Tumeyy.com Review Tumeyy is a Scam Playparty Store {Beware}

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Tumeyy.com Review: Tumeyy is a Scam Playparty Store Beware

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JH Mall wncmore scam

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Just a quick update. PayPal offers to cover return shipping up to 45 AUD up to 8x per year. However. The instructions did not work nor does their app or case resolution. I’m now shut out, after adding tracking details.

I’ve sent them the email below. Will update if I get my refund. I know this does not help those who ordered all 3 pieces of junk, which would cost $120 to return. Ugh. JH Mall is gaming PayPal and PayPal is not up to scratch.

Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam? – My Personal Experience

Opinion Outpost may have longevity compared to similar platforms like InboxPays or PrizeRebel; however, rumors of Opinion Outpost scamming people has also been around in recent years.

Among the most common Opinion Outpost complaints is that apparently, users have trouble cashing out their earnings.

Another prominent issue that Opinion Outpost users encountered is having their accounts suspended or frozen with no justifiable reason.

What could be the reason for these issues? Is Opinion Outpost scamming and taking advantage of its users?

These questions and more will be answered in this brutally honest Opinion Outpost review.

Review Summary

Name: Opinion Outpost (opinionoutpost.com)

Owner: Survey Sampling International, LLC

Cost To Join: Free

Recommended? No

Income Opportunity Rating:

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost (www.opinionoutpost.com) is a paid survey (GPT) site owned by Survey Sampling International, LLC.

This is different from a similar platform called Opinion World, although both were owned by Survey Sampling International.

Opinion Outpost was created in 2004, so needless to say; it has been around for more than a decade.

Unlike other popular GPT sites such as PrizeRebel, Unique Rewards, or Swagbucks.

You can only earn cash and rewards for the time you spend in Opinion Outpost by taking online surveys.

Taking Opinion Outpost Surveys

Once you’ve registered to Opinion Outpost, surveys will be sent to your email regularly. A typical Opinion Outpost survey takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

The amount of points you can expect to receive per survey ranges between 5 to 50 points.

The first survey I got in my email promises to reward 5 points with an estimated completion time of 12 minutes. And while I am writing this Opinion Outpost review, 1 point = $0.10.

With my first survey, I am supposed to earn $0.5 in 12 minutes. Say I got four more similar surveys, that’s $2.5 in an hour.

$2.5 in an hour? NOT. THRILLED. AT. ALL.

Also, these surveys could easily consume 20 to 30 minutes of your time rather than just 12 minutes.

Besides waiting for surveys to be sent in your email.

You can also visit the Opinion Outpost website, log in, and check if there are any available surveys that you can participate.

Some surveys I have encountered are about my source of income and how I handle finances.

The others are more random, like what devices and gadgets I own.

Now at this point, I am sure that Opinion Outpost is hardly worth my time due to the reasons above.

But I decided to continue using the platform, and that’s when I realized why many people are calling Opinion Outpost a scam.

Opinion Outpost Review – Everything You Need To Know

#1 Survey Disqualification

The standard amount of Opinion Outpost surveys you get in your email per day is two surveys. But I didn’t feel that bad because there are some surveys I can take in the Opinion Outpost itself.

Little did I know that you may not qualify for every survey, even the ones sent in your email. There are pre-qualifying questions you need to answer before you can start the actual survey.

Worse, the pre-qualifying questions could last between 15 – 40 minutes!

And depending on your answers, you might get disqualified in the middle of the process and won’t be able to take the actual survey at all.

Unless you are always lucky and you provide all the right answers to qualify for the survey, you might never make a dime from this site.

#2 Not Enough Surveys

Besides the fact that you won’t always qualify to complete a survey.

Another thing that frustrates most Opinion Outpost users is the limited number of surveys one can participate.

Now, this is not only a problem for Opinion Outposts, but this is a common issue among other GPT sites as well.

The third-party companies that pay Opinion Outpost are looking for a specific group of people. So if you don’t fit the profile, you won’t be able to participate in the surveys.

#3 Lengthy Surveys

Based on my experience, if you are to focus on providing all the truthful answers, on average, it will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete the 12-minute survey.

No wonder many people are calling Opinion Outpost a scam. Imagine spending 30 mins for a mere $0.5, do you think it is worth it?

