Miningfarm24 Review Is A Scam Or Should I Invest

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Hashing24 Review

Hashing24 is a legit cloud mining service of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. The company is operating since 2020, while its project team has been working on the cryptocurrency market since 2020. To date, Hashing24 has offices in the UK, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Also, its data centers are located in Georgia and Iceland. Such a wide geography of representative offices helps reduce the possible risks that may arise in connection with the changes in national legislation of these countries. Even the closure of one of the offices in one country will not stop the company activity in mining virtual money for its clients.

Hashing24 is an official partner of Bitfury Group, the world-famous company which is one of the leaders in the blockchain technology. It should be noted that Bitfury Group develops and delivers both software and hardware solutions needed to safely move Bitcoins through blockchain.

The close cooperation with Bitfury Group indicates the seriousness of this Bitcoin project. Hashing24 puts big funds in the business development and advertisement. Hashing24 positions itself on the cryptocurrency market as a simple and convenient service for individuals willing to invest spare money resources in the process of Bitcoin mining.
If you are not ready to invest huge sums of money into building your own farm for mining

Bitcoins with large expenses for electricity and maintenance of hardware, it is better to invest in the existing Bitcoin-mining business. First of all, Hashing24 service is for those customers who are interested in reliable investments with an income in Bitcoins and do not search the outsized profits. The Hashing24 cloud-mining service allows everyone to start earning Bitcoins without special knowledge and skills. It is enough to purchase or rent a certain power in Hashing24 and earn the most known and expensive cryptocurrency without undue hardship.

Hashing24 – Prices and Plans

You can pay your first and any subsequent contract in one of the ways convenient for you. At your choice, you can pay the contract using your Bitcoin wallet, bank card, OK PAY payment system or bank transfer. You are offered a unique opportunity to start or stop mining at any time.

Hashing24 provides customers with an income depending on the ordered power. The cost of the cheapest contract is about $ 20 per 100 GH/S. Note, GH/S is the hash power for obtaining Bitcoins. The more hash power, the more virtual money you will earn per day. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 BTC without any commission. Therefore, the more you deposit, the more often you will be able to withdraw the earned Bitcoins to your wallet.

The Hashing 24 resource provides its customers with an exclusive opportunity to purchase hash power, but this power is not combined into specific packages. It is bought in the amount necessary for the customer. As for the cost, every 100 GH/S costs the user $ 68.5, but the user will have to pay $ 0.00033 as a service charge every day from the profit in Bitcoins.

In addition to paying the rent, customers will have to pay a daily fee for maintenance of hardware and for electricity ($ 0.00033). If there is not enough money on the account for daily payment within three days, the contract will be canceled. A Demo Mining option is available on the website, with which you can try out different plans and understand the essential points of cloud mining without risking your own money.

Unlike other cloud mining services, Hashing24 offers unlimited contracts to invest in. This is a great offer to buying a cryptocurrency. Also, there are no set contracts on Hashing24. The customer selects himself the hashing power and the payment method and, therefore, the profitability of the plan.

Let’s consider two sample plans. If you buy a hash power of 2,500 GH/S for $523.73, the daily fee will be $ 0.83. The daily profit is expected to be $ 1.40. The monthly profit after breakeven (374 days) will be $ 42.06. If you purchase 15,000 GH/s for $3,142.35, you will earn the monthly income of $ 252.35 after breakeven (374 days) with the daily fee of $ 4.95.

The profitability of investments of Hashing24 is about 150% per annum on average, but it is constantly changing because of the rising complexity of Bitcoin mining.

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Hashing24 Vs. HashFlare

Many cloud-mining services offer almost the same options. However, we can try to evaluate two cloud mining services, Hashing24 and HashFlare.

For Hashing24, BitFury is the only hash power supplier. The only supported algorithm is Scrypt. The platform allows every customer to purchase several hash power options at the same time. HashFlare uses HashCoins hardware and supports such algorithms as SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethash, X11, and Equinash.

Available Cryptocurrencies
Harshing24 works with Bitcoins only.
HashFlare operates with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, and Dash.

Harshing24 offers minimum daily payouts of 0.001 BTC. The maintenance and electricity fees are $ 0.00033 per day. HashFlare makes minimum daily payouts of 0.0014 BTC, 0.0007 ETH, and 0.0004 DASH. The maintenance and electricity fees are as follows: $ 0.0035 per 10 GH/s for SHA-256; $ 0.01 per every 1 MH/s for Scrypt; $ 2.20 per 100 KH/s for Ethereum; and no maintenance fees for both Zcash and Dash.

