Zohastore.com Review ZohaStore is Another Scam Online Store {BEWARE}

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What Is Flowershave.Store – Is ‘FlowerShave Store’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

Find out in our Flowershave.store review why we are saying they are a scam. Is www.flowershave.store legit or is ‘Flowershave Store’ good and legit? There are many hundreds of these fake e-stores run by the same cyber-crooks as ‘FlowerShave’. If you gave payment information to them then contact your payment adviser immediately. Those that know any other store resembling them are welcome to let us know.

Those scammed by ‘Flower Shave Store’ are welcome to report them in our comments or you can report them in our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame. If you want you can upload your own images and reviews via our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. Just check our sites search engine top right to see if we have exposed them already, and if not, then we will approve your article. Lets begin now our ‘FlowerShaveStore’ Review and see our comments for real customer reviews.

Why Is FlowerShave.Store a Scam?

I am glad you asked that question about FlowerShave.Store as we have reported on many of their sites. You may see the Full List Here in our Neltha.com Review. The list is long and so we will up date it in due course. There is a part of their sites that gives them away immediately to us. We see in their ‘ABOUT US’ section that they have duplicate content that we can find on many other sites. How can there be a minimum of 26 pages in Google showing up for the same word-for-word content on seemingly different companies?

“… we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision ..”

“...we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision..”

NO DIFFERENCE! There is no way there are even two companies who could coincidentally make an arrangement of words so unique to that content in those images above. If you want to Google all of the scam sites we have found in the link above you will find nothing but scam reports, if they are not too new. So do beware of any site with that content as that is all we need to know that they are not legit and only out to defraud you.

‘FlowerShave’ Background Check.

We go to WHOIS to find out when their site was registered, who the founder is, where they are located and how to contact them. I know now that we will not find anything legit, but for the purposes of detailing how easy it is to know if a site is legit or not, then follow along and soon you will see even more damning evidence against ‘FlowerShave’.

  • They registered their site on the 2020/06/21 for a year. 12 months to go into business, with all of those heavy financial costs to set up, and you want to only do business for a year? That really is considered very suspicious by everyone online and so be careful of new stores and do not just trust them based on their word alone.
  • Always look out for reviews and heed the warnings. This only takes two minutes and even you do not have to leave a comment but take action to cancel your card. We can not impress on you enough have exceedingly fraudulent and widespread their scam network is.
  • Only this past one week and a half I am exposing at least two of their fake sites a day. I keep on bumping into them and so now you should always beware of any e-store online until you have done proper research.
  • We see that they have failed to leave who created their site and there is no address associated with their online business or contact data at point of site registration, this is optional but when you empower an e-store owner to collect highly personal information, this step should not be personal. All we know is that they are from China.
  • We should be a little extra suspicious of e-stores from this region as China creates the bulk of online shopping scams. This is bad news if you are a legit e-store owner and certainly we have to take every site on their own merits.
  • I can see law being passed to force hosting providers to create software to scan their own networks for potential scam sites. If they have software for everything else then I do not see the problem.
  • Except maybe… if there was no online crime then how many websites would collapse overnight for a sheer lack of need for them? Point being is perhaps having online scams creates too many online jobs and so perhaps this is why the solution is not forthcoming?
  • Anyways, enough surmising! On their site we can see [email protected]. So very easily we can see how many other sites are using that same email address as their company email.
  • And we see a few such as stevey.store, csndice.com, racerp.com, weaddle.store, weremax.com, siness.store, flybirds.store, nearlife.store, tangzhejian.com, wanty.store, enew1.com, mall.swisscollcs.com, allif.store, jarroddo.com, dahimzoo.store, cloverlucky.com, hippera.store, lokabuy.com, creamypikaa.com, sixteenalley.com, spotlightsg.com, happycastle.store, pinteries.com, hstime.store, pakeokassy.com, bb-onlineshop.com, rodebest.com, culmitaed.com, fenglinjoy.store, ffkfk.com, qosues.store, aristchoose.com, aoaofy.com, beautybuy.org, bodwigs.com, jweizq.com, peter-house.shop, bhgtr.com, kmln.store, print-costume.com, owny.store, sunrises.store, balabalashow.store, ikeaeps.com, ergong.store, shooksquad.com, elatedlife.vip, yzzcru.com, one.rolling-star.shop, dealsosaur.com, mallssite.com, newudeal.com, jascripts.com, trendysup.com, roofdog.shop, enjoyableif.com, aidado.shop, himeel.com, sharewe.store, superdupershoppers.com, woofixy.com, gear1best.com, premiumpin.com, gift2know.com, ammojoy.net, colorfulgalaxy.net, makolvina.com, usbery.com, au.jora.com, abuyjh.com, eomoom.com, lillifehacks.com, funplusx.shop, statuv.com, ohovopal.com, fhkshk.com, eternalloveing.com, cpanda.shop, canevatt.com, youthislifefire.com, gonbow.com, reachssgf.com, aurorablue.vip and so that is ten and a half Google pages we have found with websites using that same email. All Scams from the same people as FlowerShave.Store. Unbelievable – isn’t it?! And is just for one of their emails. Beware of [email protected] and [email protected] as they are part of another online shopping network with just as many fake e-stores.