I leave it up to you.

#4 Refer A Friend, Make $5

Recently, Opinion Outpost added a new feature for users.

For each of the first five friends that sign-up and complete a survey using your very own personalized link, Opinion Outpost will award you 10 points each.

#5 Chance to Win $10,000

If you are in the USA and you made some activities with your Opinion Outpost account, like participating in a survey.

You will get a chance to win $10,000 in Opinion Outpost’s quarterly cash draw. This means that $40,000 in total is awarded by Opinion Outpost to four lucky members every year!

If you are in Canada, there are also Opinion Outpost sweepstakes available. There are also four quarterly draws with a price of $1,250 each ($5,000 yearly).

Are you feeling lucky? You could be $10,000 richer!

But when was the last time you won anything from draws and raffles?

How To Redeem Your Rewards

Once you’ve earned enough points with Opinion Outpost, you will have an option to redeem your earnings for cash or other rewards.

PayPal Payments – Once you’ve gathered 100 points or more, you can request a PayPal payment. However, only verified PayPal accounts would qualify for payments.

Other than cash through PayPal transfer, you will also have an option to avail any of these Opinion Outpost rewards below.

  • Mileage Plus – The minimum requirement to redeem this reward is 105 opinion points which will get you 300 award miles
  • Alawar – Exchange your points for online game gifts. The minimum request requirement is $3 or 30 opinion points.
  • Amazon e-Vouchers – 50 points ($5) is required to request an Amazon e-gift code.
  • iTunes gift cards – with 100 points ($10) sitting in your account, you can request an iTunes gift card.
  • American Red Cross donations – Opinion Outpost has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide you with a charitable option to donate your points to. You can donate as low as five (5) opinion points ($0.50).

So, do you think spending your time in Opinion Outpost is well worth these rewards?

Or you are like me, and perhaps you feel that your time is worth more than just a few bucks?

Share your thoughts in the Comment Section below.

What Other People Say About Opinion Outpost?

I scoured the Internet looking for Opinion Outpost reviews from users, and these are the most recent ones I found.

On SURVEYPOLICE, www.opinionoutpost.com got 5-star on 43% of the total 1,401 Opinion Outpost reviews from users.

Meanwhile on Trustpilot, the site got 5-stars from 50% of the total 1,427 Opinion Outpost reviews from users.

On sitejabber, Opinion Outpost has a poor rating on 12 out of 18 user reviews.

And on the Better Business Bureau, their are numerous Opinion Outpost complaints and negative reviews.

Users talk about their accounts getting banned or frozen without any valid reasons, while others were not getting compensated for the time they have put in.

Clearly, there is a divided opinion about Opinion Outpost.

Some are delighted with Opinion Outpost while others wouldn’t recommend it at all. But what about you?

  • Do you think Opinion Outpost is a scam?
  • Do you have any experience with this site?

Share your opinions (pun intended) in the comment section below.

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

Despite the various complaints against this site, I believe that Opinion Outpost is not a scam.

It has been around for more than a decade, and out of so many survey sites out there, I find Opinion Outpost to be one of the more trustworthy and reliable ones.

I also believe that the account freezing and suspension could just be technical issues and you can contact the customer service should you encounter similar problems.

But if you have any substantial proofs that Opinion Outpost is scamming its users, please share it with us in the Comment Section below.

Should you Join Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost maybe a legitimate GPT site, but if you want to create a full-time income with this platform, I am afraid you might be disappointed.

For example, your goal is to make $500 a month to supplement your household income.

Then you probably have to complete at least a thousand 12- minute surveys to make that money. Each survey will take approximately 12 to 30 minutes to complete.

So at best, it will take you 200 hours (considering you complete all tasks at 12 minutes and you don’t get disqualified) to make that money.

200 hours x $2.5 (your potential earnings per hour) = $500. Yay!

But that’s 50 hours a week. Yikes!

There are homeless people making way more money than you.

But don’t fret. If you’re only doing surveys for fun to make some pocket money, by all means, go for it.

How To Join Opinion Outpost?

It is free to join Opinion Outpost. There’s no gimmick, and they do not push you to buy a product in the end.

Well, most GPT sites are free to join so this isn’t really a new thing.

If you want to get a chance to earn a few bucks with Opinion Outpost, all you need to do is go to www.opinionoutpost.com.

