Maximus Profits – Scam or Not

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Fighting online scams since 2020

MAXIMUM SCAM – Maximus Profits review

In this review of Maximus Profits you will find proofs that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by George Maximus.

Maximus claims that he has a binary options software that has not had a single losing trade since 2020. It is called the Maximus Profits system and it allegedly can make you $8,489 the first day you trade with it.

And if a program can make you a millionaire, it is usually free, so Maximus Profits is of course free too.

Table of Contents

Maximus Profits scam

Think of it again, somebody offering you a free program that will make you a millionaire. Can this be real? Of course not.

Or a trading software that has not had a single losing trade for 3 years, is it possible? Of course not.

George Maximus scammer

Let’s start with George Maximus. This person does not exist, so there is no company. The role of Maximus is played by a paid actor.

Look at the picture, he is a well-known scammer, he already played a role in the Could Trader and Amissio Formula scams.


If Maximus is not real, it goes without saying that testimonials about Maximus Profits are fake too.

They were made with paid actors. Look at the example on the right, this guy is a Fiverr actor and he has endorsed many binary options scams.

Maximum Profits software

And finally the Maximum Profits app that is supposed to trade your binary options account and make you money.

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We checked it and it is a piece of software designed and used by scammers only.

We’ve seen it in many scams, like the Black Swan app, Pro 5000s or Lazy Millionaire, just look at he picture.

The truth

So how does Maximus Profits works? These scammers are affiliated with some unregulated brokers that will pay them for referring new depositing clients. This is the only purpose of this scam, to make you deposit and trade with a selected broker. If you do it, you will lose your money and never recover it.


Let’s close this Maximus Profits review by saying that it is a scam designed to lose your money, so stay away from it.

Don’t get it wrong, you can make money with binary options, but you first have to learn how to trade on a free demo account.

Only then you can start trading with real money to achieve real profits.

Maxims Profits


What is The Maximus Profits & Who is George Maximus?
Check Out 100% Detailed & FREE Maximus Profits Review
Can You Make Profits With This Forex or Is it a Scam?
Maximus Profits Software – Legit or Not – See Below!


Broker Maxims Profits
Official Website URL
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, E-mail
Payout Low Winning Rate
Demo Account
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Wire Transfer
Number of Assets 70+
Overall Score 2.0/10

Full Review

CEO George Maximus claims to be the main creator of the robot and states that it is specially programmed to automatically pass on a trade to one of four other clients who have traded the opposite way.

This crucial difference is supposedly what makes the members of this automated investment tool earn solid profits and what separates it from the other trading platforms. Maximus Profits System can allegedly also make a trader’s investment automatically switch with another one of the clients who has invested the opposite way.

Our inquiry has revealed that none of the facts stated by Mr. Maximus are true. The Forex robot is actually a simplistic piece of Algo-trading software and nothing more. It can most certainly not generate the promised $8,000 on a daily basis. No system can do this.

The upscale financial transactions sphere is a place where only professionals should perform tasks because it is very difficult to evaluate and properly analyze the possible outcome of each trade. It has recently become more and more attractive to everyday people who are willing to attempt to earn significant profits in order to improve their lifestyle and to grant themselves financial freedom. This is now possible thanks to the different available systems and solutions that offer an easy and smooth online trading process, mostly based on trading Forex.

Table of Contents

How Does MaximusProfits System Work?

This automated trading software does not actually allow its users to hold multiple positions on the markets and the algorithm was not designed the right way because it can not actually achieve the stated return on investment of 80%.

Online users are prone to lose their initial investment without view if they switch with another one of the traders. Available feedback suggests that this will not make their earnings grow. MaximusProfits System is for a fact fully automated, but it does not have the ability to make accurate market predictions.

We already have enough feedback and other reliable information in order to confirm that MaximusProfits Software is a likely scam. The given the available information on the official website it looks devious and unreliable.

So, we suggest that people should opt for another automated trading robot. The present one will most likely not get the job done as its creator is not a real person and neither does the computer algorithm of the income-generating solution work properly and issue accurate asset price forecasts.

How Much Does Maximus Profits Cost?

Users have to invest $250 with the Forex system in order to start trading which is the industry standard. They are best advised to have in mind that there are far better auto-pilot robots available on the Internet.


A fine example is the FinTech Ltd. Software, founded and established by prominent investor Daniel Roberts. It is truly capable of delivering the promised RoI of 80% and feedback about it has been predominantly positive.

Final Thoughts

MaximusProfits is not a reliable automated trading software. Not only is the creator not real, but the whole background story surrounding the design of the robot is completely fabricated. People who have invested with it have lost their initial deposits and all online traders should turn to a proven to work income-generating solution.


Our investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Maximus Profits to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Maximus Profits is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.

In order to protect traders from bad trading experience and financial loses we recommend you to

[СКАМ]Обзор и отзывы о проекте Maximus Group ( [Платное размещение]

Важно! У проекта проблемы с выплатами. Вкладывать не рекомендую!

Страховка по Maximus Group покрыла более 100% убытков моих партнеров.

Это краткий обзор проекта Maximus Group. Уже скоро появится полноценная статья с обзором. А пока с моими мыслями насчёт данного проекта, вы можете ознакомиться в комментариях под этой статьёй.

