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Did you know the forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with over $5 trillion traded every single day? Not only does it allow central banks and corporations to trade with each other, or holidaymakers visit new destinations, it also also allows speculators to take advantage of a market that trades 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

There has never been an easier time to access the world’s forex market either. At the click of a button you could be trading on the direction of the Euro, British pound, Japanese Yen, US dollar or even the Russian Ruble! There are hundreds of currency pairings to trade from, so you’re free to find the ones that interest you most.

However, while the financial gains of trading the forex market seem lucrative, it’s not considered easy. Having a sound trading education, a properly funded trading account and understanding of risk management techniques are essential. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals who will try to scam individuals through forex trading scams.

Forex scams will be around for as long as the Forex market exists. As schemes are evolving, scammers are always somewhere nearby, trying to extort your money away. But could there be a solution to this problem?

Investment scams take many different forms. Some of the scams are even named after their creators – such as a Ponzi scheme, after the infamous scammer Charles Ponzi. Forex scammers tend to target beginners or uneducated traders. The best way to combat this, and avoid getting scammed, is by getting a good Forex trading education, so you are aware of everything before you enter the markets.

Once you master the markets, you are no longer an easy target. Forex scams often use phrases like “a too-good-to-be-true investment opportunity” as a way of convincing you to part ways with your money. When you lack trading experience, swindlers will try to exploit your optimism and fears. Here’s where Forex scammers step in and make you exciting offers.

How To Spot A Forex Trading Scam

The most important giveaway of a Forex scammer is the guarantee of unusually large profits with little or no financial risk. First of all: there’s no such thing as a 100% guarantee. If there was, there’s no way traders would share it with other market players. Some of these offers may sound very attractive, especially to beginning traders. But as the saying goes, the only free cheese is in the mouse trap. The bottom line is this: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

For some more insight into the trading ‘dream’ that a lot of scammers sell, and the trading reality that most traders experience day-to-day, check out this video from professional trader Paul Wallace.

Here a few simple rules to follow in order to avoid scammers:

  • Remain safe and don’t run after empty promises
  • Be especially wary of software that claims to have found a ‘secret formula’
  • Do not install any programs until you are certain they won’t damage your computer

Another giveaway is that scammers never register with any regulatory authority. Remember – true brokers always provide proof of their legitimacy. If you suspect that a Forex brokeris lying about their regulation, you can contact a regulatory authority who may be able to provide a list of regulated companies, and a list of cases opened against regulated companies. This will help you understand which Forex brokers to avoid.

Three Major Types of Forex Scams to Avoid

Those involved in forex scams, money scams and general trading scams are always trying to find new and innovative ways to take advantage of new traders. However, there are three major types of forex scams that people commonly fall victim to. Understanding them is the first step in trying to avoid them.

#1 Forex Robot Scams

A forex robot is a trading program which uses algorithms, or lines of computer code, as technical signals to enter and exit trades. Typically forex robots are built using expert advisors, or EAs, within the popular MetaTrader suite of trading platforms.

Of course, not all forex robots are scams. Searching online for forex robot scams list may help you avoid some of the known scammers. However, here are a few things to watch out for to avoid any forex robot scams you may come across:

  1. Marketing messages that are unrealistic: If the author of a forex robot has to ‘sell’ you on it the dream of what it could do for you, then it’s unlikely they’ll have the results to back it up. After all, numbers don’t lie, or do they?
  2. Very high percentage growth returns: There are some forex robots that are advertising systems that should over 4,000% return in just a few years. This may seem fantastic, but it’s important to look at the statistics. The return could just be closed trades, the system may have open trades that if the stop losses were hit could wipe out any gains.
  3. Undiversified scalping strategies: Many forex robots employ a scalping system which means they trade for very small profits. This then shows a high win rate and can inflate the results in a supportive market condition. Yet, market conditions change, and if the system loses more per trade than it wins, it will only take a few losing trades to wipe out any accrued profit.
  4. Using unregulated brokers: There are some forex robots that show extremely good results using unregulated brokers no one has ever heard of. In this instance, the results might be good on their own interbank spreads but if you open an account with them your spreads and commissions will be wider, thereby eating into much of the profit.

At the end of the day, if you are considering using a forex robot, then treat it like a business rather than make an emotional decision. Start with an online search for a forex robot scams list and then do your own due diligence. As the saying goes, ‘if it looks too good to be true it usually is’.