You will see a signup form, fill in the required information and you are good to go. You can signup using a valid email address, your Facebook account, or LinkedIn account.

But again, you cannot expect to make a living with GPT sites.

If you are serious about making a full-time income online, then Opinion Outpost is not for you. You will only make some extra pocket money, and that’s it.

Opinion Outpost Best Alternative

If you are looking for a way to be financially free.

I can recommend an online business program that could earn you a six-figure income while staying at home.

Even someone who had no knowledge and no experience can earn $500 within weeks or even days with this business program.

Again, most of the people who joined this program are now making a full-time income at home. Some were able to quit their 9 -5 jobs and enjoy an early retirement.

Now I understand your skepticism and all of what I am saying sounds too good to be true. To put your mind at ease, check out this real-life testimony .

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to take on the challenge and create your own success story, then click here.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this Opinion Outpost review. I sincerely hope that this has been a source of valuable information so you can decide on whether Opinion Outpost is a scam or worthy of your time.

If you think this could help other people too, kindly share this with them.

Lamuholiday.com is a scam, beware. – Kenya Forum

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I tried to book Jaha house via lamuholiday.com – booking is only via email. The representative [email protected] informed that the house is available, the price was attractive and to book I need to pay Ksh18,500 as a deposit to Evance Shamwama to Kenyan bank account. It seemed suspicious so I asked for an invoice or at least some more formal booking confirmation with the recipient details prior paying the deposit and what a surprise – [email protected] informed that there was a mistake in booking schedule and house is no longer available. I asked for proof that they are not a scam – received none, therefore, I would like to warn everyone not to trust this accomodation provider in Lamu!

Did anyone have any other experience with lamuholiday.com? I didn’t find any real reviews other than some advertising posts in travel blogs.

2 replies to this topic

My reliable agents for Lamu are Lamu Homes, my favorite house has always been Stopover Guest House.

Go through Airbnb or another reputable site. They have a huge selection of homes and they offer strong protection to renters.


Company: New Beginning Children’s Home
Founded: 2003
Prizes: Car and shopping prizes
TOS: 18+ residents of the U.S. and Canada (except Quebec) and of other countries
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-600-0646

DreamGiveaway Exposed — Enter and Drive Away in that Dream Car!

DreamGiveaway Review

Ever dreamed of that shiny red corvette? Well, Dream Giveaway aims at bringing that dream come true. This is a prize site that offers some really amazing chances to win that dream car you never thought you could get.

What Is DreamGiveaway.com?

This is a prize site that offers some really amazing car and shopping prizes. The down side is there is no cap on how many can play in each contest. The upside is even the taxes are considered and covered by Dream Giveaway. And just take a look at what you can win. On top of that, the buy in – the ticket costs go to charity. Nice!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can play at Dreamgiveaway.com as long as you are 18 years or older, though it does seem targeted at residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec). I’m not sure how they’d deliver the cars if you’re somewhere else and/or whether there would be costs associated though you could simply opt for the cash value option. The odds are based on 1 prize against how many tickets are sold. There is no cap on it.

What Are the Prizes Offered by Dream Giveaway?

Whether you choose to go for the Bandit Dream Package, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro or Shopping Spree, the ticket prices are the same. They all come with extras including cash to pay the taxes. Players can opt out for a cash value instead of a car (are you crazy). These are serious dream packages including some one-of-a kind cars.

Who Owns Dream Giveaway?

Dream Giveaway is operated by New Beginning Children’s Home (NBCH). This is a charity registered in the United States that provides assistance to foster care. They all support a variety of other charities including MADD, Smile Network International Bright Pink, to name a few. There is a snail mail address, two phone numbers (direct and toll free) and an online contact form. DreamGiveaway.com can be reached Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 EST.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

DreamGiveaway.com’s terms and conditions are great in outlining each of the ways the contests happen. The rules are the same for each excluding the draw date. Each car or shopping spree you are vying for having their own time frame. How it all works is pretty straightforward and clearly set out.

How to Collect a Prize?