Название: Maximus Group.

Дата открытия: 8 мая 2020.

Доход: около 33% в месяц.

Безубыток: 25 бизнес дней или 34 календарных дня.

Минимальный вклад: 10 долларов.

Вывод процентов: мгновенные выплаты.

Депозит: включён в выплаты.

Суть: среднепроцентный хайп.

Статус: не платит.

Рефбек: 5%.

Все актуальные проекты вы можете найти здесь.

Maximus CryptoBot Scam Or Not! – Review Exposed! (Expert Adviser)

Read this important Maximus CryptoBot Scam Review because many scam software is out there in the market that can wipe your balance at any time. Maximus CryptoBot is an Automatic cryptocurrency Trading Software that foretells both the Crypto and the Forex Market. The product furnishes with precise signal predictions that can be executed at any time. Maximus CryptoBot review app is a sequel software of a great binary trading software called Maximus Edge Autobot. Maximus Edge binary options trading software was launched in 2020. It is still the number one Binary trading app on the market. We have used Maximus Autobot and earned thousands of dollars. We are still trading with the help of Maximus.


But Maximus Autobot provides binary options signals only. Therefore, the creator max decided to create Maximus CryptoBot to provide us cryptocurrency and Forex trading signals. You can copy Maximus CryptoBot review signals to your brokerage platform or turn the automatic mode on to trade automatically. You can earn up to $3000 according to your investment. It depends on how much you invest in the startup. If you invest $500 then you can make a profit of around $150 to $350. It has an accuracy rate of up to 93%.

Maximus CryptoBot Review

Maximus CryptoBot was created by a professional trader named MAX. The Maximus CryptoBot is an Expert Advisor (EA) software that predicts the market based on some indicators. Maximus CryptoBot Review app is for newbies and experienced traders. They have used five most powerful indicators such as Bollinger bands, Pivot levels, Stochastic RSI, MACD, and Fibonacci to make this trading app. When you start utilizing this EA (signals) with tolerance and legitimate cash management strategy, you will see your profit developing relentlessly. The product will do all the work for you. You should simply follow the software suggestions. It has an accuracy rate of up to 93%.

How Does Maximus CryptoBot Work?

The Maximus CryptoBot framework utilizes five of the most reliable and true particular pointers. Exactly when (no less than 3) out of 5 markers will demonstrate a whole assertion, the software will generate a signal. In this manner, you will simply get signals that were picked particularly, discarding the false indications. You won’t have to research basic graphs since Maximus CryptoBot gives a direct course of action. A mechanical calculation has facilitated into an easy to use an exchanging platform. Maximus CryptoBot has no expenses and charges to utilize it.

The Moving Average (MACD) marker is likely outstanding amongst other pattern based pointer that is accessible. It can locate a solid pattern of cryptocurrencies. Bollinger Band demonstrates the market unpredictability. Fibonacci retracements can perceive solid help and protection levels. Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is used to identify the direction of the trend or define potential support and resistance levels. The Stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator comparing the closing price of a security to the range of its prices over a certain period of time.

Maximus CryptoBot SCAM?

As you all know we are very skeptical about auto trading software. The first question comes to our mind that is Maximus CryptoBot Scam or a legit system? You should always do your research before joining any trading software because 85% of the signal apps just don’t work. In reality, Maximus CryptoBot is not a scam! How do we know? As we have mentioned earlier that Maximus CryptoBot is a cryptocurrency sequel of Maximus Edge EA which was launched one year ago. We have tested Maximus Edge EA and still earning good profits.

Maximus CryptoBot Scam Review

No Fake Guarantee: Unlike numerous fraud programming, Maximus Crypto Bot doesn’t give false certifications. It unmistakably demonstrates that you can’t be rich overnight by exchanging with Maximus CryptoBot Signals. Rather, the maker MAX says that you can acquire a little steady benefit which is up to 93%. They don’t promise you to win millions inside months. Presently, that is a positive sign and 93% benefit is sensible as they effectively demonstrated it by giving Maximus Edge Autobot.

No Fraud Testimonials: We regularly observe that fraudsters make scam systems and advance it by making a few fake testimonials by proficient performing artists. You won’t perceive any fake testimonials on Maximus CryptoBot Website. They don’t boast about the benefit you can pick up. Along these lines, the site is legit and straightforward. Your transaction is safe in Maximus CryptoBot Website since they have SSL Security on their webpage.

Maximus Crypto Bot Conclusion

We unquestionably prescribe this Maximus Crypto Bot programming as it has created utilizing numerous trading indicators. Maximus Crypto Bot Expert Advisor application will rule the crypto trading without a doubt. Thusly, on the off chance that you need to test the framework, essentially tap on the banner underneath and it will divert you to their official site. Submit your name and email. It will show you the broker platform according to your geographical location. Register with the broker & deposit to the brokerage account. The software will sync with the broker platform and then begin trading with the signals. Happy Crypto Trading.

We have been trading with Binbot Pro since 2020 and getting a little consistent profit. BinBot Pro has a series of trading robots. According to your investment amount you can join any robot and start profiting. Bin Bot Pro is the world’s only software that allows traders worldwide. Therefore, you can join from the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world. We have earned 100K profit recently. You can try this awesome trading app.

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