#2 Forex Signal Seller Scams

Forex signal sellers are individuals who send out trade ideas which usually include a currency pair, direction, entry price, stop loss and target levels. There are multiple things to look out for so you don’t fall victim to these kinds of forex trading scams and money scams:

  1. Subscription fees: Individuals may market you amazing results without any verification. To get access to the trades, you often need to pay high subscription fees, or they start out low and use credit or banking details for other kinds of money scams. If their trade calls were so good, why sell them at all?
  2. Broker-tied signals: Some signal sellers offer you trading signals, but only if you sign up with a specific broker. This means they may be getting a kickback from the broker, so are motivated to send you any trades for you to take regardless if they win or lose. Having said this, there are some that will want to keep you profitable so they can continue to receive their kickbacks from the broker, which acts as their payment for the service.
  3. Unverified results: It’s all well and good saying your forex signals have made a high percentage return but if they can’t show a verified track record it means they’re not trading the signals themselves – which is clearly a red flag in itself.

The key to avoiding any type of currency exchange scams, money scams or trading scams is to, again, think like a business and do your due diligence, rather than act on an emotional decision of inflated promises and dreams.

#3 Phony Forex Trading Investment Scams

There are many adverts nowadays promoting phony forex trading investments scams and phony forex investment funds. In essence, a slick marketing message or salesperson will sell you on the phantom, or unverified results, of their forex fund. All you need to do is send them your investment, and you can sit back and enjoy the returns.

Of course, many people who send their money over often never see it again. The company says they’ve never heard of you and have not received any funds from you. What started as a forex trading investment scam now turns into one of those money scams.

Another outcome, is that they open an account for you, usually with an unregulated shady broker. However, after one or two trades, they wipe out your account. While they blame it on the market, it’s all gone to their brokerage company. And, because it is unregulated, it’s very difficult to get your money back – just another type of currency scam.

Why You Should Educate Yourself To Avoid Trading Scams

As Forex trading carries exceptionally high risk, losses are inevitable. Retail speculators are almost always trading undercapitalised, and are subject to the problem of gambling addiction and improper use of leverage. Any speculator who trades without skill is essentially playing against the market as a whole, which has nearly infinite capital, and they will almost certainly go bankrupt as a result.

In all fairness, a large number of the reports of money being stolen by brokers is a result of weak trading, and not scam brokers. If unskilled traders spent time developing a proper trading methodology they would become better traders much quicker, and would likely avoid Forex scammers altogether, as they would suitably informed about the potential risks and what to avoid.

Most retail traders should be able to use almost any trading platform with any broker, and see very little difference in their results – it’s that simple. Once you accept your losses, trade with a trading system, and master your market, it will be much harder for you to fall for a scam.

Three Signs of Forex Trading Investment Scams

1. Trading Systems and Education Without Any Proof

There are a lot of scammers selling trading systems and education. When you ask them to provide any proof of their trading history, they evade the answer. There are also many traders who would offer their systems without a trading room or any services. These types of scammers are sometimes referred to as “snake oil merchants”. “Snake oil” is the term traders use for false traders and trading systems that have no valid proof of their trading history.

2. Email Spam Asking for Personal Info

Scammers may also ask you for personal information, such as:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your phone number
  3. Your home address

Don’t give away your personal details to someone you don’t fully trust. Be suspicious of brokers who don’t provide you with a written risk disclosure statement. Even if they do, read the statements thoroughly, because the devil is in the details. Remember, data may become currency soon.

3. No Background

Never work with someone who refuses to provide you with their background information. Be it a broker, a trader, an educator, or a money manager. Always do a quick check online to see if the person or company is legit.

According to New York Magazine, a kid from Queens, New York City in the USA made tens of millions of dollars by trading stocks on his lunch breaks at Stuyvesant High School. What happened in reality, is that it turned out he never made any money, and all his profits were made in a paper trading account.

How to Avoid Forex Scams

The best way to avoid investment scams is to take your time. Don’t rush your decisions – and make sure to assess all the pros and cons first. Finding a reliable Forex broker is not an easy task, but you’ll benefit in the long run from investing your time. The first step you should take when you come across a Forex broker or agency is to google their business name.

Look for customer reviews on reputable websites. If there are none or they are sound fake, you should stay away from that service provider. Additionally, you can browse through scam reviews and see if a Forex broker is as reliable as claimed. Also, make sure to find out if there are any outstanding legal actions against the broker.

For example, you can:

  • Visit Forex forums and see whether there are any complaints about fund withdrawals, and if so:
  • Contact the user who posted the complaint and ask for more details.

