Review Is Suisdai Scam or Legit Online Store

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This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Review – Is ‘USFINESTORE’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

We will quickly detail What Is in our short review. Is legit or is ‘USFineStore’ really only a scam site to avoid. You will find all attached site info to ‘US FINE STORE’, scam signs and why they are not safe, real, genuine or trustworthy. Those that gave payment info need now to contact your payment provider.

We welcome your own reviews / reports below in the comments if they have scammed you. You can as well report any site you believe is a scam to our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. I do also show others how to earn online for the long term from home. If this is something you could see yourself doing then why not view our Ways to Earn Online from Home – Free Start Up!

USFINESTORE.COM IS A SCAM! Exposed as a Fraudulent Online Store.

  1. We will now begin to detail why ( is a scam and not a site to be trusted as legit. This review will find out all the information they have attached to their site. We will be wanting to know who the founder is, where they are from exactly, phone number and email address. All this is standard stuff to have for their customers.
  2. We see that their site was registered in 2020/10/07 for a year. This length of a time is simply not long enough to ensure business success for a legit business. It is normal to see ethical sites register online e-store domains for five years or over. But scam sites will typically go live for 12 to 24 months casting suspicion on them as a hit-and-run fake site.
  3. We see also they have not bothered to detail their owners name, their address is not their own on WHOIS which is provided by their hosting provider, no email or phone number. This is how bad companies are getting away with anonymity because they are not being forced to be honest. Makes no sense.
  4. Their site has the email address of [email protected] and the phone number of +86 15884704934 but why no founder name? So their email links back perfectly to their site. We Google such info to see if they are attached to any scam reports as yet. It will only be a matter of time before we see some as they are not ethical.
  5. Their phone also has no scam reports attached to it. Typically it is not unusual to find such information being used by seemingly different sites. Where you see other sites using the same information for their business then you should beware that those sites are part of a scam network being run by the same people.
  6. When you consider it costs about $15 to register a dot com, many times relatively less more, then you can see the set up costs for a fake online business is nominal. Real world you are spending big money for inventory, staff, overheads, logistics fee’s, taxes, sourcing products etc etc etc.
  7. Online you only need to steal the images of others and upload them and have a plugin for their site and a ‘cart’ to steal money and peoples personal sensitive information. When they have that set up, get their site indexed in Google, and do some work on social media to drive traffic, and that is all.
  8. It can take about 3 months for a site to really kick off with traffic if the scammers have put in the prior work. After that then people will work for them for free unwittingly by sharing scam ads social media groups / pages, to the detriment of others online safety. Please think twice before sharing anything of this nature by looking out for reviews.
  9. There is literally an army of bloggers warning people about online scams all the time, so really, you do not have an excuse not to have common sense to protect yourself and others online. Our ‘beloved’ social media platforms could not care less while they take revenue from scammers. To say they do not know who’s who’ without reports, is nonsense. Its just tacit criminality as far as I am concerned.
  10. Anyways, there is no further information about ‘USFineStore’ online except their bogus prices. Always do a price comparison with the same products elsewhere to be sure they add up.
  11. Where they are too cheap then do not buy them. They may send you out something for your order, but I assure you as the day is long, it won’t be the products listed for less than $100 when the actually could be a lot higher.

Final Thoughts.

So is no doubt a scam and you should avoid them. Put in for refudns at your earliest convenience. Cancel your card for a new one unless you to donate your bank accounts contents to unknown scammers so they can earn illegal millions for further criminal pursuits. Check out our List of Internet Scammers Below before you go or leave your own review of the site in question.




7 thoughts on “ Review – Is ‘USFINESTORE’ Scam or Legit Online Store? ”

Truly a scammer phoney from the word go ,show on their website normal merchandise and when pressed for tracking number show a number and send a empty envelope with the tracking as proof they shipped. PayPal wants police report and the police refer you to file an IC 3 with the govrnment and give a deadline to respond which you cannot respond upon time. Hence you are screwed.

  1. Scam Witness Post author January 4, 2020

The process regarding law enforcement to refunds has not evolved yet, as far as I can see, to keep up with the millions of scam sites created daily. Sorry for your bad experience but feel welcome to let us know how this turns out. Thanks again Robert.