Each of the prize options have their own draw date so definitely check the small print to put it on your calendar. One “conditional” grand prize winner is drawn along with three alternatives. The winner will be contacted by email within three business days of the draw. The alternatives are just in case dreamgiveaways.com can’t reach you so they’ll go to the next person.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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DreamGiveaway.com Feedback and Complaints

This is a charity fund raising site that provides an opportunity to win things that you wouldn’t normally get to. It’s legit and the only complaint I could find is a few that would like second and third prizes. For now, these guys only off a main prize.

Is DreamGiveaway.com Scam or Legit?

I’m sorry, but I keep flicking back and having me another look at that Shelby (Mustang). Now that is a poster I had on my wall years ago and the idea that I could buy a bunch of tickets supporting a great charity and maybe win – well, what can I say.

Bottom Line at Dream Giveaway

The combination of supporting a good charity and the chance to win a Camaro package or one of the other prizes is great. Okay, take the Camaro out and put Shelby, Mustang in. That was one of the hardest thing about this site. Refining what is my dream car.


Check Out the Car Prizes

Applicable Taxes Covered

Anyone Can Play – Over 18 Years Old


No Cap on How Many Can Play Each Game

Only a Grand Prize – no Secondary Prizes

Waiting For The Draw Date!

DreamGiveaway.com gets a thumb’s up and I am already dreaming about that dream car!

“No donation required…”

Yet the only way to get an entry is to pay $3 for a ticket, minimum.

I checked out Dream Giveaway and the are legit. I buy tickets for all the drawings. They have really nice one off cars. They are a non profit registered operation. I get mail from them and they have an official non profit stamp on the flyer.

“making Jesus known“
It’s a Christian “charity“ for evangelizing.

OK, I’ll give my review, and I’ll start with my personal opinion of their charitable good. I don’t think this is a GREAT charity, as there is little transparency and they give a relatively small portion of the proceeds to charity (I BELIEVE I have read their statement that they give 15% of the proceeds to charity, not sure that is right).
1) I love the prizes they offer (most of them).
2) The odds are really long, as they seem to, typically, sell approximately 1.2 million to 2 million tickets per giveaway. Still a LOT better than the big lottos.
3) There is a free means to enter, you have to read the rules. Also, to counter another review that said this is a scam since the FTC doesn’t allow selling raffle tickets online, this is legally a sweepstakes, since you do not HAVE to pay to enter.
4) To counter another complaint who says they sell your information and you will then get a lot of calls from other charities, I have been playing for YEARS and have not received a single call from another charity.
5) Still another complaint on here that the print on the back of the ticket was too small to read, GO TO THE WEBSITE AND READ THE RULES.
6) They frequently provide cash for taxes but check with YOUR tax professional, you may still owe additional taxes depending on your personal situation.
7) You can go to the individual websites of the recipients of the charities and read of the benefit that they received.

In summary, not a GREAT raffle (long odds) and not a GREAT charity (amount given vs amount earned), but I will keep playing because of the prizes, I just will not spend much on tickets for any given prize. As with any gambling, spend only what you can afford to lose! I have won many other raffles, including a car, and will keep playing on this one, hoping for a GREAT win!

Hi Alvar, I’ve been donating since 2020 and have been at a couple of the awards ceremonies, when you enter and donate, it’s not just 15% of proceeds… the charity sponsor is getting the donation 100% – so you get a receipt for the full amount and then the charity is also providing the grants to the six additional charities. Of course, the charity will have to pay expenses out of that I”m sure. I would think that the odds would be much lower on the newer events that they run than the ones running since 2008 or 2020. The charity sponsor New Beginning Children’s Homes in Arkansas has no debt or at least they didn’t last time they spoke at an award ceremony; I like that they share by providing grants to other causes.

No idea if it’s legit or not. But if it is I donate a couple of bills a year just because I too was a foster child. If they help one child, one vet, create one smile or prevent one night of drunk driving, I’m in…… There’s a church in Atlanta where the “pastor” has body guards, a jet and an estate in the Bahamas. If I only help one child….. Then I’m okay with this.

I’ve donated in the past, and I’ll have my name in the hat this time. For what money I WASTE on the Florida Lottery, this contest is no big deal.

Did notice that the same guy won two separate giveaways in short order.

I get letters weekly from the new beginnings children’s car contest have paid $20 for extra tickets and never won anything cars or trucks or anything just more letters showing lots of cool cars to win yeah right

ITS A SCAM . – 09/2020


“Out of Business: According to information in BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The phone numbers BBB had for this company are disconnected, and directory assistance does not have a listing for this company. BBB’s mail to this company has been returned as undeliverable.”