Perhaps the user was mistaken or confused, but it never hurts to ask. A proper background check will also minimise your risks.

Keep Away From Opportunities That Seem Too Good to Be True

Easy money? No way! Don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s easy to make money with something like ”20% gain per month”. It’s pure nonsense, because Forex & CFD (contract for difference) trading requires a lot of screening time, education, patience, and quick wits to become profitable. There is no easy money achieved here. If you dedicate your time and learn how to trade properly, you might achieve an additional source of income.

Further Steps You Can Take To Protect Yourself

Make sure to compare the regulations of the regulatory authority with the terms on the broker’s website to find inconsistencies and anomalies in their terms. If you don’t trust your own judgement, or you simply don’t have time, ask the advice of a licensed financial advisor. Additionally, you can ask for business registration proof before registering with a broker. Make sure to read through all the fine print when opening an account. Sometimes scammers use account incentives against the trader, when it comes to withdrawing funds.

  • If you receive bonus funds and wish to withdraw them, a Forex scammer may deny you that right due its terms and conditions.

Don’t forget that when you start live trading – always trade a small volume for a short period initially, and then attempt a withdrawal. If everything goes smoothly, it’s safe to deposit more funds. The availability of a Demo account is another indicator of a good or bad broker. If you don’t get offered this option, or are discouraged from demo trading, this is a strong indication of a Forex scammer.

Questions To Ask To Avoid Forex Trading Investment Scams

Remember that you have every right to ask questions. A few proper questions, can determine whether you are dealing with a trustworthy broker or a Forex scam artist. Make sure know your rights, research the contacts, and check the company’s registration and business background. Keep in mind that all the information you receive from a potential new broker must be in written form. Never rely on phone conversations or oral statements.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What can you do when you realise a broker’s offer is not for you?
  • How binding is the contract?
  • How easy is it to reach customer service?
  • Can you contact the broker by phone, Skype or email?
  • Do they list a physical address?
  • Do they use actual names?
  • Are they a registered company?
  • Can they provide performance history?


To ensure you’re not a victim of a scam, always use a regulated broker that is well established, has favourable online reviews, and is 100% transparent in their fees and compliance policies. The allure of quick money and easy cash will always be omnipresent, which is why you should make sure that you fully understand what it truly takes to become successful at currency trading, without using quick-fix schemes that put you at risk.

Trading With A Demo Account

Trader’s also have the ability to trade risk-free with a demo trading account. This means that traders can avoid putting their capital at risk, and they can choose when they wish to move to the live markets. For instance, Admiral Markets’ demo trading account enables traders to gain access to the latest real-time market data, the ability to trade with virtual currency, and access to the latest trading insights from expert traders.

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About Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is a multi-award winning, globally regulated Forex and CFD broker, offering trading on over 8,000 financial instruments via the world’s most popular trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Start trading today!

This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Please note that such trading analysis is not a reliable indicator for any current or future performance, as circumstances may change over time. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks.

Thread: Is worldpay a scam or a reliable website for Internet Payments?

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Is worldpay a scam or a reliable website for Internet Payments?

Hello, to make a complicated story short, and you might call me naive if it is a scam but i was on one day and saw an ad for a 2005 infinity g35 for 9000$, after contacting the owner who was named Manson Sula he explained to me indeed he was selling and that he was in albania for important business and that his car was at worldpay’s warehouse, and that they would ship it to me , after getting contacted by worldpay this is what the 2 emails said:

Item: 2005 Infiniti : G35

WorldPay Transaction Case ID: 440520068

Spacer Spacer Spacer

WorldPay Member Since 06-16-2004
Spacer Spacer Identity and/or Contact Information Verified. Spacer
Spacer Continues to meet strict Seal Membership Criteria.
Spacer Committed to Dispute Resolution and Mediation.
Spacer Item: 2005 Infiniti : G35 backed by WorldPay’s Buyer Protection Policy – up to $10,000.00*.
Spacer The WorldPay Seal, along with other factors, can substantially lower the risks of buying online.
Spacer Spacer Spacer

Spacer Spacer Spacer

Buyers and Sellers Know What to Expect: The buyer and seller view and agree to terms before the transaction begins.
Payments are Guaranteed: Instead of sending payment directly to the seller, the buyer sends payment to WorldPay Services where it is held in a trust.
Shipments are Safe: The seller may feel safe when shipping the merchandise to the buyer, knowing that the buyer’s payment has been verified and is safely held by WorldPay
Inspect Before You Pay: If the buyer and seller agree to an inspection period, the buyer may examine the merchandise before payment is released to the seller (and if the buyer rejects the merchandise, the seller may inspect the merchandise upon return before payment is refunded to the buyer).