Same happened to me. PayPal does nothing. They ignored my request for their policy regarding sellers who rip buyers off. I disputed and explained in detail. I bought a bathtub caddy and they sent me a keychain with a small spoon on the end used for people who do drugs, disgusting. I was offered to send the item back by PayPal for a mere $33.94. The item I ordered cost less than that. Case closed, no refund. PayPal knows this seller is a fraud yet they continued to allow them to participate as a funding resource. I’m shutting down my PayPal account after 18 years.

I got scammed from USFINESTORE my bank seems to think I’ll get a microwave stand lol, I don’t. How does google allow this fraudulent website on their platform is beyond me!! Shame on you google, and PayPal won’t dispute for me, shame on PayPal! [email protected]@@@s��

  1. Scam Witness Post author November 18, 2020

I find it strange how payment providers will refund some of their customers, due to the same scam site, and not refund another. I am all cash myself.

I really sorry to read this Sherry and CLICK HERE to report USFINESTORE to Google itself.

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Do you mind if I ask on what grounds did they refuse you a refund Sherry?

Brought a TV from this site never receive the TV. Tried to email them and never received a response back and the phone number hangs up as soon as it answers.

  1. Scam Witness Post author November 13, 2020

If you can call them again and record if you can them hanging up on you. Is there a way to give that to your payment provider as proof that is not willing to communicate with you about your order after they have been paid.

Let us know who this turns out Linda going forward if you think of it and thank you for leaving your own customer review.

CDKeys Review: Is Legit, Safe or Scam? (2020 Updated)

Yes, CDKeys is alegit. It is not a scam because they will never steal your money or credit card detail. And you will get any cd key you purchased from the site without problem.

CDKeys is a games key reseller that says they specialize in providing you with the best digital codes for the hottest games. If providing the hottest games is not tantalizing enough, they add that you don’t have to pay full price or wait for a game again because they also combine the “lowest prices with rapid digital delivery”.

The hottest games; at the lowest prices; and delivered rapidly. A platform that gives those should be any gamers’ go-to destination. However, before heading off to, it should be noted that it is one thing to promise, but it is a different thing entirely to deliver on the promise.

So the big questions include; will you find activation keys for the hottest games in; are their prices actually the lowest; do they deliver rapidly? In the first place is CDKeys safe?

This CDKeys review will examine in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

CDKeys review at a glance

  • A Dubai based reseller of digital codes for games
  • is a business entity, and not a marketplace where you buy from other individual
  • Provide a wide range of Xbox live points and subscription, PlayStation Network cards, PC games and expansion packs, Nintendo games, and Top Up cards
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Refunds are only offered on a discretionary basis
  • Customer support is available via email

What is CDKeys?

CDKeys is owned by Omnyex E-Commerce DMCC, which is a leading independent wholesaler and distributor of digital products globally. The company is based out of Dubai; and according to the official CD Keys website, they have “over 20 years of combined industry experience”.

A CDkey is simply a product code. In the gaming world, a CD key is the combination of number or letters that you’ll find on a sticker inside a games’ case (or printed on a game’s quick reference card) which is to be used to activate the game.

That said; the platform needs no other introduction. It’s a store where you can get product keys of games (that is, digital codes and keys with which to activate games). It also means that they do not sell physical boxed games. The store is all about digital products.

CD Keys take pride in having an extensive network of suppliers and contacts from which they source products. They get products from their suppliers, and then inventory the product in their store; so when you buy from CD Keys, you are buying from the store. This means that CD Keys is a business entity and not simply a market place.

It should be said that many of the very popular names in the digital codes and keys reselling business are simply market places. When a platform is a market place, any item purchased there is not purchased from the platform, but simply from another individual who is selling in the platform. Where individuals are selling to each other in a marketplace, there’s no way to tell where the digital codes and keys being sold originated from. So codes obtained by fraud and illegal means proliferate the market places.

However, the risk of getting a stolen or illegally obtained code is considerably reduced when buying from a business entity. Some who argue that you still cannot tell if the keys sold at CD Keys are not obtained by tricks. However, your answer to the following question should rest the matter: Where are you more likely to get codes obtained codes by tricks; a 100% legal business entity like CD Keys, or an unknown individual selling in a market place where his/ her credentials were not even verified before being admitted? Operating as a business entity is one of the things that make CD Keys probably the most legit of all the game keys resellers in the industry.