Contract Duration
Harshing24 offers lifetime contracts.HashFlare has Zcash, Ethereum, and Dash contracts for one year only and two-lifetime contracts for Scrypt and SHA-256. Both HashFlare and Hashing24 are reliable cloud-mining services. HashFlare offers more cryptos and algorithms to select, but judging by Bitcoins, both services are lucrative enough. The main advantage of Harshing24 is the presence of unlimited contracts and plans.

Hashing24 Vs. Genesis Mining

Let’s compare Bitcoin packages offered by Hashing24 and Genesis Mining services.

Hashing24 – $ 20 -$ 0.00028 per 1GH -210 Days -100 GH/S

Genesis Mining – $ 30 – $ 0.00033 per 1GH – 350 Days -200 GH/s

Contracts for purchasing hashing power for mining Bitcoins allow getting an average profit by today’s standards. Each cloud mining service stands for its individual profitability in comparison to one another.

The main advantage of Hashing24 relies on the offer of unlimited contracts and more predictable prices for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. While Genesis Mining offers the profitability of 170% for the maximum package per $ 1,950, it is worth paying attention to Hashing24 contracts with a lower budget for purchases. Then, Genesis Mining promises a maximum profit for Scrypt contracts for a period of 2 years, but all hashing power on Genesis Mining is already sold out at the current moment.

However, the Hashing24 conditionally unlimited contracts for mining do not guarantee the permanently high level of profitability for the entire long period. In the event when Bitcoin drops in price or the complexity of mining and the cost of services increase, the actual profit of customers will go down very significantly. It will affect all cloud-mining services.

To sum up, the simplicity and the limited number of the offered services at the initial stage does not mean that Hashing 24 will not develop its business further. Now, the company is a good and proven resource that pays without delay, and this is one of the most important characteristics of such services. It can be noted that the Hashing 24 project team did not focus on aggressive marketing to select a longer but more stable approach to promotion cloud mining services. Mining Review : Scam Or Paying ?

Cryptomining farm is a web of online mining which allows you to generate gain depending on the hash you have, when you check gunwales 10 GHS (10 Giga Hash) that lets you generate 0.00000001 BTC per minute !, so with some time and few referrals ( 10 GHS free per referral ) this website may soon become a veritable gold mine !

The only information that can be found about Lifetime Technology online comes from its Facebook page. That Facebook page lists a phone number and an address in Chiang Mai. The page also claims that the company was founded in November 2008 – although the blockchain mining operation started in 2020.

Cryptomining Farm offers cloud mining services. The GHS rates on the sites are virtual mining hashrates. They even let you know that they don’t have any real bitcoin ASIC hardware. There is no further information about what are GHS exactly if they are running a private blockchain in the background or how it is connected to bitcoin. GHS is often referred on the site as a unit of measurement.

Click Here To Join

Cryptomining.Farm features:

  • They provide 50 GH/s free hashing power.
  • The clients receive bonuses on investment.
  • User friendly and easy to operate platform.
  • Referral affiliate commission is 15%.
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), Tether(USDT).
  • Many time plans to choose from.
  • Different payment options are possible. The minimal withdrawal option is 0.01 BTC.
  • No difficulty increase.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • The service supports four different languages to choose from.

How to start earning via Cryptomining.Farm

Earning money via cloud mining at this resource is easy. But before you begin, please notice that to start cloud mining at Cryptomining.Farm, a little start-up capital is still required.

So, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register an account at Farm, fill in some personal data and choose the preferred cryptocurrency and your plan.
  2. Pay and begin cloud mining.
  3. As you sign up for an account, you are given a free amount of 50 GHS. The reason for giving out this free mining power is to make people realize that the business is authentic and able to deliver even more than what was promised.

That’s it! Happy mining!


  • 3 Months Mining profit 30%
  • 6 Months Mining profit 70%
  • 1 Year Mining profit 160%
  • 3 Years Mining profit 500%
  • 15 Years Mining profit 2600%
  • Lifetime Mining Profit 10000%

How does Cryptomining Farm Work?

Cryptomining Farm uses Blockchain for you to make daily profits. The Blockchain based company does not require any real money, instead it uses Universal Cryptocurrency (UNIT). All you have to do is join in, buy some hashing power and thus earn daily Bitcoins. Also, they have a referral scheme, where you will earn 15% from all the people you introduce into this business. Lastly, when you first join, this company will give you 50 GH/s free hashing power for cloud mining. This is a good approach, as this method allows users to get acquainted with the program.

On the other side, Cryptomining Farm offers some very appealing features in their services. They guarantee profit through the no difficult increase. They offer a fixed rate of the payouts for 0.0009USDT/1GHS/day and promise to increase 5% for 15 years. The guaranteed profit comes from cryptocurrency trading – as they claim.