WorldPay uses industry standard efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal identifiable information, such as encryption and Secure Socket Layers. WorldPay has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, or alteration of any information under our control. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet.

WorldPay repeatedly tries to encourage the other party to respond to a case, but we cannot guarantee participation, since the process is completely voluntary. If the respondent does not reply within one week from when the case was initially filed, it is unlikely that you will receive a response and we will close the case. If we hear from the other party after the case closes, we will reopen the case and notify you.

Currently, the seller has a $10,000.00* deposit in an WorldPay managed purchase protection account. Transactions with this seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors. The insurer of this transaction is WorldPay Inc.
The account is managed by WorldPay center.
This transaction is supervised by team.

For buyers or sellers safety, if the owner of this account wants to withdraw the
funds, he will have to wait at least 15 days from that day before the funds are
released and the purchase protection account is closed.

Should you need a refund for this transaction?

The insured amount of the transaction will be taken from the seller’s purchase protection account and refunded to you. The refund is sent to your bank account, or by check or money order. The way you are refunded is at your discretion.You have 15 days from the above verification date to request the refund. Refund requests are processed within 3 days.

Buyer XXXXXXXX should feel confident purchasing from a WorldPay Seal Member. Seal Member Manson Sula has been verified by WorldPay Services and is committed to customer satisfaction and resolving disputes via mediation.

Our system confirm you that you are fully protected in the transaction with Manson Sula only in these cases:

Payment sent but merchandise not received.
No response to your messages.
Payment sent but merchandise not received as the seller described it.

The insurer of this transaction is WorldPay Inc.
The account is managed by WorldPay center.
This transaction is supervised by team..

Your WorldPay Mediator will assume that information you disclose during the mediation can be shared with the other party unless you specify otherwise.

You have 15 days from the reception date to request the refund. Refund requests are processed within 3 days.

Thank you for using WorldPay.

and the second email instructed me to pay:

Item: 2005 Infiniti : G35

WorldPay Transaction Case ID: 440520064

Transaction Title Model Year VIN Number

2005 JNKCV54E25M401355

Amount Down Payment Shipping Fee Total Price
9,000.00 USD

3,000.00 USD
000.00 USD 9,000.00 USD


Seller Information
First Name: Manson
Last Name: Sula
Street: 125 Retris Karal

Zip code: –
Country: Albania

WorldPay Agent Information

Sabri Meni
Street: Sami Frasheri 30

Zip code: 251 / 2
Country: Albania

You are involved in a transaction Case ID 440520064 with WorldPay Customer . We require the payment to be done by Western Union money transfer to our legal WorldPay insured partner. We choose this payment method in order to speed up the transaction

We offer currency payment only using our offshore trust account.Our department require the payment to be done through Western Union money transfer service please visit: You have to pay with cash at any Western Union Office.

1. Locate the nearest Western Union Office
2. Make the payment with cash using the above WorldPay Agent Details
3. E-mail us the following details from the payment receipt:
– MTCN – 10 digits number from the payment receipt
– Sender Name and Address
– Receiver Name ( WorldPay Agent )
– Amount

Important The payment details are confidential and will not be released under any circumstances. Our customer chose this payment method in order to speed up the transaction. WorldPay Services security measures are constantly reviewed and modified given evolving circumstances globally, drawing on both internal assessments and the support of government agencies. Our constant priority is for the safety of our people, our customers, and the general public. WorldPay Services always tries to fulfill its customers’ needs

Once we receive the payment confirmation form, we will contact the seller and aprove to start the shipping. We will hold the payment until you send us your confirmation that you are satisfied with the product. As soon as we receive your confirmation we will release the payment to the seller.

WorldPay Services takes several steps to protect both the Buyer and Seller against fraud:

1) All payments by the Buyer are verified as “good funds” before the Seller is instructed to ship,

2) All shipments are tracked to ensure the Seller shipped and the Buyer received the merchandise,

3) If the merchandise is fraudulent, it gives the Buyer the chance to return the merchandise before payment is released to the Seller.

I haven’t paid the down payment and have emailed him about the inspection method in which they ship the car to me and payment is made after 5-10 days.. but no reply yet 5-6 hours have passed, so i ask you guys for any assisstance that you guys can give

Last edited by sojustask; 08-22-2008 at 07:52 PM .