So now we have exposed many hundreds of their sites and so we may compile all of them into one bigger list to help warn even more people. You are welcome to share this information with your networks to help them avoid this number of online shopping scams.

  • There is no other information other than their email. Clearly, running a business with just an email is insane and that should really be a huge scam sign to many. Limited forms of contact is not good and so do always be suspicious where you see this for any e-store.
  • They have no working social media and so we know legit companies will put lots of effort into promoting on social media. They have no proof of affiliation to any of their products. I do not think it is too unlikely that legit companies will make mention of their trusted suppliers, but we do not see that here.
  • There are no Trust Seals on their website such as VerifySign or McAffee. That is a bad sign, but since you can buy those trust seals very cheaply and all they do is let you know that those sites know about the scam site in question but fails to call them a scam, then I do not put much ‘stock’ into such seals.
  • Furthermore, their email does not reflect their sites name. Companies that are ethical and above board will always make an email address with the company name in it. Where we do not see this then that is another big scam sign. They have made an email address that is generic so they can plant it on as many sites as they like.

Кто пользовался, пользуется ZOHO для почты?

Доброго времени суток.

Подскажите пожалуйста, кто пользуется или пользовался сервисом ZOHO почта для домена?
Если кратко – то минусы
Если подробно – то с плюсами

– почта нужна для распределения работ между заказчиком и командой (вид услуг=ящик)
– думаю хватит 10шт (макс 25)
– так же нужна возможность работы с документами (как в гугол докс)
– и распределение прав на эти документы (важно!)
– желательно распределение прав по группам пользователей.

Добавочный вопрос:
любопытна ZOHO (ценой),
но очень переживаю из-за того что Gmail практически везде интегрирован с сторонним софтом
и как бы отсутствие данной интеграции не встало боком/костью в дальнейшем.. стоит ли на это обратить внимание или не сильно придавать значение?
(интеграция по основным софтам/веб утилитам и тп)

Выбираю между google apps и zoho
Гуголом уже пользовался, все устраивает, кроме цены =)
Зохо не пользовался, но не хочется вложить много времени в него а потом переехать на гугол.

Мейл.ру и яндекс не рассматриваю из-за их плотной дружбы с государством.

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Beware this online shopping scam: Fake order confirmations

Today’s Best Tech Deals

Picked by PCWorld’s Editors

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Picked by Techconnect’s Editors

During the holiday season it’s not unusual for both UPS and FedEx to show up at the Bradley household on an almost daily basis. We receive order confirmation and shipping notification emails for each delivery—and that’s just what cybercriminals are counting on. It’s just one of the many ways they exploit the holiday season to target more victims.

Brian Krebs, a respected authority on security and all-things-cybercrime, wrote a cautionary post earlier this week. “If you receive an email this holiday season asking you to ‘confirm’ an online e-commerce order or package shipment, please resist the urge to click the included link or attachment: Malware purveyors and spammers are blasting these missives by the millions each day in a bid to trick people into giving up control over their computers and identities.”

The trick with any phishing campaign is to make the message or website appear legitimate. Poorly designed scams are often easy to spot, but cybercriminals are getting much better at crafting believable fakes.

“Scammers have become incredibly good at making fraudulent emails look legitimate to the untrained eye,” agrees Craig Young, security researcher with Tripwire. “Attackers will commonly flood the web with spam mail claiming you have a package waiting to be picked up, an order awaiting confirmation, and a plethora of other emails designed to get users to click links.”

The strategy and tactics aren’t any different than the rest of the year, really. Phishing scams typically leverage trending news or current events to capture attention—and increase the odds of compromising victims.

What makes the holiday shopping season different is volume. The unusually high number of legitimate order confirmation and shipping notification emails make it that much easier to inject fake malicious messages and trick victims into sharing sensitive data, or inadvertently downloading malware.