Someone said why would they go to all the work of showing cars and winners > I almost bought a dog from Suzi’s kennels lots of pictures and happy people with dogs, But a scam, not sure about this. Think I’ll just buy a Corvette

Probably have as much chance of winning as hitting the Powerball jackpot but 3 bucks a couple times a year won’t break my budget.

Awesome Can’t Wait for The Drawing of the HELLCAT. THIS IS MY FAVORITE CAR!

They sell or give your personal info to other groups, that why you will get annoying calls from other organizations wanting money.

Dead Honest Reviews

I’m not giving money to anyone online. If it was direct from the ones they say they are donating too, Maybe. But you can trust no one. And when it comes to paying to win online. FTC is strongly against it. How do I even know this is real. Because they say it is. And programs, pictures, phone numbers can be made up. I have FTC check it out and do a little work to check myself. But if I was anybody I’d be cautious. And if this message doesn’t make it in the feed. Then we’ll know who actually is supporting their scam. If it is one. The research will tell. But no one should ever pay to enter a contest. And yes they offer I code by mail-in. But when you have a code and put it in, it doesn’t show up as you entered. But I’ll let the FTC decide if it’s real or not.

One more thing… By BBB give.org This charitable organization either has not responded to written BBB requests for information or has declined to be evaluated in relation to BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. Charity participation in BBB review is voluntary. However, without the requested information, it is not possible to determine whether this charity adheres to all of the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. The BBB encourages charities to disclose accountability information beyond that typically included in financial statements and government filings, in order to demonstrate transparency and strengthen public trust in the charitable sector.

The BBB reports on charities and determines if they meet 20 voluntary standards on matters such as charity finances, appeals, and governance.

Your scamming people out of money by offering a car that you supposedly already gave away. I’m notifying the BBB and the FTC.

I’m a big fan of cars and used to enter many drawings. I’m not disappointed I never won – of course I never expected to. I just loved to fantasize about the amazing cars they raffled off I COULD theoretically win. This was WAY more fun than writing a check for $100 to Red Cross or United Way, etc, which I also do.

I believe the only relevant way to judge a charity, as long as you support who they are giving the money to, is how EFFICIENT they are at doing so. Meaning the percentage of the funds collected that make it to the ultimate charitable cause. If you donate $100 buying raffle tickets, the raffle organizer spends $95 on the prizes, overhead, administrative expenses, fees paid to for-profit fundraisers, etc, etc., then it really makes it obvious that good works would be better advanced if you cut out all the middle men and mailed a $100 check straight to a reputable and transparent charity. One way the donor gets a fantasy, but the ultimate charitable cause may get only $5 or whatever. The other way the donor spends the same $100, no fantasy but still a sense of charity and the cause gets the whole $100!

There are independent ratings organizations like CharityNavigator.org which exist just to independently advise donors how efficient and reputable different charitable organizations are. They can even evaluate religious based charitable organizations if the organization is structured in such a way as to be transparent and evaluated. 3 of the top 10 charities rates by Charity Navigator for efficiency and transparency have religious associations (including 3 rated Matthew 25 Ministries, 4 rated Samaritan’s Purse, and 10 rated Catholic Medical Mission Board).

New Beginnings Children’s Homes may be incredibly efficient passing the GROSS donations received along, or perhaps only 5 percent ultimately makes it thru to charitable recipients. We will likely never know, because of how they chose to set up their organization – as a Church who is not file required to file IRS Form 990.

That fact alone makes me a bit skeptical, and I won’t be mailing more $100 checks when I have no idea how much of that money ultimately gets thru to the needy, or who specifically they are.

The article has an item incorrect – the main charity, New Beginning Children’s Homes – does not own Dream Giveaway. They are the charity sponsor of the promotions and when we donate, the money goes to that charity, you get a receipt from the charity, a 501 c 3, and we get auto entered to win. Six other charities that receive annual grants are MADD, Smile Network, Detroit Rescue, Bright Pink, National Guard Educational Foundation and Honor Flight-my personal favorite. Videos from the charities are on the home page of the web site; I have been to the award ceremonies recently that take place in Clearwater, FL – maybe one day I’ll get the keys to something cool.

