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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Trustful Broker!

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Trading 212 Reviews

1,926 • Excellent

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Write a review

Reviews 1,926


It’s good and easy to use.

Just great

Great app and perfect way to make a little money only just started

Decent broker

Decent broker, beware “no fees” takes the form of relatively large spreads

Great app for first time users and no…

Great app for first time users and no hidden fees like competitors.

If you want a free share please use my link when you sign up. The code gives you a free share worth up to £100 : FMqL7wmO

Confusing platform for beginners


Really good for first time users

Made 80% on my investments in 2 weeks

So far so good. I’d been thinking about it for a while but thanks to a friend I was able to start with a free £100 to get my going and it’s been super easy to use.

If you want £100 to get you going use this code when creating your account – FMcDiTTB

Opened an account yesterday and am very impressed!

Opened an account up yesterday after using Freetrade previously and am really pleased with the real time pricing (not 15min delayed quotes like other brokers) and the 0% FX charge for foreign shares.

The Interface on the App is easy to use when searching for companies and analyzing your portfolio.

I read reviews on here yesterday and used someone’s sign up link which got me and that person a free share which got credited 24 hours later and is worth £69.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Trustful Broker!

Use my sign up link www. trading212 .com/invite/FMqHkPB2 (without spaces) and once you deposit we’ll both get a free share.

So fare it seems like it is a good app

Brilliant Commission free trading (Free Share up to £100)

Brilliant No free trading. Great for Investing and Day trading. Lots Of choice and much better for beginners than other trading apps I’ve tried. (Join trading groups on facebook for more tips) Good Luck!

Do you want a free stock share worth up to ‎£⁠100? (I Got Disney)

Create a Trading 212 Invest account by copying and pasting this link:

www. trading212.com/ invite/FMSxEpm8

Decent trading App

Yeah it’s not bad, good replacement to RobinHood, if you want to get involved you can use my link and we can both benefit and get shares to random company, that’s how I got my first free share, I used one of the promo codes I found in the reviews here,

That’s my code FMqJzpAo,

And yeah good luck to whoever is reading this review

I was a big fool to risk my properties…

I was a big fool to risk my properties investing in binary trade. When I lost everything I then understood it was all a scam, I felt devastated but thanks to Mrs Elizabeth I got my money back. You can click my profile to get her email address and her WhatsApp number I recommend you contact her for help

Very pushy in trying to obtain your…

Very pushy in trying to obtain your money and invest massive amounts, customer service is lacking and reminds me of the Wolf of Wall Street!They are evil people indeed,i reported to action fraud and the police but nothing was done until my bank introduced me to [email protected] Com a litigation company against cybercrime investment scam that got all my investments back. I would advise you check them if you are a victim of Trading212

Return is not what is should be

Did anyone notice any differences on their returns?for example i bought a stock at 60,48 dollars but when the stock goes at 61.68 dollars the return was1.20% before April,after April the stock is at 62.12 dollars and the return at 0.11%.
Also the return when the stock is at 61,40 dollars and my return is negative at 1,89,
Anyone knows the reason?

Real Free Trading App at the moment in UK ATM

Trading212 is a new Free trading account with zero transaction fee. I was really surprised with the free share in my account. Thanks to Trading212.

If you use my link we both will get the same share which could be worth upto £100.
www. trading212. com/invite/FMXf15iC (remove the spaces)
All that you need to do is just use my link and then open a Trading 212 Invest account and just deposit atleast £1. You don’t need to buy any share at this moment.

The platform needs to add more stocks otherwise it could lose out to the competitors. It has some basic fundamentally strongly companies. It’s good for someone who wants to build the wealth brick by brick as there is zero fee. Not sure if they make any money in the spreads which is also called as hidden transaction fee

Best stock site

Easy .clear en honest

Missing £10 000

I opened S&S ISA account with Trading 212 and deposited £20 000. It took Trading 212 couple days to fund my account so I lost my 2020/20 ISA allowance and it was funded with £10 000 only not £20 000. Their phone number doesnt work (goes to voicemail everytime) and they dont replay to emails. Avoid!


