized collector agent in the Brazilian territory.

5. FasaPay

An Indonesian electronic payment system based in Orchard Road, Singapore, FasaPay allows a maximum withdrawal of $75,000.00 and a minimum of just $1 per transaction. You can do multiple transactions each day at fees ranging from free to 5%.

You must be a verified account holder to make transactions at FasaPay. To be a verified account holder, PasaFay requires the submission of bank documents. Aside from the standard account password, FasaPay provides 4 other ways to secure your account.

FasaPay currently supports US dollar and Indonesian rupiah (IDR) currencies.

Withdrawal Limitations

As a security measure, IQ Option requires that you withdraw using the same bank card or e-wallet you have used to make a deposit. If you don’t, the system will cancel the withdrawal request. Thus, if you have initially deposited through Neteller, then you need to make the withdrawal back through Neteller.

For bank cards, you must withdraw within 90 calendar days from the last deposit. Another security measure applies: how much you withdraw must not exceed the amount you deposited. This limitation does not apply to e-wallets.

Finally, if you choose to withdraw through both your bank card and e-wallet, IQ Option prioritizes withdrawals through bank cards than other types of withdrawals.

IQ Option has recently implemented instant bank card withdrawal processing , which eliminates the previous 3 working days waiting period for your withdrawal application to be processed. Nevertheless, bear in mind that once the application is approved, it can take your bank up to 9 working days to credit the funds to your account. It pays to remember this and not get alerted when you see the status indicates it has been completed, yet you still don’t see funds on your card.

  1. Example 1: You initially deposited $500 to your card. Within 90 days, you accumulate $600 on your balance. To withdraw, you need to proceed with two withdrawals: $500 to your bank card and $100 to your e-wallet of choice (Neteller, Skrill, etc.). Or you can use wire transfer, though this will leave you with $50 less as processing fee. Not a good way to withdraw, unless you have large enough funds to offset the cost of processing.
  2. Example 2: You deposited $500 and have the same amount that you now want to withdraw after 100 days—well past the 90-day window that allows you to withdraw through your bank card. Bank card withdrawal option out, but e-wallet or wire transfer options still possible. Most likely, you will choose e-wallet to avoid the $50 processing fee.
  3. Example 3: You have deposited $500 through your bank card and $100 through your e-wallet. You want to leave your bank card funds intact but withdraw from your e-wallet. IQ Option does not allow that: you need to withdraw $500 through the bank card first before you can withdraw from the e-wallet. This is the withdrawal hierarchy at IQ Option, requiring clients to make withdrawals against bank cards first before e-wallets or cash transfer. If you have carefully read through the previous discussions, you should be ready to make your first IQ Option withdrawal.

Steps to Withdraw Money from IQ Option

IQ Option applies an identical algorithm for fund withdrawal regardless of the mode of payment you choose. To proceed with withdrawing funds from IQ options, do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on the user pick in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Select “Withdraw Funds” from the list of available options
  5. Click on the preferred payment system
  6. Follow the specific instructions indicated

Continuing Your Investments and Winning Strategy

Withdrawing your money from IQ Option means one thing – you’ve accumulated enough from your winnings and are out to enjoy the fruits of your wise trading strategy. You’ve seen how easy the process is to get your cash from your partner broker. You’re a serious money trader and want to plow in back your winnings or even just a part of it. You feel you have a full grasp of the numbers trend and how commodities, currencies, and stocks move in the world market. No worries.

Depositing your money to IQ Option is as simple as withdrawing it. You just go to your account, click the deposit button, select your payment method (credit or debit card, wire transfer), enter your credit card information, and then press “pay” to see your money deposited in your account. To get the full details on how it all works, you can head over to our article How To Deposit Money To IQ Option? Best Methods and Tips To Fund Your Account.