Ken Westin, security analyst with Tripwire, explains, “Phishing continues to be a successful attack vector, especially around the holidays because the attackers are able to take advantage of people’s impulsive nature more easily during this time of year.”

The Krebs On Security post cites information from Malcovery regarding the current phishing spam campaign. Malcovery claims the recent surge in fake order confirmation messages began around Thanksgiving, and uses a combination of malicious links and malicious file attachments to try and infect victim PCs with the Asprox spam botnet.

Young stresses, “The key thing for consumers to remember is that unsolicited emails are always a big red flag,” adding “It may sound like a broken record but the fact of the matter is users must not blindly trust links from emails.”

As with most security concerns, standard best practices and a little common sense are all you need to protect yourself. It is understandable that you might be expecting order confirmation emails, and shipping notifications this time of year, but exercise caution when you receive them. Legitimate businesses shouldn’t be asking you to click links or open file attachments.

If you do receive a message about a problem with an order or shipment, don’t click any links or open any files. If it appears legitimate, open a new browser window and visit the vendor’s website yourself to check on order status, or just pick up the phone to clarify any potential issues without risking compromising your PC.

What Is ZohaStore.com Reviews – Is ‘ZohaStore’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

Glad to see that you are asking What Is ZohaStore.com. Is www.zohastore.com legit or is ‘ZohaStore’ a scam? ‘Zoha Store is new and already there is a scam report that has recently surfaced about them. Their address is Warqa 1 Dubai AZ United Arab Emirates but appears to be fake. There is limited forms of contact and that is a huge scam sign. Those that feel they were defrauded by ‘ZohaStore’ are welcome to report them to our List of Scam Websites 1300+ Fake E-Stores.

Anyone scammed by any site are welcome as well to report them to our comments and to our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE. You can upload your own images and we will take care of the editing. Lets begin this ‘Zoha Store’ Review and please do see our comments for real customer reviews, if you spot any at this time.

What Is ZohaStore.com actually about?

As said we are not convinced by their business address as we get returns in Google about Taxi’s and Hotels. So it is similar to such locations but there is nothing about their exact location. This may be seen as a fake address and really what else can we think on this. We encountered ZohaStore.com on Reddit.com/r/Scams and so that link will open in a new tab in case you want to come back here.

But basically the product never arrived. Emails went on responded to and so that is the crux of that report. We shall continue to do our research and so follow along to see how easy in reality it is to find out if something online is a scam or legit.

We see in WHOIS.com, when we enter any site name, they have info about most sites online – depending on domain extension. www.zohastore.com was registered on the 2020/10/04 for two years. That is only long enough to get set up online in terms of your reputation and developing interest in your brand / brands.

So one or two years online for a new business is considered suspicious by security industry professional. But this one point alone is not enough to call any site a scam. It maybe sometimes there are work from home entrepreneurs working hard and honestly for commissions.

However, it can happen also, these people forget to let us know they are not a scam by providing proof they are affiliated in some way with their own promotions. Please make sure you do this if you own an e-store as it is a real headache for scam busting sites like ours to have a wrong ‘verdict’. But also, you will improve your sales with this proof.

Anyways, we see that ‘Zoha Store’ owner did not leave their name or contact info. Let us see more from their site like phone number and emails, especially founder name, etc.

We see that their email of [email protected] is the only contact they have provided aside from their contact form. That is a huge concern as it falls under the scam sign of ‘Limited Forms of Contact’. We all know that legit stores will provide many means for contact covering all conveniences in this manner.

We do not see an owner name that we expect typically to be placed at the bottom of their site. That is another bad feature of their website, and so, there maybe people handing over payment information under these highly ‘suspect’ conditions.

All the reassuring images at the bottom of their site do not click to anywhere. They are just images and so the impression they are trying to give out there is that they are ‘working in partnership’ with so-and-so reputable payment processors / companies when in reality there is no proof of this.

Curiously there is no social media outlets on their own website. As we also know legit companies will put much effort into their social media, in particularly this time of year, and so this is another concern for us.

They hide their own business address in their refunds page and so that is another something I see all the time when they really do not want to disclose their location. And since most people never click on those areas of any site will or may only look for it when something goes wrong E.G. no order arrives.

Final Thoughts.

ZohaStore.com is a scam, in my view. Those with reports are welcome to let us know your experience below in the comments. Be sure to check elsewhere for more info as we advise never to take anyone’s word about other sites without first verifying, as mistakes can happen. We should say as well one scam report does not equate to a scam site as even good companies get complaints. However, having said that, there are too many scam signs on their site to say otherwise. What do you think?


List of scam websites. 1300+ Strong List of Fake E-Stores!

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