You’ll also find that CDKeys do not go about sponsoring influencers. They do not pay mega bucks to authoritative figures and influencers who’ll then go shouting the platform to followers. Granted, the success of most of the bigger names in the business is by such aggressive advertising and marketing. However, CDKeys focuses on creating value and being better than the competition, and letting the value created draw customers.

Is legit?

CDKeys is legit, not a scam. There are lots of positive feedback from its customers. Determining whether an online platform is legit before using it is becoming increasingly important. This is especially so when you have to send your hard-earned money to the platform. There are just too many fraudsters in the cyberspace; and one of their many ways of ripping people off is opening scam stores where people will make payment for orders that will never be delivered. If you won’t want to lose your money to these fraudsters, you’ll want to make sure that the store you intend to use is legit.

The best test of legitimacy is whether the platform is legal. In this regard, CD Keys ticks the box. First, the is owned by a 100% legal company. Omnyex E-Commerce DMCC that owns is a private company incorporated in Dubai under the laws of DMCC Free Zone, and with license number JLT-69058. Suffice it to say that no scam/ fake store will seek company registration.

You’ll also find that the company has physical existence with its principal place of business at Unit 2603, JBCT, JLT, Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Suffice it to say that scam stores operate only virtually. Especially where the products traded are digital product, you’ll find no physical trace of the existence of scam stores, except the website that advertises them.

Also, CD Keys claims over 20 years in the digital codes and keys reselling business. This lends a hand to CD Keys being legit from another perspective, which is selling functional codes that work as intended. It is one thing for a company to be legal and for it to deliver orders, but it is another thing entirely for the codes/ keys delivered to function as intended. Thus, no matter how legal a company is, if the product they sell you is useless to you, you won’t be considering them legit. Suffice it to say that a company whose products are not functional will be called out in no time.

Also, in their about two decades of operation, CD Keys would have been called out if their products do not function as intended. However, it’s almost unheard of that keys obtained in CD Keys turn out expired or revoked. Thus, CD Keys is not only a company that is legit in being legal and fulfilling orders, but also legit in that the products sold are functional and work as intended.

Is CD Keys safe?

CDKeys is also safe. A legit store will not rip you off, but you need the store to also be safe so that using it will not leave you exposed to others who’ll want to rip you off. A store can leave you exposed to cyber criminals if it does not effectively safeguard the sensitive information you share with them.

Joining and buying from any online platform entails sharing personal information (such as name, telephone numbers, contact address, etc) and payment instrument details (such as credit card details). If you wouldn’t mind that the former is exposed, you definitely will mind if the latter is exposed. Thus the ideal store (including games digital code reseller) is one that effectively safeguards customers’ data.

In this regard, CD Keys ticks the box. They say in their fine prints that they have in place suitable physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information that they collect online. In our nitpicking minds, we’ll want to know the details of some of those procedures to assure us of their security. However, we can be confident (despite not knowing the details) that CD Keys is safe because they are one store that has not suffered a data breach. Also, they are very transparent where needed. For example, they not only tell that they use cookies, but they proceed to list the cookies used, the information the cookies collect, and why such collection is necessary. Lastly, they pledge not to sell, distribute or lease your information to third parties unless your express permission is given or they are required by law to do so. Visit to signup.


Product Range

No matter the item you want to buy, the ideal shop will be one that offers a wide range of products. It’s true even for specialized stores; a go-to store will be measured by its ability to offer customers a much wider choice of products in its niche.

In this regards, CK Keys has carved a niche for itself. As their name suggests, they deal on only CD Keys (read as activation codes for games). Most often than not, third party sellers of CD Keys dabble into other digital products such as Antivirus keys. However, CD Keys has remained true to its brand, and rather than draw in other unrelated digital products, they have focused on expanding the choice available within their niche. As a result, you will almost always find the keys of any game from the game providers they cover.

The menu on the website of CD Keys reveals the following as the product offerings of the website:

  • PC – PC games and time cards
  • PSN – PSN Games, PSN Top Up cards, Playstation Plus, Addons and Season Passes
  • Xbox – Xbox Games, Gift cards/ Points, Membership, Season Passes
  • Nintendo – WII U Games, 3DSGames, EShop Topup cards, Switch
  • Top Ups – iTunes, FaceBook, Google Play, Origin, Steam, BattleNet, NetFlix, NowTV

The primary promise of CD Keys was providing digital codes for the hottest games. The range of product listed above show that they deliver on that promise. You’ll find that CD Keys is the right place if you want the biggest Xbox live points and subscriptions, PlayStation Network cards, and PC Games and expansion packs. Nintendo fans are also covered with a stellar range of Wii U and 3DS digital games; and if you want a treat on Steam, Origin, iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, etc, you don’t need to go to another place to get the top-up cards. However, apart from those, you can also pre-order games that have not been released yet.


