Micro BTC Review is Micro-btc.com Scam or Should I Invest

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Проверка и отзывы о сайте micro-btc.com

Основные данные

Возраст домена: 1345 дней.

IP сервера:

Месторасположение IP: Соединенные Штаты Америки

Информер доверия сайту micro-btc.com:

Уровень доверия и оценки людей сайту micro-btc.com:

Рекомендации для сайта micro-btc.com:

К сожалению, сайт имеет отрицательный уровень траста. У сайта мало комментариев. Сайт имеет очень плохую репутацию в системе WOT. Для увеличения уровня доверия необходимо:

* Получить оценки в нашей системе. Например: можно попросить своих пользователей оставить оценки о сайте.

* Продумать работу по увеличению колличества комментариев в нашей системе. Например: можно попросить своих пользователей написать комментарий о сайте.

* Продумать работу с негативной репутацией в системе WOT.

BTC Pro Miner Review – BitMiner/BTC Miner is a SCAM!

Let us just begin this review by stating the obvious: BTCProMiner.life is a scam, or rather, a sort of cloud-mining Ponzi scheme, the whole premise of which is unreal.

Why are we so certain that this is the case? Let’s elaborate.

This is a cloud mining site.

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Let that sink in.

What that means is that its chances of being legitimate aren’t stellar from the get-go. This online vertical is plagued by massive scamming, prompting some experts to declare that almost all cloud mining operators are scammers.

The still worse news is that even if it were to be legitimate, it would still not be worth anyone’s time. Legitimate cloud-mining services seldom ever make ROI for their investors.

In btcprominer’s case though, there is no “threat” of legitimacy. The site is a genuine Ponzi scheme indeed.

What is the proposition/promise here?

Is it too good to be true?

It is indeed the very definition of that.

BTCProMiner clients can create free accounts at the site, and begin “mining” BTC for free…they can of course upgrade their accounts for a small (or large) fee, to secure additional benefits.

The free version of the setup comes with profits of 40 Satoshi per minute and 0.0006 BTC per day.

Yes, you read that right: you are essentially getting all this for free.

The most basic upgraded version costs 0.01 BTC, it raises the daily profit rate to 0.0012 BTC and it introduces the affiliate scheme. This program is essentially the heart and soul of the Ponzi scheme, because this is what it relies on to bring new customers into the fold.

The affiliate revenue rate is 20% of the upgrade money that referred clients spend at the site.

Further upgrade packages raise this rate to 30%, 40% and 50% respectively.

What’s more, there’s a Limited Version upgrade package, which costs a massive 7 BTCs, and offers affiliate cuts of 105%.

If you happen to have 7 BTCs though, just hold on to them and wait for the price to rise.

Don’t even think about “investing” them with these guys.

By taking a closer look at this limited upgrade package, the unlikely nature of the offer becomes obvious in a heartbeat: if offers a daily revenue rate of 2BTCs, which means that in 3.5 days, you would have your investment recovered, after which in a couple of weeks’ time, you’d be well on your way to putting these guys out of business.

The math doesn’t add up with the other upgrade packages either.

Thus far, two of two scam red flags are triggered: the site deals in cloud mining and its sales pitch is based on a too-good-to-be-true offer.

About BTCProMiner

Who exactly is behind this operation though?

While the site does not have a proper About Us section, there’s some information available on the Contact page.

The company behind the site is apparently BTCProMiner Cloud EU LTD.

A search on the company name will reveal that it does indeed exist and that it’s registered under company number: 09951039, with offices in London, at 20-22 Wenlock Road.

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The only CEO of the operation is an Italian gentleman named Giacomo Bugini, who is pictured standing in front of a few racks full of ASICS.

What exactly is wrong with this whole corporate profile though?

It seems like BTCProMiner Cloud EU LTD was founded by Mr. Bugini electronically, by 1 GBP share capital.

Bugini has apparently been associated with a number of other unsavory operations too, like ADVgeneration, which turned out to be a Ponzi scheme (no surprises there), eurobitmarket, a defunct exchange, bitcoinbay.co (also apparently defunct) and others.

Bugini is apparently also responsible for Bitminer – another cloud-mining scam.

He apparently founds companies left and right and uses them to set up various online Ponzi schemes and scams.

To call this corporate background suspicious would probably be the understatement of the year.

If knowing all this, you still decide to trust your money to this Bugini character, you probably do indeed deserve what’s coming to you.

The website itself, btcprominer.life, is not particularly trust-inspiring either.

While it’s light on sales copy, it features a very dubious “proof” page, which offers information on some transactions as well as bitaps verification.

It is important to remember though that Ponzi schemes may in fact pay some of their victims during their early stages, and all signs seem to point to the fact that btcprominer.life is indeed in the early stages of what’s likely to be a brief existence.

Certainly, for all its reach and popularity, bitcointalk.org failed to produce a single confirmed btcprominer.life user who actually picked up BTCs from the operation. The chatter on there is very negative about BTCProMiner, with most posters convinced that this is indeed a scam.

Several bitcointalk forum members have created accounts at BTCProMiner, but none of them got paid anything.

One of them reached the payout threshold of BTC 0.005 in about 8 days, after which he requested a withdrawal. He was then told to increase his IPV to secure access to instant withdrawals, or to wait 30 days for the manual processing of the withdrawal.