Smart guy got rich building and running a business. When he sold the business right before the recession he owed a lot of taxes on his profit and gains. Smart guy builds a huge non profit for the tax advantages and does tremendous social good in the process.

Richard H Brady

Frankly, I’m not “donating” because I believe they are raising money for charity. I donate to Audubon, WWF, Red Cross, American Lung, etc, etc for charitable purposes. I want to win a car. It seems they actually DO give away cars (the odds are crazy-high, but not as bad as state lotteries), so why not give it a try? Can anyone here DEFINITIVELY SAY they DO NOT award the prizes to actual contestants?

That’s my only question. Thanks.

The printing on the back of the ticket is to small for the average person to read need bigger print when the car is to be given away.

They do have their dates in official rules pages on their web site and also, I’ve noticed that they are always plastered across their Facebook and other sites. I know their next winner date for a Chevelle is 3/20.

No info on their financials or any info on who is involved other than finding out its an Actual CHURCH that is doing this! Tax-Free Money…..Whooo Hoooo

I was the winner of the 2020 Mustang Dream Giveaway. I had bought $20 in tickets online in May 2020 after seeing it in a magazine, was notified I won in early July, was express mailed a bunch of IRS/legal forms, signed and returned them ASAP, got the cars at Ford HQ in Detroit in August. They paid $40,000 directly to the IRS on my behalf. I had to give a little speech when they handed me the keys because it was a big Boss Mustang show with lots of people there and they made a presentation of it. It was completely legit and the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. I shipped the cars home and enjoyed them for several months before selling them both. There were no hidden costs or legal obligations or anything negative about the experience at all. I met real people from Dream Giveaways after talking to them on the phone, I met real Ford executives, toured the real Ford HQ and Mustang assembly plant and received real Boss 302 Mustangs. I don’t know the company’s financials, but the prizes are 100% real and everyone who enters has a real chance to win.

I think the important question here has nothing to do with the authenticity of the prizes. Since NBCH is registered as a church, they show $0 income for last year and do not provide financial information to any of the agencies/websites who identify legitimate charities. The questions I would ask are:
1. What total revenues were generated?
2. What were the legitimate costs (prize acquisition, insurance, winner taxes, web site operation, mailings, advertising, etc.) paid out of that revenue?
3. How much was given to each listed charity (e.g. MADD)?
4. To whom was the remainder paid as wages, salaries, etc.?
5. Who are the principals of this umbrella organization and what is their gross income for the year derived from NBCH activities?
I would have to believe that these “giveaways” generate in excess of $5,000,000 annually in ticket sales and a small percentage of that ends up going to the charities.

I haven’t been to Planet Pluto either but I’m certain it’s there. Have a little faith. It’s impossible to get away with fraud at this level these days!

The guy who started the giveaway started a marketing business for the charity. They pay him, his wife and his mother-in-law to run the raffle. They make rake in a substantial salary doing it. From the investigative news reports I saw in Florida, the charity was only seeing 12% of the funds donated. Which is pathetic.

They appear to be “legit” strictly from the standpoint that they actually award the prizes that they are selling tickets to, and that they actually give a portion of the proceeds to the charities that they claim to help. But from what little financial information is available about them, it appears that the portion of those proceeds that actually go to direct cash assistance is very, very small.

If you’re just looking for a (slim) chance to win some neat cars, the help your “donation” is going to provide probably no worse than playing your state’s lottery or Powerball. But if your purpose is to try to actually help people, there are many places where your money will do much more good for someone.

Sent in to get 1 free ticket with the entry code, dreamgiveaway.com/free_tickets page will not allow any typing so the free entry code is worthless. If they can’t get this little item right the rest is suspect.

I have received a free entry code but was told to click on the giveaway I wanted to enter first as if I was donating to get a ticket, and then use the code… worked fine for me.

I looked this over before sending in any money or thinking of it. I love cars but would like to see an actual winner give his thoughts on this if there is one that is. Not giving out financials is a big red flag in my opinion.

No one wins and they do not seem to support any actual charity efforts.