It is possible to sign up for a trial period at Cryptomining Farm. You can do mining on demo account in the first 30day, when your free miner stops after 30day, you need to buy 20GHS minimum. So make sure you cancel your account before the trial period ends if you do not want to purchase the minimum hashrate after the trial period.

Plans are offered from 3 months up to 15 years. Within 3 months, investors are promised to can get 130% ROI. Even lifetime mining contract is possible to reserve with special conditions.

You are also eligible for more profits by spreading the news to your friends. If your friend buys between 10 and 1000 GHS, you will receive 15% of what they purchase. The more rewarding aspect comes when your friend buys more than 1000 GHS after registering through you.

Buying mining power on Cryptomining comes with multiple options as you can choose to do it with bitcoins or with UNITCOIN.

Company Behind Cryptomining Farm

Basically,Cryptomining Farm supervised by Lifetime Technology, Cryptomining Farm is a Thai company located in Chiang Mai. As per the Facebook page of Lifetime Technology, the company was established in November 2008. However, the operation of Blockchain begins in 2020. Lifetime Technology is known as the official website of Cryptomining Farm. Clients can access information and technology solutions from the website along with information on the products offered by Cryptomining Farm. They can also learn about the infrastructure of the telecommunication sector of the company from the official website.

Fees and Pricing Schedule

The profit calculator on Cryptomining Farm helps you decide which plan is the one that suits your needs to the best. You can choose from mining plans from 3 months up to 15 years.

They guarantee profit in bitcoin(fixed rate 0.9USDT/1000GHS/day). You will get more bitcoin when price down, get less bitcoin when price up and get fixed rate by USDT mining type.

The prices are ranging from 0 USD (they give out 50GH/s free hashrate upon sign up) to 500 USD per plan. The more you spend today, the longer your mining contract will last. You also gain access to more “GHS”.

This company actually does not provide their customers with any information regarding minimums or maximums for either deposits or withdrawals, so customers will actually need to be willing to sign up for this program before being able to receive a full set of instructions and guidelines.

Q:What is Cryptomining.Farm?
A: Cryptomining.Farm was lunched on September, 2020 to give VIrtual Mining Contracts services to most people.

Q:What is GHS on Cryptomining.Farm?
A: GHS is VIrtual Mining hashrate. We don’t have any real bitcoin asic hardware.

Why my account are suspended?
A: you can mining on demo account in first 7day, your free miner are stop after 7day. you need to buy 20GHS minimum .

Q: Can i withdraw from free 50/ghs or referrer bonus?
A: you can withdraw all your balance when you purchased minimum request.

Cryptomining Farm Review Video

Address & Contact Info

Lifetime Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd

TEL.: 6621500466 (Thai) EMAIL : [email protected]


If the shadowy world of Cryptocurrency still confuses you to choose the most reliable platform, try out Cryptomining Farm to avail the most convenient opportunities in terms of investments. Furthermore, you can watch the video below to get a visual understanding of their mining system and withdrawal process.

$700 Million Bitcoin Mining Farm Coming to Upstate New York

Upstate New York may soon be home to the world’s largest bitcoin mining center if the ambitious plans being undertaken by cryptocurrency mining firm Coinmint fall into place. Coinmint, through its subsidiary North Country Data Center Corp., has invested $50 million so far to convert a…

The “Big Bitcoin Heist” thieves somehow managed to steal hundreds of crypto mining rigs. | Source: Shutterstock

Upstate New York may soon be home to the world’s largest bitcoin mining center if the ambitious plans being undertaken by cryptocurrency mining firm Coinmint fall into place.

Coinmint, through its subsidiary North Country Data Center Corp., has invested $50 million so far to convert a 1,300-acre Alcoa aluminum smelting plant in Massena, NY.

With a 435-megawatt capacity, the new facility would be the world’s largest bitcoin mining center.

Will Be Operational In 12 Months

Coinmint plans to invest up to $700 million in the project, which will create an estimated 150 jobs over the next 18 months. The new center is expected to be fully operational within the next 12 months, the company projected in a statement.

Not surprisingly, the town of Massena is excited about the jobs the new mining center will create. The plant will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year by security personnel, IT technicians, electricians, and operational staff.

“The thought of 150 jobs and revitalization of the Alcoa East Facility is exciting,” said Steve O’Shaughnessy, Massena town supervisor. “We are ready to provide any assistance we can to move this project to its full potential.”

The old Alcoa plant shuttered in 2020, but Coinmint has signed a 10-year lease on the property, signaling its confidence that despite bitcoin’s recent price slump, it believes cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

“As long as bitcoin networks exist, we anticipate mining to be profitable,” Coinmint’s chief technology officer Prieur Leary told CNBC. “We’ve developed a process to get an edge in the market.”