Are Binary Options Signals a Scam?

Binary options signals is a service which you can use to increase your profit in binary options trading.

Binary options trading has gained huge esteem since its introduction to the market.

Most investors want to switch to binary options from traditional trading as it offers a large number of benefits like controlled risk, fixed payout, less complexity, and a huge number of assets to choose from. As the market of binary options trading is growing at a very fast pace, services related to it are also increasing.

One of the services which you can avail to increase your profit in binary options trading is binary options signals.

What are binary options signals?

Binary options experts and automated robots that are trained to analyze market conditions do their analyses and create recommendations.

These recommendations, which are formed after complete assessment of the market, are known as binary options signals. With these signals or recommendations, a new trader can also trade like a pro. Traders just have to place their trades according to the signals generated by the service providers.

Most of the signal providers offer forex signals, because the asset will always be in a pair like EUR/USD or GBP/USD and hence it becomes easy to keep track of and analyze future price movement direction.

Example of binary options signals

Asset – GBP/USD = 1.2000
Option – CALL Option
Expiry Time – 1 Hour

Suggested articles

FBS Launches Online Trading School – FBS Trading BootcampGo to article >>

There are few things to take into consideration while using a signal. The most important thing is time. A signal should always be used immediately as it is received. The market changes rapidly and hence a good signal would be of no value if it is not used at right time.

Binary options signals: legit/scam

We have witnessed a huge number of scams in binary options and so it is legitimate to be worried about your investment.

There are a lot of signal service providers in the market today, some of them are legit but there are also some crooks who are always waiting to rob you. Being a new trader, it is hard to distinguish between a legit and a scam SSP (Signal Service Provider). Thankfully, today we can read different blogs about binary options scams and avoid being a scam victim.

It is advised that you never solely rely on a signal, always try to follow a strategy and improve your trading skills. However, traders should ensure that the signals they are choosing are genuine and follow some proven strategies.

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Why choose to follow signals?

A good signal provider will charge you $80-$100 a month but the profit that those signals will generate, will be many times more than their fees. Binary options signals can provide great assistance to new and intermediate level traders.

We always recommend not to go for some automated trading platforms, choose those signals which have some proven strategies behind them and help you to nourish your trading skills too. New traders should always be eager to learn, instead of just putting a robot to do all the work for them.


Binary options signals can be a profitable option and could accelerate your earnings, but they should be used wisely. You are also advised to do complete background checks of your SSP before using their services.

Эффективное управление подключениями SignalR

Здравствуй, Хабрахабр. В настоящий момент я работаю над созданием движка чата в основе которого лежит библиотека SignalR. Помимо увлекательного процесса погружения в мир real-time приложений пришлось столкнуться и с рядом вызовов технического характера. Об одном из них я и хочу с вами поделиться в этой статье.


Что такое SignalR — это свое рода фасад над технологиями WebSockets, Long polling, Server-send events. Благодаря этому фасаду можно единообразно работать с любой из этих технологий и не беспокоиться о деталях. Кроме того, благодаря технологии Long polling можно поддерживать клиентов, которые по каким-то причинам не могут работать по веб-сокетам, например IE-8. Фасад представлен высокоуровневым API, работающим по принципу RPC. Кроме того, SignalR предлагает выстраивать коммуникации по принципу «publisher-subscriber» что в терминологии API называется группами. Об этом и пойдет речь далее.


Пожалуй самое интересное в программировании это возможность решать нестандартные задачи. И одну из таких задач мы сегодня обозначим и рассмотрим ее решение.

В эпоху развития идей масштабирования и в первую очередь горизонтального основным вызовом является необходимость иметь более одного сервера. И с этим вызовом уже справились разработчики указанной библиотеки, с описанием решения можно ознакомиться на MSDN. Если вкратце, то предлагается, используя принцип «publisher-subscriber», синхронизировать вызовы между серверами. Каждый сервер подписывается на общую шину и все отправленные с этого сервера команды направляется сперва на шину. Далее команда распространяется на все сервера и только потом на клиентов:

Здесь важно отметить, что каждый подключенный к серверу клиент имеет свой уникальный идентификатор подключения — ConnectionId — и все сообщения в итоге адресуются с использованием этого идентификатора. Поэтому каждый сервер хранит у себя эти подключения.

Однако по непонятным причинам API библиотеки SignalR не предоставляет доступ к этим данным. И здесь перед нами весьма остро встает вопрос доступа к этим подключениям. Это и есть наш вызов.