Price is the most important factor in any purchase whether online or in brick and mortar stores; and it’s no different in the world of gaming. No matter how bad you need a game, you’ll be turned off it you perceive that it is unreasonably priced. Thus, the ideal store will offer digital codes at reasonable price ranges.

One of the promises of CD Keys is offering the lowest prices. The best way of determining that is doing a comparative analysis of prices in the store with prices offered elsewhere. When we did that, we found that really does offer some of the most competitive prices in the market.

The first comparison is between prices when purchasing retail and prices at There can be only one winner in this. The only reason there are third party sellers of digital codes and keys for games is to make the items available for less than their full price. Thus, retail price means paying the full price, while third party resellers (like generally have lower prices. That said; you’ll find game keys in that are 15% – 90% lower than the retail price.

The next comparison is between prices in and prices in other resellers’ platform. True to the promise of, they have some of the lowest prices in the market. For example, at the time of writing, CD Keys had the lowest price for the keys of the PC game “Tom Clancy’s, The division 2”. At $43.49, their price was lower than those of popular resellers such as Kinguin ($48.57) and Gaming Dragons ($51.90). However, for some other games, you might be able to find cheaper digital codes and keys in some stores than in Thus, it can be said that CD Keys really do offer low prices. For some items, their prices are even the lowest you’ll find; and for other items, their prices may not be the lowest, but they’ll be competitively priced.

In the gray market of third party digital code reselling, low prices arouse suspicion. This is because it is not uncommon for a person to acquire codes through fraud and other illegal means, and then offer the codes for sale at cheap prices. Thus, it’s important to consider how CD Keys is able to offer low prices.

The first is that they only sell product in digital format. So they are able to make significant savings on overheads, postage and related expenses; and then they pass these reductions to you, which ensures that their pricing is competitive.

Secondly, they have an extensive network of suppliers and contacts from all corners of the globe from which they source their products. In this regard, they ensure the cheapest possible prices through regional price differences. Generally, global companies adjust their prices in different regions. Thus, you’ll find a product at a high price in tier 1 countries, but that same product will be selling at a significantly reduced price in third world countries. For games companies, regional price adjustment is even more necessary to increase sales because after developing the games, the cost of producing each unit to be sold is simply the cost of the putting the game on a disk and shipping it out to retail centers. Thus, the companies needing a high turnover will adjust prices in different regions; heavily discounting prices in some regions so that more persons in those regions can afford the games.

Regional price adjustment result in regional price difference; and that is what CD Keys takes advantage of to provide their low prices.

Payment Method

One of the definitions of a bad experience is having a headache in the process of spending your own money. Thus, the ideal online store should have a painless payment process. One of the first things to look out for is the supported payment methods.

You’ll want a store that supports a wide range of payment options so that no matter where you are resident, you’ll easily find one that you can use to conveniently pay for your order. CD Keys ticks the box in this regard. You can pay for your orders using Master Card, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, PayPal, Sofort, Skrill, Alipay, Giropay, Neteller, Bitcoin, and iDeal.

However, you should know that this is the full range of options available; and that means not all the options will be available to you in your region. However, with this wide range, you should not have any issue with paying for your order.

Also, CD Keys accepts a wide range of currencies. At the bottom of each page of their website, you’ll find that they support over 30 international currencies, which include USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD. Supporting different currencies will save you the hassle of currency conversion and the associated costs.

Lead Time

One of the promises of CD Keys is delivering orders rapidly. They advertise that they offer rapid digital delivery. They say that with them the days of waiting for a game after ordering your keys are over; and that you can start playing your favorite game fast.

Our test and a quick look at what others have to say confirm that CD Keys does deliver on their promise of rapid delivery. CD Keys does have a key delivery system that allows for instant and automatic allocation of game keys. This is made possible because they deal on only digital products. Once you make payment, the key will be immediately made available; it will be sent to your email account, and you can also access it on your account.