Access to Cheaper Power Sources

As CCN previously reported, there has been much scuttlebutt over the high cost of bitcoin mining, which consumes a lot of electricity. As bitcoin prices have plummeted, mining has become less profitable, especially for individual miners.

But Coinmint says Massena’s access to cheaper power sources such as hydroelectric and wind will keep mining costs down.

“The area’s citizens and its hydroelectric power — a green alternative to the less sustainable energies used at other digital asset infrastructure data centers — were the catalyst for our move and will be foundational assets for continued expansion,” said Coinmint rep Kyle Carlton . “The reduced electricity costs will enable us to compete in the rapidly emerging digital currency global marketplace.”

China currently has the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pools. If Upstate New York wants to be the king of bitcoin mining, it may need to battle both China and Russia, where crypto mining has mushroomed.

Dmitry Marinichev, President Vladimir Putin’s internet ombudsman, is currently overseeing the construction of the Russian Mining Center, which he hopes will transform Russia into a cryptocurrency powerhouse, as CCN has reported.

Marinichev and his partners have invested $10 million into the Russian Mining Center and raised $43 million through an initial coin offering. “This is a new milestone in the development of mankind,” Marinichev gushed.

Featured Image from Shutterstock

Last modified: January 24, 2020 11:07 PM UTC

Честный обзор методов заработка в сети!

Компания, которая предлагает высокие процентные ставки. На самом деле это псевдо-инвестиционный проект, обычный хайп, построенный по типу финансовой пирамиды. Все такие проекты работают строго по одной схеме. Конечно, легенды у них разные (правда, не всегда), но это все не имеет никакого смысла. Задача таких площадок – собрать деньги с посетителей. Если админ честный, он будет что-то выплачивать, пока сможет. Если это откровенный мошенник, то он все украдет сразу же. Поэтому всегда есть риск. С одной стороны, чем раньше вложиться, тем выше прибыль, с другой – ранний вклад пропадет, если проект окажется изначальным скамом. Именно поэтому связываться с подобными хайпами мы настоятельно не рекомендуем.


Возраст домена: 1497 дней
Местоположение IP: Соединенные Штаты Америки

Описание проекта
Возраст домена достиг почти 1500 дней. Но это не значит, что хайп именно столько и работает. Конечно же, это не так, это просто невозможно, так как в противном случае речь шла бы о полноценном инвестиционном проекте, а не обычной финансовой пирамиде. Дело в том, что на этом адресе уже существовало с десяток хайпов, которые отрабатывали пару месяцев (в лучшем случае) и схлопывались, а на их место приходили следующие. То есть, своеобразный конвейер финансовых пирамид в интернете.

Сайт очень простой, он идеально подходит под псевдо-инвестиционный проект. Не провальный, но и ничего особенного, с минимальными временными и финансовыми расходами. Если говорить конкретно об этой реинкарнации хайпа, то он был запущен 2 февраля текущего года. При этом нужно отметить, что сайт имеет самописный скрипт.

Отзывы в данном случае не слишком важны. К этому проекту можно прилепить все отзывы, оставленные другим хайпам. А все потому, что они, как мы уже говорили выше, работают по одной и той же схеме. Кроме того, неспособность хайпов работать длительный период времени осложняет процесс появления большого количества отзывов, из-за чего может складываться ложное впечатление, что проект надежный.

Юридической информации здесь нет, и быть не могло, поскольку это стопроцентный частный проект от опытного админа. Если вы видите на подобных площадках некое подобие юридических документов, например, британский сертификат и лицензию, то это фейк. Такие регистрации сейчас можно купить за небольшие деньги на специализированных сервисах.

Итак, инвестиционный проект Crowdmining. Согласно легенде, это ICO площадка, то есть, она занимается выпуском собственной криптовалюты. Естественно, это ложь, на самом деле никакой криптовалюты здесь нет и никогда не было.

Инвестиционный план всего один. Согласно его условиям, минимальная сумма входа составляет всего 9 долларов. Прибыльность – 3 процента в день, то есть, это среднедоходный хайп. Длительность – 50 дней. Выход на безубыток – на 33 день.

На сегодняшний день проект Crowdmining не платит. Он проработал 45 дней, и исправно платил, хоть и небольшие средства. Люди, которые вложились сюда в самом начале, заработали определенный профит. Если в проект вложиться сейчас, то это обернется исключительно финансовыми потерями.

Crowdmining – якобы инвестиционная площадка, выпускающая собственную криптовалюту, но на самом деле это обычный хайп. Финансовая пирамида, которая на данный момент ничего не платит. Настоятельно рекомендуем не связываться, заработать здесь уже не получится.

Сайт не рекомендует данный товар.
Берегите себя и свои деньги…

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