IQ Option can be your investment gateway to the world of binary options trading. It is a multi-awarded online trading company that boasts of 25 million registered users worldwide and a monthly trading volume of $380 million. In 2020, it introduced instant withdrawals and one-day processing, and currently peaks at over $10 million in total withdrawals per month. It also has one of the most advanced online as well as mobile trading apps. If you want to, you can start trading at once – just sign up for IQ Option free demo account.


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In the past day trading options was not part of most traditional intraday strategies. However, times are changing and today traders make considerable money using options. This page will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of trading on options, as well as covering types of options, how to get setup, and top tips.

Brokers Trading Options

What Are Options?

The straightforward definition – an option is a straightforward financial derivative. This legal contract affords you the right to buy or sell an asset during or within a pre-determined date (exercise date). If you are the seller you have an obligation to meet the terms of the transaction. These will be to either sell or buy if the buyer chooses to ‘exercise’ the option prior to the expiration date.

Options for day trading span across numerous markets. You can get stock options, ETF options, futures options, and more. These traditional options are also known as ‘vanilla options’.

What Is An Option Contract?

You’ll be afforded a number of rights with an options contract. Each contract should include details of the following:

  • Type of option (call or put option)
  • Underlying security
  • Strike price (the price at which you can exercise the option)
  • Unit of trade (the number of shares)
  • Expiration date (the last trading day for exercising your option)


Options are often classed as complicated, risky investments, and that puts off many aspiring day traders. However, there are just two main classes of options.

  • Put – These selling options allow you to sell a stock at a specific price.
  • Call – These buying options allow you to purchase a stock at a specific price.

Setting aside the two main classes, there is a long list of different markets and options available. Although not all are suitable for day trading, the list includes:

  • Stock options
  • Index options
  • Mini options
  • Mini Index options
  • Options on futures
  • Weekly SPY options
  • OEX options
  • ETF options
  • S&P 500 options
  • IRA accounts
  • E-Mini options
  • ES weekly options
  • QQQ options
  • Deep in-the-money (ITM) options
  • Crude oil options

The Underlying Asset

Usually, you will find that most options are based upon shares in publicly listed companies, Twitter and Amazon, for example. However, there is a growing number of options based on alternative underlying investments. These include day trading options on stock indexes, currencies, commodities, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Stock Options

If you’re interested in day trading stock options for a living it’s important to be aware the contracts are based on 100 shares of the underlying stock. The exception to this rule is when adjustments take place as a result of stock splits and mergers.

Regional Differences

The majority of exchange-traded stock options are American. They can be exercised at any point from the purchase date to expiration. European options, however, you can only redeem on the date of expiration.

Options vs Futures

A lot of people swiftly realise there are numerous similarities between day trading options and futures. They are both usually based on the same underlying instrument. The makeup of the actual contracts also shares numerous similarities.

The difference is how they are traded. With options, you get a broader range of available options. You’ll also find the trading rules differ. Options can be traded singularly, or you can purchase them alongside stock trades or futures contracts to create a form of insurance on the trade.

Why Trade Options?

There are a number of reasons you can make serious money trading options. Even putting financial remuneration to the side, day trading with options appeals for several attractive reasons.

  • Low-cost strategy – Day trading in options gives you the opportunity to enter and exit positions quicker and with less risk than other securities, such as stocks and mutual funds. It’s also significantly cheaper to purchase an option than to buy the underlying asset, the shares of the stock, for example. So, you can control the same number of shares with far less capital.
  • Diversity – Because options are so much cheaper than buying the actual stock, you can benefit from an increased number of investment opportunities. Your capital will go further, increasing your profit potential.
  • Greater benefits – When the stock moves you can benefit even more with an option. Let’s say a stock moves from $25 to $50. That would bring you a 100% gain in shares. However, a call option move from $1 per contract to a $5 contract would bring you a 500% gain. Therefore, you can profit more and in less time with an option.
  • Options can succeed where other sectors fail – Whilst some sectors of the market fail, options can succeed. This is partly because you do not need to exercise your option to profit from it. Plus, volatility itself can be profitable.
  • Mutually beneficial – Although options are often built on stocks, combine both and they can bring you greater benefits. This is because you can sell your option to create income on the stocks you already own.