You should know that as part of their standard security measures, orders are routinely selected for review. If your order is so selected, it will not be delivered instantly. It will be held so that it can be reviewed by one of their agents. However, the process is fast; the order will be cleared and you’ll have your game key within an hour.

Refunds Policy

You’ll scarcely find any customer review online about the refunds process in CD Keys. On the one hand this is good because it means that almost all of the thousands of customers that have used CD Keys have not had cause to return anything. You’ll most likely be satisfied with your CD Keys purchase and will not have to look at returns and refund policies.

However, it’s good to know what’s applicable just in case someone turns up dissatisfied with a purchase. The answer to whether CD Keys allow returns and issue refunds is surprisingly not as simple and straight forward as other services in the platform. In fact, to err on the side of caution, we’ll say that CD Keys does not offer refunds. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can reach out to them. However, you will not get a refund for games that have been played or keys that have been redeemed. In their words, refunds are only offered on a “discretionary basis”. To us that means “don’t expect to get a refund”.


You don’t want your gaming experience to be limited because of where you are resident in the world. Thus, you’ll want a game keys reseller that is able to deliver keys to you no matter where you are resident. In this regard, the ideal reseller is one that delivers keys worldwide.

CD Keys ticks the box. They sell to all countries of the world except Iran, Yemen, North Korea and Syria. It should be said that some persons have reported country related issues; that is, not being able to activate certain keys in their countries. However, that issue has been traced to ordering keys tagged as US or EU when resident outside those territories. It’s as issue that can be solved by checking the description of keys before ordering; keys tagged worldwide are eligible for activation worldwide.

Customer Support

Knowing Murphy’s Law that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, you’ll want a reseller that will be there for you when something does go wrong. In this regard, the ideal reseller will provide different channels for customers to contact them, and they’ll provide prompt and helpful response when contacted.

In terms of getting assistance in, the first stop is a support page in their website where you’ll find an FAQ section and a knowledge base. These pages hold articles that’ll answer some of the questions that you may have about the company, their service and offerings.

If you want direct contact with a customer support rep of CD Keys, you can use either the contact form in their website or email. For email support, you should submit your queries to [email protected] With either method, you’ll receive the response in your mail inbox. They also have a relatively short response time; which ensures that you won’t have to be waiting too long to get needed help. Most support tickets are answered in only a few hours.

However, we’ll like to see more support channels especially the instant feedback options such as live chat and telephone support.

Buying Experience

Buying from CD Keys is very straight forward and easy. The simple steps are as follows:

  • You sign up and create an account in
  • You browse through product listing, select desired product, and add it to your shopping card
  • Proceed to checkout and pay for the product(s)
  • Do a phone verification

If the payment is successful, and you also successfully complete the phone verification you’ll receive the ordered digital codes or keys within seconds; and you can then enter the code/ key in the appropriate fields, install your game, and be ready for some excited gaming. You’ll be up and running in only a few minutes. Buying from CD Keys is fast and easy. You’ll not even have to contact customer support at any point in the process.

The only issues that have been reported has to do with phone verification, and they are few and far in between. The verification itself is a simple process that simply involves getting a verification code sent to you, and you typing that verification code into

Because of the few reported issues with the phone verification process, we do not like that the verification step comes after making payment. We’ll like that all account verifications are done before making payment, so that if there are any issues with verification, you’ll not have your funds tied down until such a time that the issues are resolved.

To wrap up the review, we looked at other review platforms to see what customers who have bought from CD Keys are saying about the website. We also find that CD Keys have very good reviews in independent customers’ reviews platforms. In one of such platforms (Trust Pilot), CD Keys has an average rating of 9.1 out of 10; with over 90% of the over 15,600 reviewers giving them an excellent 5 start rating. The customers raved about the buying process, their prices and their legitimacy. You’ll find expressions like “quick and easy purchase process”, “easy to use for codes and instant delivery”, “cheapest place for PS subscriptions”, “great system for buying cheap games”, “cost effective. Time efficient”, “trust worthy site”, and more.

In other platforms like Reddit, you’ll also find raving reviews of CD Keys, with the commentators also highlighting CD Keys’ competitive prices, easy buying process, and fast delivery.