Зачем нам подключения

Как уже было отмечено ранее, SignalR предлагает к использованию модель «publisher-subscriber». Здесь единицей роутинга сообщений становится не ConnectionId а группа. Группа — это совокупность подключений. Отправляя сообщение в группу, мы отправляем сообщение на все ConnectionId, которые в этой группе состоят. Группы удобно строить — при подключении клиента к серверу просто вызываем API метод AddToGroupAsync:

А каким образом выйти из группы? Разработчики предлагают API метод RemoveFromGroupAsync:

Обратите внимание, что единицей данных является ConnectionId. Однако с точки зрения доменной модели ConnectionId не существуют, зато существуют клиенты. В связи с этим организация отображения клиента на массив ConnectionId и обратно возлагается на пользователей указанной библиотеки.

Нужен именно массив всех ConnectionId клиента, при выходе его из группы. Однако такого массива не существует. Его нужно организовывать самому. Задача становится много интереснее в случае горизонтально масштабированной системы. В этом случае часть подключений могут находится на одном сервере, остальные — на других серверах.

Способы отображения клиентов на подключения

Этому вопросу посвящен целый раздел на MSDN. К рассмотрению предлагаются следующие способы:

  • In-Memory хранилище
  • «Юзер-группа»
  • Постоянное внешнее хранилище

Сразу же отмечу, что варианты не поддерживающие масштабирование не рассматриваются. К таким относится вариант хранения подключений в памяти сервера. Здесь нет доступа к подключениям клиента на других серверах, если таковые имеются. Вариант хранения во внешнем постоянном хранилище сопряжен со своими недостатками, к которым относится и проблема очистки неактивных подключений. Такие подключения возникают в случае жесткой перезагрузки сервера. Обнаруживать и чистить эти подключения нетривиальная задача.

Среди приведенных выше вариантов интересен вариант «юзер-группы». К его плюсам безусловно относится простота — не требуется никаких библиотек, хранилищ. Так же немаловажно и следствие простоты этого метода — надежность.


Что же из себя представляет «юзер-группа»? Это группа в терминологии SignalR где клиентом может быть только один клиент — он сам. Это гарантирует 2 вещи:

  1. Сообщения будут доставлены только одному человеку
  2. Сообщения будут доставлены на все устройства человека

Каким образом это нам поможет? Напомню, что наш вызов — решение проблемы выхода клиента из группы. Нам требовалось, что бы выходя из группы с одного устройства, остальные тоже отписались, но у нас не было списка подключений этого клиента, кроме того, с которого мы инициировали выход.

«Юзер-группа» — это первый шаг на пути решения указанной проблемы. Вторым шагом будет построение «зеркала» на клиенте. Да да, именно зеркала.


Источником команд, посылаемых с клиента на сервер служат действия пользователя. Постим сообщение — посылаем команду на сервер:

И уведомляем всех клиентов группы о новом посте:

Однако ряд команд должны выполняться синхронно на всех устройствах. Как этого достичь? Либо иметь массив подключений и выполнять команду для каждого подключения по конкретному клиенту, либо использовать метод описанный ниже. Рассмотрим этот метод на примере выхода из чата.

Команда пришедшая от клиента сперва отправится в «юзер-группу» на специальный метод, который ее просто-напросто перенаправит обратно на сервер, т.е. «отзеркалирует». Таким образом не сервер будет отписывать устройства, а сами устройства попросят их отписать.

Вот пример команды отписки от чата сервера:

А вот код клиента:

Разберем подробнее что тут происходит:

  1. Клиент инициирует отписку — посылает команду «leave» на сервер
  2. Сервер посылает в «юзер-группу» на «зеркало» команду «unsubscribe»
  3. Сообщение доставляется на все устройства клиента
  4. Сообщение на клиенте отправляется обратно на сервер на указанный сервером метод
  5. На каждом сервере происходит отписка клиента из группы

В итоге все устройства сами отпишутся от серверов, к которым они подключены. Каждый отпишется от своего и нам ничего хранить не нужно. Никаких проблем также не возникнет в случае жесткой перезагрузки сервера.

Так зачем нам подключения ?

Имея «юзер-группу» и «зеркало» на клиенте отпадает необходимость работать с подключениями. А что думаете по этому поводу вы, уважаемые читатели? Поделитесь своим мнением в комментариях.

Исходный код примеров:

Только зарегистрированные пользователи могут участвовать в опросе. Войдите, пожалуйста.

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