I’ve read a bunch of these ‘reviews’ and it’s bizarre since most are not reviews. Only a few have actually donated and entered to win and there was an actual winner that posted. People don’t read apparently because someone even stated no one actually wins. The rest seem to be concerned about the financials. Is Dream Giveaway legit is the question. The answer is yes. The cars are real, the winners are real. Everything promised is delivered. So I’d say yes, it’s legit. As far as those seeking financial information, Dream Giveaway is a brand. The brand is licensed to the sponsor charity, which is New Beginning Children’s Homes. So you’re not going to find Dream Giveaway financial information. It doesn’t exist as a company. It is just a platform for running giveaways. There’s a lot of other companies doing giveaways that are not real and that give you t-shirts for entry and cheap cars and don’t pay your taxes. This one actually has cars you can’t buy and pays your taxes and your donation to get the tickets is tax-deductible. Sounds like a win-win here. And there are real testimonies from winners all over social media (IG, FB, Youtube)..and one here.

This company or a former part of it was called the “Worst Charity in America” a few years ago.
Look it up in the Tampa Tribune.

I am a car lover and have entered each and every car drawing to date. I do not enter the home fixup or other dreams. Just the cars, sometimes I buy 5 tickets, and sometimes I buy 100. I am a dreamer and that’s OK it goes for a good cause.

If they were only one ticket and I had the only winning ticket I still wouldn’t win.

WAAAAAHHHHHHH! I never win! Boo Hoo. I understand that there are thousands of other people that are trying to win as well, but it’s just not fair because I never win.

I also have been buying for years and HAVE NOT WON ANYTHING, but I feel it’s a good cause and will continue to buy tickets.

I have been playing for 15 years. I used to play more but then I got cancer, had to sell all of my collectible vehicles (6) and a Harley to pay the bills. I survived. I am alive and now I live in an apt. on soc. sec. and have nothing to show for all my years of hard work. So, yes I still play because it is just possible that one day I might win. It’s about the only way I will have a chance at owning one of these classics again. No, I haven’t won, but there is that chance that I just might be blessed one day and win one.

I have invested each time and requested tickets by mail and paid the additional fee. Never have I received any tickets, nor a winners list. I would like to believe it is not a scam but?

I suggest you call their office. The number I found is their actual office in Clearwater. 727-536-2777. You can have them look you up in the system and see what happened. I did and my email was just wrong in the system.

I’ve been entering since 2020- I haven’t won yet, but I do it because I can appreciate the charity sponsor the last few years-New Beginning Children’s Homes and what they do for kids in the foster care system. Also the fact that this year there are six other charities that receive grants including a couple of veteran charities, a homeless shelter in Detroit, smile network, etc. I’ve found that the winners are always posted on the web site on the date the rules state, and always get a receipt for my donation. I don’t expect to win, but figure why not because someone has to win. I live in the general area and have attended the award ceremonies for the Corvettes and Mustangs earlier this year. The videos from the charities themselves are up on their web site too.

I have been buying tickets to these raffles for years, because of the prizes they offer. Is it a good charity, hell no! They are a fundraiser and donate very little of what they raise to legitimate charities. In response to some comments above:
1) They post the winners on the website within three days of the drawing.
2) Yes, you CAN enter for free (hence, the statement no purchase is necessary to win). If you read the rules for each drawing, they give you the method to enter for free.
3) I’m sure the odds are really big against winning. I would not be surprised if they sold a million tickets or more per drawing, hence I buy usually only ONE ticket ($3) per drawing.
4) I do a lot of my charitable giving via raffles – I feel I have a CHANCE of winning something (I have won one car and many smaller prizes), and if I don’t win, I can feel my money went to something good. In this case, I don’t have that feeling, but I’m a weak man for some of their prizes!

I cannot say for sure whether this is legit, but one big red flag stands out to me: they call themselves a church…and as such, don’t need to report earnings to the IRS. This would likely be why they didn’t report the financials as the other reviewers were upset about too.

As executive director of a charity- and the pain in the butt that is our 990 form- i have joked about becoming a church so we didn’t have to, but would never really do it since that is just weird. However, this organization has done so!

To me, this is not trustworthy. If they are a church, why are they a “children’s home”- why not just say they are a church? It’s just fishy and buyer beware. I really want that challenger but chances are nothing substantial is going to the actual charities- and if it is, why not show that?

