Review Is PlanetCity BTC Scam or Legit

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Gamesplanet Reviews

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Write a review

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Purchased, Activated, Suspended

After purchasing and activating, my Uplay account was suspended and the game I purchased was activated on another Uplay account, which was also then suspended. Attempted to contact support through Facebook Messenger and the person managing the chat started typing then stopped. I sent another message, to which they started typing again and then stopped. At this point, I contacted PayPal and opened a dispute, which then triggered all kinds of emails and Messenger responses, which all said it wasn’t their fault and to cancel the dispute. Will never be doing business with this company again and I recommend you don’t either.

Hey, so instead of reaching out to Gamesplanet to resolve your problem you immediately opened a dispute with PayPal and wrote negative comments all around the web. Your account with Gamesplanet is not suspended, whether this is an issue with Uplay is something we cannot answer and you’ll need to contact them. The game was registered to an account on Uplay and we clearly mention which account the game would be redeemed on prior to activating. If this was not the correct account you’re more than welcome to select “not you” or ask us for assistance.

We have not had a single email from you either and we’d have been more than happy to help you resolve any issue instead of making us out to be the bad guys. Please reach out to us via email and we’ll help you out. No need to throw us under the bus when we’ve done nothing wrong.

Excellent customer service!

Excellent customer service!

I found this site recently, and I am very glad I did, because everything they provide has great prices. Their support system is also amazing as I mentioned above.

Shout out to Craig!

Scammer’s i have bought r6 and they’ve…

Scammer’s i have bought r6 and they’ve disabled my account and blocked me from facebook :

Got CoD MW and had severe performance…

Got CoD MW and had severe performance issues, unplayable. Emailed customer support twice and spoke to Craig. He was incredibly patient and once we established it was an issue with my laptop he continued to suggest solutions.

Eventually I repasted and cleaned out my fans and everything is working smoothly.

Buying the game was quick and activation was intuitive
Customer support was helpful attentive, persistent and quick.

Okay, so i just bought Cod:Modern Warfare.
“Key” was ready instantly after payment was successful.
All i had to do was to confirm my email, and then login to my
through gamesplanet and then my game was ready to get installed.
Don’t hesitate, they’re the best.

Gamesplanet + + COD ModernN…

Gamesplanet + + COD ModernN Warfare = nightmare

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I bought this game through games planet to save a meager $7, figuring that I would have no issues because of the advertised specs and the fact that gamesplanet is an official retailer/distributor of this game.

I couldn’t get this garbage fire to run properly, my game crashes constantly and the performance was absolutely abyssmal despite me having much higher than the advertised required specs.

I contacted gamesplanet only 3 hours after purchase only to be denied a refund and told to wait for future patches of the game.

These guys are an official retailer and activate the game directly on your battlenet, this is not the typical key system where they can’t disable the key after you activate it. These guys could have literally spent 5 minutes revoking the key and refunding me, or find a way for me to actually play the game but they couldn’t. Despite back and forth emails for more than a day the only response I got was “Wait for a future patch of the game, sorry!”.

I’ve disputed this purchase on paypal with screenshot evidence of them admitting and acknowledging that they were aware of the countless issues their customers are facing when trying to play this game even with specs higher than advertised. What an absolute joke of a company. I insisted on a refund on 5+ different occasions only to get the same idiotic response, “Wait an unspecified amount of time for a patch, if it never comes we’ll see what we can do for you.”

NetLoanExpress Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

If you are looking for a personal loan online then this company is one of the lenders willing to lend you up to $5,000. But should you use them?

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You apply for a loan through the NetLoanExpress site, if approved they send your loan application to one of many loan providers.

You review the loan details and e-sign if you like what you see. No risk in checking what offers you’ll get. You can borrow between $100 and $5,000 as soon as tomorrow.

Loans service up to 60 months.

NetLoanExpress connects borrowers to lenders through their network of lenders. They’ll find you the lowest interest rate and is one of the best no credit check loan. You can visit NetLoanExpress here . If you want to earn learn more about them instead, check out our NetLoanExpress review below:

NetLoanExpress Review

If you’ve ever found yourself in the sort of position where you need to seek out a loan, then no doubt you’ve realized what a serious hassle it can be. Use one of the more inefficient platforms, and you’re faced with hours of standing in line and filling in forms, all without any guarantee of approval. It’s a source of some serious stress, especially if the circumstances making the loan necessary are stressful in themselves.

And that’s why more and more people are turning to services like those of NetLoanExpress.

What Is NetLoanExpress?

NetLoanExpress is not a bank or a lender but works to connect borrowers with the best fast cash lender for them.

Like so many other business transactions, money lending is increasingly being done through the internet; and sites like Landjet, often referred to as “lender marketplaces”, essentially serve as a platform through which lenders and borrowers can find each other.