Grand app, really easy to use

Terrible User Experience

Since 06-04 the graphs and YoY differences are not calculated when the NYSE market opens. Is impossible to trade like this!

Being in quarantine for the next…

Being in quarantine for the next couple…
Being in quarantine for the next couple of weeks at least I decided to give this a go (Having said to myself the last couple of years I should take the plunge and slowly begin long-term investing).

I deposited £500 and bought a selection of some nice, semi-stable dividend-paying stocks which even with the current crisis had only dipped a small amount. I’m currently £10 up woooo! Not that it matters as I’m going to be looking at a 5-10year+ timeframe on this account. I’m planning to deposit £200 every week and invest without fail.

This is a great alternative to Robinhood and WeBull which everyone in the States seem to rave about. Funding212 is just the totally commission-free version that’s available in the UK and most of Europe (and a few other countries including Australia). It’s very easy to use and gives a nice overview of recently purchased shares, dividend payment histories and dividends you’ve recently taken payment of into your account.

If you use my link www. trading212. Com/invite/FMguNiGR (remove the spaces) when signing up you’ll get a free share worth up to £100 in your newly created account (I’ll also get one).

I used a random persons sign up code from the reviews here (my free stock was only worth about £7 [for Under Armour], but every little helps!). My friend received AMD when he used my link which is worth nearly £40!

Welcome to SafeTrade Exchange.

SafeTrade is an Exchange that places a high emphasis on privacy and security.

Join us on Discord.

Discord is where we post important announcements, interact with miners and traders, respond to support queries, listen to suggestions, and more.

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Part of the SafeCoin Ecosystem


World’s first Multi-Asset Transactional Consensus Hardening (MATCH) protocol, which introduces SafeNodes. Active on the SafeCoin blockchain, at a small scale.


The SafePay Cryptocurrency Wallet makes your crypto payments and storage safe and easy! For maximum security, your keys are stored on your device, not on a server.


SafeCoin is the main trading pair of the SafeTrade exchange. You can buy top cryptocurrencies with SafeCoin such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZenCash, and more.

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Читайте историю о том, как девушка из инстаграма развела человека на крупную сумму, порекомендовав этого фальшивого брокера. «Мне написала в Instagram девушка с @polyapahomova, представилась Полиной. Сказала, что ей скучно — живёт в Хорватии. У неё там кафе. Ну и так далее. Предложила перейти в WhatsApp. Далее шли ни к чему не обязывающие диалоги. Где-то недели через полторы она упомянула, что бежит оформлять покупку золота. Мол её троюродный брат (тут был первый прокол — родство всё время менялось) Константин работает на бирже. И что она зарабатывает себе на жизнь этим, а не своим кафе».

Банк России не рекомендует связываться с бинарными опционами. «Все обещания о лёгком заработке на бинарных опционах — мошенничество. Вы просто потеряете деньги», — цитата.

Если вам недостаточно совета ЦБ, то имейте в виду, что фирма Binarium Limited зарегистрирована в карликовом офшорном государстве Сент-Винсент и Гренадины (Suite 305, Griffin Corporate Centre, P.O. Box1510; Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines; 1599 СTD 2020).

Никаких лицензий, дающих право на брокерскую деятельность в РФ, у конторы нет. Судебную или регуляторную защиту в России вы получить не сможете.

«Регистрируйтесь и используйте 60 000 ₽ на учебном счету бесплатно. Приветственный бонус на первый депозит до 100 000 ₽.», — подобные организации с лёгкостью дают высокие бонусы, так как потом их надо отрабатывать большим числом сделок (пока не совершишь, деньги выводить нельзя), и скорее всего, за этот срок клиент потеряет и внесённую сумму, и приветственный бонус.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    The Best Binary Options Broker 2020!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Demo Account!
    Free Trading Education!
    Sign-up Bonus!

  • Binomo

    Trustful Broker!

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