Do any of you people complaining ever buy a Lottery Ticket of any Kind? I give regularly to My favorite Charity’s and Yes I vet them. I consider this a Lottery with a bonus, at least some of my money goes to charity. If you don’t like the game don’t play it. It’s just that simple put your money somewhere else, move on and we other adults can put OUR MONEY where we want. It is called Personal Responsibility and none of your business. Most People Check before spending money and you can request your Free code.

I have paid a few times over the past several years. I never have received legitimate information on the winners or the financials. The FBI should be investigating this and I recommend that everyone contact the FBI about this.

Based on them not sharing financials and dodging my question, NUMEROUS times, on how much of the money gets to those in need, this seems to be a for profit business disguised as a Charity. Pitiful. Yes, there’s likely a drawing and prize to legitimize the operation, but I’m not wasting any more money on them. BETTER charities are out there, with MUCH better odds no less if you want a better chance at a prize and have most of your money get to those in need… Easter Seals Michigan for example.

When they tell you that a purchase will not increase your chance of winning is a joke. If you do not donate, you can not even get past the first page on the net. SCAM. If you have to purchase, fine, but don’t mislead by saying that you don’t.

If they don’t release any financial statements and the only winners shown look like Mafia type people it’s a rip off I’m going to quit entering!

If it smells like a fraud, looks like a fraud, it probably is!

The parent “charity” refuses to publicly release financial statements, that should tell you all you need to know. That means that only a very small amount goes to actual charities. If you want to donate to charity, donate to the real charities directly, if you want to play a lottery with 1 in 250 billion odds, these are your people. SCAM

Why has ‘New Beginning Children’s Homes, Inc.’ refused to voluntarily submit financial statements requested by reputable Charity evaluators?
Surely a high rating would generate increased donations from cautious/researching philanthropists. Why would an honest Charity not want to be evaluated?

“New Beginning Children’s Homes, Inc.” has chosen to not be evaluated by at least three reputable evaluators:
Charity Navigator
Charity Watch
Give Well

All well-intentioned, soft-hearted Donors can avoid being soft-headed (duped) by simply ‘Searching’ a prospective Charity at the Evaluator websites linked here.

First be smart, THEN be generous.

If you don’t enter you don’t win…..if you enter by donation. Bless your heart. You win by knowing in your heart that part of your money is going to help someone somewhere. If you do not have that good feeling inside, perhaps this isn’t for you. Myself, I like that do good feeling and the double bonus – I might win that 1 in a billion.

I don’t think you are legit. You are not listed by the Charity Navigator.

The Good News is that DreamGiveaway offers “free” opportunities to get an entry. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address on their rules page and you will receive a code in the return envelope. When the code is entered on their website, it unlocks one free entry (of course it is not free, 98 cents for the two stamps plus the cost of 2 envelopes probably makes it cheaper to enter on-line, $1/chance (and get the bonus entries for larger purchase amounts).

The bad news is the free entry program is processed by humans, and on a batch of 50 entries sent in November 2020, 18 envelopes were returned with no codes inside. Not a mistake, the adhesive-cover strips of the self-seal envelopes were removed and the envelopes were sealed, deliberately without enclosing a code form.

Also, please note the processor’s do not get in a hurry about processing your free entry envelopes.

Lastly I note that the first entry I made on July 25, 2020 had ticket number 43, 396, XXX. The last entry I received on December 25 had ticket number 232, 001, 301, XXX – from 43 million to 232 billion entries in six months. Glad I only spent excess postage stamps and envelopes I had on hand and would have never used.

Just try to find out how much actually goes to charity! It’s a SCAM where the owners get rich and screw the charities. People don’t donate ANY MONEY THAT DOES GIVE AT LEAST 85% OR HIGHER TO CHARITY! It’s a joke!

When you donate to the charity sponsor at DreamGiveaway, 100% of the money goes to the charity. You receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation from the charity itself; In turn, the sponsor charity, provides grants- this year to DAV, MADD, Smile Network, National Guard Educational Foundation, Detroit Rescue Mission and Bright Pink.

I have personally attended the award ceremonies for the cars in Clearwater, FL and have heard the charity guest talk about the grants they receive.

They have a new Viper giveaway starting soon and I’ll be entering to win that one too. I do it to help the charities, but…. have a shot at those Shelbys, the Jeep and more is appealing- I admit it.

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