CD Keys is one of the better known names in the digital codes and game keys reselling business. Being operated by a company that is 100% legal, and with about 20 years record of delivering functional keys and other seamless services; there’s no doubt that CD Keys is legit. In fact they operate as a business entity and sell codes in-store; and not as a market place where you buy keys from other unknown individuals. In fact, because of this operational model, CD Keys is probably the most legit of all the game keys resellers in the industry.

Unlike other resellers that branch to include other unrelated digital products, CD Keys has focused on game keys and top ups, and so they are able to offer a wide range of products which includes PSN, Xbox, and Xbox keys, and games to Nintendo devices.

CD Keys also boast of painless service. They support many payment options and different currencies, so paying for orders will be smooth and straight forward. They offer only digital products, and so they are also able to deliver orders rapidly. The overall efficiency of their service means that you’ll have very few reasons to contact customer support, but if you do, you’ll also find a very helpful customer support service that answers promptly, with the only dent being having limited options to directly contact the customer support service.


  • Operate as a business entity and not a market place
  • Offers a wide range of digital codes and keys for games
  • Available in all but four countries of the world
  • They support an extensive list of payment options
  • Offers a very easy purchase system
  • They deliver orders rapidly (mostly within seconds after payment)


  • Refunds are only offered on a discretionary basis
  • Limited options for contacting customer support; no live chat or telephone support service
  • Phone verification is done after making payment; and if there are issues with verification, funds could be tied down

Do you have any experince with CDKeys? How was your experience? Kindly use the review section below to give us your brief CDKeys review.

Deposit: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, GiroPay, PaySafeCard
Bonus: Not Clear
US Allowed:
Google Safebrowsing:
Website antivirus:
Norton Safeweb:

Paf Exposed — Gambling with Lotteries at

Paf Review

I don’t know folks. The team dug into this week and came up amused as a result of the entertainment, but at a loss why the word lottery is even included. PAF is an online site for people to play slots, bingo, casino, poker, betting and yes, lotteries. Now don’t go there looking for the usual US Powerball or Euro Millions. PAF has its games, and there are only three. PAF stands for “Play among Friends” which is their tag line. Let’s take a look.

Games at Paf

PAF has three of their own, homegrown lottery games – Power Keno, Hi-Lo Hunter and Pick 3. Click on any of three takes players to a demo and real mode. The games themselves are more like a betting game versus a lottery. Hi-Lo Hunter involves picking whether the next number will be higher or lower with a facility to add ‘jackpot’ which increases the win by €800 on top of your bet. Click on “real” and players have to create an account or log in.

PAF and Winning

Playing at, players have to deposit a minimum of €10. Keep in mind that this is a site that isn’t set up for lotteries, but more for gambling and betting in general. €10 is also the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from your winnings and in the words of PAF the maximum amount that can be withdrawn “is also affected by the length of our customer relationship with you.” They make two payments a day and your money – your winnings – will be in your bank account between 3 to 7 banking days.

Bonuses at

There appears to be a bunch of bonuses, but no specific information when they happen or how they happen. What is worse is the few that are described in the terms and conditions all references using a code, but no information on when they kick in or how to get the code.


Asking questions is pretty easy; there is an email address and toll-free phone in the UK. There is no live chat, but there is a heap of offices with direct email addresses and phone numbers. is registered in the Åland Islands which is an autonomous region of Finland, an island in the Baltic Sea.

Why Do They Do It?

PAF is publically owned and was established in 1966 to generate money for charities. Initially, they offered gaming on international and local ferries on the Baltic Sea but expanded this to online gaming. Save the Children, and Red Cross are only two of the many charities that benefit. The only problem I have in looking at their 2020 Annual Report, is that less than 3% of their income goes to the charities. Then again, that does mean more for prizes and winnings – I think.

The Bottom Line at PAF

Folks, this is a gaming site that has thrown three lotteries into what they offer. Pick 3 picks three numbers and then run the game – there are three levels of payout, and it is not going to put you in the position to run out and buy a Ferrari! Good fun (what the heck) to sit and play, but with a top prize of €800ish depending on what you are betting, definitely not going to challenge the jackpots of US Powerball or Mega Millions.


Hilarious Demo Games


No Mega Jackpots

Light on Info on Fees and Other Charges

This site gets a thumbs down like a lottery site, and a thumbs up as a place for entertainment. If you have the patience to download the demos, it is fun to sit there and play – and it doesn’t cost anything! I can imagine if you do start winning though, it would be frustrating not to see that bank number roll up!

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