But of course, it’s also a relative newcomer to the money lending scene; and you’re probably very aware that taking out loans through an untrustworthy source can oftentimes make a precarious situation even worse. Thus, we’ll be taking a quick overview of the overall trustworthiness of NetLoanExpress.

Is NetLoanExpress Legit?

First and foremost, despite the fact that online marketplaces like this one are designed to make the process of finding a lender and applying for a loan dramatically more slick and easy,

NetLoanExpress does not allow this to become a reason to be lax on ensuring that both lenders and borrowers are fully equipped with all the information necessary to keep the money lending process safe and legal.

How Fast Can I Get My Money?

When you put in your loan request through , you fill in a succession of digital forms with basic information – your job, income, the purpose of your loan, and so forth. It takes only a few short minutes at most, but it allows NetLoanExpress to provide potential lenders with everything that they would need to know to make an informed legal decision as to whether they are able to provide you with a loan.

Is NetLoanExpress Safe?

On a more technical level, NetLoanExpress’s safety and reliability can also be easily verified. NetLoanExpress’s online service makes use of 256-bit SSL encryption to keep all of your information safe and private; and despite being a relatively young domain, has been given a 78% “safe” rating by

NetLoanExpress Features?

And safety aside, another thing NetLoanExpress has going for it is the diversity of its services. As you’re probably well aware, money lending services are sought out for a great variety of reasons; and NetLoanExpress is a service that endeavors to cater to all of them through the vast variety of lenders in its network.

Testimonials reflect how NetLoanExpress has assisted past customers with paying off credit card debts, funding education, and providing business loans, among many other examples; and loans are offered through the site for amounts as high as $5,000, for periods as long as 60 months, thus meeting the needs of almost every would-be borrower that looks for a loan through NetLoanExpress.

And just in case you need extra incentive, the use of NetLoanExpress’s services is entirely free. Which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is pretty perfect – the last thing one generally wants to do when seeking a loan is spent even more money.

Does NetLoanExpress Charge Me a Fee?

No, they do not charge any fees. While the lenders you connect with may or may not charge you a fee, there are absolutely no fees for using NetLoanExpress .

Причины и признаки скама проекта

Любой инвестор рано или поздно на собственном опыте, или по рассказам товарищей по цеху сталкивался со скамом. Это неприятный процесс, когда проект перестает выполнять свои обязательства перед инвесторами, прекращает выплаты по вкладам и просто сворачивает свою деятельность.

Это не всегда заведомо спланированное мошенничество. Ведь на развитие хайпа влияет много внутренних и внешних факторов. Сложно предугадать события и процессы наперед. Иногда сами организаторы инвестиционных программ терпят крах, и теряют много средств, если их хайп не получил достаточной поддержки и признания от участников.

Из этого, мы определили, что может быть непроизвольный скам, который случается из-за стечения обстоятельств, и спланированный, если инвестиционная программа заведомо работает по мошенническим схемам. Такой скам может случиться в любой момент, как только организаторы-мошенники выжмут максимальное количество средств с инвесторов. Они просто отключат систему, и пропадут из виду, без всяких объяснений.

Почему происходит непроизвольный скам:

  • Взлом системы администрирования проекта, вирусные и дос-атаки, сбои в системе.

Такое возможно, если для воплощения и реализации проекта были использованы не лицензионные и непроверенные скрипты или хостинг. А также если проводиться плохая и непрофессиональная техническая поддержка проекта.

Непрофессиональные действия сотрудников или трейдеров проекта.

Один неправильный шаг — и вся четко просчитанная и спланированная программа изменяет курс. Важные процессы в хайпе должны выполнять только компетентные люди.

Непредвиденные действия партнеров, участников, платежных систем и информационных площадок.

Это может быть как прекращение деятельности банка-партнера, соответственно теряется возможность по выводу средств. Необдуманная фраза участника проекта, сказанная где-то в чате на форуме, которая подпортить репутацию и имидж программы. Или же недобросовестные партнеры, которые не выполняют своих обязательств, и препятствуют полноценному функционированию программы.

Признаки, по которых можно понять, что scam близко:

  • Снижение качества работы технической и службы поддержки.
  • Изменения политики компании, стратегии привлечения клиентов и получения заработка.
  • Появление негативных отзывов, и уменьшение посещаемости.

Будьте бдительны, так как любые инвестиции сопряжены с риском. Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? Review
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Disclaimer: This article should not be viewed as an endorsement of any of the services mentioned. Please do your own research before considering investing any funds. You should never make an investment into any online program if you do not know what you are doing.

Disclaimer: Anything you see in this article is based only on my opinion and experience since it’s just a review. You may also see others opinion in the comment section and is not a guarantee as well. This is not a financial advice so do your own research first before investing. We are not responsible for any damages and losses related to any products or services mentioned in this article.

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