Intraday options trading is multi-faceted and brings with it great profit potential. The best part though – accessibility. You can start day trading with options from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.


Despite the numerous benefits, there are certain challenges that come with trading in options. Fortunately, all the obstacles listed below can be overcome.

  • Wide bid-ask spreads – In comparison to stocks, the bid-ask spreads are often wider. This is a result of the reduced liquidity found in options markets. This can fluctuate as much as half a point, which can reduce the profit of a day trade.
  • Price movement reductions – You may find price movement is limited by the time value element of your options premium. Despite the value increasing with the underlying instrument’s price, the gain can be undermined to an extent by the loss of time value. Fortunately, the time value for option day trading is relatively restricted.

Both of these drawbacks shouldn’t prevent you day trading options in the search for income. If you take both considerations into account you can adjust your trading plan accordingly.

How To Start Trading Options

Day trading options for beginners requires following a few straightforward steps.

Open A Brokerage Account

Your broker will help facilitate your traders. Today there are numerous online brokers to choose from. The challenge is finding one that meets your individual needs. You’ll need to consider a number of factors when making your choice.

  • Costs – Compare the commissions between different brokers. You’ll even find some brokerages that offer zero commission fees for trading options. Also, check their fee structure is straightforward and there are no hidden costs. You must make sure you’re getting competitive spreads.
  • Account type – Do you want to start day trading options in a cash account, or do you want a margin account? With a cash account, you can only trade the capital you actually have. A margin account, however, will allow you to borrow money from your broker to capitalise on trades. Margin call options will give you increased buying power. It’s worth noting a cash account will only allow you to purchase an option to open a position. You will need a margin account to sell an option without owning the underlying asset.
  • Platform – This is where you will spend a significant amount of time. The best platform for trading options will offer all the charts and technical tools you need to trade effectively. If you trade whilst on the move you may also want to investigate their mobile and tablet apps.

For more guidance on making the right decision, see our brokers list.


Once you’re set up with a broker and you’ve got your very own trading room ready to go, you’ll need to employ an effective strategy. Strategies for day trading options come in all shapes and sizes, some straightforward and some complicated. Before we look at an example, there are a couple of essential components most strategies will need.

Charts & Patterns

Unless you’re trading using the news, you’ll probably utilise charts and patterns to predict future price movements. They work on a simple hypothesis, that history repeats itself, and you’ll find many a rich trader who agrees wholeheartedly with that statement.

Your chart will require the best indicators for trading options. These vary from strategy to strategy, but they include:

  • Put Call Ratio Indicator
  • Money Flow Index
  • Open Interest
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Bollinger Bands

You’ll find that pattern trading with options takes hard work and practice. You’ll need to iron out any creases and try a number of different charts until you find one that paints a clear picture with numbers.


Timing is everything. Not just when you enter and exit the trade though, but also when you set up for the trading day ahead. Options strategies that work usually have a trader behind them who is up bright and early.

For example, you may want to be up as early as 06:00 am ET if you want to get a feel for the direction of the markets heading through Europe and coming into the US open. You can start setting up your trading strategy based on what your market has done throughout the night.

Take the E-mini for example, up to 70% of stocks will move in the same direction as the E-mini. If you know this you can also know if most stocks will open up or down when the US market opens at 9:30 am ET.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the US often dictates the direction of the world markets. So, it’s sensible to wait an hour for the market to settle somewhat before entering your first trade.

Day trading on options requires careful analysis and significant time. Make sure you’re willing to put in the hours if you want to generate substantial profits.


This is one of the basic options strategies that work. If the market is on the rise you will buy calls or sell puts. If the market is on the decline you’ll sell calls or buy puts. Many prefer to sell options than buy them. However, some equities move so well that purchasing the option can yield greater profits than selling the option and waiting for it to go downhill. Apple is one such example.