Others have chimed in, stating that instant withdrawals weren’t granted to those who had already upgraded their accounts, either.

Some even went as far as to wait out the 30 days allegedly required for manual processing – to no avail.

Reddit users haven’t really addressed the operation yet. There are a few promotional posts looking to get some BTC enthusiasts hooked, but no one has yet pulled the curtains back on the scam.


BTCProMiner Review Conclusion

Having read the above, no one should find it surprising that no registrant information is available on the btcprominer.life domain. These scammers are obviously ready to pack up shop at a moment’s notice and to move on when the time is right.

Taking advantage of the “affiliate program” they’re pushing, they’re getting people to refer their friends in the hopes of convincing some of their victims to “upgrade” and thus to hand them BTCs. btcprominer.life is the definition of a pyramid scheme.

According to Alexa.com, by the way, btcprominer.life is a highly popular website with a global rank of 15,919 at the time of writing.

A significant amount of this website’s visitors come from Brazil, India, Spain, Thailand and Venezuela.

Review Verdit: BTCProMiner (also known as BitMiner and BTCMiner) is a SCAM!

Blacklisted sites: btcprominer.life, btcminer.me, bitminer.io, btcminer.services, btcminer.website & bitminer.world

If you have been scammed by BTC Pro Miner, please share your story with us by replying below.

Micro BTC Review: is Micro-btc.com Scam or Should I Invest?

KngHil: usr7341, I knew but forgot place an order and quickly canceled

usr7341 L2: KngHil, then you should simply close the running ib and reopen it after you canceled the order. all would be fine then

Bnance10: Wife didn’t make enough coffee.. I’m slow in the morning.. bear with me! Lol

KngHil: usr7341, already too late for that

Juanluna01 L1: Seeing your comments, what I understand is that you recommend not to invest more in EDC in the future .

Aninki1486 L0: 19 years old girl in here?\

lochshire: Bnance10, lol . like I said earlier .. Im just a casual player .. this to me is the same as my parents going to the casino a few times a month just for something to do.. ;)

KngHil: Aninki1486, you are broke.. no girl will like you

talhapasha L0: only withdrawal should be open of edc so that price could go high and those who made 75% loss can recover it

Bnance10: lochshire, I’m gonna share a personal experience to everyone thru chatting with you.. So, here it is.

lochshire: Juanluna01, not sure who you were asking .. but personally I don’t make any recomendations on what to invest in .. I know just enough to be dangerous to myself .. wouldn’t dare take risks with other peoples money

Aninki1486 L0: KngHil, no girlfriend, im loser?>

usr7341 L2: depends. you can also lose when you have your girlfriend. losing money, freedom and so on

Aninki1486 L0: usr7341, woow bro it is true

Aninki1486 L0: usr7341, but im why wanna girl?

kattekop L1: Aninki1486, go get one, you’ll be King :)

lochshire: Juanluna01, I don’t speak spanish

Juanluna01 L1: lochshire. lochshire, what other currency would you recommend me .

Aninki1486 L0: kattekop, okey i do it no girls in life, only ready time wait

kattekop L1: Aninki1486, success m8 :)

diegolebe: Juanluna01, YO YODA INVEST

Bnance10: You’d need 0.020384 btc to get you 11,200 Yoda atm. Put all in 1% IB. Every day, sell half for a dollar to do 10 ds. The other half, buy whatever shitcoin they talk about all day for the last three weeks :-)

rojasfj L0: Hello! good day! anyone of you know about YONE currency, why I can trade it with doge but not bitcoin yet

lochshire: Bnance10, Thats doable

Bnance10: But I know.. you rather lose your ass.. I’ve seen it

diegolebe: julio2020, yoda was 125 sats 3 weeks ago now 180 :)

Bnance10: lochshire, it’s been proven working for me

Cryptokast: rojasfj, because Yone is under 1 sat, so everyone is trading in doge :))

julio2020 L0: jajaja benance hi

Bnance10: I can’t dice the coins I don’t have.. maybe until the next day

diegolebe: Bnance10, why you advice 1% . 2% much better

julio2020 L0: Yoda pays daily?

Bnance10: diegolebe, just for compulsive gamblers

usr7341 L2: diegolebe, the point is, you lock your initial away and make it sure, that you dont sell your initial stake

lochshire: Bnance10, Actually . what I’m doing the only risk is myself for the most part .. been studying the patterns in the dice game for about a year . have worked out a pretty decent system as long as I stick to the plan and dont go off script .. lol

usr7341 L2: i also rather use the 2% but understand meanwhile his recommendation

julio2020 L0: Edc too pay daily

diegolebe: usr7341, i think he said 1% by mistake

Bnance10: lochshire, I have had about 12 strategies in the book! The problem is not the systems. The problem is you! Lol

rojasfj L0: Cryptokast, but will it trade with bitcoin? because I have many of those and in doge it is going down

usr7341 L2: wow. there is no serious trading in invest again. seems like the cash out is postponed

usr7341 L2: diegolebe, nope. he is telling this since weeks

lochshire: Bnance10, Thats what I’ve been saying . lol

usr7341 L2: rojasfj, why should someone pay x-times more for yone on btc market if he can buy it on doge market? use your brain for a second!

lochshire: Bnance10, I mean I could make coin every day with Liza IB and doge but wheres the fun in that .. lol

Micro BTC Review: is Micro-btc.com Scam or Should I Invest?

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