Let’s go back to the E-mini. You’d be patient in that first hour and then you’d look to see where the E-mini is trading based on its open, and whether Apple is trading in the same direction based on its open.

If it is, you’d buy an at-the-money, or first strike out-of-the-money call if heading higher, or put if heading lower. Now you sit back and wait for half an hour to see if you traded in the right direction. If so, you’d place a stop at half the value of the option you bought. So, if you bought it at $10.00, you’d place the stop at $5.00.

If the market turns then get out. There are plenty more opportunities out there. However, if the trade is looking promising then you’d wait a few hours and re-evaluate at 2:00 pm ET. If the market continues in your direction you could stay with it and place your stop to the other side of the open by around 8-12 cents.

If it continues to look promising you can re-evaluate again at around 3:30 pm ET before the market closes. You can then make a final decision and hopefully count your profits.

For more guidance, see our strategies page.

Tips For Trading Options

Even with nifty options day trading techniques, you can always benefit from invaluable tips. From risk management and stock options tips to education and rules around tax, below you will find top tips that could keep you firmly in the black.


One of the top tips is to immerse yourself in the educational resources around you. The best traders are constantly digesting information. You don’t want to be left behind as the market changes. The Jeff Augen day trading options PDF is available for free download and considered one of the most useful resources out there. However, you should also consider the following:

  • Books & Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Chat rooms
  • Video tutorials
  • PDFs (e.g. Tom Demark day trading options pdf)
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts

Demo Accounts

It can be difficult to resist the urge to throw your hat into the ring early on. However, getting to grips with stock options strategies with a demo account first is often a wise decision. Not only can you iron out any weaknesses in your trading plan, but you can also try your broker’s platform before you buy.

They are funded with simulated money so you don’t have to worry about risking your hard earned capital. Demo accounts are the ideal place for trial and error.

Rules & Restrictions

It’s important you are aware of the rules for day trading options in your country and markets. For example, in the US, there are FINRA day trading rules on options. The rules stipulate that if you meet the ‘pattern day trader’ criteria (trade more than four times in five business days), you must hold an account with at least $25,000. So, if you haven’t got significant capital to start with, then trading may be off the cards, for now.

However, whilst pattern day trading does apply to options in the US, many other countries do not have such barriers.


In other countries, you may need to consider taxes. How will your profits be taxed? Will they be considered as personal income, business income, speculative or non-speculative? Your tax obligations can seriously impact your end of day profits. So, find out what type of tax you will have to pay and how much?

For more guidance, see our taxes page.


One of the best day trading options tips if you’ve got an effective strategy is to consider using automated software. Once you’ve programmed in your criteria, an algorithm will execute trades on your behalf. This can speed up trading times, plus it can allow you to make far more trades than you could manually. However, it’s important to note that this is a tool best employed when you have already nailed down a consistently effective strategy.

For more guidance, see our software page.

Risk Management

Whether you’re day trading using weekly options, or you’re trading daily AAPL options, a risk management strategy is essential. This will help you minimise your losses and ensure you always get another crack at the market.

Many experienced traders advise using a 1% rule. The rule stipulates that you should never risk more than 1% of your account balance on a single trade. So, if you have $40,000 in your account, the maximum position size you would take is $400. Once your strategy turns consistent results then you can consider increasing your risk to between 2-5%.

Take Away Points

As a day trader, you have two objectives. Firstly, make money. Secondly, do so with minimal risk. Options are the ideal instrument for day traders looking for both. When day trading nifty options, you have the ability to set clear limits on risk, and the ability to buy and sell the options multiple times to profit again and again from stock price movements. They offer advantages that other financial instruments simply do not.

On top of that, whether you’re day trading S&P 500 options, or delta and spy options, there are always attractive picks. As popularity for traditional options grows though, it’s important you utilise all the resources around you to assert a competitive edge. That means diving into books and online tools, as well as honing your strategy.

Finally, as Robert Arnott said, “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” So, enjoy the road ahead, it may be bumpy, but it could also be lined with gold.

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